The Nightmare before the Dream

A Vampire Knight Fanfiction

Chapter One: A New Arrival

Upon arriving at Cross Academy, Anastasia Williams was filled with apprehension. She still could not understand why her parents had sent her to this boarding school that was so far away from their quaint little home in the country, and she was terrified of having to adjust to this new environment. All her life, Anastasia was a very shy girl who didn't adapt well to new situations and people. Her parents knew this and had always understood… and yet, they sent her away. To say that Anastasia was confused about the state she found herself in would be an understatement. Now she was here, in front of this intimidating, huge school, and the taxi driver was asking for his money. Anastasia took a deep breath, handed the cabbie his due, got her two bags, and made her way to the front gates.

Once she reached the gates, they immediately opened to reveal a pretty girl, with short brown hair and brown eyes that seemed to have a ting of red to them. This red made them look almost like rust to Anastasia, yet she thought they were very interesting and uniquely beautiful. The young girl smiled when she caught sight of the transfer.

"Oh! Hello! You must be Anastasia! Hello, hello. My name is Yuuki Cross! I'm a prefect here at Cross Academy and I'm here to show you around the school and get you registered in time for classes tomorrow!" After her little speech, Yuuki saluted Anastasia and grinned. The shy girl gave Yuuki a small smile and nodded her head slightly, indicating that she was ready to follow her. Yuuki seemed a bit confused by her reluctance to speak, but nevertheless, she gave her the typical tour of the school, took her to Headmaster Cross' office to register her, gave her a day class uniform, and sent her to her room to rest and to get settled in.

Once in her room, Anastasia took out the few clothing items she had and either folded them neatly into the drawers that were provided or hanged them up in the closet along with her uniform. She placed a family photo on her bedside table, a quilt from her grandmother on the bed, her toiletries in the bathroom, and her phone on its charger. She then went back to the bathroom and jumped into the shower before heading to bed.

Yuuki was taking a break during her nightly patrols to think about the new student that was transferring to the day class. Anastasia Williams. She was a pretty girl in Yuuki's opinion. She had dark, almost black hair that waved down to the middle of her back and beautiful tan, caramel skin that made her think that the shy girl spent most of her time outdoors, especially when it was coupled with her athletic, 5'5 frame. The most striking aspect of the girl, however, was her eyes. They were the most intense blue she had ever seen. In those eyes, Yuuki felt that she could see every emotion the girl had ever felt, but at the same time, they were mysterious and empty. It was curious and Yuuki wished to get to know this shy, yet striking, new student.

Anastasia's alarm went off at six the next morning and she yawned as she turned it off. She sat up and stretched, looking around her new room for the first time in the daylight. It was very nice and simple, with white walls and brown furniture. Anastasia liked the simplicity of it; it reminded her of her room back home. After throwing on her uniform and putting her new books into her backpack, Anastasia made her way to her first day of class and her new life.