Chapter 6: Decisions

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She was a pureblood. That girl was a pureblood. Equal to myself in lineage and standing. Not a human, but a pureblood. I should have known. I should have paid closer attention to her- her looks, her scent. I am ashamed of myself for being so oblivious. The moment I laid eyes on her I should have known that no human could ever be so striking-hell, I've never seen a level B with her looks. It should have been obvious to me, but it was not. Her demeanor was not that of a pureblood's. She acted more human than any human I had ever witnessed before. She was shy and secluded. She did not radiate confidence, but rather she emitted signals of insecurity and she reminded me of a frightened dog, scared that its owner might attack it at any moment. Even my little sister, my sweet Yuuki, possessed more poise, grace, and confidence than this girl did.

The most pressing question, however, was not about her unnatural behavior as a pureblood, but over the fact that she was completely unaware of our existence and that she was raised by two completely human parents. There is nothing, absolutely nothing in her records that would even indicate her elevated status in the vampire community. She does not thirst for blood, as far as I can gather, she does not lose her temper, she cannot heal as quickly as I do, and she has no powers to speak of. For all intents and purposes, she is a completely average, well maybe not average, she seems to be a bit off compared to the standard human population, teenaged girl. And yet… I was drawn to her. I could not deny that simple fact as much as I can no longer deny the sense of familiarity I gain when in her presence. She fears me, I am well aware, and I intend to keep that fear inside of her, but I must act. I must discover who she is, who she truly is, and if at all possible, she will become another piece on my board, and I will use her in whatever way possible, but she must be kept a secret. Only the most valuable weapons cannot be revealed, and I have a feeling that this new female is extremely valuable.

Once I was finally released from the campus clinic, I was still not allowed back in class. I was ordered to stay on bed-rest for at least another week and I thought I would go mad. I cannot stand being cooped up inside of a building for days on end. Sure, I'm lazy and I love watching T.V. and videos on the internet as much as the next teenager, but I can't do it for weeks straight. Actually, I'm pretty positive that if I'm locked in my room for one more day, I will jump out the window, just so I can feel some form of fresh air.

I eventually decided to disobey the doctors and go back to class, mainly because I was struggling before my concussion, and I wasn't sure how I would fair after being absent for weeks. Upon my return I realized that I probably should have come back a lot sooner than I did. Three days into my return and I was already failing mathematics… Miserably. I had absolutely no idea what the teacher was talking about and I couldn't even dream of keeping up with the pace that the other students were working at, but I tried my hardest. Unfortunately, my hardest was nowhere near good enough and after my slightly decent grade had turned into a permanent F, I was once again called to Headmaster Cross' office.

"Ah, yes, Ms. Anastasia! It's so good to see you again in my office! Really you must come visit me more often! Well, preferably under different circumstances, but I still love to see my wonderful students any way I can!" The abnormally cheery man exclaimed this as he pinched my cheeks as he seemed to enjoy doing every time he saw me. After the initial good mood, however, the atmosphere became more serious the more we talked about my grades. I could tell that the headmaster really wanted to help me to get better grades, but I could also sense that he knew as well as I did that it was a lost cause. This was the direction of the conversation until a certain silver-haired boy walked into the room unannounced.

"AHA!" exclaimed the headmaster, once again in an abnormal mood. "I've got it! My sweet son, Zero, can be your math tutor!"

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