Guy looked in the mirror again just like he always does since he noticed the change. Well Kelly noticed it first when she saw Guy shirtless she saw how he

started getting curves and wider hips things boys should be getting when they go through puberty. "Sheila can you run a scan on Guy and check his hormone

levels please" asked Kelly as she drags Guy by the arm in to the She-Lair. "Kelly what the hell is wrong with you" shouted Guy as he was holding on to the

Shehicle. "The scan is complete and it does not look good from here" said Sheila as the results came on the screen. "Just look at what Sheila found Guy" asked

Kelly. Guy looked at Kelly and saw the face that she always makes whenever she wanted him to do things. "Fine" sighed Guy as he turned toward the screen.

On the screen was a bunch of charts and graphs that Guy could not understand at all. But since Kelly was his twin she knew from his silence that layman terms

would be needed. "Guy your estrogen levels are off the charts." "And so everybody has estrogen Kelly. We both passed biology" responded Guy as he crossed

his arms on his chest. "Yeah but the difference is that I passed with an A+ and you passed with a D-. Your levels of estrogen are normal if you add up four

women" Kelly said as she typed away on Sheila. "So that's a problem" said Guy whose voice sounded shakier then he wanted. Since Kelly and Guy are twins

Kelly could pick up on how much this news if effecting Guy. "Guy your body's going to change: said Kelly as she turned around toward her brother. The words

echoed in Guys minded as he was brought back to his senses. He looked again in the mirror his hair was getting longer and his chest looked a little swollen but

so far no real big change yet. "I can handle this" said Guy out loud mostly so he can try and grab any courage form his words. Just then Maz burst into his room

just like he always does. Guy blushes and throws a pillow at Maz's face which blocks his view of a shirtless Guy long enough for him to grab a quick shirt. "Nice

aim" Maz commented as he pulled a feather from his mouth. "So what's up for today "asked Guy as he lounged in his bean bag chair. "Dude what we always

do during summer vacation snacks, videogames, tons of lazing around" smiled Maz. Guy always liked Maz's smile it was honest and pure while his eyes were

always scanning every detail he saw. Maz was not dumb but he just never really applied himself to anything but that was Maz. "So do you want to play

upstairs or downstairs "asked Guy. "Big TV or small TV I think you know the answer "joked Maz. They both got up and ran toward the She-Lair laughing. The

rest of the day went by like that just to best buds spending the day together and relaxing until Maz had to go home. "So did you tell him yet" asked Kelly as

she walked toward Guy's bed. "No I did not tell him" said Guy depressingly. "So why can't you tell your best friend that he soon won't be able to do the same

things you guys always do. He deserves to know Guy" scolded Kelly as she played with her brother's hair. "I just don't want things to change between Maz

and me. Your my twin sister and we can't escape each other if we tried but when I think about telling him that I'm turning into a girl I feel I might lose him as a

friend and that scares me Kelly "said Guy as he curled up to Kelly. This was not new for the twins whenever Guy had a real problem he would always curl up

with Kelly. It made him feel safe and secure. "He is cool with you being SheZow though so he should be cool with you about you turning into a girl. Maz is your

best friend Guy" Kelly spoke and her words floated around Guy's head before his own mind kicked them out with a question of its own "What If?" Kelly could

sense this and held Guy closer to her. "But when I am SheZow I kick butt and when that's done I go back to being Guy Maz's best friend but now when I

change back I won't be Maz's best friend but a freak whose own body won't make up its mind "moped Guy. "I think you underestimate Maz. He may not look

like it but he can be really sharp when it comes to his friends" said Kelly as she got up to leave the room. "Could you sleep in here with me "asked Guy. "Sure

"responded Kelly with a smile.