"You have been going on more and more missions without Maz. I guess that means that you still have not told him yet" said Kelly through the comm system of

the Shehicle. "Please Kelly stop budding in. I know what I am doing" responded Guy as he drove around a corner on his way back to the She-Lair. "Well at

least some things won't change when you go full girl" snapped Kelly. Guy did not like fighting with his sister. They did not fight at all before the change started

happening. "Look Kelly I don't want to fight with so please drop it for now" asked Guy as he pulled the Shehicle into it parking space. "I don't like fighting with

you either but I don't like lying to Maz even more" sighed Kelly as she turned around in the swivel chair in front of Sheila. When Guy changed back into his male

form Kelly found herself staring at Guy's body. The changes were becoming more and more evident. His hips were getting bigger and his chest was about an A

cup now. "You're dong it again" said Guy as he walked up to his sister. "Huh" said Kelly as she regained her focus. Kelly offered her twins a small smile to say

she was sorry. "Don't worry about it sis. Let's just take this little break in crime to relax just the two of us" smiled Guy as he fell into the swivel chair. "Are you

sure you're ok? Cause since the change started you have been getting wiped out more easily" asked Kelly as she put her hands on her hips in a motherly

fashion. "I don't Kelly. All I know is that the more I'm not SheZow the more my body seams to hurt. But what do I know" sighed Guy as he stood up to go to his

room. "Look Guy me and Sheila will be here if you need us" said Kelly as she started typing away on Sheila. "Do you really think that Guy will be alright. I mean

there has never been a male SheZow before" asked Kelly. "I know the just about the same as you do Kelly. This is unknown territory. We can only hope that

the change goes smoothly for Guy's sake" responded Sheila. As Guy pushed open the door to his room his body ached so much that he almost fell on the floor

if it were not for the doorknob. Guy strolled across his room to his bed but stopped to look at himself in the mirror. 'Damn this body of mine. Why can't you

make up your mind on what you want to be" thought Guy. The more he saw himself in the mirror the more his head got filled with everybody laughing at him

even Maz. Guy knew that Maz would not laugh at him but the mere thought of him doing that made Guy cry a little. "I need to stop doing this to myself. I am

SheZow villains fear me and little kids should not bother me" stated Guy to help stop the flow of negative thoughts from taking over his mind. "I need some

sleep" said Guy as he flopped down on his bed. Kelly awoke to Maz shoving her side. "Huh. What's going on" asked Kelly with a line of drool coming from her

mouth. "Um I think it's pretty clear what happened here. You fell asleep after trying to do an all-nighter again" said Maz as he handed Kelly a cup of coffee to

drink. "Thanks Maz you are the best" yawned Kelly as she drank some with a smile. "Naw don't worry about it. That's what friends are for but I wanted to talk

to you about Guy. He has been acting wired all week. Every time I try to talk to him he just avoids me" said Maz. Kelly sighed when she found out how her

brother was handling the situation but she promised not tell Maz what was really going on. "You know Guy he just has something on his mind and he'll tell you

when he is ready" said Kelly. Maz simply nodded at Kelly's horrible lie. For a girl whose motto is to always tell the truth she could lie her way out of anything but

Maz could always know when she or Guy was lying. Casue of the subtle ways their faces moved of the way that Kelly plays with her hair and Guy plays with his

hands. Maz knew them better than their parents did but Maz was patient he knew that all would reavel it's self when it was ready. Guy was in his room

changing clothes. "Man my breast are getting bigger wrapping them up won't be a n option anymore soon. At least Mom and Dad haven't found out yet. That's

not the type of conversation that I want to have" said Guy as he put his clothes on for the day. The more Guy thought about his body the more he wanted to

fall in a big black hole to disappear forever. "No bodies ever going to except me ever again" said Guy out loud. Maz let the fact that his best friend was going

through something like this and did not tell him sink in. " I would have Guy if you ever gave me the chance too" said Maz to himself as he left his best friend's

house thinking what to do next.