Kelly sat down with a huff around to face Sheila. "Any progress with Guy" asked Kelly. "His rate of feminization has decreased in the last couple of days" replied Sheila. "So the inepter are working then" asked Kelly as found a better sitting position in the chair. "For now it seems so but Kelly I'm more worried about you. You sleep very little yet you still push yourself pass your limit. Go to sleep I'll let you know something changes ok" said Shelia. Kelly took a minute to ponder on the thought of sleep. "Your right Sheila I need to get sleep before I drop" said Kelly as she stretched and a little bit of her stomach showed under her Care bear shirt. "Good because I could not keep those two in line without you" Sheila joked. Kelly too tired to laugh just waved good night and walked in the elevator to her bed. Kelly opened her bedroom door but paused as she caught sight of Guy's. She sighed from the stress of being up for hours on end and still keeping her 4.0grade average. She sighed mostly because she could not stop Guy's life from getting worse. Sleep drove the rest of those thoughts out of Kelly's mind as she yawned "Good night Guy". As soon as her head hit the pillow sleep took over. Her last image before sleep was her clock which read 2:30 am.

At 3:30 in the morning Kelly's eye shot wide open when she heard Guy scream at the top of his lungs. Kelly ran straight into Guy's room to find him curled in a ball in the corner of his room. As she checked on Guy Shelia showed up on Guy's T.V "We need to call 648 Kelly. Guy has turned completely into a woman now" instructed Sheila. Kelly couldn't respond as every wound was drowned out by the warm sticky feeling she had on her hand. Kelly slowly brought her hand closer to her and froze. There was blood a lot of it. She ran to the light switch to know how much blood Guy had lost. "Kelly help me" said Guy weakly. A switch turned on in Kelly's head. She turned to Guy and saw a large puddle of blood on the bed and a trail of blood to a larger puddle under Guy. Kelly ran to the linen closet and grabbed some towels and told guy to press them where the blood was coming from. "Kelly you need to call 648 it's the superhero version of 911. They can take him to a good doctor" said Sheila. Kelly nodded and pulled out her phone and dialed the number. Kelly began bouncing on her feet as she waited for the call to go through. "Hello my name is Janice. How my I help you?" came the voice of the operator. "Hello get over to Shezow's lair please. The current Shezow is in trouble. He lost a lot blood" said Kelly. "Don't worry dear help is on the way" said Janice. Kelly cradled Guy's head in her lap whispering reassuring words to Guy. They were more for her then him because Guy had lost consciousness. 5 minutes later EMTs showed up and Sheila began directing them to where Guy was.

Everything flashed before Kelly's eyes or was everything in slow motion. She couldn't tell anymore. She didn't even notice when her mom came into Guy's room and wrapped her arms around her. She did know one thing though she was grateful for because she leaned into her mother's embrace and cried hard. Her just soaked it all up and made sure Kelly was okay. "Miss Harmon we need to take your child to the hospital would you like to ride with us or are you going to meet us there" asked one of the EMTs. "My daughter would like to ride with you. I'll just meet you there" responded Droosha as she kissed Kelly's forehead and left. The ride in the ambulance was hard because Kelly just stared at her brother as his chest rose and fall. Tearing her eyes from Guy that's when she noticed how much blood was on her and she felt like throwing up. The EMT noticed her reaction and pulled out a barf bag for her. After Kelly puked her guts out she thanked the EMT who replied with a "No Problem". Kelly stared at her hands trying to will away the blood on them so she did not fell her brother wrap a hand around hers. 'Kelly look at me. I'm going to be fine" said Guy with his voice hoarse from screaming. Kelly smiled at Guy's attempt to lighten the mood. 'You better be" said Kelly. Guy smiled and went back to sleep. The EMT told Kelly to let Guy rest and that they could talk later. Kelly agreed remained quiet for the rest of the trip

As Kelly got out of the truck she noticed that her mom had beaten the ambulance to the hospital which was weird since the EMTs' told her to follow them. As the EMTs pulled Guy out of the truck Droosha came up and hugged Kelly from behind. Kelly was shocked at first but again melted in her mom's embrace. "Mom is Guy going to be ok" asked Kelly as she looked up at her mom. Droosha nodded and hugged Kelly harder "Don't worry Guy is in the best hands there is sweetie. They'll have Guy up and running again in no time" reassured Droosha. There it was again her mom had to knew something about this for her to act this calmly thought Kelly. When they reached the lobby of the hospital a nurse greeted them and directed them to the proper waiting room. "Do you know what's wrong with my son" asked Droosha. "Not at this time ma'am" said the nurse who turned her head and noticed who she was talking to. Before the nurse could say anything Droosha left with Kelly to go get some coffee.

This was enough her mom was acting strange while Guy was strapped up to tubes and wires. As the coffee machine dispensed her mom's coffee Kelly asked "Why do you know so much" Droosha noticed the hint of accusation in her daughter's voice. She looked at Kelly with eye of confusion but that changed when she let out a deep sigh. "You should have really put two and two together already" said Droosha. Kelly looked a little put out but shrugged her shoulders. "Okay then sit down so I can explain things to you. I'd do it standing up but ive been on my feet for a while now" said Droosha as she directed Kelly to a table. Gone was the mom who could laugh at everything. In her place was a woman who looked battered by time and depression. Kelly did not know how to respond to what she was seeing but she sat down next to her mother. "I've known who Shezow was ever since guy put on the ring. Well I've known about Shezow since my sister took over and that has always been a kind of sore topic in the family. I knew that she would do it alone and put herself in danger but then I thought that she found someone to help her. That turned out bad you've met Terra. I was right she ended up dying trying to save someone but that's a story for another time. Guy and my sister are a lot alike in many ways but one" said Droosha. Kelly thought about it for awhile her face scrunched up in thought then she got it. "He has me and Maz beside him" said Kelly with a smile.