I awoke to the sound of my rhythmic alarm clock doing the rounds.

"Ahhhh." I groaned, switching it off and dragging a hand down my pensive face. The ceiling looks wavy when deep in thought, "Man actually died, y'know." Even after a good night's sleep, I couldn't erase wood man's public execution from my mind, "Not just died, but put in a grinder," I put an arm across my forehead, inhaling, "Canon's fucked when man deeps it."

Kamui was never set to be in a spliff in the anime. Of all the heroes this "Smoke" brudda could've used, he had to go and use a "somewhat" prominent cameo character from the series. It felt intentional in a way that shook me in more ways than I cared to admit.

The video had popped off on social media like one would expect. Shit got so deep even Ubisoft had to distance themselves from the pagon cosplaying as their beloved Rainbow Six Siege character. Man was even calling himself "Smoke" too. The whole thing was fucked and I just prayed this didn't mean the actual Smoke was removed from the game.

It would stink if one of the OGs from day one had to be taken out the game over this fuckery.

Who or what man was played heavily on my mind. Couldn't tell you what his endgame was. Trying to guess was like trying to take a shot in the dark. Impossible. All I knew was that I was certain man's death was deliberate. He could be like me, a reincarnated brudda inserted into the world of MHA, too? Possibly, but that seemed a large leap of faith.

He definitely knew the future; I was positive of that. Why else would he target that hero out of all the heroes he could've gone for? You telling me he just randomly found Kamui of all heroes in all cities in Japan? Not very likely, I'd tell you that for free. Kamui wasn't even known like that in canon, I don't think so anyway. Pretty sure he was on the same rookie level as Mount Booby.

I got up, dragging my ass to the shower as a vicious noise rumbled overhead.

"Shit, and today's a fucking storm," I bemoaned, stepping into a hot shower I really didn't want to get out of when I heard how heavy the downpour was outside my apartment. "Sounds like it's pissing out there." As if matters couldn't get any worse. My mood soured further and not even a relaxing soak in warm waters could patch it up.

I showered for twenty minutes, downing a bowl of raw egg over rice and changing into my uniform afterward. Never thought once in my life I would consume an egg raw and uncooked, but shit; It banged, still.

Japanese eggs were on the next level ting.

I slipped on my trainers and headphones, grabbing my umbrella off the coat rack. I became much more accustomed to using umbrellas in Japan. In the ends, mans would rather get soaked than be seen circling the block with umbrellas. It was long.

I opened the door, my expression falling long and hard in deadpan annoyance, "Ahhh, it's proper pissing out there." I opened my umbrella, ducking under my front door, "This is long." I shut the door, flashing to the ground with wavy Shunpo-esque speed before switching on 50 Cents and jamming to it all the way to school.

30 Minutes Later – U.A. High School

Mina was waiting for me inside just by the entrance instead of by the gate courtesy of the rain.

"Ryu-chan!" She rushed under my umbrella and threw her arms around my neck, "Ahh! Did you see that video uploaded last night on twitter? It was really scary!"

"Yeah. I glimpsed it, still," I answered, hugging Mina back with an arm and soaking in her warmth, "It's crazy. What a time we live in when man just dash man in the whip, drive them somewhere and put them in a grinder."

"I'll say!" She agreed, giving me space to close up my soaking wet umbrella when I beckoned her too, "Say, why is that video still up anyway? I figured that would be priority number one on the admin's list."

"This Smoke guy must be a wavy hacker," I theorized, "That or he knows a tech savvy brudda. This is some admin-level privileges man's got."

"I know, right! It's so weird!" She remarked, latching back onto my arm after I finished closing up and wringing out my umbrella. We then travelled through the hallway, "I just hope the police can catch the guy real soon because just knowing a scary guy like that is out there…" She shivered, "It gives me the creeps."

"Yeah, forreal."

We put away our umbrellas and made our way to class with a comfortable warmth between us. All was calm to which I was considerably grateful after yesterday shitshow. Good thing we patched up things up on the way home because hitting on Mina was one of the few, if not the only, bright spots of the day.

We bantered en route to our homeroom with her getting the better of me (I swear I would beat you one day, girl.)

Man like Smoke was of course the hot topic among classmates within their cliques, as you would expect. Unless they lived in the stone age they would've seen the brother's video on any social media app, even if they weren't active on there like me.

Other than the quiet mans Tokoyami, Todoroki, and the discount Kakashi regen, everyone was gossiping about it, theorizing what the guy could be and why he would go to great lengths to hide his identity when so few heroes and villains actually did nowadays. We lived in the 2020s. Clout and publicity was where it was at to make waves.

On a side note, I noticed Eijiro had befriended McAssface already. I have no idea why a chilled guy like him would wanna be bredans with a pagon like Bakugo. Blows my mind. You couldn't even run banter with Bakugo because he was the kind of guy who would take it personally.

Fucking bitch. Anyhow I landed his ass in the Sports Festival, I was gonna wet him up. I would get a shot at him of course. Whether it was in the early rounds of the last event or the final. The only guy that could square up to him outside of yours truly was Todoroki and we all know his daddy issues held him back.

An audible swoosh of our classroom's sliding door signalled Aizawa's arrival, "I'm sure you've all seen the video that circulated on social media last night." He cut right to the chase, no frills, "For those of you concerned, rest assured. The heroes and the police are doing everything within their power to apprehend the culprit. It might be hard, but do your best to put it to the back of your minds and focus at the task at hand."

Feh. Even when trying to comfort us his ever-present deadpan frown remained unchanged. Still, man's little speech had some effect on a couple of my classmates like mandem (Minoru and Denki), Mina, Momo, and Izuku just to name a few.

"Now that that's out of the way," He shuffled a stack of papers on his desk, "I saw the results of yesterday's combat simulation." He looked at Bakugo, "Bakugo, you're talented, so don't soak like a child."

"I know," The pagon soaked.

"And Midoriya," Izuku flinched. Sensei commenced his lecture, tired eyes rolling down to his sheet of papers, "You settled it by breaking your arm again, huh?" He said, frown intensifying, "You can't keep saying you can't help it just because you can't control your power. You need to learn to control your Quirk." He closed his eyes, at least conceding, brightening Izu's spirits, "But there's a lot you'll be able to do once you've regained control of your Quirk. Feel a sense of urgency, Midoriya."

"Yes, sir!" He replied firmly.

"Now, then." Because no one else's results mattered apparently. Well, to be fair, the rest of the engagements were considerably tame by comparison. It was like WWE had made the mistake of showing the main event in the first match and made up for the rest of the night with filler matches. "We need to discuss something of great urgency."

Most of my classmates clenched their ass cheeks in anticipation and I couldn't say I blamed them. Aizawa always a flair for the dramatics, making minor things feel bigger than they were with the grave way he went about things.

"You need to decide a class president."

The calm; sighs of relief dispelling the bloated tension.

The storm; an absolute eruption of elated cheers exploding through the air, limps everywhere as nearly everyone bounced and threw their arms up, recommending themselves.

'Oh, yeah. We're doing this,' I mused, still sat with bored indifference while Mina bumbled against me, 'Completely forgot about this shit.'

"Everyone, cease this racket at once!" Iida thundered, "The position of class president is one of most utmost importance! Whoever is chosen will be tasked with the responsibility of being the link between us students and the teachers! It is not so trivial that just anyone can hold the station. Whoever is ultimately chosen should have the full backing of their peers. That's why I opt we settle this with a democratic vote!" He preached all this, but with how far his shaking arm was rose everyone could clearly see they just wanted them to vote for him.

Their deadpan expressions screamed as such.

"We haven't known each other that long, though," Tsu-chan brought up a valid point. There simply hadn't been enough time for any respect to be earned between us. It was a credit to Izuku's sheer tenacity and Momo's intelligence that they managed to nab Ochako-chan's, Iida's and Todoroki's votes respectively in canon to be handed the roles of president and vice.

"Yeah, won't everyone just vote for themselves?" Another good point rose by my guy Eijiro, but what other way was they, really? We could lock horns in a battle royal of sorts or have a pop quiz with the prize of class rep on the line, but considering the power and intelligence gap between us, neither would be fair.

I would sleepwalk my way through any battle royal no contest and Momo would ace a pop quiz comfortably, I was certain of that.

Iida doubled down on his idea, "That's why the student with the most votes in these circumstances would surely be the most suitable candidate, no?" No one looked convinced, so he turned toward Aizawa, "What do you think, sensei?"

Aizawa was already rolled up into his sleeping bag ready to doze the rest of the lesson away. Guess it was period study; lit still. "I don't care who the class president is, as long as you decide by the end of class." He said, dumping himself behind his desk.

"Then it's settled!" Four-glasses beamed.

It weren't the best way to decide things, but no one else had any ideas, so we rolled with it.

I took a slip of paper from a pile passed around from front to back, opening up my desk and taking out a pen I twirled around my fingers, contemplating my choice. My heart was saying Mina, but my head was shouting Momo, I couldn't lie. (Part of it also whispered Iida, but fuck that guy)

In the end, I pencilled Momo's name and slid my vote inside a box sensei placed up top on his desk. It wasn't like Mina was going to be selected. At best, she would tie with Momo in second place, which would just complicate things needlessly.

"Hey," Mina nudged me when I returned to my seat, listlessly propping an elbow up on the back rest, "So, who'd you vote for?"

I responded by pulling my headphones around my head, "No one in particular." I leaned back, hiking my legs up on my desk to Iida's dismay, and took out my phone, turning on seaside_demo.

"Kanizaki-kun! Remove your feet off your desk this instance. You're defacing U.A. property!"

I flipped him the bird without looking, turning up the volume a little to drown out him completely. Fucking dickhead. Swear down, he was next on my list to fuck up after Bakugo.

With nothing else left to do, I closed my eyes and quietly jammed to my tunes. I didn't expect anything to change from canon. I hadn't done anything nearly noteworthy enough to warrant the respect of my peers. Actually, scratch that; I've just done so in a bad way, showing them up. Wouldn't be surprised if no one voted for me. Saltiness and insecurity were real things, and I was positive I gouged up plenty in abundance in nearly everyone, particularly Bakugo.

I breezed through four of my tunes by the time the votes were tallied and I heard Bakugo's salty line "Okay, who the hell voted for Scaly Face Bastard!" roar through my headphones.

'Yeah, yeah. Izu's face is mad fre-,' I began to muse, initially drowsily until my brain fully computed what Bakugo actually said, giving me whiplash, "Wait, what?" I asked, puzzled, my eyes snapping open and feet dropping to the floor.

"What, did you really think anyone would vote for you?" Denki enquired mockingly.

Bakugo growled.

"Not a single vote…" Iida quivered, fists balled on his desk and head lowered, "And Kanizaki-kun of all people. I feared something like this could happen; just not to this degree, but I can't argue with the system I put in place."

"You didn't vote for yourself?" Kyoka deadpanned.

1st – Kanizaki Ryuji: 6 votes.

'Huh. There's my name alright, sat top of the pile like king of the hill,' I droned inwardly, goggling at the top of the blackboard. It then occurred to me how many votes man accumulated and amusement rumbled all the way from the pit of my stomach to my throat, "6 votes?" I snickered, "Wow! Hahahaha! How's man blagged that?" I started laughing outright, "Bro, I didn't even vote for myself!"

"What!?" Bakugo freaked out.

"What can I say? Guess you're more popular than you realize." Mina teased.

"To say the least." I calmed, scanning the rest.

2nd - Yaoyorozu Momo: 3 votes

3rd – Midoriya Izuku: 2 votes

4th – Bakugo Katsuki: 1 vote

4th – Jiro Kyoka: 1 vote

4th – Hagakure Toru: 1 vote

4th - Ojiro Masahiro: 1 vote

4th - Tokoyami Fumikage: 1 vote

4th - Sato Rikido: 1 vote

4th - Shoji Mozo: 1 vote

4th - Sero Hanta: 1 vote

4th - Kirishima Eijiro: 1 vote

5th – Aoyama Yuga: 0 votes

5th – Ashido Mina: 0 votes

5th – Asui Tsuyu: 0 votes

5th – Kaminari Denki: 0 votes

5th – Mineta Minoru: 0 votes

5th - Iida Tenya: 0 votes

5th - Uraraka Ochako: 0 votes

5th - Todoroki Shoto: 0 votes

'Getting a clear picture of who voted for me.' I turned to my two likeliest voters (outside of Mina), because who else were they voting for beside me who they had been dickriding since yesterday. The mandem shot me cheesy smiles and thumbs-up, 'Course they voted for me. Probably think me being prez will land 'em a gal.' Such foolishness. Still, man appreciated the love, self-centred as it may have been.

"I demand a do over!" McAssface roared.

"Bro, lowe it."

He glared with a baleful gaze. Ooh. Scary. If I didn't have hard skin I might have been soaked with all that edge. Fucking bitch.


"You heard me. Even If we had another round, you would flop. You got no bredens, bro. You're literally that one emo yute that sits in the back of the class going 'you don't understand'. Well, I won't clock if man keeps being edgy, bitch."

"What was that?!" The pagon rose out of his seat venomously, hands slammed against his desk.

"What?" I laughed in complete dismissal, cocking a wry smirk, "Pagon's deaf as well as dumb? Can't say I'm surprised. You were dumb enough to think anyone would ride for you," I chuckled louder, revelling in cruel delight at every taunt I barbed his way as his face began to redden. I've been waiting for a minute to cook his sorry behind, "You got man almost feeling sorry for the womb your ass crawled out of. Giving birth to a pagon like you has to be some kind of punishment."

"Ooh!" Collective sharp inhales of stifled surprise rung out from most of my classmates. Even Ochako hid a small smile of amusement behind her hands at my vicious quips directed at Bakugo. Even a girl as nice as her couldn't deny Bakugo deserved the cooking I dealt him.

Other than Izuku, who was cringed and trembled with his head down; wondering how on earth his junior high's big fish could be insulted so viciously, Momo, Kyoka, Iida and the reserved trio, everyone was lapping up the show I was putting on.

"Burn." Denki remarked with an amused smile.

"Alright! That does it!" Of course Bakugo's only response to getting roasted was to get madder. For a supposedly smart yute, he weren't the wittiest, that was for sure. Everytime he was cooked in the series by either Denki or Monoma, he had no comeback, "Me and you, right now!"

"Bro, you don't want this smoke," I assured, calmly standing up and walking over to engage him. "Why don't you sit your ass back down before I sit you down again?"

He met me dead centre of our row, glaring ferociously into my concealed gaze of amusement, "Keep talking while you can, hotshot! You won't be talking for long after I roast you!" He said, sparks crackling in his palm.

"Sure you know what that feels like," I retorted, "Half surprised you ain't already been served to some fat brudda down at KFC, but then again, you've been burnt black with how bad I've fried yo' ass over the cooker, bruv."

"Bastard!" He fired an explosive swing at me that sizzled midway courtesy of the awoken Aizawa. In an almost play-by-play re-enactment of the first time me and Bakugo crossed paths, I coolly slid back and got the hell out of dodge of sensei's dirty scarf, watching the pagon get folded like a mummy in satisfaction, "…Not this again!" He struggled in vain to free himself.

"That's enough, both of you!" He glowered ominously with glowing scarlet-red eyes, an extended arm hanging out of his sleeping sack, "Unless you want to miss today's simulation, I'd consider knocking it off right now."

The looming threat of being timed out in the naughty area while everyone else had fun mashing work in training was enough to cool Bakugo's head, albeit reluctantly, "Damn it…" He grumbled. Sensei slowly released him from his hold. He glared hotly at me as he trudged back to his desk, but I just smirked at his daggers, undoubtably boiling his piss again.

I strolled to the front of the class to stand beside Momo, who looked less than pleased. I shrugged, not regretting anything.

"Alright, so there you have it. Kanizaki and Yaoyorozu will be Class President and vice respectively," Aizawa announced.

I beat my chest twice with my fist and used that same hand to form a peace sign, "Appreciate the luv, guys. Shout us if you need anything. We'll see what we can do."

Sometime later

I linked an arm warmly around Mina's neck and led her out of the class toward the Cafeteria as an excuse to blow off the mandem Minoru and Denki. There wasn't a fuck in my entire body to spare about hearing anything complimentary they had to cream about regarding my class-presidency, so I made sure to drop out the second I glimpsed their inviting smirks.

Sheesh. To think I actually thought making them cringey mans my go-to high school bredans?


Mina squirmed, beating her feet beneath the table of our chosen spot in childish excitement, "Yummy!~" She gushed in a voice so wonderfully high-pitched it wouldn't be amiss on a classic anime girl, "You gotta try this, Ryu-chan! It's sooo good!" She twirled a portion of udon noodles around her white chopsticks with pink trim.

Ballsy of her to offer me an indirect kiss, but not unexpected, "Alright." Man wasn't passing up the opportunity to be fed by a hot babe, so I leaned slightly aside to where she was sitting next to me, widening my mouth. She diverted the chopsticks atop my tongue like she was flying an aeroplane and my mouth closed around them, savouring the exquisite taste of Lunch Rush's lit cooking.

The alien bombshell withdrew her hands, curling them excitedly against her mouth, "Well?" My satisfied expression only filled her with more suspense.

"Yeah, it bangs, still," I burped.

"Right!~" She bubbled, slurping up another mouthful with a palm on her bright cheek, "Mmm! Tasty! It's almost as good as my mom's cooking."

"Now there's a match I'd pay to see," I quipped, setting myself up for the knockout blow, and Mina didn't let the opportunity sail on by, naturally.

"Ooh!" She exhaled, inching closer to me with palms resting beneath her chin, "Wanna meet my parents, do ya? What's the occasion, stud?" She blinked her sparkling eyes numerously at me with all-knowing desire, "You trying to put a ring on my finger?"

I played into it for once, "Well, yeah. Man's gotta meet the folks eventually," especially when I'm planning to knock up their daughter… which was what I wanted to say, but didn't have the balls to.

Mina gasped with delight, "Ooh, bold." I shrugged with cocky amusement. She snickered, "You know, you're starting to get more confident." She didn't let me stay on my high horse for long, dragging me back down with a swift kiss against my smooth, now reddened cheek, "Well, a little anyway," She brightened sassily, "Guess all that teasing paid off."

I twirled a portion of my own ramen noodles and pinched a succulent piece of sliced chicken roast in between with my head down, trying to masquerade my embarrassment with cool indifference, "Well, yeah. Training makes man stronger and all that."

Mina snaked an arm around mine and pressed herself against me, sending my temperature skyrocketing off the thermometer if it wasn't already, "That just means I gotta up my game!"

"More training needed, then."

We laughed together, ravishing in the contagious wholesome air just our mere company had created.


Right up until my wildly vibrating modern-day device practically trying to massage my thigh exploded in my pocket.

"Aw, shit. Not again." I bemoaned.

"What is it, Ryu-chan?" Mina blinked as I inadvertently rubbed up her thighs prying my phone from my pocket sandwiched between us.

"Dunno, but I got a pretty good guess," I stated, adjusting myself, because this had happened before. Just last night, in fact. As such, I was more annoyed than surprised when I unlocked my phone and scrolled down to open the notifications, spotting a news article's headline reporting a noob's murder, "For fuck's sake, bruv."

Breaking: Rookie pro hero viciously raped and killed.

On an irrelevant point, the journalists were on smoke updating this article and sending it out before my twitter followers to tag man on it.

"That bad, huh?" Mina surmised from the look on my face.

"Uh-huh." I droned, instantly sliding my phone away and going back to eating. My curiosity didn't need to be sated again after last night's show, "Another brudda or sister's bitten the dust."

"That scary guy again?!" Pinky cried, tears comically dipping from her eyes.

"The one and only."

"What're the police doing!? Why haven't they caught the guy already!" Mina whined, flailing her arms about. She settled down slightly, chewing and mumbling depressively through her chopsticks, tears streaming down her eyes, "It's really scary knowing the bogeyman is lurking in the shadows waiting to poach on any unsuspecting hero."

"Tell me about it," I grumbled, "Well, if push comes to shove and man actually shows up on our doorstep, I'll protect you."

"Awwwwwwww!~" That brightened her spirits, pink hands regrouping over her heart and eyelashes fluttering, "You'd really protect me?"

I turned my nose up, "What do you take me for?" I curled an arm around her, trying to be as suave as I could, "You're man's gal. Of course I'm gonna protect you."

"You're the best!" She pressed herself against me, warmly snuggling her cheek against mine. A small affectionate smile covered my face. I then drove back into my meal, blossoming a curious thought inside Mina's head, "Hey, Ryu-chan?" I looked at her, "Aren't you going to open that notification?

"Nah." I chewed on tasty noodles.

"How come?"

"Don't wanna ruin my appetite… again."

"Oh, right." A giggle. "Makes sense."

It just occurred to man after we finished our meal and headed back to class, but where the fuck were the media? I pondered this, eyes drifting out to the window and the entrance that hadn't been blocked and destroyed courtesy of the League of Lames.

I clocked a second later, 'Ah, right. The butterfly effect.' Because man like woodman got soaked, that meant them mans had to change their plans and interview the police instead. They might even try snooping around woodman's family, even if it weren't the time. That was just how the media rolled.

Mina noticed me looking above her head, "Whatcha looking at, Ryu-chan?"

"Nothing," I responded coolly, "Noticed the weather's clearing up." And it was, too, thankfully, since it afforded me the perfect excuse. "Looks like we won't have to walk home in the rain."

"Aw," Mina moaned playfully, pressing her boobs against my arm, "And here I was hoping it would've rained all day so we could've shared a umbrella together."

I chuckled, "Maybe next time."

Mina pouted, "Not fair."

We continued on our way back to our class, and even before opening the door, I could hear Minoru's whiny voice screeching through it in horrified, almost comical dismay, "Nooooo! Anyone but her! I didn't even get a chance to meet her in the flesh!"

"Guess we know it was his favourite hero that got iced." Holy fuck. That was dark, even for me.


"Too soon?"

"Too soon."

"Right, my bad," I snorted, sliding the door open and gesturing Mina in first.

"Quite the gentleman, aren't you?" She smiled sassily.

It was about to respond until Minoru came running up to me, bawling melodramatically with tears and snot running down his eyes and nose respectively, "Ryu!" He screeched, hugging my leg, "She-! She-!"

I rolled my scarlet eyes, "I know, bro," I crouched low and patted him on the back, "Sad times."

He sobbed, squeezing a portion of my pants in his small hands, "Damn it! I never even got the chance to meet her!"

I snorted inwardly, 'And it's a good thing you never, bro, because you would've learnt the hard way why you should never meet your heroes.' Or sex icon in his case, I guess.

I let him have his moment before prying him from my leg, ambling over to my desk and greeting Tsu-chan while sitting down. I propped my feet up, pulling my phone out of my pocket and unlocking it, 'Noru all but confirmed who got soaked, but let's this read ting anyway.' I opened Twitter and lo and behold, Mount Lady was trending as I suspected.

'Shitttt, man.' The murder picture this Smoke brudda had posted of her was fucking graphic, bruv. Both of her arms were chained up to something I couldn't see in the pic and her glossy blond hair, usually beautifully conditioned, was a dishevelled mess hanging over her likely bloody face, if the fluid pooling between her bare pussy was any indication. She looked like she had gone 10 deadly rounds with Wolverine, having her fanservice outfit shredded to pieces and exposing her suspiciously undamaged breasts.

It was like man was saying, "Well, drink it in while you can because this is your last chance."

'This brudda's tapped.' Poor Mount Lady. She didn't deserve that. No one did.

I suddenly remembered Aizawa's warning about missing today's training simulation if me and the pagon didn't stop dicking around.

'I have a bad feeling about what's going down in the USJ incident.'