Tak's slim form snuck through my window and landed on my bed with a soft 'thump', her gaze darting around my shadow-clad room to see whether it was safe or not.

Her actions occurred in the blink of an eye, the same amount of time it took for her to pin me to a wall with a gun pressed against my neck. "You shouldn't go about letting strangers into your house, Dib." She hissed into my ear, her purple orbs peering into my bespectacled brown ones.

"You're not going to kill me. If you intended on doing that, you wouldn't have knocked on my window, and you would have done it already. You need me for something." I replied, doing all in my power to keep my expression calm and devoid of fear, noticing alterations in her human appearance to somewhat distract myself.

Nothing about her had really changed since I last saw her (but that was probably because of her hologram), except for her height and the length of her hair, both of which had increased.

A mad fit of laughter escaped from her lips as she slowly removed the gun from my neck. "You're still smarter than the rest of them. That makes this much easier." She resumed after her fit, not even bothering to lower her voice.

"Makes what much easier?" I asked, Tak's smirk (which temporarily graced her features) vanishing and replaced by a more serious expression.

"I have a proposition for you, of course." She announced, her tone making it sound as though the concept was obvious.

I raised an eyebrow. "What kind of proposition?"

Tak crossed her black and lavender striped arms over her chest. "I spent five human years floating through space in my ship's escape pod. All of that time allowed me to think over what went wrong in my previous plan, and I figured it out: You were on Zim's side, last time."

"And for good reason, too. You wanted to replace the Earth's core with snacks!" I reminded the Irken female who shook her head, 'tsk'ing all the while.

"Yet I planned on filling your planet with offerings for my Tallests to make it more valuable through their eyes, while Zim plans on conquering Earth, and quite possibly, destroying Earth." She remarked, causing me to pause.

Tak seemed to have noticed my abrupt silence, for she continued. "I believe a catchphrase here is 'the enemy of my enemy is my friend'? That applies to our situation, for Zim is both of our enemies."

"My proposition is that we team up so we can achieve our common goal, which is to get rid of Zim in any way and in all ways possible. We'll let fate decide what happens afterwards. Until then, accomplices?" She offered, extending her hand towards mine.

Get rid of Zim? It sounds almost too good to be true. But then again, it's best to remain on her good side.

"Accomplices." I agreed, accepting and shaking her hand.

Shortly thereafter, Tak left my room through the same way she came in.

I retreated underneath the dark covers of my bed, feeling shivers lightly caress my spine and adrenaline rush through my veins at the thought of the compromise at hand, and what was soon to come.

Your days are numbered now, Zim, I thought as I turned over, my figure facing the windows. That's a guarantee.

The next day went along smoothly, the aftermaths of the evening before making me even more aware of my surroundings, to the point where I'd jump a miniscule amount when someone would speak to me.

"You're weirder than usual, Dib. If that's even possible." Gaz retorted snarkily while sitting beside me during lunch time, eating her pizza without even looking up from her Game Slave 5.

"I'm just a bit excited, that's all." I clarified with an all-knowing smile, my brown eyes trailing to the form of the unsuspecting alien sitting not far from me, who was currently gagging after eating the mashed potatoes served in the cafeteria.

"What you could have to be excited about is beyond me." She shrugged, taking a bite from her pizza slice, my smile somehow becoming bigger.

"You'll see. You'll all see."

(Author's Note: DUN DUN DUNNNNNNN~! Sorry that it was short, if the characters are OOC, if something didn't make sense or whatever, I'll try making the next chapter more coherent.)