An Uzumaki in Arendelle

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"Speaking Japanese"

"Speaking Norwegian"

"~Kristoff Speaking For Sven~"

-Chapter Start-

With the spring pageant finished, the townspeople began exiting the auditorium. Eager to go and enjoy the festivities that were now being held in the village. But many families stayed in the building to collect their children who had performed on the stage.

One couple that had stayed behind were Naruto and Elsa, who wanted to stay beside her boyfriend. Of course the queen was surrounded by people wishing her well, while keeping a respectful distance from their ruler. Until two brave girls ran up to the queen and gave a quick, but polite, greeting, and then climbed into Naruto's open arms. Eagerly asking him questions about what he thought of the show.

Outside of the theater house Kristoff and Anna stood away from the crowds as they discussed the play.

"That was so fun," the redhead cheered. "And it was so cute getting to see Mom and Dad fall in love."

"I don't think that's how it actually happened ," Kristoff said, leaning over to scratch Sven between the ears. "It's rare for people to fall in love without having some problems."

"Well you and I have never had problems," the princess countered.

"What about when we first met?"

"What about it?"

Kristoff sighed. "When you and I went to the north mountain to save your sister. For most of the journey all we did was argue."

"So?" Anna questioned, walking closer to her boyfriend. "People argue with their loved ones all the time. Elsa and I had an argument yesterday about what dresses we should wear to the festival."

"But, back then you and I weren't…" Kristoff trailed off. Having learned after nearly a year, that his girlfriend could be more stubborn as he was. It also wouldn't be good to remind the spirited girl of her former engagement.

"You know," Anna started, taking her boyfriend's silence as a victory. "For someone who was raised by love experts, sometimes you don't seem to know a lot about love."

"And what does that mean?" the blond asked.

"It means you lack experience," was the response. "For example, have you ever kissed a girl before me?"

"Of course I have," Kristoff responded defensively. Only for Anna to continue her questioning.

"I mean a human girl."

The mountain man kept quiet, as thoughts of Bulda, the troll who raised him, passed through his mind.

"That's what I thought," Anna smirked as she walked closer to her boyfriend. "But the question still remains, what do you know about love?"

"You're what I know about love," he responded with his own smirk. Wrapping his arms around the woman's smaller frame, and pulling her against his body. Leaning down to press his lips against her own waiting pair.

The couple continued their passionate kiss for several minutes. Lost in their love for each other. Until they were interrupted by someone clearing their throat. When they looked up, Elsa was standing alone, looking to the side with a blush on her cheeks.

Anna and Kristoff had just enough time to untangle themselves before Naruto came around the corner. With Hedda and Ingrid still on his shoulders.

"There you two are," the blond happily exclaimed. While the two girls on his shoulders waved.

The displaced ninja was quick to notice the blushes on the couple's cheeks, as well as on his own girlfriend's. Deciding it would be best to avoid an embarrassing conversation while Ingrid and Hedda were present, the blond focused on a different question.

"Where's Olaf?" he asked. Noticing the snowman was missing, despite Sven still being around. Even though the reindeer was obviously looking away from the still blushing couple.

"He ran off with some children who wanted to play," Anna answered, being the first to calm down.

"Olaf's a lot of fun to play with," Hedda said from her perch. "But I think Naruto is better."

Ingrid nodded from the blond's other shoulder. "Naruto's the best."

If the two girls hadn't been riding on his shoulders, Naruto would have promptly hugged the two girls and patted them on their heads. Instead he settled for pulling his head back as far as he could to smile at the girls. Who smiled back in response.

The rest of the group cooed at the sweet scene, with Anna trying to contain a squeal at the sight. Kristoff tried to act tough, but found the moment cute. Elsa only smiled, already used to the young duo idolizing her boyfriend.

Smiling back at their friend, the two girls also shared a competitive smile.

"When we're older, and can act in the play, I'm going to be Naruto," Hedda declared to her friend.

"But he and I both have blonde hair, so I have to play him," Ingrid responded.

"You would be better at playing Queen Elsa," the redhead argued back.

"Girls," Naruto interrupted. Trying to figure out what the two young girls were talking about. Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, and even Sven were equally confused. "What are you talking about?"

"We're trying to decide who gets to play you in the Spring Pageant, when we're old enough that we don't have to sing in the back," Hedda answered, while Ingrid gave a confirming nod.

"And what makes you think that they will make a play about me?" the shinobi asked.

"The plays are always about strong and famous people," Hedda said.

"We'll have to do one about you eventually," Ingrid added confidently.

Elsa had been trying to keep herself from laughing at her boyfriend, who was very confused by the conversation. But found the opportunity to tease him too much of a temptation to ignore.

"What makes you two think you'll be Naruto in a play?" Elsa hummed. "You're both too pretty to play him."

The girls hummed questioningly at the queen.

"Naruto might not be pretty, but he's awesome," Hedda answered.

"He's like a brave knight from one of those old stories. Fighting dragons, and saving princesses," Ingrid continued.

The red-headed girl's eyes suddenly went wide at a thought. "Have you ever fought a dragon, Naruto?"

The shinobi chuckled. "No, I know a lot of big creatures, but I never fought a dragon."

"What kind of creatures?" Ingrid immediately asked, always eager to hear a story.

"When I was young, I had to prove myself to a toad that was many times bigger than the trees. He challenged me to ride on his head until sundown." Naruto continued telling the story of how he met Gamabunta. Doing his best to explain events with his limited vocabulary. Struggling every once in a while to find the correct word.

He was secretly glad that he didn't know the words to explain summoning, since he doubted the two girls would leave his side until he summoned a toad for them to play with. And Anna definitely wouldn't have let him leave without verifying his claim. Which would be a problem since he had been unable to summon anything since he arrived in this new world.

"What's the biggest and strongest monster you ever fought?" Hedda asked, wanting to hear more.

Naruto laughed, confusing those around him. "The biggest and strongest animal I fought is not a monster. He is my partner and friend."

"Wow," the girls gasped. Focused on the blond's story. "What kind of animal is he?"

"He is a fox with nine tails," the shinobi said with pride. "He has been with me since I was a baby, but I only got to know him recently."

"Can we meet him?" Ingrid questioned, leaning forward on Naruto's shoulder. Her eyes wide with wonder.

"Maybe someday," he responded. Looking up to smile at the girl, before he turned to do the same with Hedda. "I think he would like to meet you as well."

"What's his name?" the red-headed girl asked, eager to meet a giant fox.

Naruto stood still, and closed his eyes. Appearing as though he were thinking. While everyone watched in confusion, until he opened his eyes.

"He is very protective of his name, and he would not like it if I told you." The two girls looked sad at the blond's words. Both hoping to know more about their friend's partner. "But," the shinobi interrupted everyone's thoughts. "When you meet him yourself, I know he will tell you his name then."

"I can't wait to meet him," Hedda exclaimed.

Naruto chuckled at the girls' infectious excitement. Making sure they were secured, he continued walking towards the festival in town. Carrying the two forward, while answering questions about his nine-tailed friend.

Unknown to the trio, the rest of their group stayed behind. Talking amongst themselves about what they had learned.

"Naruto was joking, right?" Anna asked as she looked between her sister and boyfriend. "He was just making up a story to tell the girls."

"I don't know," Elsa admitted. "He's never talked about these creatures before. But if they're real, why has he never talked about them before?"

Kristoff was the calmest out of the group. Simply petting Sven while he thought. "For a man who can walk up walls, giant toads probably don't seem that strange."

The sisters looked at the blond, both shocked at the reasonable response.

"That's actually pretty smart of you," Anna said. Much to her boyfriend's annoyance.

"I can be smart," the ice harvester defended.

"You can, but it's not often," the redhead replied, while her sister chuckled in the background. "But that's okay, I like it when you're straightforward and simple."

Kristoff sighed, deciding it was easiest to take the compliment and move on. In truth he also liked it when his girlfriend was straightforward and simple.

"Alright," Anna cheered, "let's stop wasting time and get to the festival. We need to make up for all those years we haven't gone."

Without waiting for anyone, the princess started running farther into the village. Eager to reach the town square where the festivities were being held.

A few stalls had been set up with sweets and candies. While games of different types would be played. Something Kristoff was especially looking forward to. Apparently he had a championship from last year to defend.

As Anna ran down the street ahead of her boyfriend and sister, she laughed. Happy for these moments with her family. Where everyone she cared about could be together for a day, and enjoy a celebration.

She felt a cool sea breeze as she passed near the docks. Where the trade ships were loaded up, and sailors had already finished their preparations. Ready to set out tomorrow morning, after the festivities of today.

Leaving for several months as they trade with neighboring countries and beyond. With one ship rumored to be headed to Japan in the hopes of bringing back treasures for the queen and her beloved.

Behind Anna, she could hear Sven catching up as his hooves clacked against the cobblestone road. Kristoff wouldn't be far behind his partner, she thought. Knowing how fast her boyfriend could run.

Anna tried to move faster. Knowing that she couldn't outrun the duo, but wanting to make them work for their victory.

Sadly, it was only another minute before Sven and then Kristoff passed her. Both now racing each other to the town square.

Anna didn't give up, and kept running.

However, none of them would win, as Elsa effortlessly skated past them all. A thin strip of ice forming below her feet. Leading her not only to the front, but right beside Naruto.

Anna slowed to a walk, trying to control her breathing as she finished her journey. With the people already dancing around the pillar in the middle of the town square, to a band playing whatever they felt like.

On top of the pillar was a statue that the princess only thought about in passing. It was a man with his sword drawn, valiantly pointed towards the north, in defense of Arendelle. The Late King Runeard, Anna and Elsa's grandfather.

Anna had heard about her grandfather, but didn't know a lot about him. She was thinking of him now because of the pageant. Where he tried to make peace with the neighboring tribes.

With more things she didn't know about, or remember, the princess felt determined to find out. And the best place to start was up the mountains, with the trolls.


The afternoon sun sank deeper behind the mountains, as Arendelle's spring festival came to a close for another year. Many of the people going back to their homes. Readying themselves for the busy days to come.

Many children wish to stay, and eat more sweets while playing games. Sadly, all of them were taken home, and had to depart from their friends. With the loudest farwells coming from Olaf.

"Bye!" the snowman called. Waving his stick arms wildly as the children left.

Eventually he turned around, joining the few people who remained. Which consisted of Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, and Sven. While Naruto sat off to the side, letting Hedda and Ingrid rest against him before going back to the orphanage.

"Well, that was fun," the walking snowman declared, his personal flurry above his head. "We should definitely hold another festival tomorrow.

"Olaf we can't have a festival everyday," Elsa said. "Festivals are only held for very special occasions."

"Then we'll have to create a special occasion tomorrow," the snowman continued.

Anna chuckled. "I think everyone will be too busy tomorrow, because the farmers are going to begin planting all their crops."

"Oh. I guess that gives us more time to plan the next festival then," Olaf stated, undeterred.

While everyone else was chuckling at the bizarre statement, Elsa walked towards her boyfriend. Who was sitting down, with two young girls leaning against him. Bags of leftover treats and small toys were piled up nearby, ready to be taken to the orphanage by the girls.

"Everyone else will be going back to the castle," the queen started. "It'll just be us taking the girls back to the orphanage."

Naruto nodded, jostling the girls to make sure they were awake. Causing both of them to stand up and stretch, as they lethargically grabbed their bags of goodies. Before the group of four began slowly walking to the orphanage.

After a few minutes, the silence was broken by Ingrid. "Naruto, how did you deal with jerks when you were growing up in the orphanage?"

"Why do you want to know?" the blonde gently asked the little girl. "Is Sara being mean to you again?"

Ingrid quickly shook her head no, while Hedda answered. "Sara apologized to everyone for being mean, and she's been a lot nicer recently."

"Before we ran away, Kristoff said you had your own jerks to deal with," the young blonde continued. "We wanted to know what it was like for you growing up."

Naruto stopped walking, as he thought about the question. Remembering things he hadn't thought about in a long time. "When I was young, I had a lot of people who were mean to me. Some of them were the kids who lived with me at the orphanage. They would say mean things to me, and I would yell back. Telling them they were wrong, and that I would be the greatest someday."

The blond subconsciously clenched his hand into a fist at the memories. All the times he was belittled, or told he didn't matter. Everything that happened to him while he didn't know about Kurama, so he didn't even know why everyone was so mean. Why they hated him.

A cool feeling broke him from his thoughts, as Elsa held his fist in her hand. The queen looked sad. Realizing that he had lost himself to his memories, Naruto worried that he had scared those around him.

Quickly looking down, he saw Hedda and Ingrid looking up at him, their eyes wide. Filled with anticipation for the rest of his story, but also tainted with fear.

Closing his own eyes for a second, Naruto opened them with a gentle smile. Bringing his hands down to pat the girls on their heads, and show them he was fine.

"Sometimes I would try and start fights. Other times I would run away, so the jerks would not see me cry," the blond continued, making sure to keep calm. "One time I ran away from the orphanage. I did not know where I would run, so I went to the forest. There I met an old man, he told the best stories. He was a great man, the leader of our village, and I wanted to be like him. So I never gave up, kept moving forward, and showed everyone that they were wrong about me."

"Wow," Hedda and Ingrid gasped in awe. Both of them amazed by their friend's resolve.

Elsa smiled, but wondered about her boyfriend's story. He made it sound like it wasn't just the kids he had to deal with. She knew that it was still difficult for Naruto to talk in their language, so she never pushed for him to explain things. But now she was even more curious about his past.

Naruto continued to smile. Knowing that he was still moving forward. Even after he came to Arendelle.

"Are you thinking about trying to go back?" Kurama asked inside the blond's mind.

The displaced shinobi looked at the girls around him. His girlfriend and the two girls he had become close friends with.

Thinking back to his partner, "I don't think I can return now."

-Chapter End-

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