An Uzumaki in Arendelle

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"Speaking Japanese"

"Speaking Norwegian"

"~Kristoff Speaking For Sven~"

-Chapter Start-

Olaf twirled into the courtyard. His three major sections separated for a second, as he danced towards the center. Where the sleigh, currently using wheels, was already attached to Sven.

"Hello everybody!" the snowman yelled. "I hope you're all ready for a fun-filled day?"

"Yes!" Anna screamed. "I am so ready for this."

"We're all excited," Kristoff added, tightening a strap that held some picnic baskets in place. "A full day of rest and relaxation. With lunch at the Valley of Living Rock."

"Oh," the living snowman cooed, "It'll be so nice to see the love experts again."

As the sentient frost mound bounced around, his personal flurry struggled to keep up with his erratic movements. Resulting in a thin trail of snow following him.

"It looks like everyone else is ready," Elsa's regal voice called out. Walking into the courtyard with Naruto by her side.

"You're the last to arrive," Anna said, moving towards the duo.

The queen still wore a thick dress. The pleasant breeze of spring would turn chilly up in the mountains. While Naruto carried his orange jacket in his arms.

With his temperature now only a little above normal, he rarely wore his protective jacket that Elsa had commissioned for him. But he still kept it around, and was bringing it with them up the mountain. Which was probably smart, but Anna was more interested in if he brought something else.

"Did you bring any books with you?"

The blond shook his head. "I did not want to risk damaging any of them, so I left a clone to read. If something happens the clone can let me know."

"That is such a handy ability," the princess groaned. While her sister and boyfriend nodded in agreement.

"It would make harvesting ice so much easier," Kristoff added.

"It is useful, but I found out that I cannot use them to read more than one book at a time," Naruto admitted. "When I tried, I got confused about a mermaid climbing a beanstalk. Maybe when I am better at reading, I can use more clones to speed it up."

"You could at least understand the words," Kurama's deep voice sounded. Unheard by everyone except his blond partner. Who gave a quick apology.

"All right," Kristoff called, getting everyone's attention. "Let's get going up the mountain before it gets any later. I want to get to the valley by lunchtime."

All agreed and moved to the sleigh. With the ice harvester sliding into the driver's seat. As Anna sat next to him. In the back seat, Naruto held Elsa close.

At the front, Sven grunted once, as Olaf's cold body clambered over his harness. Taking a spot on the reindeer's back, and leaving a trail of snow from his personal flurry.

"Let's go," Kristoff yelled, as Sven began marching forward. Taking everyone away to the mountains. For a day of rest and discovery.


Hours later, the group rode swiftly up the mountain. Having abandoned the roads, to make their way to the secretive troll valley. Thankfully, the mid-spring sun had melted enough of the snow that it was easy to make progress with only the sleigh's wheels.

With the sun a little below its peak, the group passed the unique stack of stones that marked the valley's entrance. Opening into the moss covered amphitheater of the trolls' home. With the ancient stone circle in the center, where Naruto had appeared almost a year ago.

"Kristoff's home!" a yell rang out, followed by a great cheer.

All at once the trolls ushered everyone into their crowd. With many of them jumping onto Kristoff as they usually did.

Naruto was soon pulled into the mound of rock bodies. With Elsa and Anna at risk of joining in. Thankfully, Bulda dragged the two away from the pile before they got lost, and brought them to Pabbie. Before she left to go dote on her baby.

"Please tell Kristoff to visit more often," Pabbie chuckled to the sisters. "If he and any guests he brings are covered by everyone after being gone for only a month, he might wish to make more regular visits."

"Grand Pabbie?" Anna called after chuckling at his comment. "I wanted to talk with you about something."

"You mentioned that last time you were here," the elder said. "What is troubling you?"

"I wanted to ask about my memories that you removed when I was younger."

The old troll moved to look at the young princess. Giving her, his full attention. While off to the side, Elsa stiffened at the mention of the past.

"I was wondering when you were going to ask about that," Pabbie said to himself. "Are you curious if you can get your memories back?"

"No!" the redhead cried. Looking between the troll and her sister, before admitting. "Well, maybe. I don't know."

Anna began to pace for a few moments. Silently moving her hands as tried to collect her thoughts. While the two onlookers watched.

"I think I want to talk about my memories," she finally said. "Or, maybe ask about them. Because I do know why they were removed, but sometimes I remember things that aren't true. Yet they're true enough, and I get confused."

"Anna," Elsa called, placing a comforting hand on her sister's. But could not keep the worried look from her eyes.

"Perhaps, it would be best to start with the memories themselves, and not a reason," Pabbie suggested. "What do you remember?"

"I remember sliding down hills covered by fresh snow on hot summer days. And laughing with Elsa as we crashed into a snowbank," Anna spoke. Looking towards the sky in remembrance. "We went skating on frozen ponds, and I thought about how pretty the leaves looked as they started turning from greens to gold and orange."

The old troll nodded his head. Listening to the young woman continue talking about her past. When she stopped talking, he began.

"When I removed the magic from your head, I removed all your memories of magic to ensure that no trace would be left behind," he started. "But I promised your parents that I would leave the fun, and I am glad to see that I kept that promise."

Elsa was quiet, her own memories coming back to her. With how upset and racked with guilt she had been at hurting her sister, she had forgotten that Anna still remembered the fun of their childhood.

Pabbie continued speaking after a few seconds of thought. "I'm sad to say that the true memories of your youth have disappeared long ago. As any child's memories often do when they grow older."

"So I'll never get my true memories back?" the princess seemed to ask herself. "They'll keep fading until I only remember the fun."

"Tell me Princess," the elder interrupted before anything more could be said. "When you remember riding a sled down the snow, does it matter if the snow is covering a hill or the entrance stairs of a castle?"

"Well," Anna stretched the word for several seconds as she thought. "Maybe. Mom and Dad would have been upset if the main stairs had been covered in snow."

"They weren't that upset," Elsa laughed. "It was a really warm summer night. You came to my room to cool down because you couldn't sleep. We must have spent at least an hour sliding down the main stairs before mom found us."

"She gave us a long lecture," Anna giggled. "But she was happy that we didn't go outside."

While the sisters laughed, while Pabbie looked on. Smiling softly, as the redhead continued.

"I remember how scared we were when she found us." Suddenly, Anna went silent as she began to understand. "I remember. Even though it's not perfect, I remember.

"It is not the where or when that's important, in our memories. But the moments that define us, and the people we share them with," the sagely troll added.

"Our precious people," Elsa whispered to herself. A moment spent alone with Naruto came to mind.

The excited princess began rapidly clapping her hands, as she started talking. " I remember, the only time mom ever got really mad at us, was when we built a snowman in the art room."

Elsa clapped her hands over her red face. Letting out an unladylike groan.

"Why did you have to remind ME of that? Mom was furious that we could have damaged the paintings."

"Sorry," Anna apologized. "But she did eventually forgive us. When we filled the ballroom with snowmen, and promised to only build them in there."

"She watched us constantly for a month, to make sure we would keep that promise," the elder sister laughed. Finally pulling her hands away from her face.

"And we did," the younger sibling sang happily.

Hours passed by, as the sisters talked about anything that came to mind. From snowman sled races across the dining room table. To Elsa and Anna learning how to properly sweep with a broom, under Gerda's watchful eyes, when the duo had wanted to see if they could fill a hallway with snow.

The sisters laughed and groaned as they swapped stories. With Anna no longer thinking about what she couldn't remember, but instead what she knew was true. While she hadn't gotten her memories back, she wasn't sure if she had wanted them back at all. She just wanted to talk more than anything. So, talk she did.

It was Pabbie who noted the time, and urged the sisters back to the main area of the troll knoll. The group of three began making their way back. With the two girls walking at a sedate pace with the grandfatherly troll.

"Grand Pabbie I had a question for you as well," Elsa spoke, gaining her companions attentions. "Did you know our grandfather?"

"Oh yeah, the pageant," Anna interrupted. "I was wondering the same thing."

The old troll sighed. "I never met your grandfather, Runeard I believe was his name," the two girls nodded. "He and his father never came to the valley. In fact your father was the first of the royal family to come to us in a hundred years."

"That's such a long time," the queen noted. "I wonder why there was such a big gap?"

"I do not know," Pabbie admitted. "Perhaps something kept them away."

"Like what?" Anna questioned.

"Fear," was the simple answer.

The girls stopped walking and stared at their companion. Filled with concern and curiosity. Silently urging the elder to continue.

"Fear of the unknown, and what is in it, has stopped many people from moving forward," the troll stated. Continuing to walk towards the rest of the trolls, forcing the girls to keep up with him for once. "If someone cannot understand something, most of the time it is easier to fear it, instead of trying to understand it."

"Like my powers," Elsa whispered. Making soft wisps of snow swirl around her fingertips.

"Yes, but you have gotten past your fears," Pabbie spoke, stopping any worry that might have arisen. "Almost a year ago, you took that first step, and now only need to learn more about your powers to understand them."

The few steps left to the clearing were taken in silence. With Elsa deep in thought about her powers. As Anna now thought about family, and how important they were to her. She had felt that it was important to talk about her memories with only her sister. But this had meant that she had to leave some of her family behind.

Kristoff, Olaf, and Naruto had stayed with the rest of the trolls, leaving them ignorant to what had been talked about. Anna had every intention of telling them about what happened, but felt it would be best between sisters to start. And she had made peace with her decision. Especially after she got to see what the boys had been up to in her absence.

Olaf danced around among the trolls like he was one of them. While Kristoff and Naruto were covered, head to toe, in mud and moss. Making them look surprisingly like trolls, if a bit tall.

Elsa had the courtesy to laugh into her hand. Anna just laughed.

-Chapter End-

I was hoping to get this chapter finished in January, but I'm not that far off. I'm glad I finally got to address Anna's memories. This has been a goal for a while now. I'm sorry if it seems a little lackluster, or confusing, but my intent had always been to comfort Anna over her memories, instead of returning them. She remembers the fun, and that's what's important.

A few things I wanted to note because I never got around to explaining them.

In the Junior Novelization of Frozen 1, there's a scene near the beginning where Kristoff is overly excited about buying a new, expensive, sleigh. The main feature was a set of retractable wheels that turns it from a sleigh, to a wagon, and payoff to the joke being when the sleigh/wagon gets destroyed during the wolf chase. Anna buys him a replacement at the end.

I don't know if this was ever considered canon, but I always remembered it. It explains how Kristoff delivers ice from the mountains, with snowy paths, to the roads in town.

Naruto using clones in the library. Thank you to everyone who left a review mentioning this. I did think about it in the last chapter, but thought that it would be confusing for Naruto to learn a new language this way. Plus I have story reasons for wanting Naruto to take his time learning the language. I just hope it will be worth the wait.

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