An Uzumaki in Arendelle

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"Speaking Japanese"

"Speaking Norwegian"

"~Kristoff Speaking For Sven~"

-Chapter Start-

Trolls never worried about getting a little dirty. With bodies made of stone, a quick wash under some water would leave them clean again. So, when one troll throws a ball of mud at another troll, no one worries. This was how Kristoff had grown up alongside his troll family. With dirt being as much a constant, as the river nearby.

Naruto was also used to being outside. While he was traveling with Jiraiya. There had been many moments where water was scarce, and the need for stealth was high. A little filth was hardly a concern when a life was in danger.

So, when both men found themselves dodging mud balls from the younger trolls, everyone laughed and had a good time. Eventually a game was made from the messy activity. With Naruto and a confident Kristoff against a hoard of troll children.

"Alright," the ice harvester yelled. "The rules are simple: the trolls try to hit us with mud balls, and whoever gets hit the least between us is the winner."

The rows of rock people grinned mischievously. Each one already holding a handful of mud in eager anticipation.

Bulda stood in the center of the field, raising her hand. "When I give the sign, the competition will start."

The troll began to walk backwards, holding her arm in the air. Keeping the peace for just a little bit. She kept moving back until she was clear on the sidelines with Olaf and Sven. Both of whom had been forbidden from competing since snow and fur were a little harder to clean.

"Good luck," Naruto said to his fellow blond. A barely contained smirk on his face.

"I'm the one who should be wishing you luck," Kristoff responded. "I've been dodging mud balls since I was a kid."

"Ready!" Bulda yelled, looking between the two teams. With no objections she brought her hand down, "Go!"

Chaos had been unleashed. At first the trolls focused on both Naruto and Kristoff equally. Testing the two men.

The troll-raised blond had been struck in the leg by some flying muck. But the rest of him remained clean, as he weaved through the thrown projectiles.

Meanwhile, the displaced ninja was still clean. Not a speck of dirt on him, as he easily evaded the onslaught. Shifting his body to allow the attacks to fly past him.

The messy assault lasted for another ten minutes. At first, Kristoff stayed mostly clean, but he began to slow with time. A mud ball to the chest distracted him long enough for another to hit his chin. He was thoroughly covered by the time Bulda whistled to signal an end to the chaos.

"Sorry baby, but Naruto wins," the mother troll called.

The ice harvester groaned. His body peppered with patches of mud. Leaving only half his body clean.

"How, did you dodge everything?" Kristoff groaned.

"I have trained, since I was young, to dodge thrown attacks," the ninja bragged. "If you watch someone's hands, you can easily see where they are aiming. Then all you need to do is move out of the way."

The sunny blond laughed for half a minute. Enjoying his victory, and the look on Kristoff's face. Who had been so certain of his own victory. Until the wet splat of a mud ball hit his back.

"Hey! He was right," an middle-aged troll yelled. "If he's not watching you, you can actually hit him."

"Well that would have been good to know earlier," another troll groaned, holding an unthrown ball of mud in her hand.

Naruto watched the gathered trolls, as he tilted his head to the side. Letting another projectile harmlessly sail past his head. Nearby a young troll smiled sheepishly with their arm outstretched.

"Sorry," the child squeaked. "I wanted to see if I could hit you too."

Naruto smiled at the little rock. Understanding its want to what the other troll had done. Especially since the middle-aged troll had been the only one to hit him so far.

The footsteps behind him were the ninja's only warning. "You ready to go another round?" Kristoff asked good naturedly. As he slapped his open palm against his friend's back. Leaving a muddy handprint behind. "It's not fair if only one of us is dirty."

"I am always ready, let us go for another round," Naruto grinned. Eager for another chance to test his ninja skills. It had been too long since he had a proper challenge.

The next half hour was spent with Naruto, by himself, moving around to dodge more and more projectiles, from an ever increasing crowd of trolls. The longer he went without being hit, the more living rocks would join up to circle around him. Each looking to catch him off guard, and hit him with a mud ball. And then someone did.

Five minutes into the assault, a glob of mud splattered against the ninja's right arm. He had been looking left to dodge another three balls, causing the first official hit to land on him. It was honestly a lucky shot, but that didn't stop the renewed confidence and vigor of the trolls. Leading the earthen tribe to redouble their efforts.

As time went on, Naruto would be tagged with more mud balls. But after thirty minutes, the group of trolls needed a break, and the match was called. Leaving the ninja covered in mud, but still less dirty than his fellow blond.

The two men laughed, neither one really caring about the dirt covering them. A troll had given them a few sheets of moss to wipe off some of the muck before their inevitable bath. As the trolls around them also began to wipe themselves clean. Many having gotten dirty from handling the mud, or during the battle's crossfire.

The only ones who were still clean from the start of the match were Sven and Bulda. With the reindeer having chosen to stay out of the game to avoid needing a bath. While the troll mother was busy refereeing the match.

Olaf had been forbidden from joining in. But the snowman found a role for himself as he carried handfuls of mud to the trolls. Thankfully leaving only his sticks in need of washing.

Finally, everything was calming down. Until a bark of laughter tore the air; Anna, Elsa, and Pabbie had returned.

The princess held her stomach as she looked at the scene before her. Elsa remained tactful, chuckling behind her hand. While the eldest troll simply smiled, having grown old along side the games and traditions of the living rocks.

"What happened to you two?" The Queen asked once she had regained her composure. Her sister continued to laugh.

"The trolls wanted to have a mud ball fight," Kristoff explained. "And it's been years since I've joined one, so I offered to be the target. Then Naruto joined as the other target."

A few gasps for air sounded as Anna joined the group. Having gotten her laughter under control. Although she still chuckled every few seconds.

"You two need a bath before we eat unch," she said. Flicking a clod of dirt from her boyfriend's hair.

"Hey, I grew up here," Kristoff reminded everybody. "Do you really think I would have agreed to this if there wasn't a warm river nearby."

"Warm river?" Naruto asked. "Do you mean a hot water fountain?"

"I don't know about a fountain," the ice harvester responded with confusion. "But the river comes from a hot spring farther up the mountain."

"It would be nice to go there," the ninja nodded his head. Remembering some of the hot springs he had gone to with his friends.

"Maybe we can arrange a trip later," Kristoff responded. "But for now, we need to go wash off all this mud."

With a wave to the girls, the two boys walked behind some rocks. With Kristoff leading them towards the river. Only stopping at the wagon to grab a change of clothes.

Once they had reached the water, both men stripped out of their dirty garments, and started washing themselves. Enjoying the warm water on the mid-spring day. With a small waterfall nearby that they used to rinse off.

Both men were quiet, with a relaxed atmosphere as they continued on. Neither really worrying about the other man next to them.

Naruto was smiling constantly, thinking about how fun the day had been. The game with the trolls had been the first real ninja training he'd had in awhile. Although the mud balls were a lot softer than the blunted kunai and shurikens used for training back at the academy. Thankfully it was only a game, and he didn't need to actually defend himself. The idea of summoning clones to take hits for him didn't feel fair.

After several minutes, the two men fished cleaning, and began trying to shake themselves dry. With no real towels in the forest, they had to make do. Using Kristoff's spare shirts, the two were able to get mostly dry. But now they only had a pair of leather breeches each, and would need to go shirtless for a little while. Hopefully they could wash their dirty clothes before heading back to Arendelle.

Anna was finishing setting up the picnic. Placing a large checkered blanket over the ground, and pulling food from the large wicker basket. The trolls around the valley brought their own food to the luncheon. A mixture of berries, funguses, and edible mosses. Few of which looked appetizing to the human princess.

Elsa and Pabbie had gotten into a conversation about ruling. Anna could mostly follow what they were talking about, but she wasn't paying too much attention. Instead she watched Olaf stand in line with the young trolls, who were taking turns swinging on Sven's horns.

With the snap of a dead twig being stepped on, Naruto and Kristoff returned. Both shirtless and glistening from the water. Making their muscled chests more pronounced.

"Baby you're so thin," Bulda called out as she hopped onto a rock and began poking her adopted son in his well defined abs. "Are you eating enough?"

"I'm eating plenty," Kristoff assured his mother. "Carrying ice around keeps me in great shape, and the castle chefs make sure I never go hungry."

Years of harvesting ice and packing it onto sleds and wagons, had kept him fit and trim. His muscular body appealing to Anna's eyes. As she watched him move around while Bulda continued to check on her boy.

Elsa had finished her talk with Pabbie, and was lounging back in her seat. An approving smirk clear on her face. As her eyes remained fixed on her boyfriend.

While Naruto wasn't as muscular as his fellow blond, he was just as fit. His naked upper half showing the almost predatory physique that was normally masked by his shirt. The way his lean but strong body moved as he helped some of the smaller trolls onto Sven's antlers, yet was still ready for anything that might happen.

Elsa enjoyed watching him. His determination, sunny personality, the way he interacted with children, and now his finely crafted body were irresistible to the queen.

The fact that neither man bothered to put a shirt back on until the group was making ready to return home, was much appreciated.

-Chapter End-

This chapter should have come out back in February. But, through sickness and injury here's a chapter. Being honest, I do not like how this chapter turned out, and I wish I could spend more time on it and add a few more scenes. But, it's been too long already, and I'm happy where it is.

Moving on to things about the chapter: I always had the intention of writing a chapter about Naruto wanting to go to a hot spring. Mostly as a connecting point between him and his "Japanese" roots. I'm not sure if I'll expand on this concept more, but I'm glad to have the option.

Originally I was going to have the group Naruto and Kristoff play with the baby trolls and avoid messes all day. Then, when the group left the valley, the wagon would get stuck in some mud, and they would get dirty having to pull it out. Then they would wash off in a nearby stream, and the girls could ogle them on the ride home. I mentioned the seating arrangements in the last chapter, as a counterpoint where both girls would sit in the back, and watch shirtless and wet Naruto and Kristoff in the front seat.

However, I liked the idea of Anna and Elsa returning from a serious talk with Pabbie, and they see a funny scene of the two boys being covered in mud. It just felt like the right way to end that chapter.

Naruto thinking to himself about his academy training and blocking attacks with his clones, is me admitting that if Naruto didn't want to be hit, he wouldn't have been hit by the mud balls. But, this was all for fun, so having Naruto take it easy on everyone felt in character for this Naruto.

Naruto's Jacket: Last chapter I made mention of Naruto bringing his jacket on this trip. During the original plan, after the two boys got cleaned, Kristoff would give Naruto a pair of pants to wear, but Kristoff would wear his only spare shirt. Leaving Naruto to wear his own jacket on the ride home, open and showing his chest. This got cut due to the change in location.

Another thing that got cut was Naruto mentioning that he wants to bring Hedda and Ingrid on a picnic in the summer, when the two girls aren't stuck in school.

The leather breeches that Kristoff had, were because it makes sense for him to wear those. But I was also trying to avoid saying "pants" since everyone who understands British-english would have fun with that. Breeches is also just a fun word to write.

"Hot water fountain" is a way that you can read hot springs in Japan. I've been, actually, studying Japanese for almost a year now, and I found this funny. So this joke is mainly here for me.

In Frozen 1, Kristoff has Anna warm up by a steam vent outside the trolls' valley. So there's probably a hot spring nearby.

Lastly: I only learned about this a week ago, but Frozen 3 has been officially confirmed. There's no other information, but I wanted to mention it.

I haven't decided what I'm going to focus on for the next chapter, so I'm going to work on another story for a little bit. We'll let this story rest. Thank you all for reading, being patient, and continuing to enjoy my story. Take care