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A week has passed since the defeat of Trigon and the world has continued on not knowing it ended. The only ones aware of what happened are the Teen Titans and those close to them. Everyone else didn't noticed what happen and went on with their lives like everything is okay. For the young heroes it was all that mattered to them.

In the tallest building of Beijing, a cloaked figure is seen overlooking the city. The good thing is it is nighttime so no one would notice the figure.

"You made it," the figure looks over and sees a masked woman appeared nearby. "By the way, loving the cloak, Anna."

Anna removed her hood revealing a smile across her face. "Thanks, Raven gave it to me. So, where is Rose, Cheshire?"

Cheshire removed her mask and approached her friend. "She is busy seeing her brother. I'm surprise you didn't invite your girlfriend here. Won't she be mad that you are seeing your old girlfriend?"

Anna rolled her eyes. "Oh trust me she is not the jealous type like someone I know."

"I don't get jealous," Cheshire replied revealing three sharp blades from under her sleeves. "If I saw any girl or guy near you they wouldn't be given the chance to make a move."

Anna began to giggle. "Oh yeah that is not you being jealous at all," she replied sarcastically. "Anyways, why did you want to talk to me?"

"I have a job, but I need your help," Cheshire pulls out a file and hands it over to her. "This guy who hired me is working on a portal that will allow him to enter into an alternate universe he found. Now normally I wouldn't mind working for a guy like this, but it turns out he is wanted by his government and is worth a lot of money. So I need help bringing him in so I can get the reward and get a pardon."

"Is it the same government where you killed the leader's son?" Anna asked as she looks over the files.

"That guy had it coming and no it's the other one," Cheshire replied.

"So what is this world the guy wants to go to?" Anna asked as she finishes looking over the file. "Is it to an alternate world where you're dating Green Arrow's apprentice and have a kid with him? Or is it a world where were Raven is okay with having another girl join our relationship?"

Cheshire stares at Anna with an annoyed expression on her face. "Okay first of all the day I date that Robin-look-alike or so much as have a kid with him is the day that girlfriend of yours agrees to your little fantasy. No, it's some world where it is an alternative world."

"How alternative?" Anna asked curiously.

"I think it's in a world where technology is not as advance as ours, but it is one that has people being able to bend the elements," Cheshire replied but didn't seem to show much care about what she said. "It doesn't matter though. You in or not?"

Anna begins to smile as she sees this chance to have some fun. "On one condition, Raven joins us."

A sly smile creeps across Cheshire's face. "An all-girl mission. Sounds like it's going to be a lot of fun."

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