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Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki also known as Rikudō Sennin(sage of the six paths) was in the last years of his life, he knew if he were to die the Jubi was to be free and roam the world again, causing death and destruction.

He went to a shrine that was underground, the shrine was big enough for summon to appear. He began to gather large amounts of chakra, he screamed "Banbutsu Sōzō(Creation of all Things)". In his hands red and blue chakra appear in form of flames he separated the Jubi's chakra and form 9 creatures of pure chakra, each creature had tails from 1 to 9. Hago(from this point on Rikudo sennin is gonna be called Hago names too troublesome to write and also I'm very lazy to write it every time)left the 9 creatures sleeping and went home to spend some time with his wife Hitomi who was pregnant.

Every day Hago went to visit this creatures, to interact and see if they were capable of human intelligence. Big to his surprise the 9 creatures where talking with each other, see this he made a loud cough.

Hello mmm Biju(tailed beasts) sorry if I offend you but I really don't know what else to call you. Said Hago who was nervous .

The now named Biju were whispering to each other, they were wondering how to interact with the small thing in front of them. The Biju with 9 tails step forward.

"Are you our Otosan?, since you separated us from the Monster you called Jubi and later created us."Said the Kyubi

Hago was freaked out,this creature consider him his otosan,hell the creature was right he just created 9 beings who are freaking big, he was happy he has nine kids it didn't matter if they didn't look like him, he created them, but being the Shinobi no Kami(God of Shinobi) he didn't want to show them he was scared, hell it hard to maintain his level of reputation without rumors.

"Hehehe, I think your right young one. I would be honor to be your Otosan. Thank you" .said Hago crying

"I think I would give you each a name and a title, what do you think?". Asked Hago

All nine Biju nodded, okay then mmmmm let me think said Hago

Your shall be

Shukaku, Ichi no Tanuki (one-tailed raccoon)

Matatabi, Nibi no Neko (two-tailed Cat)

Isobi, Sanbi no Kyodaigame (tree tailed Giant Turtle)

Son Goku, Yonbi no Saru (four-tailed monkey)

Kokuo , Gobi no Uma no Iruka (five-tailed horse dolphin)

Saiken, Rokubi no Namekuji( six-tailed slug)

Chomei, Nanabi no Kabutomushi(seven tailed rhinoceros beetle)

Gyuki, Hachibi no Kyogyu(eight-tailed giant ox)

Kira, Kyuubi no Kitsune (Nine-tailed fox)

All the Biju nod their heads in agreement to their new names, "so is there anything else you want to talk about or show me?" Said Hago

"yes otosan there is something we need to show you" said Kira, all the Biju focused their chakra and poof a big could of smoke cover them. 9 human appeared out of the smoke, all of them where naked , there were 6 males and 3 females.

"PUT SOME CLOTHS NOW,NO SON OR DAUGHTER OF MINE IS GOING ARPUND NAKED" yelled Hago, all the Biju were scared and quickly went to get something to where. They came back and where dress.

_Couple of years later

On an afternoon walk Hago is watching the clouds think of what he has accomplish in his life. He stop the wars that were destroying millions of homes and leading to the destruction of small cities and the little evidence of the lost era, he stop the creature known as the Jubi(ten tails),he spread the knowledge of Chakra, he separated the chakra of said creature and created the 9 Biju, who he consider his sons and daughters, he had two sons who were powerful and had great control of chakra. What else could he do now, "I'm just an old man", suddenly he in front of him a blinding light appeared in front of him.

Celestial Courts

"He has arrived, its necessary for him to know what his actions are leading to, he needs to find the chosen one" said Kami

"But how is he to find the chosen one, Kono Yo no Kyūseishu (the savior of this world) doesn't even exist"said Yami

"You mean Kono Yo no Kyūseishu hasn't been born yet I have seen somewhat that chosen one is to born far in the future, there is only one way we can stop the destruction and death that is going to happen" said the shinigami

"What the hell is this place" said Hago

"Choose your word wisely mortal, this place is the celestial courts, where Kami, Yami and I the Shinigami decide over your mortal world "said the Shinigami

Hago was shitting himself, he just insulted the place where 3 of the most powerful beings live, he started to bow and kiss the ground.

"S s sss sorry youuur almighty beings" said Hago

"Jajajajajajajaja you mortals are funny, but your right to fear us, but we need your help Hago"said Yami

"Oookay , it what may I humbly help you? "said Hago

"in your death, your death would lead to chain of events that would lead to the destruction of the world or the peace, your eyes would be a factor, it can either be the end of us or help us" said yami. Hago was nervous; he was hearing that everything he worked for his whole life could end because of the power his eyes hold.

"So you summon me to kill me right? So I don't or rather my eyes don't cause harm right?" said Hago

"no we cannot kill you rather it wouldn't matter if we killed you, the scales of balance are already shifting, the time will come where your decision would lead to the path of darkness or light, we cannot interfere with mortal affairs directly but you can" said Yami

"how can I'm in the final days of my life, I'm not as powerful and strong as before" said hago

" you can by becoming our herald, you would be our indirect form of preventing the end of days,you will have to find the chosen one, you will walk the earth and find the Kono Yo no Kyūseishu and train so he or she can prevent this from happening said Shinigami. Hago was speechless, he can prevent his actions from causing the end of days, but that would mean he couldn't be with his family broke his heart knowing he wouldn't be there to great personally his grandchildren, play with them. But it had to be done, if he didn't take action there wouldn't a future for them.

"…..so ..what do I have to do?" said Hago

"you will have to seal the Rinnegan from appearing in your sons, we will prevent the eyes from appearing until the chosen is born, Here my words Hago the eyes will appear when lightning strikes with the aura of death, hatred, loneness, love and loyalty appears"said Shinigami

"this will start with your final wish that you will give one of your sons Hago ,one of your blood will be the cause of this destruction, another would be the cause of peace" said Kami. Hago nodded at this, but was also containing his tears, his own blood will could be the cause of such despair. "How can I choose if it would lead to this" said Hago sobbing

"follow and listen to your heart Hago…..until we meet again"said Kami

Path of dirt(Future elemental Nations)

Hago was between thoughts and crying of what the deities told him, of what's to come in the future .His descion of his final wish would mean the future of the world

Days Later

In his death bed laid Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki , the first wielder of the Rinnegan(Saṃsāra Eye) and perhaps the last one. Hagoromo's ultimate wish was to establish peace across the world, but it was a goal that would never be achieved in a single lifetime. Knowing this, he chose to entrust his strength, dream, and legacy to his two sons. The older son, who inherited his "eyes" (his powerful chakra and spiritual energy), believed that power was the true key to peace. The younger son, who inherited his "body" (his powerful life force and physical energy), believed that love was the true key to peace. On his deathbed, Hagoromo chose his younger son to be his successor. Overcome by bitterness and envy, the older son fought against his brother, beginning a war between them. Their feud has continued on through their descendants: the Senju clan and the Uchiha clan.