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Hokage-sama said the kneeled ANBU agent. Sarutobi who was busy reading paperwork and seeing what he had to sign for the night.

"Report" said Sarutobi as he start to lit his pipe

"Leafs have been burned and torched Hokage-sama" said the ANBU Tora

That being said, Sarutobi quickly channeled chakra under his desk to trigger an illusion privacy seal. He cross his fingers in front of him and his eyes became that of a veteran solider and not of an old man.

"There was a massacre near the gate towards training ground 44 sir, most casualties were civilians the rest were shinobi." said Tora. Sarutobi sighed at this; he could only express how ashamed and angry he was at the citizens of konoha. They would attack an innocent child just because of what he holds. He cursed the shinobi that died tonight, he thought they knew better but also they had committed double treason. First they disobey their Hokage's orders about Naruto's status, second they had try to weaken Konoha's military power, as Naruto was a valuable asset and weapon to the leaf. He knew he was breaking his promise to Minato, to have Naruto live a normal life and be seen as a Hero for containing the Kyuubi at bay. But he had to think of the village first, it had been weaken by the attack are already, they had lost 15% of elite Jounin, 30% chunin, 20% gennin of konoha's shinobi forces. He already lost control of the Academy to the civilian council as they funded the reconstruction of the entire property. They had gained some hold on village's economic infrastructure, by funding repairs, given loans. From what he was heard they are trying to already lower the Academy standards to let more civilian born become shinobi, don't get him wrong; he has no biased view of the background of future shinobi but what they were doing was wrong they were trying to get more power by using children and he couldn't even lift a finger.

"were there any survivors" asked Sarutobi while huffing smoking rings out his pipe hoping there weren't any to make things more easy to cover up, they died burned while intoxicated for taking the festival to the extreme or something like that.

"Hai Hokage-sama, she is being treated as we speak at the HQ's medical ward." said Tora

Hearing this Sarutobi processed to release the seal and get up from his chair and walk towards the door, turning his head towards tora "get Inoichi to the ward NOW!" order Sarutobi as he closed the door and went towards the crime scene.

3 min after

The forensic team was busy look for any clue of how the murders happen and what type of justu was used to cause such deaths. As there weren't any complete bodies to look for what type of weapon or Justu was used at first glance. Some were using chakra scanner on the black and red tendrils that were everywhere at the scene to scan for any known chakra signature that has been registered to the citizen database of konoha, as they concluded that criminal was a citizen of the village. This what Sarutobi saw when he arrived at scene, what he saw made his stomach try to and spill all its contents. Bodies were hanging from the electric wires by their own intestines which were given off a scent of burnt meat. Some had holes in different parts of their bodies. One had her throat pierced by the vertebrae column of another person as it still had the head which was crushed by brute force.

"Report" said Sarutobi as he tried to maintain a calm face in front of his soldiers. He searches in his robes for his pipe to calm his nerves as he was expecting bad news.

"All causalities are beyond recognition sir, it will be hard to find the pieces to assemble the bodies to know who was killed as there is large quantities of blood that are mixed together. So aren't going to be able to give you any information of who they are, but we found that there was someone else who knows what happen here." Inform tori to Sarutobi who was cursing at having a witness to the events that occurred here. Puffing a ring of smoke, Sarutobi asked "who was it Tori". Tori proceeded to show a slightly damaged Hunting Knife. It had scorched marks, the blade had been sliced as if had been done by lightning. That was not all that he was shown, given to his hands was a wire net that had remnants of flesh and blood on it. You could tell that the net had been laced with Raiton and Katon charka. He gripped the net with anger and sadness. Anger because how dare the villagers and shinobi endanger the village by trying to unleash the Kyuubi from its prison and also weaken it by destroying its most valuable future asset, with sadness as to how they treated a child he did have anything to do with choosing to have the Kyuubi sealed in his person. Turn to face most of the shinobi at the area, Sarutobi processed to withdraw his grandfather persona and switch to his Hokage persona. "LISTEN UP I WANT TO YOU TO FIND UZUMAKI NARUTO AND ANYTHING THAT LEADS TO HIS WHEREABOUTS, IT THAT UNDERSTOOD?" ordered Sarutobi as he started to walk way until he was stopped by an ANBU he showed him a picture. The picture was a bit burn by you could perfectly see one Naruto Uzumaki, Hinata Hyuga, Ayame Ichiraku all smiling at the camera but when made the Hokage shed a tear was the smile that Naruto had in the picture, it was a real smile not a force or fake one that he always showed to everyone; including him.

Forest Of Death

Next Day

Our three Blacklight wielders were awake and eating breakfast, well two where consuming a bear and one was eating a roasted lizard. Naruto found out that eating lizard wasn't so bad after all; at least it was better that eating out of the garbage. After all three finished eating and grabbed whatever they could with them they proceeded to go further into the forest and reach the river that went through it. While they walked, Naruto started to get impatient with all the silence. He started to formulate questions as what would he be learning from his new abilities.

"So when are we going to start training?" Asked Naruto with his hands in his pockets and eyeing between Alex and Heller to see was going to answer first. Mercer turned around his shoulder and smirked "your weak kid, you are nowhere at our level to start training with any offensive and defensive abilities. You thing because you have the same power we have you're going to have the access to all of it because of that your wrong. First I'm going to show you basic defensive ability which will later become in a passive one that will be trigger by itself or on your on senses." And a black shield that was constantly shifted appear on his right arm, it went from his hand to his elbow and it didn't seem to be heavy.( looks like when you use for the first time the shield in Prototype). Naruto looked at the small shield with awe; the applications for the shield for limitless, if hone his instincts and senses would have to take the much precaution when fighting as the shield would appear to deflect the attack.

He could also use it to batter through enemies and buildings, but also he could be able to protect himself from harm by the villagers. This thought brought a smile on his face, seen this Mercer interrupted his train of thought "so are you ready kid? Well try to imagine and feel a shield on your arm. Think of your arm changing into the shield."

Naruto started to think of a shield on his arm and saw how the tendrils started to form a shield. He started to flex his arm to see if it slow him down, he kept this up until he felt something being thrown at him and by instinct he block whatever it was with his shield arm. He waited for impact but nothing came until he heard claps. He lowers his arm to see Mercer walking towards and clapping his hands until he put them in pockets with a smirk on his face.

" good, good Kid. I see potential kid but you have to make it stronger to with stand piercing force of the attack" said Mercer

Naruto with dumb face started to think what he just been told, he didn't hear a sound of anything hitting so he face Mercer to ask what he was talking about. But Mercer saw his clueless face, so he started to walk towards Naruto and with index finger he poked Naruto's shield until he felt pain and sacked his hand away." What the fuck did you do?, that hurt" cursed Naruto as he rubbed his arm.

"That was for you to see how weak your shield was and also to show you that your pain tolerance is low, well low for our standers kid. This little rock was able to pierce your shield that it almost went through your chest, now if this was an armor piercing round or a kunai you have lost the fight and get killed. We need to work on that shield of yours to the point that you will be able to throw back the rock with the same force or more." Said Mercer as he lectured him.

"Alright, Alright I get the point I need to concentrate to make it stronger" replied Naruto

"No just concentrate kid you also going to need to consume bio-mass so you can evolve and adapt to become stronger. The more you consume the stronger you get but you also have to let your body adapt to the strain of more biomass if you don't you could go from depending on biomass like a damn junkie. You are going to have to train your abilities to make them improve with you. Specific DNA that you consume with unlocks new abilities. If you get the shield to able to withstand 3 boulders thrown at you I will give you a surprise" said Mercer with a smirk on his face. Naruto went back to training after hearing this. Even if he had a terrible childhood so far he kept his child like curiosity.

Seeing Naruto being so into his training, Mercer started to walk away while think for his sister or pseudo-sister as he wasn't really Mercer but at the same time he was. In all the sense of the word he was Alex J Mercer, he had his DNA, Memories, Feelings, Personality but Mercer die that day at Penn Station. The Virus took over his body and reanimated to life. The virus was sentient strain and it took control over the body and assumes the identity of Alex Mercer. But even this made him see Naruto as Dana, as a sibling of his own. He could relate to him as he was also treated harshly because of his mother status of being a felon and bullied by kids.

5 Hours Later

Heller was busy looking for food so Naruto could have something edible to eat as he had yet to unlock the full potential of the Blacklight virus in him. As couldn't just consume anything as he body still had to adapt to the manifestation of the virus that was being introduced to his blood in small quantities. he could either become an evolved or a prototype or a combination both. He kneels down and saw some rabbit tracks heading east to the forest. He continues to follow the rabbit until he heard some voices. He saw six persons with black coats on them wearing what look to look like animals masks with writing in the middle of the forehead of the mask. With what he gains for previous consuming he could see that the writing was the word Root. He quickly jumped on the tree to get a better view of the situation.

" roba,zou,ushi,tori,buta we have to find Danzo-sama's weapon for the good of the village" said Mushi

"Hai" said the root anbu

"We are to find him while his whereabouts are unknown to rest of the village. we are to extract him from the forest and bring him to Danzo-sama to begin his indoctrination to our ranks. so that Danzo-sama's will can prosper and make Konoha safe from her enemies. we are to eliminate any witness and companions that the vessel has with it. Reports tell as that there is at least two persons with him. we can further support this claim thanks to Fu-sempai as he went into Haruno-san's mind before Inoichi-san could arrived. we are to look for a white male around 5 '10"wearing a black jacket underneath it a grey hood and a black male around 6'2" wearing a black jacket with red inside. Our primary objective is to get the vessel secondary is to capture the both males if not possible to exterminate them and leave no traces behind." order Mushi. With their order given out the Root Anbu started to check their equipment, this gave Heller time to head back and warns the others

Naruto was lying on the ground with pieces of rock around him, he was breathing heavily from all the training he did to have a decent control of his shield and getting more than three boulders thrown at him. But still he couldn't complain as he finally could withstand boulders thrown at him and also he will get a surprise from Alex. So it was a win-win for everyone, he gets a stronger shield to protect himself and also a surprise after the damn beating he got. He could hear steps coming closer but he was too tired to turn his head to see who it was. When he didn't hear steps anymore he guesses they stop seeing him on the ground or they were either already next to him.

Opening his eyes he sees Alex smiling down on him, nodding his head approving the great improvement that he (Naruto) has done. Mercer held his hand downwards so Naruto could get up. Naruto got up thanks to Mercer. Mercer started to pump bio-mass into Naruto both their arms started to shift, Mercer started pump bio-mass very fast into Naruto as his arm started to shift like water was being introduce into his arm. Naruto getting freaked out pulled his arm out Mercer's grip and starts to feel pain in his head and arms. He drops kneeling on the ground while grabbing his head as if would fall down. Letting a roar escape his mouth from all the pain he was enduring, he was seeing images of a blade, blood, dead bodies.

With a groan from the pain Naruto got up and gave Mercer a glare that would kill if possible. He started to rush towards Mercer with intent on punching him the gut. As he sent his right fist towards his gut but he stated to feel his arm was different, he could feel blood pouring down his arm. Naruto turn to face his right fist and saw a big blade piercing Alex through the gut. Naruto quickly pulled his blade out Alex and look at him with a face of horror killed his savior and brief Sensei. But this quickly vanished as he saw Alex quickly heal and his cloths started to reform. Mercer given him a sadistic grin punched him in the face.

"So kid how do you like your surprise. You liked it? That power is called Blade. The blade is extremely effective in close contact. While this power may be utilized against basic infantry well shinobi in your case, its true destructive capability is in attacking heavy defended targets and larger creatures." Said Mercer

Naruto looked at Alex with awe at being given a powerful weapon at his dispose. He looked at his blade (concept art of Alex's blade it's on prototype wikia). Naruto start to walk with it and found that it was heavy to even lift up. The only way he could think of was using own weight to give it power to even cut through something. As Naruto started to play around with his blade, Heller was arriving at camp.

"Get your stuff packing kid we need to move and hide" order Heller as he started to set the fire off and consuming the rest of the bio-mass available at camp.

"W-what why do we have to hide? We are far into the forest no one will come to this side of the forest." Complained Naruto as he turn to Alex for support

Mercer seeing Naruto's pleading to stay here made give his own opinion "come on Heller the kid is right, no one was come looking for us and we far inside this forest. Also it's not like we can't just kill them or scare them off like we did to the other."

" we got six ninja looking for this kid Mercer and by the looks of it they want he really bad" replied Heller. "Wait what? What do you mean that they want him really bad? They just tried to kill him, they should be happy that we got out of their when they tried to kill him" said Mercer

"No, I don't think those we killed have anything to do with this. Well not directly, they were on order by some called Danzo. They want to capture Naruto and make him his weapon while the village is uncertain about his whereabouts." Said Heller while looking at Naruto to figure out why they wanted him so badly.

"S-suminasen but can't we not just consumed them and gain their knowledge of the situation and use this to our advantage to gain more information" said Naruto

"Not bad kid that is some quick thinking, we could also see if can gain the usage of chakra along with it and then teach you what they know" said Mercer with a grin on his face while think of the mayhem that he will be able to cause when they adapt again.

Meanwhile at the medical ward at ANBU Headquarters

Inoichi was going through Mekubi's memories of nights events that took place. What he saw disgust him. How could they blame a child that had no choice into housing a Bijuu and saw that they are finishing what Yondaime-sama would have wanted? To kill the demon fox now that it had a human shell to die. That was too absurd; you can't kill the vessel as it would unleash the Fox on Konoha once more. He also saw Mekubi's personal motives to harm the kid and what he found astonished him, the child was the son of her wife's friend Kushina, hell they were best friends if the beating with the frying pan bear witness to that friendship as both tended to beat their love interests with the frying pan. But also he was Yondaime-sama's son. But what puzzled him was how she found out about this when no one else knew about this not even the Shinobi council knew about this. Some wanted to adopt him because of being an orphan and a hero who thanks to being born saved them, other he could tell wanted for power, as he could become a powerful asset to the village.

He found that her was to have beaten up for revenge against Kushina but also to become his apparent savior at the last second to save him and have him under her control to gain hold over and Namikaze and Uzumaki assets that he would obtain by becoming an adult. This sickens him, as how despicable this woman was. Inoichi didn't know how to tell Sarutobi this, there has to be a reason that they were told about Naruto's parentage. But also he wonders if the third view Naruto with some hate as the rest because his wife also died that night. You would ask came to mind? Well he thought that the clans who really cared for the child could have adopt him and given him a good life, but that his status was revealed following the attack as if it was not important at all, the third didn't even try to deny his status. The third could have also deny the child being sent to the orphanage even if he was a child he could have pulled his value as a military asset and fall to shinobi clan jurisdiction Inoichi had to make a hard choice to either tell his superior what he learned or to lie and give him a half truth. Seeing the last of her memories, Inoichi proceeded to cancel the Justu to give Sarutobi his report.

Sarutobi was smoking his pipe as he waited for Inoichi to finish his investigation with the woman, he sigh at how things were going. He had to erase Mekubi's memories of tonight's events but also Narutos. He could not let the child have memories of what happen to him because this will make him lose faith at the village but it will also make him un-loyal to the Hokage position and village. He couldn't allow the village to lose its weapon. He had to think of the village first, the happiness of a single child didn't overweight that of the village. This was one of the hardest choices he had to make, he knew Minato would approve of this as he also did the same, ash could have easily seal the fox complete inside him for all eternity but didn't.

Forest of Death

"so we ambush them and knock them out to later divided them 2 each to consume right" asked Mercer with a grin of becoming more powerful

"Yes Mercer" said Heller

"B-but do I have to really consume them? It's like I'm going to eat them for fuck sakes. "replied Naruto with disgust of the thought eating them. This quickly went away after being punched in head by Alex. "Fuck kid this is what we are, this is what you are going to be brat. First we are not eating them; we are breaking down their Biomass and DNA and integrating it into us. We absorb them not eat them. Have you seen us opening our mouths and putting them in and chomping them to pieces?" said Mercer

"Okay I get it; it's not considered eating them if we don't chomp on them with our mouths. Thanks for clearly that out, but also you said I'm an infected so I'm not capable of consuming because for one I'm not an Evolved, Prototype or Runner(1) for the matter." Asked Naruto

"I know kid but with this we will accelerate you adaptation of the virus. The biomass is just going to accelerate the bonding process of your strain of virus. Also you will gain the knowledge of what appears to professional shinobi but that doesn't mean just because you have the knowledge of how to use their techniques you're going to be confident in them. For one it's not what you are used to, the knowledge is like an instruction manual you will know how to do it but you're not going to know it by instinct, your body will not be in sync with your actions. They will just be defect copies of the original." Said Mercer

With that being said, all three of them prepared to fight the six Root ANBU heading their way.

" Get ready and Kill them all" Shouted Heller as he shifted his arm to take form of a blade

" Lets show this pests who they are messing with" shouted Mercer as he started to for his claws

" I'm not going to be controlled, im not going to my freedom be taken away, IM NOT GOING TO BE NOBODIES FUCKING WEAPON TO PLAY WITH SO DIE YOU FUCKERS" Roared Naruto as he formed his blade and charged to one of the Ne that had been distracted at the display of powers from all three Blacklight wielders.

1)Runner is the codename assigned by Blackwatch to non-Prototype Infected individuals who had managed to escape military detainment. These infected individuals are capable of manipulating and spreading the virus they have been infected with. Although Runners can be classified as a variant of the Infected, they differ from the walkers. A Runner's physical features and intelligence are not affected when they are infected with a viral strand, similar to a Prototype.

However, little is known about the exact behavior of Runners. They seem have a certain innate ability to control the infected individuals to a certain extent. Their physique is drastically enhanced to physically overpower a Prototype.