No this is not an OCxJack Frost story, just my spin on cupid :3

These will be a series of different couples, the first one is a shout-out to the Paperman short from the movie Wreck-It Ralph, and I do not own neither of them or Rise of the Guardians. It will consist of 5 different couples and whoever can guess which ones happened and which didn't and gets them all right, they can select a one-shot idea, which I will write for them. Just enter 'True' or 'False' in your review.

I don't own ROTG and more importantly, all names have been changed for their privacy and any similarities to any person, place, or situation are just coincidences.

It was a wonderful snowy day in the North Pole. Santa's enclosure was filled with excitement as the past Christmas was a success and they are now heading through the last week of January. A big man with a twinkle in his eye and a jump in his step, with his long white beard swishing to and fro, overlooks his work shop and sighed with content.

"Alright Yetis! We have much work to be done. Now I know that Christmas has just passed but we must bring more joy this year to many children! We must do our best, that is all." Santa said and the brown furred Yetis yelled with agreement, going back to work on all the toys that are scattered between them. The elves scurrying in between the legs of the yetis going up to Santa's workshop with a wooden board with the name of Nicholas St. North scrawled in fancy lettering. They enter with a ding as he is working on another ice sculpture, his big hands handling it delicately until the elves started to ding very loudly.

"Ugh! What now?" North said looking towards the door.

"What? Don't have time to spend with little old me?" A sweet sounding voice permeated from the door's entrance. North squealed and shooed out his elves and welcomed his guest in.


A deep chuckled reverberated through his throat as he looked at the kids in the snow, making their snowballs and forts. He overlooks them on top of a streetlight, smelling the fresh snow that has fallen thanks to him; Jack Frost. His look of his snowy, white hair, his blue frosted sweater and old rugged pants was no match for his sky blue eyes that would captivate many if he let them. He came down next to a kid and he gasped as he pointed to another little girl still getting ready. The kid nodded and threw a snow ball. She shrieked and started to pummel him with hers as well, the fight was on! Soon the little corner was met with shrieking and howling and laughter of children and Jack Frost.

Feeling a little light, he asked help from the wind and whisked himself away to North's workshop. He landed roughly on the balcony and opened the balcony windows a bit, before hearing a voice that wasn't familiar to his ears.

"Still it is amazing that you are able to get on nice list this year!" North bellowed in his Russian accent. " For 4 years you have not been able to!" He guffawed and slapped his hand down on a table, shaking the tools on top of it.

"Hey! It's hard following your nice list prerequisites. I can only do so much, and you know why I haven't been able to." Jack was amazed that the voice was one of a girl, young and with a slight accent but he couldn't place where. It sounded like sugar to him and made his face heat up. It was a strange feeling.

"Ah well, anyway as I was saying before, there is-"

"Wait North." She interrupted him. Jack, strained to hear before he was knocked on his back and met with a glowing red arrow in front of his face. He finally got to see who was behind that sugary voice. Small waves of wheat colored hair surrounded her baby face with small spikes in the back. She had fair, pink skin and was wearing a small white dress, with small wings in the back as well with an empty quiver. She couldn't have looked more than 14. What struck him most was her eyes, red see through eyes challenged his own blue ones.

"Wait, wait, wait! That is new guardian!" North finally spoke. Jack chuckled weakly, with his hands up. She glared at him before her arrow and bow disappeared. She took her foot off his chest and he coughed slightly. She snorted.

"Jack Frost? Really? He's the new guardian? What was Manny thinking?" She said.

"Now, now Cupid. He is very integral part of guardians. Now Jack come here. Let me introduce. Jack, this is Cupid, the spirit of Valentine's Day and love. Cupid, Jack Frost, newest guardian." North said. Jack felt her glare measuring him. He didn't take kindly to her earlier comments either.

"Isn't Cupid supposed to be a baby in a diaper?" Jack said. Her scowled deepened.

"What can a baby know about true love?" Cupid retorted back.

"I don't know, what? A 14 year old girl can know more? And what's with the angel wings? Not very angelic if you're willing to shoot first and ask questions later." Jack teased and her face became red.

"Now, now. Enough teasing Jack. Cupid, Amora, don't do anything you be regretting." North said, with slight fear in his voice which confused Jack. She inhaled sharply and let it out.

"You are right North, I'm just a little on edge because Valentine's day is coming, my busiest day. I should just take my cookies that I earned and leave." Amora said, getting a small tin with Christmas decorations. She took her first steps towards the balcony window.

"Don't let the door hit those cat panties you're wearing." Jack snickered out, not being able to contain himself. North swore before Amora summoned a red hammer with a heart on both ends and swung. The balcony was destroyed and also part of the workshop. Amora panted heavily while Jack was floating around in the air.

"Amora! Put hammer away. Now." North said slowly, still hoping that she won't cause further damage.

"Jeez! What are you some kinda gorilla woman?" Jack exclaimed.

"Say that to my face twinkle toes! I'll show you gorilla!" Amora said back, twirling her hammer.

"Enough! Both of you, in front! Now." North said, his voice becoming dangerously low. Jack found himself and Amora sitting in front of North, glaring at each other in the corner of their eyes.

"Amora, you are on naughty list again." North explained.

"I know…I'm sorry but he started it!" Amora said, poking his cheek. Jack swatted it away.

"I'm sorry that Manny disappointed you in choosing me as the new Guardian!" Jack retorted. Amora scowled.

"I didn't even think you cared about kids. After all the things I've heard at least…" Amora said.

"Rumors, Amora. You know better than this. I am very disappointed in you and Jack, you do not know how she does work. Apologize, both of you." North said sternly. They both looked at each other, and Jack shivered, feeling that same weird feeling.

"Ok I'm sorry, but can you explain to me why do I feel all weird and stuff?" Jack said quickly, trying to hide the flush in his face.

"Oh that, well first I apologize for my behavior and that thing you're feeling is my presence, helps with my work. I don't usually turn it off since most spirits aren't really affected too much by it. Probably because you're new and you've never met me is the reason why you're feeling it. I would turn it off, but I got work to do." Amora said, standing up.

"Already? You have not even tried stew!" North exclaimed.

"Well that happens when the world is nearing Valentine's day you know? Got a lot of places to be, situations to make, couples to see." She said.

"Yeah, like making people fall in love is so hard." Jack sarcastically said.

"You have no idea." Amora said seriously. "At least I don't just wave my stick around and make it snow."

"It's a lot harder than it looks." Jack said.

"Well my job is even harder than yours!" Amora shouted.

"Ah Idea!" North suddenly exclaimed. "Why don't you take Jack to see how you work?"

"What!?" Both of them exclaimed.

"Oh no, I am not spending a day with this trigger happy gorilla girl." Jack said.

"And I don't want to spend my day with a frost fairy who's missing his tutu!" She said back.

"Now, now, this would be experience for both of you. What you say Cupid?" North winked. Amora looked at him and scowled. "I'll give you second chance." He sang out. He gave out little nudges of encouragement before Amora let out an aggravated sigh.

"Fine." Amora said.

"Well you two are on the same page, I'm-"

"Hold on there, twinkle toes." Amora said, summoning a red ribbon. "I'm getting a second chance to be on the nice list, I am not letting this opportunity go to waste." The ribbon wrapped around his arm in an iron like grip.

"Hey! I didn't agree to this!" Jack shouted.

"Too late. I'll see ya later North, say 'hi' to Toothie for me would you?" Amora said, walking towards the new hole she opened not too long ago.

"Will do. Good seeing you Jack!" North said, waving good-bye.

"Hey wait a minute!" Jack said, feeling a pit in his gut.

"Hold on to your stick!" She said before jumping out. Jack screamed as they both free fell until her wings glowed for a second and they glided through the air.

"Huh, this, actually doesn't feel that bad." Jack said. Amora gave him a mischievous smirk before taking off like a jet. Jack couldn't even scream as he felt the g forces rock his body. Amora, laughing through it all, kept taking loop de loops and various other tricks. Finally they reached a populous city filled with skycrapers, she lightly touches the ground of a balcony and lets the ribbon go. In doing so, Jack was almost kissing the ground while, at the same time, fighting the nausea that was rising up his throat.

"Pft, what's the matter, got a little jet lag?" Amora giggled. Jack finally stood up and glared at her. "You are crazy." Amora put on a face of innocence letting him get over what he was feeling before coming to stand beside her.

"Sooo, what are we doing here? You gonna show me how you shoot your arrows at people's butts or something?" Jack said.

"Hah, like love is that easy. Naw, forget what you ever saw about cupid in those little kiddy episodes they show on TV. I came here for a reason. You know how Toothie has her little bits of herself to help her out?" Jack nodded. "Well I have the same thing, but for me I have to use years of my life to make them. Let's say I was 16 years old, right now I'm 14. For every year, I make about 100,000 of little me to help with my work, but unlike Toothie, I am out in the field." She explained.

"So I'm guessing by Toothie, you mean the Tooth Fairy?" Jack asked. Amora nodded. "She and I go way back. Anyway, since I'm in the field there are certain couples that I follow, it's the reason why we're here."

"So who are the lucky couple?" Jack asked. Amora put herself in a thinking position and Jack swore he could've seen her eyes glowing. Amora laughed and her wings glowed. "Come on." She took her hand out and offered it to him.

"Woah, no. I'm going my way this time." Jack said. Amora shrugged her shoulders. "Alright just keep up." Amora said. She let herself fall, gliding this time and Jack rode the wind next to her. She started to follow a man with a suit on, slightly big nose, tussled hair that looked neat and a stack of papers in hand.

"So why are we following him?" Jack asked and Amora shushed him. Jack rolled his eyes, 'It's not like he can hear us anyway.' They soon followed him to a train station as he waited there with a bored expression. Amora motioned him to stand away from him and he did so with a huff. Soon a woman with a suit and formal skirt and also a stack of papers joined him as they waited together. Amora smirked as she saw the next train start to pull up. Her wings glowed again and grew until the train passed and she let out a gust of wind, the glow transfering to one of his papers that landed on the woman's face. As the man politely took it from her, she laughed when her red lipstick stuck to it while the man stared at her. She boarded and he laughed when he realized the lipstick on the paper, but she was already going away, not before taking a few glances back at him.

Amora and Jack soon followed the man to work where he was met with more papers from his boss.

"Are you gonna-" Jack started before being shushed again by her. He let out a bored sigh, looking out the window when he spotted that woman from before in the building across from them. He felt a gust of wind and realized that Amora pulled the paper with the lipstick almost out the window, causing the man to realize it as well. Jack lifted an eyebrow at her and she smiled at him.

She finally took out her arrow and shot him with it, and some sort of realization went through him as he began to try to get her attention with paper planes, until he ran out of papers. He finally used the special one with her lips but it flew away and the woman left the room she was in and out the building.

"But-" Jack started before being shushed again. "Just watch." Amora whispered as the man literally took off running in the middle of his job, but couldn't catch up to her. As he walked away Amora followed the paper airplane he slapped away. It came into a small alleyway where all the paper airplanes gathered.

"Watch." Her wings started to glow again, and so did the paper airplanes. They started to take flight and follow the man and push him towards where the woman was at. She let the one with the lipstick fly.

"Why…?" Jack wondered outloud while Amora continued with the other airplanes, pushing the man onto the train again with all the paper airplanes. They finally stopped at the same stop from before. She stopped her wings from glowing and the man got out the paper airplanes, with the woman right in front. The paper airplanes, with a gust of wind, signaled her, allowing them to meet again. Jack smiled to himself as they went off together and felt a tap on his shoulder. Amora signaled him to follow them and they went to a diner as she and Jack sat on top of a street light.

"So, you still think being cupid is all about shooting people on their butts?" Cupid said.

"Well, there's a lot more to love you know." Jack said defensively and Amora guffawed, causing to lost his balance a bit.

"You are a piece of work." She said, wiping a tear from laughing too much and trying to quiet down her small chuckles. "But why did you set those two up? Why not with other people?" Jack asked.

"Because their red threads are tied to each other." Amora answered.

"Red threads?" Jack said.

"Yep, you see my eyes are unique that I can see 'threads.' These threads are connected to a person on their pinky which is connected to their soulmate. Some are tiny slivers of thread, and the more closer they are to the person, the bigger it gets until it becomes almost like a rope, it's then that I help them. I can't conjure up feelings of love. That's impossible, but I can help them along by doing things that would make them closer together like those paper airplanes. I pushed myself a little this time, I admit, I just wanted to look cool. Then in time, their own feelings will overpower my help and that's when I fly the coop and let them be. Sometimes I come back to see how they're doing, but most of the time people just solve their problems by themselves." Amora explained. "And that's basically my job, but this is only the icing on the cake. There are more cases around that I want to show you." She said, getting ready to fly again.

"Why me?" Jack asked. She looked at him with almost a sad faraway look on her eyes.

"Because you have to learn that sometimes love doesn't come easy to a few people. Don't worry. I won't take up too much of your time, just humor me a bit." She said, offering her hand again. Jack smiled and took it though he regretted it as soon as that red ribbon fit snug on his arm again.