This one is not as long as the other past chapters but it's quite a doozy of one. I will put on a warning that this will be covering an abusive relationship. I will apologize in advance if it causes someone discomfort or makes them remember something bad. In other news anyone who is going through an abusive relationship, remember that there are people to help you. Don't think you're alone and if you really feel trapped, be free to send me a message. I've gone through several myself. Ok, enough with the heaviness, on to the chapter!

I don't own ROTG and more importantly, all names have been changed for their privacy and any similarities to any person, place, or situation are just coincidences.

"Ha! Here we are." Amora said, arriving in a parking lot full of cars right in front of a small college. "Having fun Frosty?" She laughed as Jack pulled off the ribbon with more force than needed.

"Uh huh, having the time of my life. So, what are you gonna show me next?" Jack said.

"Well first, I'm a little hungry, wanna go inside and grab a bite?" Amora asked and he shrugged, letting her lead the way. It was quiet through the hallways, for the most part, until they reached the kitchens. People were bustling here and there, measurements, knives and cut up supplies covered the tables as more students were at the ovens cooking. It smelled delicious.

"Woah, it's pretty busy in here isn't it?" Jack whistled.

"Yep, but it's about to slow down, they're getting ready to plate up. Today is breakfast day, omelet's, poached eggs, pancakes. And bacon, that's delicious. After the chef reviews their stuff, we can go ahead and get what we want." Amora said.

"You sure? Won't they see us?" Jack said and Amora laughed.

"Trust me, a lot of people come for breakfast day, they won't find it strange if some food just disappears." Amora explained and the chef was done with his review. Soon more students came up to the kitchens and started to help themselves with more of the culinary students cooking for them. Jack and Amora quickly got what they wanted and went back to the roof to relax and eat.

"Ah, I love breakfast food, and even more when it's made so fresh like this. So a bit of backstory on this next couple, the girl has gone through bad relationships, not surprising given her low self-esteem and self-hatred. She has gotten a bit better and her soulmate is in the same class as her, finally. It took me some work to do that. He's also had a string of bad relationships due to his 'type' but he finally found her. The thing is because of her recent breakup, she didn't want anything to do with him so for the past 6 months I've been trying to get them together. I got a break through but there's this one ex that won't get off her back. She doesn't have the heart to just push him away. Hah, girls like these tend to like a lot of attention and are hard to deal with." Amora rambled through bites of her food.

"And the guy? Nothing wrong with him or what?" Jack asked.

"Nope, he's a case as well. Trust issues, self-deprecation, and an anger problem that he's worked on but it still causes a bit of trouble. Not only that when he falls, he falls hard which is the reason that when he had his past relations, he couldn't just break it off. Geez, some people just need therapy." Amora said, saving her bacon for last.

"So how is this for easy even though they both have really big issues?" Jack said, placing his empty plate beside him, hearing her crunching into her bacon.

"Their personalities just tie well with each other. He has the patience, the understanding, and the love that will convince her that he won't just play her and leave. She has the experience of dealing with anger issues, her love and loyalty to convince him that she won't cheat on him. They are similar in their tastes and their personalities are a bit similar, but it's the differences that really make them mesh together, like bacon and eggs." Amora said, finishing her food. "Here they come now."

Jack looked over to the roof to where Amora was pointing at. A short girl with short hair with high heels and glasses walked with a tall man who was a little on the chubby side but with broad shoulders and muscular arms. He was also wearing glasses and they were talking very animatedly.

"Doesn't look like they need your help." Jack murmured and Amora scoffed. "Well, it's more like she needs help, her ex, well he isn't the greatest person. It's scary when affection turns into obsession. She's going to need his strength. When she confronts him after class. Come, we'll wait at the ex's place." Amora said, leading the way.

"So why hasn't she gotten rid of the ex earlier?" Jack asked.

"She can't. She's too afraid, this dude doesn't threaten her directly, but he always says he's gonna hurt himself and blames it on her. Whenever she says she's interested in someone else, he spits out that she never cared for him and says very mean things to her, things that break her will. It's starting to become physical as well, with strong grabs that has left bruises on her. He's one inch away of hitting her. Here we go." Amora landed on top of a house. The neighborhood seemed quiet. The driveway and yard was mostly made of concrete with a few potted plants here and there.

"So how long do we have to wait this time?" Jack asked. Amora shrugged, "Not too long, just after they finish class. Until then just take a breather, look at the clouds or something."

"That gets boring fast. Too bad it doesn't snow around this part of the world, otherwise I'd challenge you to a snowball fight." Jack said, letting himself lay down and relax.

"Hmph, you'd be a cheater Mr. Frost. You can control the snow." Amora said, checking her nails.

"Oh come on, how's this? You can use your hammer, it won't even the odds, but at least you'll have a fair chance." Jack said.

"Heh, I'd accidentally kill you so no, I'll take my chances with normal me." Amora said and they both settled in a comfortable silence. Dusk began to settle and Amora recognized a truck coming in. She tapped Jack's head and he looked over as the girl from earlier came out. She said something to the guy from earlier and he drives around the corner, but from where they were seated, they could still see his truck.

"Is he gonna stay?" Jack asked as the girl went up to the door and rang the bell.

"It's better, in case something happens, anyway, let's go. She's gonna need her courage." Amora said, phasing through the roof and into a small room. The girl was sitting on the bed and the guy in his computer chair.

"Alright, let's get down to it." The girl started. The boy had bushy curly hair, some pimples dotted his face, very dark skin and glasses. He was tense and was constantly staring at the ground.

"Why are we here?" Jack whispered as the girl started talking.

"You know they can't hear us, there's no point in whispering and like I said earlier, she needs her courage for this. My arrows will give that to her when the time is right." Amora said, sitting cross legged on the bed with Jack, leaning on the wall next to her. The boy kept tapping his knee and readjusting his glasses.

"Mike, I'm tired of this. You don't know the way you're acting, you don't know what you say to me sometimes. Do you even remember the stuff you text me?" She asked. Mike shook his head. She took out her phone and started to read a few.

"I can't believe you're doing this to me, do I mean so little to you?"

"Did you ever care about me or was everything a lie?"

"Are my feelings just a game to you?"

"What if I hurt myself? Would you pay attention to me then?"

"So even if I kill myself you wouldn't even respond to my calls?"

"Why are you doing this to me, all I ever did was love you!"

"What about all the things I did for you? Were you just using me?"

"I guess I really do mean nothing to you. I'm going to do it. Don't stop me."

"Damn, this guy really let her have it didn't he?" Jack said and the girl kept reciting the texts as Mike became tenser every time she said his texts.

"Cuss words aren't the only hurtful words. Sometimes it just takes a few to really break someone." Amora said, her eyes cold.

"So, what do you have to say for yourself? Did you think that I'd just come running to you because you say these things to me? You're my friend, yes I cared about you and we went out for a little bit but it ended a long time ago. Why can't you just accept that?" She said.

"I keep telling you my feelings, you know how I feel about you, why can't you just give us another chance?!" Mike shouted. She got up.

"I told you if you started to shout I'd leave, if you're not willing to be calm then I'm leaving." She started towards the door but he grabbed her shoulders and shoved her into the wall.

"Don't leave! I'll be calm, I will." Mike said and she started to shake.

"You're hurting me." She said. He let go and she stayed on the wall. Amora got her arrow ready and it shot forth. "I'm sorry Mike, but things can't go on like this." She left the room and he followed her to the front door.

"So you're just gonna end it like this? Without giving me a second chance? What about everything I gave you? I've wasted so much money on you! So much freaking time and you won't even give me a passing glance?!" Mike shouted as she left the house and called someone on her phone. Jack and Amora followed them out as the truck came into view. It was then that Mike lost it.

"You didn't even trust me did you, fine!" Mike shouted at her as the guy stepped out of his truck. Mike began to hit himself against the wall, punching himself on the head and ripping his hair out. He started yelling obscenities at her while she tried walking over to the truck but she tripped. Her whole body shaking with sobs. Amora readied an arrow and shot it at the guy. He came over to her side and picked her up and let her inside the truck.

"Please come back!" Mike yelled over and over again. "I'm sorry! All I want is a hug! Come back!"

"This guy won't give up." Jack said. "That's just the way they are. Obsession really does a number on their psyche, it doesn't help the fact that she kept rejecting him. He's just putting himself through more pain. He has to let her go, otherwise he'll keep hurting both himself and her." Amora explained as the guy started to drive away. Mike then jumped on the back of his truck and started to bang the roof. The guy came out telling him to get off but Mike won't listen. Amora flew over to the guy's side and stopped him from reaching over and pulling Mike off.

Another car came and people rushed out. What looked to be his mother and family members began trying to convince him to get down. After a tense minute, he gets down and the guy gets back into his truck, the girl's crying echoing out of the open door. They drove off, leaving Mike crying heavily. Amora followed them into the intersection leading out of the neighborhood. The truck was parked with the guy cradling the girl in his chest.

"She really did try hard to care for her friend, but that type of venomous friendship couldn't last. She was bound to find someone else. Even if Mike wished it, they were not meant to be together. Unfortunately she had to go through this painful turning point, to finally realize her feelings." Amora said, sending another arrow towards her. "That should ease her pain for a bit. We're done here." Amora said, flying away with Jack trailing behind her.