news for the Russell twins


the twins (Kris and Luke) were in the kitchen cleaning when they heard there mom say,

Madison: Luke, Kristina come here please!

Kris: coming!

turning to her brother she asked

Kris: what did we do wrong now.

Luke: we did nothing wrong, at least I think we did nothing wrong.

the twins walk in say in unison

the twins: yes?

Nick: kids we're taking a trip to see your cousins and Milton in Seaford

Luke: really!

Nick: yep

Kris: wait what about Rootcore?

Madison: don't worry Clare has it covered.

Nick: alright now go pack.

the twins: okay

and with that they were off too pack but first Kris sent an email to Kim

dear Kim

guess who's comin' to Seaford...That's right the Russell family! See you soon!


cousin Kris