News for the Seaford mystics and friends


Kim and johnnys' house

Everybody was in kims' room when kims' laptop beeped. Kim let out a scream when she saw the email.

Jack: What's wrong?

Kim: oh nothing.

Miltion: then why scream?

Kim: listen to this... Dear: Kim guess who's coming too visit ... that's right the Russell family! See you soon! love cousin Kris.

Johnny: their comming to seaford?

Miltion: that's what it says.

Johnny and Miltion shared a look and high fived while Jack, Jerry, and Eddie looked confused.

Jerry: who's Kris?

Johnny and Kim: our cousin

Eddie: ok now why is miltion happy about this?

Miltion: because Johnny, Kim, and I used to live in Briarwood.

Jack: oh ok