Thunderstorms rarely hit Ogygia. In fact, a thunderstorm arriving on the magical island had happened only three times. Mortals seemed to view them as threatening and a thing to be feared, but Calypso didn't mind them. If anything, they would water her plants for her..

The first time, it was a week after her banishment there. Calypso had assumed that the magical shields weren't fully in place, and that it would be the last she ever saw. That time, she sat out in the rain and let it stream through her hair. It beat seawater any day.

The second time was different, and happened millennia after the first. Afterwards, Calypso found out that it had happened during the Battle of Manhattan where (surprise surprise) Perseus Jackson had saved the day. Now, Heracles may have been the Starbucks of the Greek world, but Percy himself was a definite challenge to his title. Calypso had bets on him being given immortality just like his predecessor.

During the second thunderstorm, the gods had been too busy fighting Typhon to concentrate on her magical prison. Like an oasis in a neverending desert, the foreign weather had slipped in and smashed the tranquil, monotonous aura of the island. Again, Calypso didn't mind.

And then there was the third time.

The day started like any other. Ordinary. Dull, even. She'd been completely alone for over a year, so why should this day have been any different?

Calypso was at her fountain when it arrived. There had been a single rumble of thunder, and in the time it took her to look up, the heavens opened. She was drenched in seconds.

She sighed, and collected her tools up. The only thing to do was to wait the storm out in her bedroom. A tiny spark of ancient emotion hit her heart, but she ignored it. Hope was a pathetic thing to have on Ogygia. Where had hope ever got her? Not off the island, and certainly not a companion. She'd pretty much given up on it altogether.

The tools ended up discarded near the door. The thunderstorm was probably just the gods all passed out after one of their parties. Maybe the war on Gaea had finally finished.. It would make sense. The Olympians loved any excuse to have a week-long celebration with lots of "alcoholic beverages".

Calypso slumped into a chair.

"You'd better not make my pond overflow again, Zeus." She mumbled.

And for the next few hours, she didn't move. The sound of the rain was strangely comforting. Calypso savoured it. The next might be tomorrow, in a hundred years, or never.

The thunder outside got steadily louder, until it was difficult to think. Calypso rolled her eyes, and decided it was probably time to move the window plants before they got knocked over. However, as she approached the first, the noise died down suddenly. Her eyebrow shot up. What was Zeus playing at?

Everything became clear a few seconds later, as her door opened of its own accord. She turned, expecting the wind to have blown it over, but what she saw stopped her in her tracks, speechless.

"You…" She whispered.

The figure shrugged, a playful smile tugging on his lips.

"You should've been expecting me."

Calypso threw herself onto the skinny teenager with such force that she knocked him back a few steps.

"You came back!" She cried, her voice breaking. "That's impossible..."

Leo pulled her back slightly so he could look her in the eyes.

"As I said, I was never good at following rules."

He gave her one of his adorable grins.

"And besides, I can't make lemonade and stew by myself. Fancy giving me a hand?"

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