Hi guys, I know I have a ton of other stories to update but I really felt like writing this one. Basically it's Victorious, with out Tori. Maybe she'll come in later but I'm not sure yet. This story will be about the gang's first year at HA and how they meet. There will be some flash backs.

Jade P.O.V.

Beeeeeep. Beeeeeeep. Beee-I slam my hand down on the snooze button of my alarm clock before it can finish a third annoying beep. I made sure I had the most obnoxious alarm, otherwise I wouldn't get out of bed. Not that I really want to.

A muffled groan escapes my lips as I throw off my black sheets and stumble my way towards the bathroom. I switch on the light and glare at my reflection as I close the door heavy wooden door. My bathroom is plain, courtesy of my mother. I wanted it painted red, so I could feel like I was bathing in blood, but my mother made me and my brother compromise. Jack is currently 6, and I'm 15, you can see how we settle on white. I turn on the hot water in my shower and assess myself in the mirror. A medium sized, skinny girl stares back at me. She has porcelain skin, long and dark brown hair, and piercing blue-green eyes. I hurriedly step into the shower, not wanting to be late on my first day.

I take a long time to rinse the coconut shampoo out of my long locks, and by the time I step out of the shower it's 6:30. I only have an hour to get ready for school. I wrap myself in a black towel and place one over my wavy brown hair and stand there for a few minutes, debating weather to be productive or not. I finally run into my dark red bedroom and open my closet, also not entirely black-but mostly, and pick out a short-sleeved black dress to wear. It's lacy and I think it's a great choice for my first day of high school.

After eventually getting dressed and blow drying my hair, I decide to straighten it. Normally I leave my natural and it does this weird wavy thing, but I guess I'll do my hair today. I decide on black eyeliner and red lipstick as well, and throw on some black combat boots over my tights. I grab my black purse and walk downstairs to make myself coffee. My mother is away on business and my father lives about 20 minutes away, but he still only sees me one day a month.

I sip my coffee and stare out the big picture window until I see a shiny red van pull up in my empty driveway, and rush outside to hop in Mrs. Valentine's back seat.

"Hi Jadey! Are you super excited? I am! Today's going to be the best first day of High School ever! Well... It's our only one but whatever!" The little brunette babbles with a cheeky grin. Caterina, Cat, Valentine has been my best friend since Pre-k. We are complete opposites of each other, but we love each other just the same. We have a weird friendship, but it works.

Yeah, I guess. We better have classes together!" I say trying to play down my excitement, I may not be a normal teenage girl, but I can still get excited. Honestly, I'm nervous about starting high school, and I never get nervous about anything. The only friend I've ever had is Cat, and I guess Andre. I've known Andre since middle school and I can tolerate him, which is way more than most people. The three of us aren't starting just any high school either, we're starting Hollywood Arts High School. I've always loved to write, from plays to movie scripts to short stories. I like acting as well, and I can definitely sing. Cat's not as into the arts as me, but if I was going to a different school than so was she. She was mainly a costume designer and makeup artist, but she could act and had a great voice too. Andre had over heard the two of us talking about Hollywood Arts and decided to come too, he was wonderful at piano and he was a great writer as well. I have to admit, starting high school with only 3 friends is a little intimidating. At least I was getting a new start, at m old school everyone thought I was a scary freak.

"C'mon Kit-Cat." I say when Cat's mom stops the car, I briefly thank Mrs. Valentine, she's like the mom I never had so she's one of the few people I'm nice to, and I jump out of the car, waiting for Cat to kiss her mom's cheek and walking beside her as we open the door to our first day of high school.