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Jade P.O.V.

Upon opening the door to Hollywood Arts a few things happened. First, Cat squealed with joy, much to my dismay. I always found it unfair that Cat could be so happy all the time and oblivious to the nightmare's of life, and I had to see everyone's pain including my own. Sometimes I wished I lived in Cat's world, where everything was happy, red velvet cupcakes, unicorns, and rainbows. I guess my pessimism balanced out Cat's extreme optimism.

The second thing that happened was my own amazement at the new school, it was huge and everything was really distracting! All the lockers had different decorations and everyone was being really loud. People were hugging their friends and chatting excitedly like in any normal school, but people were playing music, dancing, and singing too. I was impressive, and it looked like fun. Maybe I could enjoy my time here.

"Yo! Jade and Cat!" Third, André spotted me and Cat, the called our names to get our attention. Cat became friends with André in sixth grade when they had band together, André played piano and Cat had played the flute. My parents were getting divorced that year so I refused to accept André until the next year. It was nice to have a friend who didn't think about girly stuff all the time. I had just stopped walking and turned my head to look over at André when the fourth thing happened.

I was taking a sip of my coffee as I felt someone bump into me from behind, and suddenly I felt my hot coffee spill out of the mug and all over me, as well as the person bumping into me's coffee, which was equally as hot. It hurt, but that's not why I yelled. I yelled because some idiot had just bumped into me, burned me with coffee, and wasted two cups of coffee!

"Dammit! What the f-" "Jadey!" I was in the middle of cussing this idiot out when Cat looked at me with an expression of concern, and offense that I was swearing. I could feel the hot liquid burning my skin but ignored it as I faced the coffee-spiller with intent to kill.

Beck P.O.V.

I had looked down at my phone as I walked into my first day of Hollywood Arts, I had just moved to Hollywood from Canada this summer and my mom kept texting me to make sure I was okay. I had my phone in one hand and my coffee on the other as I walked through the doors, and in my texting haze I managed to walk into the prettiest girl I had ever met. Sadly, she wanted to kill me. Scratch that, she tried to kill me.

The girl whipped around and gave me a look of pure hatred. I wasn't sure what to take in first, how beautiful she was, or how pissed off she was. She had ivory skin and really long dark brown hair, as well as beautiful greenish blue eyes. Those eyes also seemed to be on fire as she looked at me. If looks could kill, I would be dead. The girl went to lunge at me but an African American boy held her back by her shoulders.

"Jade! Calm down!" He yelled as the petite brunette next to her seemed to freak out. So Jade was her name. As soon as Jade stopped trying to kill me I would have to make this up to her, and hopefully we could be friends. As Jade shrieked profanity at me, her two friends tried to calm her down and a group of students and staff gathered around us.

"I am so sorry! I didn't see you there, it's completely my faul-" "Sorry does NOT cut it! That hurts like hell!" The Jade girl screeched as the nurse and principal scurried over and a few staff members shooed away the onlookers. The nurse led Jade and her friends down to the office and I continued to follow, though I'm not sure why. I guess some part of me was concerned for this girl and I guess...intrigued. Most girls I've met would've been mad until they saw my face. I've never had a non-related female mad at me. I guess looks can help you get away with a lot.

"What happened here?" The principal asked as the nurse took a fussy Jade and her scared-looking brunette friend into her office, I assumed so Jade could change and get her burns looked at. Jade's male friend shot me a glare before taking a seat in a plastic chair and looking worriedly at the door.

"I accidentally walked into her and spilled my coffee and hers on her. It was a complete accident and I'm really sorry, sir. I feel really stupid." I apologized whole-heartedly. I really wasn't trying to get on this girls bad side, honestly if that little incident hadn't just happened I probably would have tried to hit on her, instead of doing it literally.

Cat P.O.V.

"Ohmigosh Jadey are you okay?!" I squealed as I sat down in a chair I had pulled up next to the cot Jade was sitting in. I inspected Jade with big brown doe-eyes, as my mother called them. I was really worried about Jadey, she was a klutz but she always brushed it off. I knew it had something to do with her horrible parents, but I knew that when Jade showed she was in pain it wasn't a good sign. Jade was the toughest person I had ever met, so when she was in pain it scared me. I had already texted my mom to tell her to bring Jadey some extra clothes, which was easy because Jade had her own room at my house. Jade barely ever went home, so we just had one big sleepover! I thought of Jadey as a sister and I knew my mother loved her as much as she loved me.

"Please, don't call me Jadey." She said through gritted teeth. I nodded, knowing Jade must be pretty upset if she was yelling a me. Jade corrected me and sometimes made remarks, but I knew that's just how she was. She never ever yelled at me unless she was really angry or upset. Poor Jadey was sitting in her undergarments and she looked pretty uncomfortable as the nurse, Mrs. Buyers, inspected her burns. She made a few tittering noises and I could see by the way she looked at Jade that it wasn't good.

"What's going on?" I ask looking at her and trying to keep the concern out of my eyes. Mrs. Buyers gave me a weak smile but didn't talk as she wetted a wash cloth. I really hoped Jadey was going to be okay, she was having a pretty bad first day of school already.

"You may want to go home and go to the ER hun, these second degree burns will get worse if you don't get some ointment." Mrs. Buyers said as she carefully pressed the washcloth to the effected skin. I watched as Jade winced and I gave her my hand to squeeze until the pain went away.

"No, I am not missing my first day of school because of a little burn." Jade said determinedly, I frowned but knew there was no persuading her. She had broken her wrist in 6th grade and stayed in school all day until my mommy found out when she picked us up from school. I knee Jade's parents never did anything when she got hurt as a child, she told me she had learned to deal with the pain. Mrs. Buyers gave me a questioning look and I smiled. I mouthed "I got it" and she gave a satisfied smile.

Jade P.O.V.

"You can go to class now...come and see me at lunch though, okay?" She said after she applied some ointment to my back. As soon as Mrs. Valentine dropped off off a pair of jeans and a t-shirt for me I grabbed Cat and marched out of the office as the 5 minute bell rang. I spotted André talking to the idiot who had bumped into me and marched over. I was not about to let this boy ruin my new image.

Beck P.O.V.

"Hey, you!" I heard an all too familiar angry feminine voice yell across the office. I gulped and thought I saw André, i had learned his name, smirk at me. Jade stood in front of me with her hands on her hips and a scowl on her face. She had changed her outfit but I could still see the red burns that were forming on her chest area, which made me feel really bad.

"Listen, I know you're mad at me and you should be, but I am really sorry about that and I hope you can forgive me." I said trying to use my best 'pretty-boy' smile and all my charm. Apparently, it didn't work.

"You disgust me. C'mon 'Dre." Jade said with a sneer as she and her two friends walked off to class. I sighed and followed suit. So far, my first day in an American high school was not going well. Even though Jade was so utterly rude to me I don't know why, but I think I liked her. She was different, I'd never had a girl say no to me, ever. I liked it. Jade was going to be a challenge, because easy is boring.

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