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They stayed wrapped in each other's arms for the next day, neither caring about the outside world, not due back in Starling CIty until after the weekend.

Diggle had checked in on her a few times - the first of which was slightly awkward considering she could tell he knew what had happened from the look on his face. But in true Diggle fashion, he simply raised his eyebrows, sent a glare of warning to Oliver and a look to Felicity to make sure she knew was she was doing, and let them be.

Felicity had seen the way he looked at Lyla and knew she and Oliver weren't the only ones spending time holed up in their hotel room.

The next morning, she woke in Oliver's arms for the third day in a row, and she'd made the decision that this is how she wanted to wake up every day; strong arms encasing her, the gentle rise and fall of his chest beneath her head, limbs tangled together.

She'd kissed across his chest, feeling better than she had in days. Her fingers traced the outline of his Bratva tattoo and then let her lips follow the same path. He stirred beneath her, a low rumble emanating from his chest as his hands gripped her hips and held her tight.

When she lifted her head from where she'd made her way to the waistband of his pants and the muscles pulled taut over his hips, his eyes were staring at her, flashing with desire. She grinned up at him and then felt herself being swiftly pulled upwards so her lips met his and she was quickly flipped beneath him.

A few hours later, after making good use of the jacuzzi for the last time, she emerged from the bedroom to find Oliver standing at the door, talking to one of the managers. In the front room was a rack of dresses, and her eyes flew to Oliver's when the door shut behind him.

"What is this?" she asked, wrapping his dress shirt tighter around her, thankful she'd stayed out of sight when she remembered that it was still all she wore.

He smiled as he crossed to her, but she could also see the slight apprehension in his eyes.

"I know that dress was one of your favorites, I wanted to replace it…"

Her heart fluttered when she realized he was talking about the blue dress she'd worn the other night when they'd went to meet with the Bratva. She shivered involuntarily as thoughts of those men's hands on her body and their intentions.

Two strong arms wrapped around her from behind as he pressed a kiss against her neck; his stubble scraping over her skin.

She sank back into him and her body immediately relaxed, knowing she was safe.

"Oliver, you don't have to do this…" she began, her hands falling over his wrists and holding tightly. "It's too much…"

She felt him shake his head and press a kiss to her shoulder, "I want to do this for you."

Turning in his arms, she looped her arms around his neck, looking up at him, and she was still amazed that she could do all of this - touch him and lean up to kiss him if she wanted, which she did.

She meant for it to be a short chaste kiss, but his lips were a like a drug, and before she knew it, she was nipping at his lower lip as he growled and pulled her closer, hands roving down to her thighs to hike her up against him.

Her back hit a wall a few seconds later, and his hands shifted up and under the dress shirt. She gasped, throwing her head back as his calloused fingers roved over her body.

"You are distracting," she murmured, and he laughed against her throat, his lips laving her skin with a kiss before leaning back to look up at her with darkened eyes.

The full smile on his face was a thing of beauty and she couldn't help tracing his lips with her fingers, and then replacing her fingers with her mouth.

"I love seeing you like this," she murmured when she pulled back much to his displeasure.

"Like what?" he asked, still smiling, blue eyes twinkling.

"Happy," she confessed, her hands cupping his face.

A shuddering sigh left his body, and he turned his face into one of her hands, pressing a kiss against the center of her palm.

"You asked me if I had any happy stories," he finally whispered, his eyes turning serious.

Felicity nodded, remembering the night well. The anguish she'd seen etched into every facet of his face was almost too much to bear. She'd wanted to take all that pain away from him - wanted him to have all the happy stories he deserved.

One large hand trailed up from her side, tracing the edge of her bandage - a pained look flicking through his eyes - and then fingering the collar of the shirt she wore before moving up her neck. His thumb slid along her jaw line as his eyes flicked up to meet hers.

So many emotions flickered through his cerulean blue eyes, and she drank each and every one of them in, wanting to know everything he was feeling.

"When I came back from the island, I didn't think I deserved any happy stories; I wasn't sure I even knew what the word 'happy' meant anymore," he confessed quietly and she swallowed against the emotions that were rising within her.

"I didn't realize it when I met you," he continued, his thumb rubbing back and forth beneath her bottom lip. "But I see it now."

Her brow furrowed, her heart beating rapidly in her chest as she began to piece together what he was saying.

"You," he breathed, "Felicity Smoak, you are my happy story."

Her breath caught in her throat, and tears gathered in her eyes as she stared down at him from where he held her - bracing her - against the wall, her legs wound around his body, her fingers unconsciously scrubbing over the stubble on his jaw.

"Oliver," she finally choked out, and it was all she managed before his lips covered hers and she was lost to him once more. This kiss was soft and slow, their tongues exploring together in a long, languid dance until they had to break away for air.

She rested her forehead against his as they both tried to catch their breath.

When his head shifted and fell to her neck, she sifted her fingers through his hair and held him to her tightly.

Her heart felt light and free and full and she knew it was because of the man she held in her arms.

"So will you let me buy you a dress?" he finally whispered, and she let out a loud chuckle having completely forgotten about the rack of clothes that still sat in the entryway.

He nuzzled her neck and she could feel the smile against her throat. "I suppose so."

"Good," he muttered as he pressed a kiss to her collarbone. "I can't wait to help you try them on."

She laughed again. "If you do that we're never going to make our flight."

He pulled back and arched an eyebrow, "I own the plane, it doesn't leave until I want it to."

"Oliver," she chastised breathlessly as he bit down on her collarbone and she knew she'd have a hickey there. "You have meetings tomorrow morning and if we don't leave on time we aren't going to get any sleep…and don't say you don't care because Ms. Rochev and you have a meeting with some important investors and you need to be…"

His lips cut off her ramble and she decided this was a technique she wouldn't mind to stop her rambles. Oliver moaned when her fingernails raked through his hair.

They broke away breathless and it was only Oliver's phone ringing that kept them from forgetting the dresses completely.

He groaned, but she shoved him in the direction of the offending device as she moved towards the dresses on slightly shaky legs.

It was Digg with their flight details and when Oliver returned, she'd already slipped into one of the beautiful blue dresses that brought out the color of her eyes.

Oliver was no help in the decisions as she could see how much he liked every dress, his eyes raking over her.

She settled on one with swirls of blue and dark green, a square cut-out in the fabric over her shoulder blades that Oliver seemed to especially like as his hands kept landing there as she tried to pack.

There were no price tags and she didn't ask. He'd asked to do this for her and she couldn't deny him it this time. not when she knew the guilt he still held over the Bratva incident and the fear in his eyes every time his hands ghosted over the bandage at her side.

It was time to leave before she knew it and as they left the suite, she couldn't help but turn around and give it one last look. So much had happened there; so much had changed.

She tried to ignore the flutter of apprehension that rose in her stomach at the idea of leaving this place where everything had changed and returning to their normal lives.

Shaking her head, she took a deep breath and pushed her fears to the back of her mind as Oliver slipped a hand around her waist and gave her an encouraging smile.

The closer they got to Starling City, the more nervous she became. Oliver's hand landed solidly on her knee and she realized she'd been bouncing it up and down as she bit her lip.

"What wrong?" he asked, leaning towards her, his fingers tracing circles against her inner thigh.

The sensations he was drawing from her with that simple touch had her swallowing thickly before she could reply.

She glanced out the window, still able to see nothing but clouds and every now and then glimpses of blue sea.

With a shaky sigh, she turned to face him. "It's just...when you were talking to the Moscow executives, you joked about how what happens in Russia stays in Russia...and, well, I know things were intense and you thought you were going to lose me…" She took a breath because the words were not coming out like she wanted them to and she could see the crease forming in his brow. "Does that go for us too? Not that there's an official us, but there was definitely an us that night and well, really the next whole day and then this morning…"

She felt her cheeks flushing with the memories, and swallowed hard again. "What happened between us...does that stay in Russia?"

The words escaped her with a rush of air and she fixed her eyes on the fine-printed fabric of her new dress, unable to look at Oliver for fear of what she would see in his eyes.

Her fingers twisted in the fabric, heart pounding furiously in her chest.

She knew what he'd said after she'd been shot and then this morning - the honesty in his eyes and the promises he'd made, and it wasn't that she didn't believe him. It was just that - now they were headed back to reality. Starling City. The company. His family. Everything.

And she couldn't help wondering if he'd re-think it once they were in the middle of all of that again.

Calloused fingers slipped beneath her chin and slid against her jaw, coaxing her head up. She was met with dark blue eyes, so clear and open that her breath caught in her throat.

"No," he said with confidence, leaving no room for doubt. "In this case, what happens in Russia most definitely does not stay in Russia."

And then his eyes shifted and there was a flash of uncertainty so uncharacteristic of Oliver that she wasn't sure she'd actually seen it until he spoke again. "Unless you want it to…"

LIfting up in her seat, she didn't let him finish that thought, pressing her lips to his mouth while her fingers wrapped around the wrist of his hand that was still cupping her jaw.

His tongue darted out and swiped along her lower lip and she gasped, and could feel his grin as he deepened the kiss. Her free hand wound up around his neck and into his hair, tugging gently at the soft strands as she got lost in him.

When she finally pulled away, she couldn't keep the smile off her face. "No," she said in between gulps of air, "I don't want it to stay there."

The smile that lifted his lips upward made her heart flutter and she was once again amazed by what this man could make her feel.

"Good," he said, pulling her into his chest, as she tucked her legs up underneath her, glad for the freedom she had to move with the large seats and no arm rest.

His lips settled against her temple and she sighed happily.

"You should speak in Russian more often," she commented softly, the thought floating unbidden to her mind and what little filter she had lost somewhere in the haze of Oliver's kiss.

"And why is that?" he asked, and she heard the smile in his voice.

Lifting her head, she raised half-lidded eyes to his. "It's very seductive, Mr. Queen," she replied with a grin of her own.

She watched, amazed as his eyes darkened to almost black and his hand tightened around her waist.

"Is that so?" he murmured, the timbre of his voice dropping and sending a thrill through her.

She bit her lip and nodded, never taking her eyes from his.

He let out a low groan that turned into a growl as his lips descended on hers once more, pulling her flush against his chest, hands delving into her hair and then trailing down her sides to the hem of her dress and snaking underneath.

She gasped when a calloused hand gripped her thigh and began trailing circles upward.

He pulled back, nipping on her bottom lip and she was sure her heart was going to beat out of her chest, every nerve ending in her body on fire from his touch and kiss.

A slow smile spread across his face and then he leaned forward, his stubble scratching against her cheek as his lips latched onto her earlobe.

He whispered words she couldn't understand against her ear, but she didn't have know their meaning to feel their intent as her belly swooped and heat pooled low between her legs.

A low moaning gasp fell from her lips, and his hand started to inch upward along her leg until she was panting against his neck.

"Oliver." Her voice was deep and thick with desire and she felt his chest rumble beneath her and knew he was not unaffected by her voice either.

Just when she thought she couldn't take anymore, the pilot came over the speakers and Felicity flew backwards.

Oliver tightened his hold on her and kept her against his chest as the pilot announced their descent into Starling City, asking them to please buckle their seatbelts.

With a groan, Oliver slid his hand out from under her skirt and straightened it before reaching over her. His fingers skimmed over her stomach as he did, making her gasp again as he pulled the seatbelt around and buckled it for her.

The thrumming in her ears began to subside and she let out a long breath as Oliver tugged her back against him as much as the belts would allow.

She felt the elevated state of his own heartbeat and smiled against his neck, as he leaned his head down.

"Definitely not staying in Russia…"