AN1 Hey guys! Yes I know, this isn't a chapters of Phoenix Rising, but the sad truth is that real life got in the way (moving to a new city, getting all my stuff from my old house, dealing with school, etc.). Over the months I kind of lost interest in it, to the pint it was painful to write a single paragraph. I'll probably be getting back to it at some point, but for now I'm setting it aside.

AN2 This is in response to yamiyugi23's, "Magical Creature Challenge".

A New Tapestry

Chapter 1

The three norns looked down at the tapestry they had spun. It was a good one, full of betrayal, romance, adventure, and ended with enough tragedy to be entertaining

Urd looked at her work and saw a minor flaw, a thread out of place. Picking at it, she managed to unravel everything after it. Almost 18 years of work, gone.

Looking at her sisters, who were looking back at her with amusement, she shrugged and began spinning again. 18 years really wasn't all that much in comparison to the 14 billion years she and her sisters had been doing their work.

Maybe they would add in a few twists this time, just for the hell of it. Women their age had to get their kicks in somehow.

No one knew, no could have known. The storm attacked the Grunnings company yacht with a fury. What was funny was that not ten minutes earlier, the sea was perfectly still and there wasn't a single cloud in the sky.

In another timeline the cocktail of weather patterns would have resulted in a continued warm and pleasant day and the four high up in the company families would have seen it as a fun combination business meeting/vacation. But now it resulted in a flash storm, an inescapable medley of rain, thunder, lighting, and wind.

Aboard the boat the crew was doing all it could to secure the small vessel while radioing for help. The passengers were all below deck huddled together trying to call for help on their state-of-the-art cell phones. One family especially was terrified. The Dursleys had been almost expecting something like this to happen. It had not been their choice to bring their nephew along. But Vernon's boss had caught sight of the boy while he was visiting the their house and it would appear abnormal if the entire family showed up and not him. And the Dursleys were nothing if not normal.

Vernon had almost been expecting the boy to act up, so he assumed "Freak boy? Freak storm? It must be his fault!" As such, Vernon, in his illogical fear and anger, slipped two year old Harry Potter into a life boat while no one was looking and cut the ropes holding it to the side of the ship. He hoped that the storm, which really had nothing to do with Harry, would follow the child.

Two hours later, the SS Drillings sank into the sea, leaving only one survivor, one Robbie Samson. The young deckhand would later go on to write a very successful autobiography about his survival at sea for the 3 three days it took searchers to find him. But that doesn't really have much to do with our story.

Harry was scared. Unca had put him in this weird place. He didn't like it, it was dark and there was water everywhere, mostly salty-bad-water that made his nose itch, and there were big noises that made him scared. Suddenly he was falling, and then a big splash, now he was rocking and rolling, like a much rougher version of what it had been like before.

He stayed awake for hours, being rolled around in the dark. It took all his concentration not to get hurt.

During a lull in the storm, he huddled in a corner of the dark place and tried to get warm. It was really wet though… and he was so cold… and tired… maybe if he just… closed his eyes… for a sec.

Deep under the ocean, there laid a palace. For millennia, this castle had been home to the Morgens, the birth place of the Seafolk. Over the years they had branched out, mostly east to the Mediterranean, where they were called Sirens.

They eventually spread to almost every ocean in the world. The overwaters called them many names, but they would always be Morgens. It was their first name, their true name. Over four hundred years ago though, this once great civilization was struck down. A plague had descended upon their people, killing everyone it touched. Only a lucky few survivors left scattered around the world. Even the few survivors descendants were quickly dying out, possible others they could raise a family with were few and far apart. In this region there were all of three Morgans left, all female. Not grounds for repopulating 75% ad the world's surface.

Out of one of the many balconies of the palace, a figure slipped into the night. With a tail of shining silver, and hair golden sands, she could probably charm any unlucky sailor into her arms with looks alone, never mind her Song.

Adrian had gone out for a midnight swim since Mother Sybil was being overbearing again and she needed to escape a while. The selkies would watch Melody while she was out so she wasn't worried about that. She always loved swimming during storms, the way the light filtered through the water after a flash of lightning created the most beautiful designs. Many of the overwaters believed that the morgens were just unnatural beasts that feasted on the flesh of men. And while that was true, they also have an immense appreciation for beauty.

'Probably why I can never say no to Melody's puppy otter eyes' she thought to herself.

Swimming on for a while she noticed that there was a shadow on the sandy floor blocking out her precious sea light. When she looked up, she saw a small overwater boat directly above her.

'Hmm, maybe I can get a little snack before I head back home.' smirking, she began to swim upwards.

By the time she made it to from the ocean floor to the surface, the storm had mostly passed on, leaving only cloudy skies and a light sprinkling of rainfall in its wake. Being careful to mask the splashes made by her movements, Adrian slowly made her way to the side of the boat. After she gathered her magic, she began to Sing.

"Hello little sailor man,

can you see the world from there?

I can show you things wide and grand,

just come to me without any fear.

Hello beautiful sailor man,

sailing my ocean blue.

the others have enforced a ban.

They have found out about me and you

I can't come see my sailor man

Unless he comes to see me.

But what kind of brave old sailor man,

would want to come see me?"

Adrian was confused. Usually by this time in the Song, anyone aboard the small boat would have thrown themselves over the side to see her. Maybe the boat was empty?

Deciding to just look in and see if it was abandoned, she grabbed the sides to pull her self up.

Once her head was over the edge, she peered into it and saw... feet? As she raised her eyes from the small, delicate looking feet, she saw that she had been Singing to a child. No wonder it didn't work.

Finally, she saw the boys face and the amazing green eyes, the same color as the southern seas. They drew her in, like when she looked at the Father Moon. They seemed to be filled with both childlike wonder and yet a great fear and sadness.

"Hello child."