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Of course the ritual didn't work. The girl they were experimenting on had been a simple, everyday mortal, not a whiff of magic about her. The song had latched onto her as it was meant to and searched for more energy to sustain itself. All it found was the trickle of natural magic running through her veins so it greedily drank it up. With her magic and so her life force gone, the girl rapidly turned to ash and dispersed into the water around her. Since the ritual had not fulfilled its purpose, transforming the object in the circle into a Morgen child, it turned on the singers, draining them of all the magic it could. This had all happened so fast, that they had been unable to change the fate of the girl, or indeed, one of their own who had let herself be consumed by the spell and was now just as dead as the child. It took all the will of the remaining researchers to wrench control of the ritual away from the Song and shut it down before they joined their sister.

After the disaster of a first experiment, the entire line of research had been shut down by the Council of the Scholar Guild. The researcher who had died had been the grand-niece of one of the senior members, and he had all records of the project packed away and anyone who had anything to do with it shunted off to different departments.

Of course, since all records were made in duplicate with one copy going off to the Royal Library, all Sybil had had to do was enter in a few search terms and she had access to everything there was on the project, from the middle name of every researcher involved to how much the child had weighed. When her daughter had showed her the child with the complicated magic, her mind immediately went to this ritual which she had previous read about in full. There was not much to do about the empty castle, so she had to fill the time somehow. Still, it had come in handy. With the boy's magic being so advanced, he could be able to fulfill the ritual and become one of them.

Turning to her daughter, she raised an eyebrow and asked, "I trust you have some idea of why I showed you this."

"... you believe he will be able to survive the transformation because of his Song?" she tentatively out out.

"I think so, yes. Now, do you know why I want to o this in the first place?"

"No, not really. You've always hated over-waters, why bring one into the palace?"

"Because, dear, he's male. How many males do you see wandering around here?" the white haired woman said, raising an eyebrow.

Adrian looked confused for a moment, trying to parse together her mother's words and figure out the meaning behind them. "... You mean to have the child mate with Melody and continue the line!" she shouts, it finally dawning on her.

"Yes. Even with out a populace to rule, the Royal Family must not die. And without any available Morgen men, this child may just be a boon from the Mother, a way for us to save our family, at least for another generation."

"But how will we do the ritual? There were thirteen singers int the projection, and there are only two of us."

"Have you forgotten child, we are Royals, of the line of Merina, favored of the Mother. Three of us is more than equal to thirteen low level researchers!"

"Three?" Adrian asked, already having an idea about who her mother was talking about , and not liking the idea at all.

"Yes, if we are to do the ritual, then Melody will have to contribute."

"What? She is way to young! And you said the last time they tried to do this, someone died!" Adrian shouts, letting her anger get away from her.

" Calm down dear, you'll get stress lines. Yes, someone died during the last attempt, but I also said that, as royals, we will have more than enough power for that not to happen. And besides, I will be taking the brunt of the required magic. You and Melody only need to be there to fill the minimum required people for the ritual to work properly. "

"So she won't be in any danger?"

"Do you honestly think if there were even the slightest possibility, of any harm coming to my granddaughter, I would send her into it? No, if there is any magical backlash at all, I will sacrifice myself to save her. The line must be preserved." she announced solemnly.

Adrian flinched back, scolding herself for questioning Sybil's love for Melody. Even if they fought about her, it was only about how best to protect her. Still, she was worried about her daughter. Silently, she resolved to take on more of the drain for the ritual so her daughter wouldn't have to do as much.

"So, daughter. Do you think we should do this?"

"...Yes, I believe so, mother."

Four hours later, after having dusted of the Harmony Room and prepared Melody for the ritual, the royal family entered the room with a sleeping boy floating along behind them. Melody entered first, her short white hair bobbing behind her and her ice blue tail pumping to keep ahead of her mother and grandmother.

As they made their way into the chamber, they could each feel the almost oppressive amount of magic centered inside it, built up over centuries of extremely powerful royals using it as a center place for their most powerful Songs and rituals. It washed over them, simultaneously greeting them and warning them of the dangers inherent in any ritual.

Slowly, the group swam into the middle of the room, with the child in Adrian's arms. Each woman made there way to their runic circle, meant to protect against a small amount of magical backlash, with Adrian sending the over-water into the runic circle in the middle of the room.

"Sisters in blood and Song, I call to you for aid in this rite of rites!" Began Sybil in the traditional opening for a ritual such as this.

"We of the line of Merina, favored of the Mother, place this child within our sights." chimed in Adrian, half speaking half singing.

"We sing to him a song, a song of water deep and moon so bright." sang Melody, and then there voices combined, singing as one to the rhythm of the ritual.

In rituals such as this, of such power that the Mother and Father had to be called on, actual words were not used. Only there voices in perfect harmony with each other and the constant pushing and pulling at there inner magic from the ritual. They sang of transformation, and of releasing ones true nature. They sang of reclaiming there race, and of bringing pride back to the Morgen people. They sang of the love of Jacob and Calysta, and of the power there two lines created. All of it guided by the almost sentient power flowing through the room, and the imperceptible touch of something greater that they could all feel in the back of their minds. Eventually, it reached a crescendo, and the Song gave one final pull at each of their hearts before turning in on itself and collapsing into the middle of the room. The silence that followed was deafening.

A moment later, Adrian broke herself from the trance like state that she had entered to power the Song and rushed forward. A striking change had overtaken the boy. His hair had leached of all colour, leaving the former jet black strands a shiny white. His shirt had vaporized during the ritual, leaving pale skin marred by thin scars across his back. But the most noticeable change was his legs. Which weren't there any longer. Seeing that he had fallen asleep, Adrian gently touched the boys tail, the same silver as her own, and shivered at the familiar texture.

"Mother, what is this? Why does he look so much like one of our line?" she asked, suddenly worried.

Sybil shook her head of the trance, and slowly made her way forward as well.

"There could be any number of reasons. Our Song could have carried over into the ritual and bled into him. It could be the blood of Calysta shining true. And it could be coincidence. It matters not, either way he is far enough removed from the bloodline to not cause any ill effect when he mates with Melody. Speaking of." she says in a hushed tone. "Melody! Come over and meet your new friend!"

Till then, the bright eyed young girl with a tail of icy blue and hair as white as her grandmother had simply been standing back, still pretty confused about what had happened in the ritual, and why Mommy had been so nervous going into the big dusty room. Seeing her grandmother call her forward, she slowly inched her way to the strange thing her mommy had brought into the palace. She apprehensively peered down at the boy, her elders watching.

"Well Melody. What do you think of him?" asked Adrian, somewhat nervously.

Scrunching up her face, Melody turns to look at her mother.

"He looks funny."