Chapter 2 – A leopard can't change its spots

Another couple of weeks and lots to do for Eyal and Sharon. Eyal was not one to procrastinate with a business venture. Sharon found out how good he was at wheeling and dealing and also that he didn't take too kindly to mixing sentiments / feelings with business. They had had their first official, as a couple/family, fight and it was one doozy tiff! Gone were the enamored and giddy feelings, Eyal was exasperated with Sharon bleeding heart reactions. He lost his temper and Sharon was his 'Bouc émissaire' (scapegoat). She decided to hold her tongue long enough to hear what he was saying (well the parts she understood because he sometimes switch to Hebrew). After he had got it all out she suggested for them to do separate things to create some space between them and meet up again when they were thinking rationally. That gave her the time to understandwhere he was coming from and why he felt the way he did. She realized that he must never have had to think about others when conducting business and for him it was just business as usual.

Afterwards both with clearer heads came to an agreement that Eyal would finalise the deals. Sharon admitted that he was right, she was a bit too emotionally involve, not in her field of expertise and that she trusted him to deal on her behalf as long as he kept her up to speed with what was happening and asked her opinions for decision affecting her and the family. Eyal on his part excused himself for losing it, complimented Sharon on being the mature adult of the two, for looking for a compromise and not a conquest (he remembered his fights with his ex-wife Hanna were more about who conquered!), admitted that he had to learn to let others in, took an oath to work on that and promised to implicated her before taking any final decisions.

Best of all… to all great fights there is also great make-up sex…. Since they had been truly honest with their mutual feelings there was nothing holding them back! Afterward Eyal massaging Sharon's shoulders had said "There's no greater sex than that angry and raw sex shared after having laid all the cards on the table". That got him a well deserve and direct twisting pinch in a tender spot on his torso!

He kept his engagements and made sure Sharon was implicated with all decisions. Sharon surprised Eyal by dealing with his accountant to not invoice for his work on this transaction. Sharon had notice that the accountant was kind of a technophobe and loosing valuable time doing real-estate transactions research the old way by phone or fax. She put her computer programming knowledge to good use and wrote a program style 'Transactions research's for Dummies'. Eyal's accountant was not only able to use Sharon program easily, he even asked to add some stuff to it. That got Eyal nearly a years' worth of accounting fees at no cost!

"Love, do you know just how much you made me save with your computer tinkering"

"Eyal, I'm a CPA, I know how much we can charge. I prefer to think about how I helped that poor man and not how much money I saved you. Would have done it for free, can't stand to see hardworking people lose time because they don't have the time or capabilities to properly use a computer, internet or social networking to save them time and money. I'll always be that kind of person Eyal…Yes I'm a bleeding heart and proud of it. 'Je m'assume' as we say in French" (meaning I assume the responsibility of my action)

"OK I get you drift….. I'm learning Sharon, I'm learning be patient with me. They didn't build Rome in one day and remember you're dealing with, let me remember what Rivka once called me ….. A Mr. Stick-in-the-Mud, strait line, conventionalist bore" Eyal laughing at that memory.

Sharon turned around and sensually caressed his day old but very well groomed stubble. She found that stubble gave him a rugged, sexy, rough 'n mysterious look. "Well I can say that we faced — and resolved — our first major hurdle. Glad we tested our relationship…. now all we have to do is get more fights under our belts to develop in a couple with real depth and the important part - not forget to have great sex after each fights. In other words, disagreeing might actually bring us closer."

"Sweetheart, love your take on 'arguing' and again thanks for not getting in a shouting and conquering game with me when I lost my patience with you. Your way of reacting and dealing with me had quite a castrating effect on my actions. Not at all what I'm use to with a woman. How did you get so wise for such a young person?"

"Ha, a compliment to soften me…. I'm no wiser than the next. It's genetic. Look at Robert, my mother (his sister) was just like him: a born negotiator and sorry to say also a bleeding hearth. But my mother and Robert also had/have a creepy dark side, that's a tool I'm missing in my spy arsenal. Robin can do it, even Annie can go there now but I just can't seem to develop that skill. I can turn assets easily, participated in mop up mission - shoot to kill style but when missions required to get dirty, vengeful, bitter, cover and dark I was not given those kind of missions."

"Sweetheart don't ever wish to develop that dark side, it comes with a price. That's what attracted me to you, never try to change. Love your cheerfulness and sometime childlike attitude. I envy your capacity to turn your 'spyhood' off and on as you please, you can't do that with a developed dark side. Those 'hamster in a wheel' idea seemed to have saved a lots of your colleagues/partners butts. You can come up with those ideas because you are thinking freely and not tied down with cynicism, murderous and vengeful plans. You Mrs. Welby have all the skills and tools you need. Besides I've got enough 'dark' for both of us so don't worry, what you can't do, I'll do it for you!"

"Thanks for the vote of confidence and pep talk love. Why don't we get to OUR HOME and have a private house Christening…."

"Sharon, I'm Jewish remember, not any Christening in my world"

"Eyal, no religious reference intended, just want to have a wonderful memory of our first time entering the house as proprietors. Especially since the children are in school, Robert and Ima are on a shopping trip buying stuff to redecorate your flat and you gave the nanny her day off. We are the new owner of an empty house…. Do I have to spell it out any more clearly Mr.?

"I'm driving, get in the car, we have a Christening to get to"

Arriving at their home, the kids had left a surprise for them. They had made a very special "For Sale & Welcome" sign and stuck it on the door with chewing gum (only that made Eyal and Sharon laugh to tears!):

For sale recently modernized grade II Georgian town house in one of London's best addresses. THIS HOUSE IS NOW THE PROPERTY OF A VERY COOL AND SPECIAL FAMILY… THE KIDS ESPECIALY!

has held residence to high society for over 200 home has been recently refurbished and effortlessly oozes historic grandeur with thoughtful accommodation and...

A rare opportunity to acquire this recently modernized Grade II listed Georgian town house in one of London's most exclusive addresses. SORRY PEOPLE, IT'S SOLD AND WE'RE KEEPING IT.

Steeped in history, this impressive house has held residence to high society for over 200 years. REALY 200 YEARS OLD…, HOPE WE CAN HAVE ONLY 10% OF THIS TIME WITH OUR SUPER PARENTS. AS FOR HIGH SOCIETY WE DON'T NEED IT JUST RIGHT NOW, HAVE OUR NEW AND WONDERFUL FAMILY TO ENTERTAIN.

This beautiful Georgian home has been recently refurbished YAY… WE CAN PLAY OUR VIDEO GAMES, WACHT TV ALL THE WHILE LOOKING AT OLD STUFF THAT NO ONE CARES ABOUT BUT OUR FATHER AND MP DON'T WORRY WE LOVE THEM ANYWAY and effortlessly oozes historic grandeur with thoughtful accommodation and technology, perfect for modern Mayfair living. YOU SAID IT MODERN LIVING SO MOM… DAD….. WE PLAN ON YOUR MODERN UNDERSTANDING TO OOZES EFFORTLSSLY IN MAYBE A NEW KIDS CAR! Accommodation and Amenities- Reception Hall- Kitchen – Reception Room- Library- Master Bedroom with bathroom (occupying the entire second floor and which can be made into an en suite with a slightmodification) - WHEN WE WERE SAYING 'GET A ROOM' WE DIDN'T EXPECT YOU GUYS TO TAKE THE FULL SECOND FLOOR BUT IF IT'S THAT THAT YOU NEED TO GET THE SEX THING OUT OF YOUR SYSTEMS SO BE IT. Three Further Bedrooms- Two Further Bathrooms- YES LOTS OF BATHROOM FOR MP, THE BEST BATHROOM HUGGER IN THE WORLD Cinema THE BOYS (KEVIN AND AVI'S) FAVORITE ROOM - GREATH FOR GAMING ADDICS - Gymnasium with Shower Room- DAD'S FAVORITE ROOM AND HE REALLY NEEDS THAT SHOWER AFTER A WORKOUT IN THE GYM OR WITH MOM Garden-Terrace MOM'S FAVORITE PLACE AND SHE EVEN HAS A DO NOT DISTURB SIGN WHEN SHE'S IN THERE…. Utility Room- Passenger Lift- Full Climate Control with Filtered Positive Pressure Air Flow- Crestron Multi Room Media System- Lutron Lighting Systems- Banham Sec SORRY WE HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THIS IS BUT IT MUST BE GOOD IF IT'S FILTERED AND CONTROLED, JUST WHAT PARENTS WOULD WANT IN A HOME.

Eyal and Sharon were both teary eyes when they finished reading! They took it down with care and Eyal planned on getting it framed! Let's say the "Christening also went well…..

All in all it had taken Eyal less than a week to: negotiate a fair price with Robert, find a buyer for Sharon's property in Québec, sell his flat to Robert, negotiated two separate mortgages (Sharon had insisted for two separate mortgages and he had reluctantly agreed) but arranged for each to have a 50% share of the house (Sharon knew he had financially contributed to more than 50%. She had put the value of her house and Robert had reduce his asking price by he giving her her inheritance but that did not cover half of the cost. Eyal had insisted that they have equal parts, seing that this seemed quite important for him, she left it at that.). It had been another wild week for both but now everything seemed to be settling or at least she hoped. It was strange waking up in her father's room, their room now! Looking around she took a note to redecorate it quickly.

Stretching her arm to cuddle with Eyal she was surprise to see that he wasn't next to her. Getting up, she had a familiar feeling. Her six sense was acting up and the knot that was forming in her stomach was not a good sign. She didn't know why but something was not right, call it premonition or apprehensiveness, she usually was never wrong went she felt these sensations. 'Damm six sense, hate to have it so strong, always was a curse'

Getting dress and practically running downstairs she stumble on a carryon luggage at the base of the stairs. Eyal caught her just in time.

"Eyal are you going somewhere, what's with the luggage?"

"Love, I have a matter that I have to attend to."

"Just like that. Did you intend on reading me in or you were going to slip out of our life without a word?"

"Sharon, don't do this. Not now, really don't want to fight, please. It's not the time for you to suddenly become an overprotective wife. Lived with one before and it didn't end well. When I accepted to be the A-Team's leader, there was one thing that I asked of Robert. No more missions from Mossad unless agreed for by Robert but I would always be responsible for my assets and doubles that I turned. If they needed me, I was going to go, it was a nonnegotiable clause for my acceptance of his offer. He accepted. Early this morning I got a call from Rivka. I can't tell you how long I'll be gone but yes I'm leaving."

"Eyal, I'm not trying to stop you or give you the third degree. Hell, I just want you to talk to me about it. Don't want any specifics, just for both of us to plan a way for me to know if you need an emergency extraction or if you're in a life and death situation. I'm also a spy and know what the value of an asset and the danger doubles that we turned can face. I'd do the same thing you are now doing. There is a difference between what I want/need and what Hanna put you through. Please Eyal work with me on this." Sharon was literally shaking.

Eyal brought her to him and tried his best to try and calm her.

"Sweetheart don't worry, I'll be back. Don't know how much time I'll be gone. I can't take the risk of having a tracking device of any sort on me. I not one to call in but if it can help, I'll call you if and when possible."

"What do I tell Avi? Eyal you can't just pack it up and go. You have a minimum of warnings to give now. Remember, you are not alone anymore, a little word called family and responsibilities."

Eyal looked at Sharon with a dark and dead stare. Her skin crept up just looking at him. He was no more the Eyal that she knew and love. He was now in mission mode and that was the end of this discussion. She did not like what she was seeing in him. If this was the dark side of a spy, she was now glad she didn't have it in her. Sharon was fighting hard to hold back her tears, she knew this was not the time to become a clinging girlfriend. But how to make him understand that while she would never stop him from doing what he believed was his duty that he now had to at least warn the people he loved about his leaving. Not an easy task.

"Eyal, when do you have to leave, can we/I have at least some time with you before you leave?

"My plane leaves in four hours. I wanted to go before the kids got up."

"Where you at least planning to tell me you were leaving"

"Yes, Love, I was just going up to tell you, I'm not that bad."

You still have the keys to your flat?

"Yes, I still have some stuff there and Robert said it would be good that I kept a key, just in case, why?"

"OK, Robert and Ima are still in Glasgow on their shopping spree. Are you all packed up, ready to go?"

"Yes, again why?" Eyal didn't know what to expect from Sharon. He had dreaded her reaction since receiving Rivka call. In fact he didn't know how Sharon would react and worst of all he himself didn't have a clue on how to deal with his leaving. Sharon, Avi… his responsibilities …. What to tell them. All of it was turning and turning in his head. It was a lot easier when he had only himself to look after. He knew he could not not go to the aid of his good friend and German spy he had turned. Not a good state of mind to start a maybe dangerous mission!

"Well, since you don't want to risk the kids giving you a farewell, we are going to Robert's flat and I plan on having a wonderful hour at least giving you a proper farewell…. And maybe convincing you at least to have some way or form that you can warm me if you are in harms way, but for now we have no time to lose, let's get to the apartment."

Eyal just looked at her, she was planning on having sex with him to properly send him off on his mission. This was really not what he imagined even in his wildest dreams he could not have foreseen this.

"Sharon, I don't expect you to give me a proper farewell. Just tell me that you're OK with me leaving. That's all I need."

"Well like it or not Mr. Lavin you're going to get more than you bargained for, come on NOW"

Arriving at the apartment after a silent 10 minute ride, Eyal opened the door and let Sharon in. As soon as he had closed the door, she pinned him to the wall. Eyal responded with the same urgent desire. Sharon was aggressive and that surprise Eyal a bit but he was quick to be as aggressive, they both had the urge to rip one another's clothes off and didn't asked permission for doing it! No foreplay they just did it fast and hard, living room floor or kitchen counter, it didn't matter, both had left their inhibitions at the door. . It was animalistic sex at its best.

"OK, if you plan on sending me off in that manner, I'm going to be gone a lot."

Sharon sat up and caressed his face, "Eyal, you're going to be mad at me for bringing this up again but I would really like for us to at least try to get a plan in place if something happens to you. Look, they're a couple of gadgets my father tried with me and Robin and they always worked and saved our life's many of times. Please would you at least talk with me about using one of these gadgets? They are not tracking devises. Please…they been tested in the fields many a times"

"OK Sharon, but I don't have time for a lecture on gadgets. Get one on me, explain it to me and that that's. Happy?"

Sharon literally jumped on him, he fell back and pulled her on him… "Wish I had time for round two… Get that gadget of yours Mrs. Welby before you make me miss my plane"

Sharon came back with a very small piece of metal that looked like a microchip. She stuck it on the back of Eyal watch. He looked at it for a moment and to his surprise it disappeared, it blended right in with his watch. You really had to know it was there. Eyal looked at Sharon in astonishment. "Girl are you sure James Bond is really a fictional character?"

Sharon laughed. "Eyal, this is not a tracking device. It only activate on one condition, you peel a bit off. Don't quite know how but it's a chemical reaction and radio waves combine with the radiations the batteries in your watch is emitting. It will make this receptor vibrate wildly and your coordinates will appear. If you ever have a problem, tear some off twice and I will know that you need and extraction right away. If ever you are in a dire situation…" Sharon had to stop, she was having a real hard time fighting off the tears "pull the full piece off in one pull. If it happens that you …" again she had to stop, this time she could not stop the tears from rolling down on her face but she suck it up and continued… "Are unconscious or worst, the change in your body heat will be picked up by the chip and I will receive the message that I hope I never do!"

"Sharon, please don't worry. I've been on missions before. I will be careful I always am. This is a first for both of us but not the last I'm sure. Next time it might be you. This is our life and either of us are not ready to call it quits. Hope I don't have to use this gadget but you are right, we should have a backup plan to watch out for one another. When I get back we will sit down and have a proper discussion on what and how to plan for these situations. Sharon I have a favor to ask and its coward of me to ask but could you explain my absence to Avi. Don't lie to him. I promise to have a long talk with him when I get back but this call came too soon for me to be able to deal with it all." She nodded yes and to that he gave her a very passionate kiss and he was gone… the silent of the rooms made her shiver…..

To be continue!