I know I had promised this would be the last chapter but I just couldn't do it. Too much stuff needs closure, so you'll have to bear with me for another chapter. This chapter is my way of tying my story closer to what is really happening on CA season 5 and began a new Eyal/Sharon adventure (story). Don't fret, I won't be writing in the same direction the show is going… you should know by now, it's really not my style. Thanks for the reviews and reader reading my stories. It helps me write more and more! Hope you like this long chapter!

Chapter 33 A wedding!

Sharon just looked at Eyal, she couldn't speak. Taking time to handle news of him buying a private security company and as a good calculating spy weighing the pros and cons of it.

"Eyal, when did you buy this company?"

"Believe it or not this deal came to me. The owner, a good friend, sadly has a terminal cancer. He asked me if I would be interested in buying his company."

"When Eyal?... not how"

Amusement twinkled in his eyes, he had deliberately not answered her question but realized he wasn't going to get away with it….

"Look, I realized it should have been a mutual decision. I had proprietary information, the deal had to be closed rapidly and you were well… not available. Had my accountant look over the financial part and it's sound. The asking price was a steel. Plus it made its owner a very happy man. Sharon, it's the perfect solution for both of us."

"So when you proposed you did not have this plan in mind?"

So that's where she heading….humor danced in his eyes and twisted smooth lips:

"No, my only wish, at that time, was to commit to you… to us. I knew the A-team would probably not continue, Mossad was going to opt out. Our relation is/was pretty much public to all. Our work is covert, I won't live my personal life in the same way. The only course of action was to quit our respective agencies. Believe me love, I was/am willing to go down that path. When I proposed, I knew/accepted the consequences and I presumed when you accepted, it was also your thinking. Today, I didn't quit the Mossad but retired on my terms. Not going to kid you, it was and still is quite an emotional roller-coaster."

Sharon put her arms around Eyal's waist and snuggle the best she could next to him.

"Hate these seats, the only thing you can do is 'sit' in them!"

Eyal chuckled and showed Sharon their tickets for her to read.

"Skycouch seat… what is that E?"

"I realize you privilege MI-6 agents are always travelling first class on private planes. You must not be aware of the recent Cuddle-Class seatings on commercial flights! The "Skycouch" turns three seats into a small bed. We only need to raise this footrest of sorts for it to act as a recliner to create a platform for sleeping. The only order given is… keep your clothes on! It works best if you're not very tall or traveling with kids but I'm willing to give it a try. We have a little less than 2 hours of flight time so I should be OK!"

Eyal signaled the flight attendant to organize the seating. Looking at Eyal, the attendant smiled. "Sir, you do realized you might not be comfortable with these arrangements."

Eyal smiled back and said "The seating comfort is of no concern to me, it's my traveling companion I want to enjoy and don't worry, we will keep our clothes on!"

The attendant blushed slightly, fixed the seats and left.

Nevertheless it was quite a sight to see Eyal's 6'2" frame settling in the small quarters but Sharon was very comfortable wrapped in Eyal's arms!

"I love this, but are you sure you're up to being cramped up for two hours! What a way of putting the magic and romance back into flying…..well at least for short people!"

"If you promise a full body massage to get the kinks out upon arrival, I'll endure!"

"Promise! Returning to our conversation, E, why didn't you share your thoughts about the consequences of getting engage? Together, we could have come up with a plan. The Mossad is your life line. I don't want to be responsible for you leaving your agency, your country..."

"Stop, I'm not leaving my country, I'm Israeli and that will never change. As for my agency, it will always be mine. I didn't quit, I retired with full benefits! There's a clause stating I can return at any time in a desk job. This security company is listed 7th in its field, it's well established. Mossad has already called on its services and your father asked me for its portfolio. So WE will be back with our respective agency, just not in the same way. Love, don't worry, I'm comfortable with my decision. I can work as I wish, take the missions I want, play the field as I deem. You, darling, are also not ready to quit, I'm pretty sure of that!"

Eyal stopped talking and kissed Sharon's forehead delicately. He had notice she was in pain and, like a well-trained spy, trying to hide it…!

"Love, my uncle prescribed some pain killers. Think it would be best if you took one. What do you say?

"Hand one over, seems my body is resisting being comfy and cozy with a very sexy and caring man by my side. It got use to being ruffed up and wants his daily beating!"

Eyal wince and squeezed her shoulders "Wish I could have gotten to you girls before they ruffed you up. Sharon, with this security company, you will be able to choose your missions or event if you prefer a desk job in accounting or else. It will be up to you. I will seem like an overprotective boyfriend but I'd prefer you stay out of harm way for some time. You need to get over/deal with these nightmares you are wrestling with."

"Eyal, I'm OK. You buying this security company is THE perfect solution for us. I'm just preoccupied that you no longer being involved directly with the Mossad will come to haunt us."

"Darling, you've changed me in many ways. Being with you, I'm learning to live my life instead of suicidally blasting through it. This last mission made me realize that I couldn't be objective when you are involved, especially if you're in danger. If Annie hadn't talked some sense into me, I would have bolted Rambo style into the room and swept you/Ziva out of there. That would have equaled death for all of us. I can't work for any agency with that kind of MO, can't take such a risk."

"Eyal, Annie talking to you did not change the way you worked that mission. Yes, you might have been thinking as a human being instead of a robot, which must be new and frightening! (Eyal rolled his eyes at that quote!) But thinking is not acting. You would have taken the right course of actions, just as you did when those bast_rd brought women and children for collateral damages! You're a mission driven man Eyal, you can't change that. It's a trait I particularly love and admire in you!"

His jaw tightened and his eyes flashed hurt. "Great, you love that I'm willing to kill women and children to complete a mission."

Sharon knew she had to intervene immediately! She had opened a wound that needed to be closed rapidly.

"Eyal, look at me….. E …now!"

She cupped his face and gently brought it up to hers. The internal turmoil that mirrored in his eyes saddened her.

"Eyal, you are not responsible for those deaths. You were on a mission, a very dangerous mission for a one man 'team' plus your actions were all protocol. There wasn't any other way."

"Sharon, if you use the words 'for the better good' I'm going to throw up."

Eyal sat up, he couldn't take this flashback lying down, and he was truly nauseated.

Sharon kneeled up next to him and kissed him strongly, he gave in and went with the current, so to say. When Sharon sense the sexual tension that existed between them was out of the way, she 'attacked' again.

"E some missions are complete hell and for us to be successful we have to bend our internal rule book: 'Ça passe ou ça casse' (it's make or break) as we say in French. Eyal read this headline out loud, please."

Sharon handed Eyal a daily paper.

"Sharon, stop…"

"Read it, E"

"Gaza ceasefire holds as Israeli-Palestinian peace talks continue in Egypt.Hopes for Israel-Palestine peace raised once again"

"There's more, read on"

Eyal sighed deeply but read on. "On Monday, both sides agreed to open-ended ceasefire terms. Peace talks will resume in Cairo within a month.

Terms agreed on include opening border crossings, "enabling the rapid entry of humanitarian aid," as well as construction supplies for rebuilding. Monitoring will ensure reconstruction is solely for civilian purposes. Effective immediately, coastal fishing waters will expand from three to six nautical miles. They'll gradually increase to 12 miles by year end."

"That's what you have to take out of your mission. I'm going to ask you, point blank: As I see it… you had two choices: Detonate those bombs or just walk away. Could you walk away Eyal?"

Eyal looked at her, put his head down and answered "No, I couldn't."

"Well …"

To that she laid back down, pulled him towards her and looked him strait in the eyes.

"Eyal, you're good at what you do and good comes out of it. Good men have nightmares, they wrestle with and through them, bad men…. they just sleep through the night. You're a good man Eyal, never doubt that."

"Doesn't make it right. Hate crossing my 'limit' line. You, my lady are quite a shrink ! It's new and must admit pleasant having someone to talk it through with. It beats punching a bag or a wall!"

Sharon laughed….." Or throwing all that is available till I pass out from exhaustion (Eyal eyes widened at that statement and he took a mental note of it!) E…..I also might need a shoulder soon. Darn nightmares are back. I'm scare that someday they will never go away. When I'm held hostage or in some sort of deadly danger, my accident with Sarah always resurface and the nightmares return. Why?"

It was Eyal's turn to play shrink. "Sharon it's simple: What happened with Sarah shook you to the core, you were confronted with pure Evil. These nightmares will always be part of you. I live with them, Robin lives with them, Ziva lives with them and I'm sure a time will come when Annie will have to live with them. When you're force to eliminate a target, you're the one pulling the trigger. By the time you pulled that trigger, you came face to face with the reasons. It's a yes or no decision. I'm not saying that eliminating a target is 'easy' but captivity in a life and death situation or you becoming a target… THAT greatly plays at your brain/common sense. Rubbing shoulders too often with Evil makes it become a part of you. For some spies, Evil sometimes takes over. Ziva came close to falling in that trap. She's fighting hard to regain some humanity/sanity in her ways of thinking and living. Your sister Robin crossed that line and had to seek some pretty harsh therapy. Her having a baby is just what might save her and bring her back to the living! Crossing that damm line was strait where I was heading before I met Annie then you.

"I can't believe that Eyal."

"Believe it, I can still go there quite easily. You've seen me a couple of time… remember when I handle Hans, you really want me to tell you what was my thinking when ….


"When I killed him…Sharon, it's a part of me, it's there. Better you tell me now if you can't live with it. I love you truly but for this relation to work, you have to accept my 'dark' side. It will resurface and sometimes it won't be pretty."

"Yes, I know it's there, can't say that I like it, but I accept it. I've seen Robert's dark side but like you, he manages it. I was only 8 but I remember that look in my mother's eye when she left…. I imagined she had crossed that line one time to many!"

Sharon just put her arms around his neck, pulled him towards her and whispered "I love you so much, it scares me!

Eyal slid back and playfully pulled Sharon on top of him. "Think I'm going to have trouble with the 'Don't take your clothes off' protocol."

"Think your 3 sails are going to have quite a weekend, are you sure they are discreet enough."

"Don't know… they've never seen me with a woman before."

"Wow… they're surely the only ones!"

To that Eyal bit her lips and she responded by approaching her knee a bit too close to his manhood! Eyal let out a sharp and high pitch sound that must have awaken some light sleepers on the plane. Rapidly regaining his wits he whispered -

"Careful darling, don't mess around with that exceptional gift from mother-nature!"

"We are full of one selves, aren't we?"

To that the light dimmed meaning the plane would soon be landing. The attendant came to put the seating arrangements back into sitting form.

"Just in time, I was just about to disobey the 'keep your clothes off' directive."

Again the young attendant blushed.

Sharon lightly slapped him. "Eyal, you're impossible!"

"Love, on planes, my clothes usually comes off and the attendants are blushing a lot more and not from my words!"

Regaining her composure, the attendant rolled her eyes and said

"Seems we've met a couple of times on flights and as I remember you were mostly alone and always a perfect gentlemen. My colleagues never bragged and you are very much worthy of 'bragging' gossip. My guess is that your lady companion does not have to worry, you're the old fashion faithful type of man!" She winked at Sharon and was off.

Sharon was bending over laughing and Eyal was long faced and stunned.

"Oh, that's the best respond I've heard in my lifetime. The look on your face… priceless. Wait till I tell Annie of this!

"What is said in Athens, stays in Athens, PLEASE! Let's get out of here." was all Eyal could manage!

As Sharon and Eyal were stepping off the plane, the attendant slipped Eyal a calling card and whispered 'Call me'. She then winked at Sharon. It was Eyal's turn to blush. Sharon was having a field day with this!

Arriving to Eyal's boat, Sharon whistled

"Nice, Eyal, real nine, a Bermuda rigged ketch with a cruising Spinnaker! Even have some Jack Lines set up. First class secured accommodations, why am I not surprised!"

"Sharon, just how much do you know about boats and sailing?"

"Technically nothing, never followed a course but sailed lots of times with my ex. Dave. He was a very well trained navy man and I'm a fast learner. How did you learn how to sail?"

"From a friend, books, trial and errors… lots of errors!"

"You didn't take the smallest/easiest of boats the start with. Your sails are the best but not the easiest ones to manage. How many times did the boom hit you?"

Eyal chuckled… she definitely knew a couple of things about sailing. Seeing that she boarded his ship with ease and without asking his help made him sure of that!

"I stopped counting! Come on let's get you settle. We won't be sailing out tonight."

"Coward….It's a whole different ball game when you feel it and not see it. Did you ever try?"

"Yes with a friend but never alone and I don't intend to try tonight! End of discussion"

Sharon knew when to call it a quit with Eyal and this was one 'it'.

"Oups… E… I didn't pack anything. Hope you have a T-shirt I can borrow for the night! I will need to go shopping before we sail."

Eyal came and surrounded Sharon with his arms and whispered "Your 'OLD FASHION' man has got that covered, love. Had a friend do some shopping and gave her very detailed directions."

"Oh you did… how many meter of fabric do I have at my disposal?"

"That friend was your sister Robin, your virtue should be safe! Since my boat had not been out in a while I asked Vincent and her to take it out, fix what needed to be fixed, stock it up with food, wine and other commodities."

Sharon twitched her nose "So a woman did set foot on this boat before me!"

"I said: No women has set foot on this boat with me. I've lent it many times to family and friends. Mossads is not big on vacations so I made sure others enjoyed it!"

Eyal …..About Robin…"

Eyal eyes suddenly became a shade darker "Ah yes… seems you've been keeping a couple of important facts from me! For Robin when did you find out?"

"Euh… about two weeks ago…Robin was scared you'd send her back to London, she wanted so much to help us.. You especially. She's been trying to make it up to you since she's with the A team."

"She doesn't have to 'make up' nothing to me. Sending her to London is just what I would have done! What where you two thinking? She could have been capture as you were….. Robin should not have been in the field especially with the danger of the mission! I really like to know why you did not trust me enough to come to me. Sharon, I understand and accept that there is/will be secrets between us but you should have come to me with THIS situation."

"Eyal it was a group decision… Robin told us girls and made us promise not to tell. I was NOT OK with Robin, Annie and Ziva but I folded."

"Sharon, I need to be able to trust that you will come to me with important facts or situations. I know some secrets can't be told but this situation should have been brought to my attention."

Sharon accepted the glass of wine Eyal was offering her and cuddled into him.

"Eyal we are… oups were (past tense now!)… spies from rival agencies, you can't expect me to change my ways at the snap of a finger! Guarding ourselves is ingrained in us. We are going to fight more than once on this point, I'm sure! You said I've been keeping a couple of things … is there more? Might as well clear the air now!"

"Well….. does the name Isaac Walker ring a bell?"

Sharon's face went blank. "You know about Isawak?"


"Sorry, it's is codename. The first day we all met in Joan office, seeing Annie, the resemblance hit me. Called Isawak just after our meeting and he confirmed being Annie's father. Ziva was faster than me in recognising him. She saw Annie, looked at me and I confirmed her suspicion. They look so much alike and have the same qualities and work ethic! Believe me I know from where Annie get her very good sense of intuition and stubbornness."

"Keeping this from me I can understand but how could you keep it from Annie?"

"Eyal, we (me and Ziva) had/still have strict order from Kidon's to keep our mouths shut. Maybe things have changed but Isaac had a price on his head and he's been in hiding for now 20 years. It's a Kidon related matter, you of all people should know what that means."

"Who had a price on his head? Give me at least the code name of that mission"

"Can't tell you, please don't get mad. If he's showing himself it must mean that the treat had been lifted. Talk to Rivka or Isaac himself…. can't ….."

Sharon choked on that last phrase and was having trouble breathing, Eyal immediately recognized the sign of a panic attack. He knew too well the bind Sharon was in. He had had a 5 years sting with Kidon's and for a couple of cases he had the same orders: TBK = Talk and Be Killed! If he had known, he would never have asked Sharon to come clean.

"It's OK, calm down, calm down. You're safe, no one is going to hurt you. I know where you're at, I won't pursue it."

The only thing Eyal could do now was to hold her as tight as possible. They were sitting in the cockpit of the boat so it was safe to move around. Eyal grabbed one of the sleeping bags and wrap it around her as a blanket. That seemed to calm her a bit.

"Darling, I'm sorry, you should have told me it's a Kidon's TBK. I would have known not to press any further."

"It's OK, not your fault, you couldn't know. I usually don't react in that way. Hate not being in control of my own emotions!"

"Shutttt, it will pass, time has a way of putting things in perspective. Think of nothing but this open space. It's late and you need to get some sleep."

"Eyal, I'm guessing you are also in need of some sleep. Give me the meds your uncle prescribed for me. If we both get a good night sleep, it will be better for us tomorrow. Don't worry, the dreams will be still there, they usually don't go away that easily. Not my first time fighting them but having you by my side will be wonderful! My dad and sister are OK but you… well…."

"You sure for the meds? (Sharon nodded and put her hand out for Eyal to give her the sleeping aid.) OK then, let's get you settle in the master cabin."

Sharon weakly tried to protest but he picked her up, carried her to the cabin and laid her gently on the huge bed.

Looking around, Sharon was stunned; large sitting area including a spectacular elevated marbled whirlpool bath overlooking a king-bedded sleeping room.

"Wow Eyal, this is some cabin, custom made?"

"My plans but not my doing. Let's say the original cabin looked more like our Cuddle-Class seating in the plane. By now you know a bit about my needs….."

"Well, this is a dream cabin. Why such a large bed? Didn't you say it was your 'solo' hideaway? You can have a harem in this bed."

"Why don't I show you why such a large bed….. Mrs. Welby!"

"Sorry…. I'm already feeling the effects of the sleeping pills. But we can cuddle up together, both get a good night sleep… a morning christening also works quite well!"

"Your wishes are my command my lady!"

It didn't take long for Sharon to fall asleep. He tried to fight sleep but followed close by!

He was brutally awoken a couple of hours later. Sharon was fighting with an imaginary enemy and she landed quite a blow just beneath his left eye.

Eyal shook his head 'Lavin, you are going to have quite a shiner! When are you going learn never to let your guard down, sleeping pills or not.

To care for Sharon, he knew the drill. Having been there himself and also with some fellow agents! He got up and kneeled down near Sharon who by now was huddled on the floor. The only thing to do was keep her from hurting herself (and him) all the while trying to calm and reassure her.

It was now morning, Sharon awoke to the smell of fresh coffee. She found Eyal in a telephone conference so decided to make herself useful in the kitchen. Entering the small quarters of the kitchen, she noticed that her breakfast was served.

'Well not going to be able to help in the kitchen….. Eyal has it covered! What time did he get up! Maybe I can prepare the boat for sailing.'

Sharon knew the trickiest part of a voyage or cruise was the short leg between any harbor entrance and dock, both on the way in and the way out. Getting familiar with this marina would not be time lost. So that's where Eyal found her when he finally finished his conference call.

Eyal teased her by kissing her neck repeatingly.

"Sorry to leave you to care for yourself. My friend's health took a turn for the worst so we now have to arrange a power of attorney to run the company. A bit earlier than expected."

"Eyal…Oh my god… what happened to your eye?"

"You….. my lady have a pretty good right hook, even in your sleep!"

"No… I couldn't, didn't…. the sleeping pills…"

"Oh they worked perfectly, you didn't wake up once while having some pretty bad nightmares!"

Sharon went up to Eyal and delicately put up her hand to his eye.

"I'm so sorry."

"Sit down," he ordered gruffly, but his eyes were twinkling with mirth.

"Sharon, suck it up. I'm not a kid that needs to be comforted by mommy dearest. It only a black eye, nothing life threatening. Not your fault, I should have been prepared for it. Not my first time nursing a colleague in that way! I'm giving you two ways of reacting: Laugh at me or scold me for not avoiding it. Tears and sorry are forbidden!"

Eyal tone of voice and words left Sharon fighting more to keep the tears from flowing. Keeping a "stiff upper lip" was really not Sharon's strong suite so it took less than one minute for tears to win and come down on her cheeks!

Eyal opened up his arms "Come here, for this once, cry as much as you want to but promise me when you're finished you will never cry for the same reason again!"

Sharon didn't know if it was Eyal words or seeing him for a first time with a black eye but she just burst out laughing.

"Now that's more like it, better than feeling sorry for me. Like I just said, before sailing out we need to get to Dark Security's office in Athens to read and accept Marc's power of attorney."


"Sharon, this company is half yours. Too late to argue papers are already printed and I'm not paying to have them change. Also there is another small but important detail we have to settle before we sail….. We have to get married!


"Didn't I mention that before we left Jerusalem?"

"You certainly did not…. You only told me about your purchase on the plane! This is too much Eyal! Yesterday I didn't know if I would live the next 24 hours, stopping those terrorist from beheading me was my only worry: Today, I learning that I'm the 50% owner of an important Security company and getting married. Think I'm going to be sick! "

Eyal looked around, found what he was looking for and handed Sharon an aluminium pail that was hanging on deck.

"Here, you have 5 minutes to be sick and get dressed. Take my advice... be sick first, you won't have to get dressed twice, it will save time!"

Sharon just went numb and looked at Eyal. He shot her his best smirk smile and said.

"Look…. if it's the wedding that's preoccupying you, promise you can organise one as you wish with later on. I'll accept all your wimps…! Today, I would like for us to finalise this deal as a legally married couple. Mark, the security company owner doesn't have much time left and it would be a less complicated if we can buy the company as a married couple. Giving you 50% afterward will be expensive on lawyer fees. Sharon, we are equal partners in this purchase. I won't sign on the dotted line if you don't!"

"Eyal, I don't need to be your equal partner. The owner is your friend, your deal then it should be your company."

"I'm hurt, are you saying NO to marrying me?"

"EYAL…. Stop. Can we discuss this without you smirking! How can I take your demand seriously?"

"Don't you find the situation we are in just a bit overwhelming. Who else but us could end up needing to get married in order to buy a very profitable but dangerous business in less than six hours notice! Unless you are really not sure about wanting to marry me… "

"No, that part I'm sure of. I love you and nothing you can do will change that. Also, I love the idea of getting married with no frills. Don't worry about me wanting to plan another wedding… not going to happen. It's just that…"

"Oh…. I forgot to mention… invited your kids, Avi, your dad, my mom, plus uncle En, Gaby, Hanna, Robin, Vincent and Ziva. Annie and Auggie can't make it. News update: Annie has 'family' problems (she's not taking well having a 'daddy'), she accepted a very dangerous mission and Auggie is not liking it. Sorry but A&A are not in a good place just now. Your brother Andy sends his love but he can't make it in time!"

Eyal pressed a button on his phone: Love, our guests are waiting for your answer!"

Sharon went a shade paler…. "I'm going to kill you!"

"Really not the answer I/they were waiting for. Can you kill me after the wedding and after we co-sign this business deal… your monetary future will be much better!"

"You're crazy impossible! YES, I'll marry you!"

To that she heard cheers from the phone and felt Eyal's lips descending rapidly and hungrily on hers. He whispered,

"Thanks for accepting this crazy situation. Promise, it's not my style, I'm usually more of a planner. You're really a good sport!"

He got on his knees and proposed in a more traditional way: "Sharon, will you do the honor of becoming my wife?"

"Yes, I love you so much."

After a very long kiss and the boys comments, from the phone, for them to get over each other…Eyal thanked all, hung up and said.

"Darling, I have one other demand; it will be a civil marriage but could you stay at my right side. I'm a bit of a traditionalist and in Psalms (45:10) it is said 'The queen stands on your right hand in fine gold of Ophir.' In Jewish tradition the bride is a queen, and the groom a king. You are truly my queen!"

"Eyal, it will be my pleasure… that flight attendant was right… you are the old fashion faithful type of man… I'll let you in a little secret… I love it! Is there anything else I should know about some Jewish tradition you would like to respect?"

"Well there is a small difference for the rings and ring finger: For the ring finger, it's closeness to the heart - Christianity thinks it's the left ring finger; Judaism thinks it's the right index finger. The heart is essentially in the middle anyway so it doesn't matter much to me! For me fidelity is the most important meaning of the ring. It has less to do with the heart than a strong conscience and sense of integrity. The use of plain gold rings, owned by family members of the groom, without gems reflect the unbroken circle that represents a pure and eternal union. My mother has my father's parents' rings (my grand-mother and grand-father). They are ours to use but we can get new ones. I know of a Jewelry that is on our way. Usually there is no ring for the groom but granddad seemed to have one!"

"Those rings and index finger are quite OK with me as long as you are the groom"

"We have a bit a time, why don't we have that boat christening we talked about!"

"Having sex before marriage is a no no in both our religions."

Eyal whispered "That's one tradition I will not abide to. Come on, we have less than 2 hours of 'alone time', let's make the most of it! Love, 'Mate' on my boat is not a rank; it's an order."

A little less than two hours later our couple were on route to the law offices of Tolga Rallergi. It would be a very full afternoon, first the wedding then the reading of the power of attorney and lastly the closing of the business deal.

"Eyal just love your choice of cars!"

"Not my first choice but somehow knew you'd like it. Sharon, you should take some meds for the pain. We will be cramped in a lawyer office for the better part of the afternoon. Your body is bound to feel pain."

"I'm ahead of you. Took two pills just before leaving." Eyal nodded approvingly.

"Eyal, after all our business is done, could we stay a bit with our family and friends. I'd really like to take some time to talk, missed them so much!"

"The sea will still be there tomorrow, darling. They are all staying at the Athenaeum Athens for the night…. I can call and reserve one more room for us, maybe we can even get a nuptial suite."

"Wow… and you are always saying that MI-6 agents are 'privilege'. Think you are right up there with MI-6, Mr. Lavin. That hotel is a five stars accommodation and it has a magnificence view of the Acropolis from their renowned rooftop restaurant the Première! By the way, you'll need to call for two rooms."

Eyal was stunned "Sharon, you do realized we will be married, no need for two rooms."

"Just do it Eyal and don't ask questions. Think I deserve at least this request from you after all you've dumped on me today. It's important… pleaaaaaaaaaaaaase!"

"OK, but I'm sleeping with you tonight, that's non-negotiable."

"No worry, I'm looking forward to it! OH NO…Eyal…. Your eye, it's black and blue!"

"Yes Sharon, that's why it's called a 'black eye'."

"But we're getting married, photos etc. I'm sure a good make-up artist can cover it."

"No way, you gave it to me, I'm going to make sure you remember it always!"

"Eyal, I don't want to cry every time I look at our wedding photos. It's important to me, please get some make-up on it."

He gazed down at her, a wry smile on his lips - his eyes mocking her.

"OK love, if it's that important to you. Text your daughter or sister to get a make-up artist ASAP at the hotel."

Pulling into the parking, Eyal sense Sharon was getting nervous. Normal, the news was sinking in… he had had his moments earlier this morning! He was impressed at how well Sharon had coped with these tornado like happenings. Mark's health had deteriorated overnight, the doctors were giving him 24 maybe 48 hours before dementia brought on from the cancer metastases that spread in the brain. That urgency had set on quite a roller-coaster for Eyal. The power of attorney for Eyal and Sharon to act in the owner's name had to take place TODAY! He had, with the help of Mark's law office organized everything in less than an hour. Except for Annie and Auggie, all their family members could be present. MI-6 private plane to the rescue…. again! Luckily for him, a flight from Tel Aviv to Athens took only 2 hours and one from London 3 1/2. Everyone was SURPRISED by his news but they all agreed to be there!

Eyal and Sharon guests were all waiting in the lobby. They greeted them with hugs and kisses. Eyal black-eye was the talk of all. Let's say everybody knew it was of Sharon's doing but nobody knew the how and why. Spies never tell the whole truth! The make-up artist did wonders and Eyal was looking as handsome as ever.

Eyal took Sharon aside. "Sharon I'd like for you to meet Mark, he won't be able to attend the wedding but will be with us as long as he can for the business part. He has a room here and I'm sure he'd like to meet you without stuffy lawyers present."

"I'm with you Eyal, let's go."

Excusing themselves from their guess, they went up to Mark's room. Entering, Eyal backed up a bit. Seeing his friend with only skin and bones plus rattle by pain, hit him hard. Sharon realized his hurt, gave his hand a squeezed and his body a small push forward.

Eyal said "Mark, we can go if you are not up to this meeting."

"Eyal I may be weak and hurting like hell but I want to see the woman that finally stole your heart. Stop blocking my view Lavin, show me this girl!"

Sharon approached Mark very slowly. "Young lady, let me look at you. Funny I imagine you would be taller but the rest fits with what I pictured. A girls next door looks, nothing like the tall, glamorous and sexy things Eyal liked to sleep with … oh hell I'm dying, time to tell it as is… liked to have sex with! That man of yours was quite a Casanova, hope you knew of this. If not think you two should talk before getting married! You a spy also?

Sharon would not have answered this question but she trusted Eyal nodding 'it's OK' to her. "Yes, I'm MI-6. Don't know if you know him but I'm Robert Jackson's daughter."

'I know him well my dear child, I know him well! Have a newsflash for you: I'm an ex-MI-6 field operative."

Sharon looked at Eyal 'Did you know this?"

"Well yes … does it change something?"

"No but it makes this deal a bit more 'personal', you should have told me Eyal!"

"Hey you two, don't fight please… not now. I don't have much time left don't want to waste it watching you two fight!"

Mark made a grab for a pan, he needed to vomit. Sharon was rapidly by his side to assist him.

"Damm I wish I knew how to take this taste out of my mouth. Chemo treatments leave a permanent metal taste in my mouth. If I could only find a way to make it go away, my last hours would be so much better!"

Sharon eyes went round. "Eyal, I have somewhat of an emergency, need to speak to Ziva. Promise to be back shortly. Mark, I'm sorry, really have something I need to do, promise I'll be back in less than 30 minutes."

Eyal didn't quite understand but trusted that it was important. "Go but be sure not to leave me standing at the alter so to speak!"

Sharon went directly to Ziva. 'Ziva need your language skills and for you to get me to the nearest Candy store."

"WHAT, Sharon what's up? If you're having a craving for sweets… just get a chocolate bar out of a vending machine."

"No, it's not for me! I need an old fashioned candy I ate as a kid. My father use to give it to his patient that had cancer and were undergoing Cobalt treatment. That was before chemo and it did awful things to a human body… believe me. Eyal's friend Mark said he would just like to get that same awful taste out of his mouth. I think some 'Hot lips' could do just that. Ziva it's important, do you know of a candy store that stocks up 'old candies'. I know the US and Canada has them."

"Let me make a call. I know of a shop near Syntagma square. They say it's a heaven for candies and sweets, it's called At Mustakas."

Ziva made the call and said "They have your hot lips and also my favorite - those sugary cigarettes."

Sharon responded "Can you get me there? I have a rental you can drive. Let's go now!"

"Don't know how you and Eyal are made but you two seem to be very well paired. It go go go fast fast fast… wonder what you two do went you have a bit of time on your hands!"

Sharon shot Ziva a very 'You should know!' look.

Ziva's shoulders slumped" OH how stupid of me… You have sex….what was I thinking! Wow a Ferrari Sharon! I'm going to be driving a Ferrari!"

Ziva and Sharon were back in less than 15 minutes. Ziva wanted to take the car for a test drive, Sharon agreed and ran back to Mark's room. As she entered, she saw Eyal holding Mark's hands. She could see her soon to be husband had tears building up in his eyes. He wiped them rapidly… Mark picked up on Eyal discomfort.

"Too late, Eyal, you're busted. You're lovely wife now knows you are human after all!"

Sharon handed Mark a huge bag. Both men looked at her, then at the bag.

"Candies….?" Mark looked at Sharon.


"Darling, lose the Sir…it's Mark, please"

"Mark, my real father (Robert adopted me) was a doctor. In those days cancer patients had to go through Cobalt treatment. They often said, as you did, it left an awful metal taste in their mouth. One day I left my favorite candy in his office and one of his patient complained of that taste. He looked at my bag of candy and just offered his patient some. To his surprise his patient became ecstatic and asked for more. Seems the metal taste was masque by the cinnamon in the candy. I was lucky to find those same candies in Athens. Hot Lips are a soft and chewy cinnamon flavored candy in lip shape!"

"Well at this point, I'll try anything. The only thing it can do is kill me and I'm already at death's door so I have nothing to lose with a little sweetness."

He took a piece and laughed at the lipped shape candy, took a small bite and Sharon saw his eyes change. Found memories flooded her vision. She had seen it often in her father's patients. The candies were again operating a small miracle. Mark was now reaching for his second piece and tears were streaming down his face.

"Lavin, if I wasn't so sick, I would steel that girl from you! She's a keeper, Eyal. Sharon, you've made my day. I might have diabetes added to my long list of ailments but those candies are doing miracles for my taste buds. Add this to Eyal giving me some pot…."

"What…?" Sharon looked at Eyal.

"Eyal Lavin did you pass Israel's and Greece's security with pot on you?!"

'Oups… Eyal…. you didn't tell her!" Mark seemed to have fun with the couple 'fight'!

Eyal sheepishly said "Seems I forgot….!"

Mark continued "You two are cracking me up! This is the most fun I've had in months. Please don't change! My employees are going to have a field day with the two of you! How I'd like to see you two settle into this new work. From what I'm seeing, you have what it takes. Here are a couple of recommendations: "Don't lose your sense of humor and TRUST each other. Sharon that fast thinking of yours is going to be an asset in this line of work. Do the same for clients as you just did for me. You listened to me complaining about my taste buds problem and in no time conjured up a winning solution to my problem… Time is money for clients and that's is what is you two are going to have to adapt to. No more agency files and protocol! The faster you can think of a viable/winning solution for your client's problem, the faster you'll get paid. Use your wits Sharon, you seem to have quite a lot!"

Eyal noticed that Mark was getting tire, he signal to Sharon that it was time to leave.

"Eyal can I just have a couple of words before you go. Sharon, it was wonderful meeting you and thanks for those Hot Lips! Please don't take this the wrong way but I need to talk to Eyal man to man."

Sharon kissed Mark, assured him that his wanting to talk to Eyal was OK and she was off.

"What's up Mark, having second thoughts about selling your business?"

"You and Sharon buying my baby is the best thing that's come out of this cancer hell! It pleases me to know my work family (my employees) will have the best of the best. No, Eyal I want to speak to you about a competitor of mine that is in real deep shit. He's one of the best man for our type of business but he has a bad apple in his ranks. His company is at the point where if he can't find the mole, he's going to have to fold. I know it's asking a lot, especially since you are 'a rookie' in this world but could you look in this matter…. as I favor to me. As I see it, I'm still the Boss... so this would be my final mission. Rapidly here's his bio:

Ryan McQuaid -a headstrong and charming former Navy SEAL. He's the CEO of McQuaid security, a multi-billion-dollar private military company. He's talented and hugely successful in my (now your) world! You two have a lot in common and should meet. He could help you and Sharon get a handle on things and in exchange you could help him find that bad apple. You, my dear friend have more of a dark side, it's a needed quality for this dog eat dog world you are embarking in. Ryan has a bit too much of a soft side… and that's why he has not found the mole!"

"Explain to me why are you helping a competitor?"

"Not really a competitor. We offer somewhat different kind of services but what separated us the most is our location: He services the America's and I'm in Europe, Asia and a bit of Africa. We've helped each other often. He's the only one I trust…even as much as I do you. You'll need a friend in this business and Ryan is the only one I'll recommend."

Mark's voice was getting weaker by the second so Eyal decided it was time to go if he wanted Mark to be ready for their important pm meeting!

"Mark get some rest. You have my word that my first mission will be to help this guy. I heard of his name but don't know him personally. I will contact him, you can count on me!"

"Here is the full file on this matter. Read Sharon in, you might need a woman's point of view. McQuaid is quite a women's man…. Another thing in common with you, Eyal! You two should get along fine or fight each other like hell!"

Returning to the lobby where all were waiting for him, Eyal was met by Sharon.

She had a look on her face that he was weary about. "Sharon what's up?"

"Come with me, I have a surprise for you but promise it won't bite…. Well I hope it won't!"


"Just shut up, my turn to get your heart rate to accelerate a bit!"

Just as Eyal entered the room where their wedding ceremony was to take place, he saw three new faces… Rivka Singer, Jacob and Rufus.

Seeing Rivka looking at him with that special but disgusted look she could so coldly master made Eyal knees give out. Sharon had to scramble to steady him. Vincent was rapidly by his side.

"You OK man? It's been a hell of a day, you should sit down and rest a bit!"

"Thanks Vince, I'm OK, just a bit shook up."

Eyal sat down next to Rivka.

"Rivka, you once told me you were banned with Egypt's border security. Having known you were free to travel in this country, I would have invited you! Knew you would have been hurt knowing about me getting married and you not being able to come! I planned on seeing you before we were off to London, believe me!"

"Eyal, the Mossad can work miracles when it wants and needs to. You were and still are our best! I managed to get special travel documents. I need a bodyguard but it's worth it. I could never miss your wedding. I'm happy for you!"

Next, Eyal turned towards Jacob and Rufus "Sorry guys, nothing personal, invited only close family. I'm delighted you are both here! "

Rufus said "Don't sweat it Eyal, we have a long history with Sharon! She married us, we were at her first wedding with that deadbeat and we were not going to miss the real thing with a real man, the best of the best….

Jacob added "and with a plus… he's Israeli!"

Eyal laughed at their words.

The wedding went off without a glitch. All could see that Sharon and Eyal were very much in love with each other. It was a brief, simple and very legal ceremony but the looks those two gave each other made most of the guests shed tears…. Even Ziva and Rivka. As soon as they had finished signing the necessary documents, MP, Kevin and Avi ran up to them and hugged them. A lot of so called adults watching this very special family could be seen wiping tears… who said spies did not show emotions!

Next was the closing of the Dark Security business transaction. Contrary to their wedding, it was long, boring, but necessary! Sharon surprised Eyal by asking to the point questions even having the head lawyer scrambling to change a clause that could be considered to be bias against (her). Mark was impressed and immediately signaled his lawyer to correct that clause immediately or forfeit his commission…. Let say that got the ball rolling pretty fast!

Mark closed the deal with "Eyal Lavin, Sharon Welby, I'm giving you the reign of my life's most precious possession, please treat it with care!

Sharon answered seeing Eyal was a bit too emotional at this point "It's a promise Mr. Mark!"

"You my dear have quite a future in the administrative side of this business. You should think of maybe sharing your time with field work and the legal/administrative part. Stop rolling those lovely blue eyes and promise to think about it."

"I will, and you take special care of yourself. I would love for you to see us preparing for our first mission."

"Oh….. I already have, darling! Talk to your husband… see he started out on the wrong foot…. Lavin get your tail over here!"

Sharon looked at Eyal approaching them and said "Seems you're already keeping secrets from me!"

"Sharon …. (Sorry can't write the next three Hebrew words!) I'm not keeping secrets, you surprised me with our three guests, we got married and bought a security company…. When could I have slipped 'Hey by the way, Mark just gave us our first mission? It consist of saving the hide of a competitor. Seems the CEO of that company is a carbon copy of myself but he has one problem… there a bad apple, a mole somewhere in his company. The file is yours to read, I wasn't hiding anything, just scrambling to squeeze another 12 hours in a 24 hours day!"

Mark shot Eyal a reproaching glance. "Eyal, back down. That tone of voice is not one you should use with your wife/partner! You are tired, I get it but nothing can excuse that arrogant tone of voice. Cancer and the pain that comes with it can redefine the priorities in life. You, Mr. Lavin have to tone down that temper of yours…. It will come to haunt you one day… believe me my friend. When you feel you're going to lose it, think of me… it might just give you the kick in the butt that's necessary to change your reactions!"

Eyal looked at Sharon "I'm sorry, didn't want to jump at you. I'm a loner and at this moment, must admit, I'm craving with some quiet time with me, myself and I."

"It's OK Eyal. We both had quite a day. You've been at it for longer than I have. You organized it all so as I see it it's my turn to hold the fort. Look everything is finished here, why don't you go up to our room and take an hour or so to just 'blank out'. I would love to mingle with our family and friends. I'll explain it all to them!"

"You sure?"

Sharon helped Mark get to his room and then escorted Eyal to theirs. She made him lie down, gave him a neck/ back massage… a couple of minutes later… Eyal was getting some much needed sleep!

Getting back down to her guests, Sharon was happy to be able to finally hug and kiss her father and children. All understood about Eyal's absence. Ima suggested to Sharon that it would be best to leave Eyal sleep the night and have an early morning brunch for him/her to celebrate with friends and family! All found it was a wonderful idea. Ziva dragged a protesting Sharon to her room. Robin and MP were designated to organize the brunch.

Trying to get into bed without waking Eyal turned out to be an impossible task. As soon as Sharon touched the side of the bed, Eyal shot up.

"Sharon… I'm awake, I'll get dress and join our guess. Had a very productive power nap! Thanks…"

"Eyal, party is over. Our friends and family decided it would be better to have an early brunch. Their thinking was that it would be best for us to have some sleep tonight!"

"Are you telling me I have you all to myself and can stay in this room till morning…? I love my family and friend….Pinch me… I need to be sure I'm not dreaming!"

To that he pulled Sharon to him "Love, you have to much clothes on for a new bride"

Eyal slowly unbuttoned her blouse, his fingers tracing the word LOVE on her breasts and chest after each button. Sharon grab to pull her blouse off when Eyal stopped her.

"Stop…I want to take things slowly. This night is going to be special for both of us."

"I'm with you… I don't plan on sleeping much. Not going to have those nightmares ruin my wedding night, so no sleep for me."

"Sharon, when you feel the need to sleep, do it. I'll be by your side. For now, I want to take it slowly and make love for the first time as husband and wife. The night is young, no sleeping pills for you, I'll watch over you. Evil doesn't stand a change of getting to you!"

Sharon, now naked, slides provocatively on top of Eyal. She could feel every part of her being touched by Eyal warmth. Looking in his eye, she was seeing his desire building up.

His gaze landed softly on her eyes and his voice was gentle "I want to make love to you, not just have sex!

"I seem to remember, while in the plane, me promising you a massage. I never go back on a promise."

To that Sharon started a full body, head-to-toe rubdown, including ALL body parts. Not only was this highly satisfying for him, but it was the greatest visual for her.

In the morning she opened her eyes to find Destiny's face only inches away from her. She reached for the file marked 'McQuaid security'.

To be continued….