Sharon sat up being careful not to wake Eyal. Marc had intrigued her with the McQuaid file. She reached for it!

'Funny, Eyal is normally up at the crack of dawn and always well before me! Maybe now that he's married and his own boss, he's going to start sleeping in… or he might be sick!'

Gently feeling his forehead and cheek, she was relieved, no sign of fever. She laugh, remembering doing the same with her kids when they slept in late… well before they became teenagers that is!

'He didn't even stir when I touched him… These last days were busy and stressful, though he'll never admit it, Israeli pride! Glad his body has enough sense to force him to get some needed sleep.'

Her gaze lingered at a peacefully sleeping Eyal. The first word that came to her was 'handsome'. Chuckling at that though, 'Handsome originates from the old English - hand and some, meaning 'easy to handle'. Girl, find another word to describe him, he is anything but easy to handle. That man's destiny is to fathom the mysteries of life ….maybe 'transcendental'. No, too complicated… let's stick with handsome…!

She was well through half the file when Eyal carefully opened one eye.

"Saw that, Mr. Lavin. Is being married making you lazy? Since I've been with you don't remember you sleeping in… well if you call 6 am sleeping in!"

Eyal looked at her with a teasing and arousing smile, "You may have to get use to changes in my usual ways. I don't have to impress you anymore, love!"

"No problem, I remember that happened with my ex. Dave. At about the same time I developed a permanent headache."

Eyal pulled Sharon down onto him, "Kidding love, just kidding, guest I just turned my spy-mind off."

"Took you long enough to learn, thought you'd never get it"

"You're a wonderful teacher. Talking about teaching - why don't you guide me on how to give a full body massage."

"You're fully trained on how to give massages, next to you I'm an amateur! We have a brunch to get to… remember."

Eyal was not backing down, holding her a bit more firmly, "Last night was wonderful, looking forward to more of your full body massages! It's early, we could exercise a bit and still get another hour's sleep?

Sharon was in a teasing mood "Forget it Casanova... Can't you see I'm otherwise occupied?"

Taking the file from her hands, Eyal continued, "I see curiosity got the best of you, that file was is for my eyes only but you just couldn't leave well enough alone!"

"Thought I was your equal partner?"

"Sharon, seriously, this file is not part of the Dark control deal. I'm taking it on as a personal favor to Mark. It's our competitor, delicate situation and it's got to stay off books and covert. "

"Delicate and complex involving Russians and Muslims from the Middle East. Eyal I'm interested, would like to help you. Could be interesting to see how we work together as a team."

"Mark said a woman's view would be helpful. He has a hunch the mole is a female. Nobody like a woman to get into a woman's mind. So you're in but I'm running point and no Annie moves! AM I CLEAR? (Sharon rolled her eyes and put her best angel face on!) Now Mrs. Lavin, let's get back to your night… seem you were up early?"

"Mrs. Welby.. keeping my name by the way! Didn't want to fall into deep sleep. Those nightmares were not going to spoil my wedding night and you, Superman, needed the sleep… didn't want spooking you or giving you another black eye!"

Eyal angrily talked to himself in Hebrew "Damn, why didn't you wake to me? I told you, I'd be there for you."

Realising his tone of voice and words were a bit harsh Eyal changed his approach.

Following the contour of her face with the back of his hand he said, "Darling, why don't you try to get at least a couple of hours sleep? It's only 6, brunch was called for 8:30. You can squeeze in a good 2 hours of sleep."

"Let's go for a walk or a run. Those nightmares are dark and brutal, thought I was over that dark period in my life. It's been at least 18 years since I've had those dreams… why now? I wasn't ruffed up that much and my capture was less than 3 days!"

"You and Ziva have quite a definition of 'ruffed up'. You're both black and blue from neck down and you're still taking pain killers…. What do you need to be 'badly ruffed up'? As for your nightmares, something must have triggered your memory. You do realise you are going to have to sleep at some point! Love, I'll be right next to you. You have to face and fight them, it's the only way… we both know that."

Sharon touched Eyal in a very sensual spot, "Why don't we take up where we left off just a couple of hours ago, you mentioned wanting to exercise!"

Eyal responded "Dear, I'll make love to you anytime/anywhere but I need to say 'no' this time. Sharon stop, don't! Talk to me about those dreams…I know you remember them clearly….. We always do. I'm been there, trust me. Had my uncle En's support and the Mossad has quite an expertise with those kind of problems… my brother Gaby specialise in that field!"

Eyal's voice had a killer combination: Deep and manly, but breathy and gentle.

Sharon surrendered, she rested her head on his chess, close her eyes, synchronised her breathing with his, focused on the strength/warmth of his arms around her and started talking.

"It's always the same. I'm with Sarah, we are scared out of our minds. I can feel my heart beating in my temples. Sarah's driving. Our car is bolting towards that damn car bomb. It hit us or we hit it, time stopped, life stopped, my thoughts were 'at least we saved the group of kids that was behind us'. Suddenly I realised that I'm not dead….The smell, the noise of falling debris, the bright lights, and the fire burning my face. I hurts so much, I can't breathe, I can't move, I just want to stop hurting… death would feel better, those so called soldiers laughing… and then I looked at Sarah. I can't go on, please don't make me."

Eyal pulled Sharon to him, held her firmly while stroking her hair and face. "Sharon, it's the only way. Tell me the whole dream, go there! Baby, I know it hurts, I love you."

Sharon was sweating profusely and sobbing. "I should have been driving. I had more experience in the field than she had. I hesitated, she pushed me aside and jumped in the driver's seat. With or without me, she was going to force the detonation of that bomb. It's because Sarah had trouble starting the car that I had time to jump in and help her hotwire that damn thing …I KILLED SARAH, I KILLED YOUR SISTER, I SHOULD HAVE BEEN ALONE IN THAT CAR!"

'Lavin, you have to be careful how you handle this. What I wouldn't do to be able to talk to Gaby! All those years, that's what was eating at her! She blames herself for Sarah death. Typically Sarah to want put herself in the line of fire… nobody could have stopped her….he chuckled…just like her big brother. So it's genetic! Now how to explain that to Sharon'

"Sharon, you are not responsible for Sarah's death. My sister was like me, worst even! It must be a family trait. We Lavin's seem to like putting ourselves in harm's way. Your father once called me the Mother Theresa of spies! Sarah was a Lavin, Mossad and Israeli, a deadly combination. Like it or not she was more prepared than you could/will ever be for that kind of hell. Yes, you hesitated but that didn't save your life. You also died in that accident. They revived you at least three, four time… my uncle told me they lost count! Maybe, just maybe you had a guardian angel watching over you….Sarah wanting to make sure you survived to save me…..It would be just her to do that!"

Those words seemed to help Sharon, she stopped sobbing. Eyal hugged her and continued.

"Love, I firmly believe my little sister was/still is looking out for her big brother. What are the odds that at 17, we lose our virginity to each other, live a somewhat parallel life but never connect again as our real selves, many years later meet face to face for a common mission, fall in love and marry. Those odds are next to none… faith intervened… Sarah intervened. She timed it perfectly…. had we connected earlier in life, you would not have liked what I was and where I wanted to go with my career. And me, seeing your 2 young kids, I would have run the other way! I was grieving on kid, don't think I could have handle the risk of losing two more!"

Holding Sharon close to him and whispering repeatedly while gently rocking her.

"You are not responsible for Sarah death, I don't blame you, I love you"

That succeeded in getting her to sleep. It was his turn to reach out for the McQuaid file. Spies will be spies!

Sharon awoke in Eyal arm and looked around… still in a daze.

He smile down at her "Hey… no dreams?"

Sharon reached up and kissed him lightly with a heartfelt thank-you

Eyal returned the kiss and responded ""Remember, next time you have nightmares, 'use me'. You up to taking a shower and getting ready for our brunch. We have a small 30 minutes. We could double up?"

A knock interrupted Eyal's words. Sharon ran to the door while Eyal was, again, speaking to himself in Hebrew!

Looking through the peephole, "It's Ziva. Answer the door and I'll get that shower. It'll give you two some privacy."

She kissed and thanked him again. He held her hand till she pulled it away teasingly.

Eyal went to the door and let Ziva in, "Ziva, as usual bright and early with, I presume, a mission!"

"Eyal, hope I'm not interrupting … ohhhh….what am I saying, with you two, I'm definitely interrupting!"

Ziva teasingly looked up at Eyal and he gave her his best I'm 'busted' smile!

She continued "I won't be staying for brunch. You told me not to disappear without us talking… well my plane leaves in three hours."

"Let me just warn Sharon I'll be leaving. Yes, I want to talk."

Eyal gently tapped on the shower door, Sharon opened and invited him in, Eyal winced.

"Love, told you I plan on speaking to each A-team member one on one, a group reunion is just not my style. Well, need to speak to Ziva before she disappears like she can so skillfully do! I might be a little late for 'meeting the family'. You think you can cover for me….again!"

"Don't worry, I'll just tell them you're sleeping again…. Jeepers creepers… don't give me that look…just kidding. E, you plan on offering Ziva a job with your company?"

"Our company, partner. That was my next question: You OK with that idea? Have a special deal I plan to run by her, fill you in later! Ziva's at a turning point in her life/career. If, at some points, she needs my help, I want to be there. Her father and brother didn't live up to their duties towards her. I want her to realise that she can count on me… show her what having a family really means. I consider her as my sister."

"My father was right… you are the Mother Theresa of spies: Cold and deadly with a touch of compassion and altruism, love you for it! I'm OK with you helping Ziva. She deserves a break. You seem to have trouble with the women in your life: I'm having nightmares, Ziva has pretty heavy existential questions, and Annie is dealing with an important but dangerous part of her past… You sure are a women's man!"

Eyal chuckled, "It's a bit more complicated with Ziva. She's one tough cookie. You're the soft one in that duo!"

Sharon brought him to her and kissed him hard, "Who's the softy?"

"I'm impressed, don't lose that 'toughness', I'll be back for more…Think I like it!"

Returning to Ziva "Come on GI-Jane, let's get a cup of coffee."

Settling down at a coffee shop not far from the hotel, Eyal started the conversation.

"Ziva, I know you sacrificed a lot to help me with this opp. You went against your personal quest to reduce your 'destruction footprint' so to speak. Our mission is over, we don't have all the answers and probably never will. Looking at the final result: 4 teenagers that were targeted to die as martyrs can now look forward to more of a 'normal' life plus you save Sharon's life by using your wits to get taken as a hostage: People are alive because of you. I owe you and a simple thank-you can never express my gratitude."

"Nice metaphor… 'Destruction footprint'…. fitting words, very fitting words! I'm going to keep that expression if you don't mind? But Eyal, you don't owe me."

"Ziva, I've done far more 'damage' than you have. One good dead will not erase the Evil. This quest of yours is a bit… excessive?"

"Eyal, if I can't find a way to be at peace with myself, I prefer to stay alone. I won't burden a friend and/or a lover with my trouble mind and soul. I carry to much guilt and darkness to be someone's better half!"

Eyal looked lovingly at Ziva. "Little sister… it's possible. I'm living proof. Why don't you just try?

"When I joined the Mossad then Kidon, I didn't choose to go dark and deadly, it was imposed/forced on me. They made a killer out of me, I wasn't one! You chose to open hell's door for your own reasons. That's the difference between us. I now have to look for a reason/a way for how to close, for good, hell's fires. Must admit though, at one point, I was sure you'd go to the dark side… permanently. Seen my brother, my father and so many colleagues go that way! Someone turned you around. It wasn't Sharon, the change operated before her… I'm guessing Annie?"

Eyal looked at his cup of coffee and made the liquid swirl.

"Yes, I fell for Annie a couple of years ago but she was at stage one in her career and I was at stage 4. A romance would not have worked out between us. I tried, believe me, I tried, still remember our close call after a drink at the Parchemin. Being in the field with her, seeing her youthfulness, that wonderful/naive smile, a stubbornness even worse than mine, her empathy towards others, her trusting me blindly, realising/liking that she sought me out when in trouble, it got…she got to me Ziva. Feelings I hadn't experienced in years came back. Funny, in a way, she prepared me to be able to fall in love with Sharon! Annie found an opening, a button I didn't realize existed: She made me able to love again. Being with Sharon feels right, I truly found my Beshert. Ziva, I can only wish that one day you can experience love in that way."

Ziva closed her eyes, it was as she was reminiscing an event… an enjoyable recollection

"Sharon seem to be YOUR perfect woman. Do you remember describing your dream girl when we 'celebrated' the end of your marriage in Rivka's office? Rivka never knew who had emptied her bar and nearly all the bars on that floor! So much for Mossad's security!"

Eyal put his head down and chuckle. "Had forgot that evening! We were young, naïve and my dear wife had just thrown me out. I was feeling guilty about being happy that marriage was over ….and leaving my kid behind. Had one hell of a headache the day after… that I remember! You care to refresh my memory at just how I described my dream girl?"

Ziva shot him a mocking smile "You don't remember? Normal, you were highly intoxicated but here are your exact words:

'My dream girl will need to love me no matter what, put up with me when I have those moments. She will need to be sweet, amazing, fantastic, and awesome. She will also need to stick by my side through thick and thin, comfort me in hard times and love me unconditionally no matter what! Someone I can spend my whole day with, and not get tired of, someone who can be my best friend, other half, lover. A girl with who I can be myself and not be judged. We can be weird together…..accept that there will be secrets between us. She needs to be an above average spy so I can do all of the above for her! I will probably never find that kind of girl, so Ziva looks like we're both bound to grow old and alone might as well be with each other! Let's drink to that?'

Her monologue finished, Ziva continued "After that you passed out, I carried/well dragged you to your apartment and put you to bed, my friend! Remembering your description made me realise that Sharon has most of the qualities you mentioned in that delirious state….At that time you were hurt and 'a fleur de peau' (French for emotions running high) so your words were what your soul needed to comfort it: they spoke heartfelt truth That may be why you fell hard and fast for Sharon, she answered your deep hidden needs in a woman! Please take good care of that insufferable partner of mine!"

Eyal was pensive but impressed at Ziva's memory. "I will Ziva! Could you text me my delirious monologue? Would like to share it with Sharon. You may be right for the reasons I fell for Sharon, from the start if felt right! Thanks for 'saving' them for me! Now Mrs. Ziva, back to you: You ever think of giving love a try: That Dinozzo guy seems OK. I checked him out. He has a sense of humour that plays well with that hell of a character of yours. I sense he's important to you, why don't you leave him in!"

"You checked Tony out… Why, when?"

"That's not important Ziva... You're a sister to me, you're family. I will always protect you, be there for you… I'm not your brother nor your father. I won't go away Ziva, I want was is best for YOU and I won't give up till I'm satisfied you're in a good place… mind and soul!"

"Dear Eyal, how I love you but I need to do this my way. Purge myself on my terms. I don't want to burden someone else with my hell. Too much has been decided for me, I want to get to know who I really am… I may just be a killer after all!"

"Ziva, just give me a couple of minutes more of your time. I came up with an idea that might interest you. What would you think of 'restauration' missions?"


Eyal looked sideways at Ziva and lifted his cup of coffee to throw her an imaginary toast.

"To maybe a new beginning, Ziva. Nowadays a private security company is looked upon as mercenaries in it for the money. I'm not a mercenary and will hate having that etiquette stuck on me. I'm not kidding myself, some clients will be from the dark side…. dirty money. I had this idea: Put a certain percentage of those revenues to a special fund, a restauration or rebuilding fund, call it as you wish. If for 'the better good' (hate those damn words) some heavy collateral damage occurs with some mission, we could rebuild, fix, help - a city, a family, a group of some sort … Those 'rebuilding' efforts would be your job Ziva. I'd be doing this for selfish reasons only. I don't want it to be known outside a small circle of people in the company. I'm not looking for publicity, I want to do something concrete and put dirty money to good use. You'd have you own little covert affairs! What do you think?"

"Eyal, that's a crazy idea. No company can afford this kind of project. If it would be possible to make wrongdoings right don't you think governments/agencies would be doing it?"

"Ziva, you will never change. I'm not telling you to go out and save the world. I'm giving you the possibility to make a difference one small stone at the time. Take those 4 kids we just rescued from death, what kind of life is awaiting them? I'm pretty sure the Mossad will just leave them to care for themselves after all of this blows over. With your knowledge, experiences, assets and friend in high and low place, you can give those four a new beginning. Rebuild them a life, a new identity, a new country… it would be all up to you. I'm giving you the money to do as you please. You can operate from whatever office you chose. I / well more we (Sharon is my partner in this) will make sure you get whatever you need or wherever you are needed plus the companies' personnel will be told to help you if needed. The only thing I would ask in return is that you keep Sharon and I read in on your projects. Maybe even write us a report…..just kidding! My request is not to control your actions but for Sharon and I to also reduce our 'Destruction footprint' "

"Eyal…" Ziva choked up, she lifted herself up and kissed him hard.

"Hey girl… I just got married remember, sorry you're too late. But please tell me you're going to give a guy a chance, you're a great kisser!"

"Eyal, you're a beautiful human being. Do you realize you just figured out a way for me to use my deadly skills, bad experiences, dark contacts and assets to do well? How did you come up with such a wonderful/workable idea with all you lived through this past 48 hours? It's a miracle, you are my miracle. Eyal, I love you… well in a sister-brotherly way. I gladly accept your offer and I will keep both of you updated… in a written state if that please you… I owe you at least that!"

"Ziva, I'm happy this idea can be a start to finding and accepting the real you. But stop the accolades, you know it's not my style. In all of this, please don't forget about 'love' Ziva! Coming back to the job I just offered you, I said I would not interfere with any of your plans but for your first mission could you….. well… take care of those 4 young adults, especially Jake1…"

"Eyal, stop… I knew my first 'restauration' was going to be the two Jakes plus the other set of twins. It will be a pleasure for me to make things right for them. Already have ideas. For Jake1, promise I'll come up with a way for him to stay with this new family of yours."

"Knew you were the right person for this job. Look, I need to get back to Sharon and our brunch but I will be in touch. Here is a 'passe-partout' card. It opens all of 'Dark securities' offices. Use it when necessary, it's your new playground Ziva! I'll be in touch. Shalom my sister."

Ziva pulled him to her and hugged him like a brother, a father… a family member! Both were off in their special way…. Disappearing into thin air… Annie would surely have smiled at their covert departures.

As soon as Eyal entered the hotel he noticed his mother waiting for him.

'Not good Lavin… well might as well face the music, whatever it is!'

"Ima, you waiting for me?"

"Sit next to me, Eyal. We need to talk."

"Ima, I'm already late…"


Eyal looked down at his mother and knew not to argue!

"Eyal, you know I'm not the meddling type but you can't keep those independent ways if you want it to work with Sharon. Disappearing, leaving her to fence by herself, a husband does not act in that way. You lost Hanna because of your absences and very questionable priorities. Why are you repeating all of it and so soon? Freedom should not come before your wife…if so maybe you should think of staying alone and FREE!"

"Ima, I love you and please don't take this the wrong way: Sharon is not Hanna and I have changed: Sharon knew where I was, what I was doing and who I was with. She was OK with my actions. I love her, she loves me and our relationship will never be a normal one but it's ours.. only ours… can we just leave it at that."

"Eyal, Sharon has been through a lot. I was with her while she was recuperating and grieving for Sarah. I still feel guilty for wishing she had dies and Sarah had lived. In some ways she carries Sarah's soul so you my boy better get you act together and treat her with the respect she deserves. The requirements of marriage, be it a Jewish, Catholic or civil one, resumes themselves to commitments and responsibilities, remember and live up to those words Eyal."

"Ima, I love you and thank-you for caring. All I can say is that I will do my best. Now, I'd like for us to join the rest of our family and friends."

Eyal took his mother's arm and guided her to the reception room.

Avi was the first to spot his dad and overjoyed, he jumped on him.

"Avi…. you're a 15 years old boy not a kid anymore and I'm getting a bit too old for that kind of welcome!" He added more privately "I've missed you son and will make it up to you promise!"

"Love you dad, it's OK I understand. Didn't always find you not being there easy but Robert and MP explained a lot to me. But it's also OK if you want to make it up to me."

Eyal laughed at Avi's response all the while catching Sharon by her waist.

"Hey beautiful, care to greet your husband in a proper way?"

Eyal was about to learn that you don't order around a wife in that way, you don't challenge a spy in that way and, last but not least, you never give a chance for a British native to 'get you good' in front of family and friends.

Sharon turned around and gave him a very, very erotic and passionate kiss. Eyal face turned a deep shade of red and he was lost for words. As he tried to shake off the stunning effects of that kiss, he looked up to see family and friends laughing nearly to tear and clicking their glasses for more!

Robert discreetly told Ima… "That poor boy of yours is in for one hell of a ride with Sharon! Glad he's taking over. With Robin pregnant, those two getting married will take some pressure off my Daddy duties with Sharon. Just hope he can follow suite!"

Ima responded "Don't worry Robert, he'll be getting just what he deserves. As for your daddy duties sorry to tell you… they won't stop with her getting married… they'll just change! Those two are not going to have an easy ride. Get our spare room ready for either one of them… believe me, they will come!"

Robert put his arms around Ima and nodded "I know Ima, how I know. Wish I could smoothen the path for them in some way."

"We can't, they will have to face and deal with secrets and betrayals. It can't be avoided with spies and they both are true spies in all the sense of that dreadful word!"

The brunch went well, Eyal and Sharon got reacquainted, so to speak, with the kids. They promised them a full two week vacations, no school, no responsibilities, no work … well maybe a little bit of work at a very reclusive but special place. Avi and Kevin were ecstatic but Sharon and Eyal noticed that MP was solemn. Looking at each other, they guessed it was about Jake. Eyal pushed Sharon to go to MP but to his surprise she took his hand and whispered, "I know she's not your daughter but she looks up to you so you're coming with me, want it or not"

Approaching MP, Eyal saw she was wiping away tears.

Sharon spoke first "It's Jake, isn't it?"

Eyal was ready for MP's reaction… more tears.. Girls and their ways, he knew a bit more than he wanted to on that front! He discreetly guided her to a small room, more a closet but at least it was discreet.

"Mom, I love Jake but this life is impossible. He can't go to a movie with me, he can't go to school with me…he certainly won't be able to go on our vacation… what can I do?… I love him so much!"

Eyal spoke "MP, I didn't have time to talk to your mother about this but I've arrange for someone to help Jake, his brother Jacques and two other teenagers that are in the same situation. You might have to accept certain changes, pretty sure he will have change his name but have a good friend working on it."

"Eyal, hope you're not telling me this to make me feel better!"

Sharon responded "MP, Eyal would never do such a thing. If he says he's got it covered, trust him. Nobody can promise that it will be easy but Ziva will do her best."

Eyal shot Sharon a surprised look. She smiled sheepishly and showed Eyal her phone where Ziva had sent her a message thanking her for this wonderful opportunity.

"Eyal... Ziva and I have a special bound. Did you think she was going to keep this news from me? I know you were planning on telling me but funny it felt better hearing it from her. That way I get to be VERY proud of my husband. Eyal that idea of yours is fantastic!" She brought him to her and kiss him as he deserved! MP smiled shyly.

Sharon turned to MP "On that two week vacation, I promise Jake will be coming with us. We are all spies and well trained to watch over assets and hunt down targets, we can surely assure Jake's safety. We all need some down some together as a family and Jake is family, MP."

It was MP's turn to literally jump on Sharon. "I love you so much mom! Eyal you're the best think that happened to my mom and us. So glad you two got married." And she was off!

"Well that put back a smile on your daughter's face." Eyal was going to join their guess when Sharon put her arm on the door.

"Not so fast Mr. would like a word with you…"

"Sharon, for my proposal to Ziva, I was planning to …."

"Let me speak: Eyal, I'm not Hanna, please stop tensing up when a secret or after the fact news comes out. I know you had to deal with some pretty heavy fighting with Hanna, but it's not my way. I don't shout, I don't nag, and I don't threaten… if I ever have a reasons to doubt you… believe me we will TALK face to face to resolve any problem. I expect the same from you… well as long as you don't speak Hebrew while doing so!"

"Seems habits are hard to die! Didn't think you'd notice. The being 'married' part must have played with my mind and I reacted out of habit. My mother didn't help by telling me to live up to my commitments and responsibilities. That made me go down 'memory lane' and it wasn't all that good!"

"She did what? Eyal, your body is just about to give in because you are up and above the commitments and responsibilities expected of a husband, a friend, an operative and a son! I'm going to talk to her and set things straight."

"Don't, she was just looking out for your best interest. She's fond of you. From her point of view, I haven't been the best husband ..."

"Not another word. I will talk to her, can't leave it at that. You deserve better Eyal, especially from your mother."

Eyal was not use to having someone defend him, he didn't quite know how to react, stop her or let her help. Leaving people think the worst was easier than letting them see the real Eyal Lavin. He had to admit, his mother's word had hurt but he accepted the 'bad etiquette' given to him, knowing that she loved him.

Eyal, as planned, took time to talk with Vincent and Robin individually as A-team members.

For Vincent it would be a return to FBI. He had liked his stunt with the A-team but with Robin being pregnant he preferred the stability and 'security' of his 'first' job. Eyal had assured him that if he ever wanted or needed work, he should called on him. Vincent admitted to Eyal that his first opinion about this arrogant and insubordinate Israeli had been wrong, dead wrong!

With Robin, it was an awkward moment for both. Let's say their first meeting had not turned out well: Robin having drugged Eyal with a sex-drug. Andy, Sharon brother and doctor, had recognised the signs of the drug and saved Eyal from Robin's grip. Eyal being Eyal had not taken Robins actions well!

"Robin, we need to get over the bad vibes between us. I don't hold nothing against you. The state of mind you were in fully explains your actions. I have gotten to know the real Robin: She a very talented spy, would do anything to protect her family… especially her sister. The bound you and Sharon share is wonderful… I might say damming at times but I know now a bit more how to deal with the two of you!

"Eyal, I'm truly sorry for my actions. Yes, my mind might have been elsewhere, hell I was a basket case but I put that drug in your drink and I knew what I was doing. You are a very sexy and desirable man Eyal! I wanted to sleep with you despite the fact that my sister was falling for you. I need you to forgive me, not pity me. It's important Eyal."

"Robin, I forgive you. Yes, you put that drug in my drink, yes, you wanted to sleep with me but hurting your sister … no… sorry, I don't believe it. My guess is that if you would have been successful with you plan, you would not have gone through with it. Nevertheless, I want us to start anew. You have all my admiration for your field word and acquired expertise in terrorism. You're the best I've seen and being Israeli and Mossad… I've seen a lot! What are your future plans?"

"Well Vincent asked me to come to Washington with him and I said yes. I'm retiring from MI-6. Funny Sharon and I have will both be retiring! Always thought I'd die on a mission, never leave on my own terms."

"Me also….but must admit…you were heading there, dear. In your line of expertise it's inevitable. With terrorist related field work: You opt out or die on the job. You pressed the right button Robin. You'll be a wonderful mother."

"Eyal I know you are Jewish but I would love for you to be our baby's godfather. I already asked Sharon and she said yes. Can you be a godfather, does your religion permit it? Sorry, my questions must sound foolish!"

"Not foolish at all. I don't really know what is possible but I don't care. I would be proud and honored to be your baby's godfather. That baby will have a third set of eyes watching over him."

Robin laughed "Make that 6 pairs of eye. He going to be the best protected kid! Robert, Ima, you, Sharon, MP, Vincent… are all spies.. oups... Vincent is FBI not a spy. Don't know why, he doesn't like spies."

Eyal shot Robin a culprit smile. "Believe it or not, think Annie and I are responsible for Vincent's opinion on spies. I was, still am, a ba_tard when crossed and Vincent, at one time, had it in for me. I responded to his treats in my usual ways… making his life a real hell and enjoying every minute of it! Adding to that Annie's actions in the field making him often look incompetent (he isn't believe me!). We both, by our actions, made a spy hater of him. He's a good man, Robin, take care of him for me…. And tell him to lose the wingtips!"

"OK enough for the heart to heart… Where are you taking my sister for a honeymoon?

"Ha… need to find the time. I have the sailboat ready but destiny is not cooperating. I'd like to get at least two days at sea. After that, plan on getting away with the family for a full two weeks. We promised the kids after our two days at sea, they'll be our priority! Not what you call a honeymoon but I'm really looking forwards to it. A first for me... never through I'd be having 'a family' vacation. By the way, thanks for shopping and helping stock our boat. Who was responsible for the wine selection?"

Robin laughed and pointed to herself.

"You know your wines, Mrs. Jackson. I couldn't have done better!"

"Vincent nearly had a heart attack when he saw the cost! He took your credit card away from me and said "Robin, you do realize Eyal can have me killed at any given moment….. Don't you think you're going a bit overboard?"

Eyal chuckled "Tell Vincent that your wines list was one of a fine 'connoisseur'. Having worked with me he should have known that I usually accept to pay for quality. That's what I meant when I mentioned the wingtips. He has to change his thinking! Robin, sincerely, I wish you the best of luck. There will always be a room waiting for you at our home… your room! It was your childhood home and you will always be welcome … a safe haven/house so to speak."

They hugged and Eyal went looking for Sharon for them to finally 'set sail'! He found her laughing with Hanna and Gaby.

"What so funny, no let me guess… me!" That only made Sharon and Gaby laugh louder.

Hanna and Eyal eyes locked. She had a look… a look he hadn't seen in a long time.

Suddenly Avi blasted pass him but as Avi went to grab Hanna to pull her to see something 'important'... Eyal stopped him with a bit too much force.

"Young man, you are going to have to be careful on how you treat your mother."

Stunned at Eyal's tone of voice and behaviour, Avi, Gaby and Sharon stared at him. Gaby spoke first.

"What the hell….' but stopped short of finishing his sentence. He noticed Hanna and Eyal were still eying each other.

Sharon touched Eyal's shoulder. "E care to tell us what's up? Promise, we were not laughing at you!"

Still holding his eye on Hanna, Eyal spoke "Did you tell him?"

Hanna responded shyly "No, not 100% sure"

Eyal with a sly smile "I'm sure…Care to make it official?" Hanna nodded positively.

Gaby and Avi were wondering what Hanna and Eyal had going between them but Sharon had caught on, she too now had a sly smile!

Gaby was getting annoyed "Eyal, what the hell is going on?"

Eyal again without lifting his gaze off Hanna responded "Nothing's up with me… but think you should listen to Hanna."

Hanna took Gaby's hand and whispered "I'm pregnant."

Gaby's face just fell. He had been married more than 15 years and had always wished for children but with his former wife… it never was the right time… and when the time finally came so did fertility problems. This was wonderful news for Gaby. The look he gave Hanna reassured Eyal that this baby would be welcomed. His brother was a happy man.

Avi looked at Eyal then at Hanna. Hanna pulled Avi into a family hug. "Avi, you are going to be a big brother!"

They left Gaby, Avi and Hanna to celebrate and announce the happy news to other family members.

Sharon pressed closer to Eyal "E how did you know?"

"Love, I knew Hanna was pregnant with Avi before she did. I don't know something inside me clicked. And it happened again tonight. Can't explain it. Maybe I'll do the same with you."

"Not going to have that discussion with you at this time… we have a sailing date remember!"

"Sailing… what a wonderful way to start our quest for kids… making love while being rocked by the waves…"

"I'm not ready to go there Eyal, please don't push."

"Sorry, Hanna news stirred some long term memories I had put to rest!"

Eyal hated himself for letting out his feeling about wanting kids. It was not the right time nor place and Sharon was clearly not ready to deal with the question of having kids.

Eyal put his arms around Sharon shoulders "Love, forget my comment, it wasn't called for"

"With Dave, we had closed that door a very long time ago. I'm not saying a definite no, it's just that so much has happened to me / to us in a small lap of time, I need to grasp being taken hostage, getting engage, getting married, quitting a job I've been at since my teenage years, being your partner in this security company… Eyal I need a breather."

"Don't justify yourself, no need. Let's say our goodbyes, make sure the kids are organised to get back to London and finally get ourselves to our boat! Don't worry, it will sort itself out, I love you."

Sharon didn't know what to think of Eyal's expression … was he annoyed, mad, happy… Hard reading a spy's facial expression and mind when he knows it's likely to be read.

"OK but I have one last matter I need to tend to." Sharon left Eyal and went to search for Ima.

"Dad can I borrow Ima, need to talk to her… girl stuff"

"Be my guest… I need to talk to that husband of yours… boy stuff" Robert winked at Sharon.

Ima looked sideways at Sharon "Eyal spoke to you…."

"Yes he did. Come, let's go to your room, I'd like to tell you his side of the story."

Back in the room, Sharon could sense Ima was uncomfortable, she waited. Spy training… give the target time to think it through, make him come to you. It's always better that way.

"Sharon… you're playing a waiting game with me… cut the spy crap! I've been there and done that. Come on, you want to talk, let's talk."

"Ima, don't know how to say this but your reproaches to Eyal weren't called for. He's had 8 maybe 10 hours of sleep in the last five days. His rescuing me and Ziva was intensive resulting in 48 hours without sleep. That mission had heavy collateral damage that played on his conscience. Since being taken as a hostage, I'm having nightmares. At the hospital, he never left my side so that didn't get him the much needed sleep he needed. Then we took a night flight to Athens... he doesn't sleep in planes (spies never sleep on planes!). Arriving on the boat, I took a sleeping pill to keep those dreams away and for him to finally get some sleep. Ended up giving him a black eye because I was fighting an invisible enemy. End result, he stayed by my side for the rest of the night. Morning came and he received a call from his friend's lawyer. They advised him that we'd have to finalise the business deal in the next 24 hours. The health of his friend had taken a turn for the worst. He wanted for us buy the company as equal partners. For him that meant he had to propose…somehow/sometime! Must have been a very stressful time for him. Ima, who do you think organised; calling family and close friends, getting reservations and airfares for all; organising the wedding; the reception; dealing with lawyers and through all of it he managed to get his boat stocked up and ready to sail! Yesterday, we arrived at the hotel with on our agenda getting married and buying a Private Security company. Eyal's friend is dying of cancer, he doesn't talk about it but he's hurting. Last night, before the reception, he needed to take a short power nap because his body just couldn't take anymore. You guys deciding to have a brunch instead of a party night permitted him to sleep a bit, but it was our wedding night after all so again sleep took the back burner. Your son puts friends, assets and family before his own wellbeing. When you had your words with him he was returning from a visit with Ziva. He had an idea, a wonderful idea, to help her find her way back to happiness! He reveres you and… well… you telling him to live up to his responsibilities / commitments…. must have hurt. Don't you think it's time you stop seeing the dark side, the one he willingly projects and protects. If you look deeper, you'll find a wonderful soul Ima!"

Sharon had talked rapidly and nonstop. If she had not she didn't think she would have gone through with it. Turning around her heart jumped a beat. Ima was sobbing.

"Ima, I'm sorry. Wanted so much to get my say out that I… I never meant to hurt your feelings….'

"Sharon Welby, don't you dare say you're sorry. You were right to give me the kick in the butt I deserved. Why did I have to meddle, I usually never do! It's just that I saw you yesterday alone and also this morning. I remembered what Hanna use to say about Eyal's absences and I jumped to conclusions... the wrong ones. I focused only on his apparent absences. Don't worry, I know my son and you are right, he is a wonderful human being. I was never blinded by the dark man he wanted us to believe he was. I will talk to Eyal before you two leave. My dear girl lose that solemn look, I'm OK. I think I know where Robert is 'holding' Eyal, I'm marching myself there."

Looking at her phone, Sharon had another 'rendez-vous'. She rapidly slipped in her room, got the McQuaid file, threw her phone on the bed and when to Mark's room.

Entering the room, she asked with caution "Mark are you OK, we don't have to go over this file if you're not feeling up to it?"

"Come here, sit by me. I don't have the legs to get out of bed but my head is still in working order. Wanted to review this file with you or Eyal but my intuition is telling me a women's view is needed. Let's get to it, like an infant I get tire pretty fast…damn cancer!"

Both were so engaged in the file that they jumped when they heard a knock. Looking up Sharon saw the time.

"Mark, we've been at this for now three hours. Eyal doesn't know that I'm here…"

Eyal had let himself in, "Well, I know now! Care to explain what is going on… we've been looking all over for you. Could at least taken your cell with you!"

Eyal roughly threw Sharon's phone next to her and his stare made her shiver.

Mark took over "Eyal, it's my fault I called Sharon. Wanted to go over McQuaid's file with a female's point of view and it paid off. From 12 suspects, we are down to 3. Sorry Eyal, we got caught up in this intrigue and lost track of time. First time in months I've been able to get some work done and forget the pain!

Look, since your both here, I like a couple of minutes of your time. I have 'parting' words of advice for both of you. My words may be harsh so Sharon no tears. (Sharon lipped 'promise'). Both of you, sit in front of me.

Eyal, Sharon is a natural at 'profiling' a case, lose that ego of yours, accept it and work with her as a partner. I reached out to Sharon, not you, to decode the intel in the McQuaid case. You'd be my choice to follow McQuaid to Russia while he's trying to negotiate a helicopter deal for the Egyptian government, that's your niche.

Sharon, didn't have much time to evaluate you but here's my opinion: Not sure you're cut out for heavy field work in this business. It's a dog eat dog world and no agency net to fall on. Daddy can't help you, you're on your own in this business. Like I just said, your strong suite is 'profiling' a case: Your imagination, intuition and deduction are well above average. In a game of find the errors in a picture, you'd find 20 where there's only ten and you'd probably be right!

Eyal, you're the best I've seen for action on the front line, witty, clever, good judge of character and one hell of a lucky devil! You never follow protocols but you use them nevertheless… You need their structure, hints, possible suspects, twist and turns…you also need someone to challenge you and make you see the larger picture. That where you come in Sharon.

For you two to succeed with Dark Control, you need to work as a team and each of you has to know and accept your rightful place in this partnership.

Sharon, don't treat Eyal as a glorified soul: As your husband, yes, he is a wonderful human being and you can dot on him as you wish but when at work you need to see him as he really is (and needs to be): A dark ba_tard. You should treat him like you would any lying son of a bit_h of a spy.

Eyal I'm warning you don't bring the human being in you at work, leave it at home! The training Kidon gave you will be of use in this business so open the luggage you tried so hard to close, you're going to need it… sorry you didn't buy a kindergarten!

Both of you will NEED be partners at work and lovers at home. Keep your love life separated from your work life. Yes kids, it's the same rules as your respective agencies, only difference it's no more a rule for you to obey but I'm warning you if you don't apply it, you'll fail!

Nothing of what Mark said surprised either Sharon or Eyal but still it hit home; a wakeup call of sort. Even if they didn't have Agencie's protocols and rules to follow, they had to be careful on how they managed their work life and love life!

"Mark, I take your words very seriously. I must go, wish you the best. It was a pleasure meeting you. "

She gave him a hug and left Eyal with him. She knew it would probably the last conversation they would have!

Finally back on their boat, Sharon and Eyal, glass of wine in hand, were enjoying a lovely sunset.

"It's been quite a ride Mrs. Welby but we made it!"

"Eyal, what did Mark say to you after I left?"

"Not much, he was tire so I just stayed with him a bit."

Sharon noticed Eyal tense up. She turned around, looked at him and said,

"He asked you to help him leave this world on his terms, didn't he?"

Eyal closed his eyes and nodded.

"Why didn't you tell me? Eyal, let me help you through this, talk to me… get those feelings out. I've been there, turning the eternal questions: Did I do the right thing, should I have talked him out of it…. None of that matters now, what is important is that Mark is no longer in pain."

'I'm OK, just need to get some sleep. I've done this before Sharon. You're right about the questions but like you said… in the end the answers don't matter!"

"Eyal talk to me, tell me how you feel, get mad … do something?"

"Why don't we get reacquainted with on another… we are newlyweds after all."

"Funny I gave you the same evasion technique this morning and you didn't give in… my turn to torture you. Talk to me E."

"What do you want me say, that I feel like hell, my body hurts, my head hurts damn even my souls hurts. I just want to be able to put my head down and sleep. After I might be able to understand what you're asking me…. For now I'm numb… just numb."

"Well that's a starts… My turn to hold you tight, come here."

Eyal laughed at Sharon. "You, love, have talked too much with Gaby!

"No I'm serious, come here."

Eyal's curiosity got to him. He approached Sharon and sat down next to her.

"Good boy, now lay you head on my legs and stretch out. Come on you can do it."

As soon as Eyal was laying down using her legs as a pillow, Sharon rubbed his temples, next his shoulders…. He reached the back of her head to pull her down…

"No you don't, this is your time to be pampered. You are not the spy, the son, the friend, the dad or even the husband. You are Eyal Lavin in need of some TLC and I'm going to make sure that you get your fair share of it! Relax, think of nothing. Do you have a song you would like to hear?"

Finally she felt him relax a little. The look he gave her made it real hard for her not to give in and make love to him but this was HIS time. Sleep was what his body needed.

"Leaving the choice of song to you. Long time I haven't heard you signing. Let me get my guitar to could accompany you."

"Stay put! What do you not understand in 'want you to lay down and do nothing? Just relax, take the time to look at the stars and let yourself be pampered."

"Me… laying down and do nothing…with a woman… that will be a first!"

They both laughed at Eyal statement, Sharon had to admit it had humour but some truth!

Sharon went through her song repertoire while looking at Eyal staring into space and enjoying her massaging his shoulders and neck.

"Got the song I'd like to sing to you, Ours by Taylor Swift." She proceeded to sing:

Elevator buttons and morning air

Strangers' silence makes me wanna take the stairs

If you were here we'd laugh about their vacant stares

But right now my time is theirs

Seems like there's always someone who disapproves

They'll judge it like they know about me and you

And the verdict comes from those with nothing else to do

The jury's out, but my choice is you

So don't you worry your pretty little mind

People throw rocks at things that shine

And life makes love look hard

The stakes are high, the water's rough

But this love is ours

You never know what people have up their sleeves

Ghosts from your past gonna jump out at me

Lurking in the shadows with their lip gloss smiles

But I don't care 'cause right now you're mine

Sharon was half way in the song when she felt Eyal's head and shoulders finally relax into much needed sleep. Looking down at him, she smiled. He was something, breathtaking even! The light of the moon was highlighting his cheekbones and prominent jawline. She could swear his eyes, even closed, stilled glowed against the dark of the night and his full lips showed sensuality and warmth. As she delicately touched his shirtless torso, she notice a smirk like smile forming and dimples indenting themselves into his cheeks. His rhythmic breathing was showing off his shoulders and chest muscles contracting and relaxing in a very inviting way. Even asleep Eyal sent shivers up her spine as she was thinking just how powerful his calm presence could be.

She reached for the pillows and sleeping bags Eyal had put next to them. Placing Eyal's head on a pillow, she laid down on his chest as he instinctly wrapped his arm around her and pulled her closer into him. Sharon rapidly joined Eyal in sleep under the stars while listening to the soft lapping of waves.

Up again before Eyal, Sharon embraced the early rising: sitting on the rail, legs over the side, coffee in hand, face and eyes feeling the warmth of the early morning sun. She watched as the world came to life, fellow boaters saluting her and the dock busy with people going up and down with fishing gear or sailing equipment.

Eyal was still sleeping soundly. At one point she had awaken him with a nightmare but both had rapidly fallen back into sleep. Time and Eyal's support would help her win this battle.

Her phone vibrated, it was a message from Auggie…. URGENT, lost my dog again. Sharon knew that protocol. He had used it with Eyal to aid Annie out of Russia and with her to smuggle an asset out of Afghanistan. It meant bad news one way or another. Not wanting to wake Eyal, she went searching for his laptop.

Coming up from the cabin after chatting with Auggie, Sharon eyes filled with tears looked out to the sea.

"I need to do something, don't want to wake Eyal just now. Need to leave this news sink in. This boat is a ketch, easier for a singlehanded sailor to sail it out. It can steer itself with sails alone when well balanced. Checked the weather, Eyal set our course yesterday and I just prepared the sail settings so all is OK, I'm taking her out."

The pier was, by now, a lot less crowded making it easier for Sharon to maneuver. She studied the wind to determine from where it was coming in relation to the boat. Not being familiar with this pier, she tied short pieces of light yarn to the boat's shrouds to keep an eye on which way the winds were blowing. She decided to use a forward spring line because the sailboat was blown against the pier by the wind. Running that forward spring line from the stern of the boat forward to the pier gave her the leverage needed. That line swan the bow out and allowed an easy departure. She then carefully retrieve the line so to not foul the prop (wrap the line around a spinning propeller). She pulled away from the pier, turning the wheel towards the pier and gave a small amount of forward power.

They were just off as Eyal woke up, well more shot up in shock!

"Sharon what in the hell do you think you are doing?"

At the sight of Sharon, his 6th sense kicked in. Something was deadly wrong.

"Talk to me love… what happened. Give me the control and start talking NOW!"

Eyal took the wheel and in a quivering voice Sharon said "Sorry for the rude awakening but had to do something with myself! Got a call from Auggie… all hell just broke loose for Annie, her father, CIA and the Mossad.

Eyal just looked at Sharon, stunned 'What happened?"

Sharon continued "I told you that Isaac Walker had a price on his head and that him showing up must have meant that he was now 'safe' well…it wasn't the case. By him coming out of hiding, he was putting himself in danger. He did it for Annie, to see her again! He was just brutally murdered Eyal… Henry Wilcox is behind it and Annie went dark to hunt him down."

"Let me take all of this in…"

"That's why I had to do something…. Taking the boat out was the only thing I could think of. Needed to keep busy!"

"We've got to get back. I need to get to the Mossad."

"We can't … remember... we both just retired. You don't work for the Mossad or me… MI-6.

For both of them the realisation of them being without agency support hit them hard!

Eyal looked at Sharon and said "Let's get this boat anchored, I need to get more detail on this shit!"

After hearing a bit more from Sharon, Eyal called Auggie and got news on Annie.

Her father had told her the whole story about Henry Wilcox having a contract out on his life to silence him. Annie, since parting with the A-team, had been collecting information in order to put Henry Wilcox behind bars. But Henry had finally finished the job - Isaac Walker was gunned down in a coffee shot not far from the Mossad's headquarter. Annie was now more determined, not only to hunt down Henry Wilcox, but kill him. That kind of mission can only be done by going dark and covert. Auggie had warned Eyal that he could not reach out to Annie. It would be too dangerous for her.

Sharon and Eyal were stunned. Sitting side by side, Eyal brought Sharon close to him, held her tight and whispered

"I love you, glad you are in my arm instead of out there with Annie!"

"We can't do anything for her?"

"No not a thing… Annie has now entered the fourth phase of her career. I'm selfish but I never want you to go there! You enter that phase mostly by force or some, like me, by choice but when you come out, if you come out, the damage is often irreversible!"

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