The night sky above a village was filled with fireworks going off, illuminating the sky and the village. Below, the people were celebrating some type of festival, enjoying their merriment. Children giggled as they ran from stand to stand, while their parents watched over them. Young couples stopped to buy items, or slip into a quiet corner to make out. Older men and women stopped to talk with each other, reminiscing about their younger years.

On the outskirts of village, inside a massive defensive wall that encompassed it, in a small quite clearing, a breeze started blowing as a VWOOORP VWOOOORP VROOOOORP. Seconds later, the TARDIS started flickering into view before solidifying. The door then creaked open and Dante stepped out.

"Ah. Five years later, lovely." He mused while putting on his cloak. He was wearing the standard attire of a tshirt, jeans and sneakers, but he also had a few other things as well. A small holster for shiriukin and kunai set at the right height on right leg, and a .44 magnum revolver on the opposite one. Further more he had a black, full bodied cloak with a hood, which he put up to cover his face in shadow and maneuvered the cloak to hide his body, making him look like a specter floating silently over the ground.

"Now, let's see how the place has changed."

Dante started towards the village, deciding to use some of s speed to get there faster. 5 minutes later, Dante caught sight of the gates and slowed to a walk, the cloak settling back into place to hide his body. As he walked to the gates, he noticed the booths were unmanned and the gate open.

"Tsk. They get lax on security during this celebration." He muttered, waking right into the village and into the clerbration.

There were hundreds of people milling about, wearing a variety of clothing as they moved to booths set up, either selling food, clothing, or masks, while others had games. Most seemed to be wearing some type of decorative robes, with a few wearing normal shirt and pants in a variety of colors. Others wearing some type of uniform, consisting of dark blue pants and shirts, and a green vest with a red swirl on the back. These people also wore headbands with a metal plate on the forehead, with the symbol of the village hidden in the leaves on it.
A small explosion drew his gaze skywards to see they were shooting off fireworks as well, filling the sky with colors and drawing his attention to the mountain. 4 faces were carved into, clearly seen despite being far away, and Dante recognized the one of the far right easily.

Dante silently slid into a alley and stayed there, hidden as a family walked past.

"Papa, can we go play the fishing game next?" The family's son asked eagerly, as the father bought some food.

"Of course Sochi. This is a special night after all," the father said with a smile, as they moved off.

Looking around, a nobody could see these people were clearly happy and this celebration was a very important event.

'Not everyone.' Dante corrected himself. He for one wasn't entirely happy. To him, this celebration was just a painful reminder of why he was here and the events that warranted this.

"Better go find him."

Dante knelt slightly before jumping up, his cloak flapping wildly in the brief breeze of him shooting up, slowly, and landing on top of the apartment building to his left, 10 stories up.

Wasting no time, he started running and jumping buildings, moving quickly into the village while stopping once or twice, looking around, then moving in a new direction.

Most people didn't look up and as such didn't notice him, except for four figures. They had been racing along rooftops themselves, heading in the opposite direction, when they had seen the figure. The leader of the group of four raised a hand, and pointed in the direction of the figure. As one they followed, shadowing the teen.

Dante eventually landed on top of one of the taller buildings, deeper in the village and looked up. The mountain from earlier was closer and clearer now, showing more details of the four faces.

He knew the history of the first two, but he personally knew the owners of the last two, making Dante feel nostalgia and regret for the last face.

'Minato. I'm sorry.' Dante thought regretfully. He hadn't been there the night of that man and his wife's death, and their sons birth, but he knew what had happened. What should've and would've been a happy event with the birth, time had had other plans, resulting in the death of two very great people, and leaving the child an orphan.

He shook it from his thoughts and was about to scan the village again, only to stop when he heard yelling. He turned to the general sound of the yelling, trying to pinpoint it. There seemed to be some sort of scuffle in a side street, as well as light which cast many shifting shadows.

Dante quickly jumped to the ground, 20 feet below, before hurrying to the street where he had seen the scuffle, and stopped at the corner of an intersection, peeking around the corner. What he saw made him freeze, and blood boil.

There was a group of people, each carrying an item of some sort. Knives, rocks, and a few carried broken glass bottles. They were yelling at a pair of figures in front of them.

One of those figures was a small boy, perhaps five years old, wearing a dirty white shirt with a red spiral, and blue pants. He had blonde spiky hair, but any other features were hidden as the boy was cringing and covering his head with his arms.

The other was a girl about seventeen years old. She had violet hair in a strange, fan like short ponytail. She had brown eyes that didn't seem to have pupils, and was wearing a mesh fishnet top with no sleeves, with a black tube top covering her breasts. She also was wearing dark colored shorts, knee high boots, and mesh armbands covering her forearms and elbows. She also had the headband he had seen others wear. She was gripping some type of knife, and yelling at the group before her.

"Just leave him alone!" The girl yelled at the others, gripping her knife.
The leader of the group sneered. "Look at this, boys! The snake whore is defending the demon! Why isn't that surprising?" the others sneered and yelled.
The girl growled, her eyes narrowing in anger. "The only demons I see are the people who would pick on a defenseless boy! Just leave him alone!"

One of the men scoffed. "Forget about it! We'll kill them both and rid this village of the demon and the traitor!" He shouted as he rushed at Anko with a knife raised.

The girl named Anko gripped her knife, ready to block. She didn't have to. The next thing she and the man knew, his fist had stopped, 2 inches from Anko's own knife while a fist was gripping the mans wrist. Both people blinked before turning to see the fists owner.

Said owner was wearing his cloak and a hood, casting his face in darkness to reveal nothing, while the cloak hid everything except his arm.

"Attacking two people with a knife, tsk, tsk, tsk. That's not allowed."

Dante then tightened his grip until a sharp crack was heard, indicating a broken wrist as the man screamed and dropped his knife. He then released the wrist, made a fist, and punched, knocking the man out with a punch to the jaw. He collapsed and Dante kicked him out of the way before looking at the small mob, who now gripped their weapons.

"I suggest you leave now, if you know what's good for you." he spoke, his voice very, very cold.

The leader growled. "He's just one man! Get him!" He shouted, as he rushed Dante, his followers behind him as Dante pushed his cloak aside, freeing his arms.

The first man was armed with a rock, trying to knock Dante's head in. He grabbed the arm and twisted it, making the man hunch over. Dante used his back to roll over him and kick the next assailant in the stomach, making him drop to his knees and hugging it. Dante then kicked back with heel, hitting the man still bent over in the nose, breaking it and dropping him. The third assailant came from the right, but Dante spun low, knocking his feet out before silencing him with a punch between the eyes.

The leader came at him with a large butcher knife. Dante ducked into a stance, arms raised to his side as the man slashed at him, Dante dodged to the side. He slashed the opposite side, but Dante dodged, his feet not moving as the man tried left slash, right slash, head, shoulder, right arm. When he tried the right arm, Dante dodged before said arm flicked out grabbing the mans wrist and yanking it, using the mans forward momentum to flip him into his back. He then pinned the wrist to the ground and drew a kunai, holding the blade to the mans throat.

"You think you scare me? I didn't even try." Dante snorted at the man before knocking him out with a punch to the jaw.

Anko watched the whole thing, amazed. This man had come out of nowhere and defeated the small mob within a minute. She didn't notice the blonde figure she had been protecting run away. Anko was about to speak, when four shadows dropped down, surrounding Dante. Each was wearing dark blue pants and sleeveless shirts. They also each had grey metal bracers and some type of armored vests. Each also had a tanto strapped to their back, and wore a full face mask with what looked like a different animal design on each mask.
Dante watched at these figures as each drew their tanto while he stood up. The one wearing what looked like some type of bird mask spoke up from behind their mask. "Sir, we must ask you to step away from the civilian and keep your hands in the air," he said.

Smirking under his hood, Dante dropped his kunai and did as they asked, kicking his weapon away as he did.

"Y'know, I'm pretty sure one of your guys still owe me some money from about five, six years ago."

His banter was ignored as the four of them slowly moved forwards and grabbed his arms, pinning them behind his back.

"Wait, wait, I know this routine. Next is the part where you read my rights."
He didn't get a response as one of the figures tapped his mask. "This is Tora (tiger) to Tori (bird). Target has been subdued."

"Acknowledged. Remove all weapons on his person and take him to ANBU headquarters. I'll contact the Hokage about this," the leader said over the comm radio.

They were about to remove his cloak until Dante sighed. "To be honest this is getting boring. Let's mix things up a little."

Dante broke free of their grip and punch both in the stomachs, getting a whoof out of them before they jumped back. Dante took the chance and jumped, landing on a building before running off at high speed.

"He's heading for the tower, cut him off! Use leathal force if nescessary!" The one with the tiger mask order before they split up, each one taking a diffrent but similiar route to Dante's towards the tower.

Dante in the meantime was jumping building to building, using high speed to head towards the village center and a large building. He heard a high pitched sound to his right.

Without thinking, Dante grabbed a kunai and deflected the shiriukin thrown at him, forcing him to stop as he did. One of the ANBU, one with a dog mask, appeared in front and drew his tanto before engaging Dante.

Dante traded a few blows with the man, resulting sparks as both blades hit. Dante then blocked, resulting in stale mate as the blades stayed in place.

"Surrender now." The dog mask man demanded.

"Hhmm, how about no?"

Dante kicked at the mans legs, knocking them out and he hit the ground, rolling to the side as he expected Dante to stab down. He did, simply started back towards the tower while throwing a few shiriukin as he did. He knew the man would stop them, he just wanted to slow him down, he was almost to the tower.
A few seconds later, he was. Dante opened up the throttle and jumped to the back, going over the building before landing, spotting the cluster if windows he wanted, and jumped again, holding his arms up to shield his face.


The glass shattered as he went through the window, landing hard on the ground back picking himself up and brushing off the glass shards.
He was in an office of some sort, as apparent by the book shelfs in the room, the desk sent in front of the windows he had just burst through, and a few couches and rugs set out.

Behind the desk was an old man. He had very pronounced cheekbones, a long and thick goatee, a prominent crease across his forehead, grey hair, a few wrinkles, a wart near his left nostril, and a few liver-spots. He was also wearing robes, mostly white with red high lights, and hat with the same colors, with the kanji for fire embroidered on it. He was also smoking a pipe.

He was also looking at Dante from behind 3 ANBU, in the mask of a monkey, pig, and cat. The one with the cat mask was female, holding a kanta over the tanto the others were holding, and he could see long purple hair flowing down her back.

"A brave attempt, if foolish. But I fail to see what you hope to do." The old man questioned.

"Well you know me. I like to be a bit dramatic in my entrances, old man. You'd know what it's like if you weren't sitting behind a desk slaving away at paperwork. Tell me, did Minato ever tell you how he got his done so fast?"

Sarutobi paused, his eyes wide and surprised.


Smirking, Dante threw off his cloak, then held his arms to his side. "Hey old man. I'm back!"