So We actually wrote this a few years ago.

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So I'm really proud of this story, and I hope you like it!

{Another thing, we haven't actually read too many Volcaloid fanfiction, so if this story has anything that is like another one it's just a coincidence.}

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There was once a Queen and King who ruled a country named Scanda. Everything was fine and happy in Scanda, until the King got knowledge that his wife was having an affair with the head servant. The Queen was thrown out of the palace, and the head servant was exiled. The King re-married and the now-exiled servant's brother was made head servant. It wasn't until four years later that the King learned that the last Queen had had twins. The king sent out two servants to retrieve the two children.

The twins were sitting in the back field of their mother's work place. They were back here every day. The two children both had short, blond hair that refused to be controlled, and dark blue eyes that hid a love like no other. The only difference between the two was the white and black beaded bracelet on the girl's wrist. It had once been her father's, until he gave it their mother, who in turn gave it to her. Two servants came up behind them, with their mother in tow. "Are these the children?" asked one of the servants.

"Yes," replied their mother. "Listen, Rin, Len, these men have come to take you to the palace. Go with them. Behave, and more then anything, stay together. I love you both!" She hugged both of them at once before taking each of their hands for the last time. Tears were rolling down her cheeks.

One of the servants walked in front of them, while the other walked behind. It wasn't too long of a journey, but it was still the longest journey they had even been on. When they arrived at the castle, they were overwhelmed by the sheer size of everything. The walls, the celling, the staircases, the wide hallways, even the chandlers.

They were lead into a humongous room. There was a bright red platform against the far wall. On that platform were three large, golden thrones. The biggest was in the center, and had a man with dull brown hair that showed off all of his gray hairs. He was wearing long, red robes and a golden crown was atop his graying head. The throne to his right was only slightly smaller then his. On it was a younger woman who wore a deep purple dress. She also had brown hair, but much shinier then her husband's. The last throne was the smallest and was empty.

The servants and the the twins walked to the center of the room and faced the royal family. "Is this them?" asked the king.

"Yes," answered the first servant.

"What are your names?" the queen asked the twins.

"I-I'm Len, and my sister is Rin," Len said nervously, glancing at his sister. The King leaned over and talked quietly with his wife. Rin shuffled closer to Len. He slipped his hand into his sister's. Finally the King sat back in his throne. The Queen, on the other hand stood up.

"It's decided, the girl will come with us," the Queen said to the servants, "Bring her to the study." As the Queen walked out of the room, the servant closest to Rin turned and picked her up. Len and Rin realized what was happening. Len reached out to his sister as the other servant picked him up. Len managed to grab his twin's wrist before she was wrenched out of his grasp. He beat the back of the servant with his fists.

The servant carried him out of the room, down a lot of dimly lit halls, and finally into another room. The servant put Len down and walked to the door. "You wait here," he said and walked out of the room.

"Wait! Where's my sister? What have you done with her?!" Len yelled as he ran towards the closing door. "Wait! Someone let me out of here!" He pounded on the door a few times, then collapsed. Sobbing, he opened his fists. In one of his hands was a bracelet. A black and white beaded bracelet. The one his mother had given Rin. The one he had pulled off of er wrist. Slowly he slipped it onto his own wrist.

It was then that the door flew open, sending him flying. The man in the doorway was tall. he had dirty blond hair and mean, dark blue eyes. He was wearing a black suit and had shiny black shoes. "What are you doing on the floor?" he asked, starring at Len coldly. Len had always been bad at keeping his mouth shut. But at this time he only had one thing on his mind.

"Where's my sister?"

"That doesn't matter."

"Where is my sister!"

"That doesn't matter right now! Now I have something to explain to you, and you're going to sit there quietly while I do!" Len managed to sit up. "That's better. Now, I'm your uncle and the head servant. Your sister is to become the princess of will never speak to her again, unless she directly asks you a question. You will completely forget that she is your twin. If you ever need to address her, you will call her Princess, Your Highness, or your royal highness. You, on the other hand, will become a servant. I will be your mentor and guardian, but I'm warning you. Don't think I'll go easy on you just because you're my brother's son. I'm going to make this very clear, I hated my brother, and I see much of him in you. Now follow me."