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My Dearest Brother

Prost took no time in putting Len back to work. Len still wasn't perfectly heathy, so he got most of the easy jobs. He mostly went to the market. It was in these trips, and many conversations with Radley, to catch up with everything that had happened. Walter had turned down Rin's marriage proposal for some commoner, a war had been started between their two countries, the King and Queen had been assassinated, and Rin now ruled the country. Much to say, a lot had happened.

It was on one of his market trips that Len heard some frighting news. He was looking at some fruit at a stand when he overheard some people talking. "Are you going to the meeting tonight?"

"What! are you crazy? this country doesn't need a rebellion right now."

"You'd be surprised how many people think otherwise, besides all we have to do is kill one little girl who can't possibly run this country."

Len finished at the market and walked back to the palace calmly, but as soon as he was inside he freaked out. It took Len a total of fifteen seconds to relies that he had to stay calm. He spent the rest of the week making a plan.

By the end of the month it was obvious that their was going to be a rebellion and the servants had already gotten wind of it. Most of the servants were preparing to flee, but not Len. Len was preparing to put his plan into action.

It was three days later that it happened. The palace was attacked at night. The servants escaped while they could, all except Len. Len ran strait to Rin's bedroom. As he expected, she was sitting on her bed with her head in her hands. He ran to her. "Follow me!" She was surprised at first, but then quickly followed. Len led his twin through many halls and door until they arrived in the garden.

"Len, what's happing? Why did you take me here?" Len pulled some cloths out from under a bush.

"Here, put these on." Rin accepted the cloths and Len turned around. "Hurry. There isn't much time."

"Okay, but Len what's happing and why am I putting on these cloths? You can turn around now." Len turned. He messed with Rin's hair for a few moments then took her dress. He put it on over his own cloths. "Len! What are doing?!" Len grabbed her wrist and pulled her to the nearest servant exit. He pulled off his bracelet and slipped it onto her wrist.

"You can escape through here, go to the harbor. Radley should be waiting for you. Just, please remember me." He pushed her through the exit then closed the gate. Len jammed the lock so the gate wouldn't open, and ran. He ran into the palace. Once he was in, he ran blindly until he ran into one of the rebels. The rebel immediately grabbed him and called to some others. When the other rebels got their they took Len to their leader.

"We have caught the Queen."

Len's plan had worked. He didn't bother listing to the rest of their conversation, but he was taken to the dungeon. He was the only prisoner. The rebel pushed him into one of the cells and said, "You will be executed in the morning." Then he locked the cell and left. Len knew he wouldn't live to see his own execution.

Rin stood at he gate after Len left. Too many questions were running though her head. Why, why had Len done this? I thought that he disliked me. What should I do know. Should I try to go back in? Or should I go to the harbor like he told me? She tried the gate. When it didn't budge she decided to go to the harbor.

When she got their a boy ran to her. He seemed somehow familiar. "Len, I though you were dead! Why did you take so long getting here? Len? Wait, your not Len. Then... oh no!" Rin was confused but she was only able to ask one thing.

"Are you Radley?"

"How do you know my name?"

"Len, he, he told me to meet you here."

"Why, why did he tell you that!?"

"I-I don't know. Why? Why did he save me? Why did he put on my dress? Why did he give me this bracelet?"

"So he was right, you don't remember."

"Remember what!"

"Len, well he's your twin."

"What! But-but I was born in the palace." Radley calmly explained what Len had explained to him. By the end Rin's legs were shaking and she slowly sank to the ground. Her eyes were wide with shock.

So he really is my twin. How could I have forgotten? My, my memories are coming back now. T-this bracelet, he gave me it to remember him by. He's back in the palace, and he looks like me! "No, no he, I can't believe he.." Rin broke down sobbing. Radley tried to comfort her, but their wasn't anything he could really do.

"Y-you Rin, I know that you don't have anywhere to go right now, so do you want to come with me? I was planning on going to the country and living with my sister. Do you want to come with?" After a while Rin stopped crying, even though tears still ran down her face, and she nodded.

The next morning the Rebel guard went to collect the former queen for her execution. What he found instead was the dead body of the former queen.

"Radley can i ask you something?" Rin asked nervously.

"Sure, what is it?"

"Why didn't Len run away with me?"

"Because, he knew that they wouldn't stop searching for you, and he knew that he didn't have long to live anyway. You see he had an illness that he never really recovered from. We don't even know what caused it, all we knew was that he wasn't going to last much longer."

"I wish I could have saved him."

"There is nothing we can do now."

"Well then, if we are reborn, I wish I can be with him again."

"You know, my mother used to tell me that if you wrote your wish on a piece of paper, put it in a bottle, send it out to sea, and if it doesn't break, then your wish will come true."

Rin did just that. She stood on the beach and watched as the bottle floated away. Then something caught her eye. She rubbed her eyes then Dismissed it as a trick of the light. For she had thought that she had seen Len standing next to her, smiling warmly.

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