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It has been two years since the earth shattering moment when my father, Son Goku, sacrificed his life to save the world from the monstrous Cell. Peace had reclaimed the Earth as if Cell had never existed and the Z-Fighters that day were never around as that lying piece of shit Hercule, also known as Mr. Satan, took all the credit for saving Earth when truth be told it was me, I ended Cell.

The people of earth had enjoyed two years of peace, but inside myself was a Hell that raged like a wildfire. The mixture of guilt and rage instilled into my daily life was almost unbearable because of the fact that my arrogance lead to my father's death, and that my father chose to stay dead since training meant more to him than his own son, well now sons, since Goten was born soon after the defeat of Cell. My mother did not make it any better, by making sure my life was a living hell, because it was my fault that dad died.

I never wanted a life as a warrior, but it was forced upon me after my evil uncle came to try to recruit my father. Radiz, kidnapped me and I saw my father die right in front of my eyes. I struck Radiz too late, for I was too sacred and defenseless. Then, Vegeta and Nappa came. I saw my own friends get killed in front of me and I couldn't do anything because I was too scared. After that came the Ginyu Force, they thrashed us and when I did stand up I was too weak. I had the power I needed all along, but my own fear and personal feelings stood in my way. If it weren't for my dad we would have died. After that, there was Frieza the ruthless cold-hearted bastard that killed Krillin that drove my father to become a Super Saiyan. Last was Cell...the enemy I had to destroy alone. As I had plenty of opportunity to do so at the beginning of the fight...but...when the perfect time to strike came, I let my pride take hold of me, and I even struck my father.


Cell hovered in the sky bearly alive, arms blew off, one leg missing a half of his head damaged by a previous Kamehameha Wave that Gohan launched to counter the 'Perfect' Android's Solar Kamehameha that threatened to consume the earth and everyone with it. Gohan stood eyeing the pitiful life form that now knew true fear like the countless humans that he had absorbed before he absorbed 17 and 18.

"Gohan! You have to take him out now before he can regenerate," Goku screamed in haste after Piccolo reminded him that Cell had the ability to regenerate.

"Take him down now?" I snarled. "No, I think I'll wait. I'm going to let him suffer for a little while."

"Wait..." Goku repeated not believing what he was hearing. "No Gohan!"

"He's running out of time Goku," Piccolo said.

"Yeah..." Goku sighed. "Gohan! Listen to me. You got to get him, do it now!"

I remained staring at Cell with a grin of arrogance, proudly defying my father. Cell had caused so much disharmony and had made millions suffer. I would not let anyone deny me this chance to punish Cell for his horrific crimes.

"We all know you have the power! Now is the time to use it!"

My grin faded and my aura flared. I thought, How dare my father intervene! He was the one who gave me this fight. I gritted my teeth and clenched my fist to the point where I drew blood from digging my nails into my palms. I turned away from Cell staring down at my father with sheer hatred. A surge of rage had me to loose control for a moment, the next thing I knew I had my father doubled over forcing him to spit up blood from causing him more internal damage. I screamed at him with my fist still in his gut. "You gave this fight to me! I'm only eleven! I never wanted to fight! I hate fighting! I was forced to fight, it was not a choice! So sit down and stay out of this for true Saiyans fight alone."

My father was on his knees, coughing. He finally found his voice. "I'm...I'm sorry. But...you're the only one who can end...this."

The others stood frozen with their mouths gaping. None of them could believe what I had done. At that time I had no fucks to give.

I sensed that Cell had fully regenerated and turned my attention back to the piece of shit that had a death sentence awaiting to be carried out.

"Boy! I will destroy you! I will not be humiliated by a mere child!" Cell bellowed pumping up his muscles making the same mistake both Vegeta and Trunks had made when fighting Cell.

A cocky grin reclaimed its place on my face. I felt exactly how Vegeta had when he thought he was a Super Saiyan and would take on Frieza alone like an idiot. The difference was I had the power to put my money where my mouth was unlike Vegeta did. I returned to face the former monstrosity which now had his pride shattered. Cell, threw punches and kicks blindly. "You're making the same mistake both Vegeta and Trunks did. Now I will make you suffer."

-End of Flashback-

Even though my father had telepathically helped me through that Kamehameha struggle ultimately my guilt and rage fueled me. I could not have won without the help of the others though, but I hated myself far more than I let on. Within me there's a screaming, crying boy who had been foolish and let the power, awesome power, go to his head. He pleaded for his father to come back, his mom to quit abusing him, his brother not to see the horrifying wrath of his mother, and for his nightmare to end. It crushes me daily, but as a work out goes it breaks own your muscles and builds you back up to become stronger and better than before.

I continued training after the Cell Games, alone. It was more a release than anything else. My training I could forget everything else momentarily. I worked myself until I collapsed. Piccolo found me each time and scolded me. After the fourth or fifth time he finally confronted me about working myself to near death.

"Gohan, you're working yourself to death. Don't exhaust yourself to the point that you collapse. You can seriously damage yourself," His former master said genially concerned. "We need you alive."

"I don't care. It's the only thing that can take my mind off everything that happened," I mumbled, leaning on Piccolo for support barely conscious.

"Gohan. It's hard for all of us. But, killing yourself slowly doesn't solve anything."

A surge of anger overtook me. I shoved my mentor away from me yelling and swearing at him. "The hell do you know?! You have no clue what I deal with at home! You don't know what it's like to have to be my brother's father! It wasn't you who lost his father and it wasn't you that has to deal with his bitch of a mother who doesn't let them forget for a day that he let his dad die!" Tears streamed down the child's face as he dropped down to his knees and hands no longer able to stand.

"I'm sorry Gohan, I didn't know." Piccolo said apologetically.

"No I'm sorry...Mr. Piccolo I didn't mean to go off on you," I said with my head bowed ashamed of my sudden outburst; it wasn't Piccolo's fault. "I just need to train alone."

Piccolo nodded in understanding. "Just promise me this. No more trying to work yourself to death."


Bojack came a year ago and my father came and saved me, reminding me of the promise I made to protect Earth...Which was a promise I wasn't too happy about making, because he needed to be there for Goten. How could I make sure my brother had a father figure and protect the world all at the same time? It drove me crazy.

In the two years of solitude I had, my training was fiercer than Vegeta's. My rage and agony was consuming me and I was becoming bitter and short-tempered. I discovered the power of the Super Saiyan Three. I haven't mastered it yet, but I could control it long enough to where if I needed to resort to it I'd be able to overcome anything that was stronger than Cell. The downside was that after I use it I collapse out of sheer exhaustion, endangering my life force because of the massive Ki depletion. I decided that when I trained with the Super Saiyan Three form it would be learning how to sustain it through deep meditation as Piccolo showed him during their training before Nappa and Vegeta arrived.

So what am I feeling truly? I guess one word would sum it all up. Sorrow. I was feeling Sorrow. It triggered every other emotion with it. Though, something about Sorrow before the other passionate emotions invades it; a calming peace that I haven't found in any other emotion. Sorrow is what changed everything. The Angel of Sorrow who landed in my dimension one day...This is where the adventure of my life began.

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