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Nick anxiously blew on his coffee watching the steam rise off it and tickle his chin leaving little beads of water behind on his designer stubble. He didn't even know why he had even ordered it in the first place seeing as he never really liked the taste. He wished that he had ordered hot chocolate now but this was part of the more mature Nick. A Nick that actually knew how to iron clothes and went running almost everyday. He actually owned two suits now and neither was one of Schmidt's old ones. He was now a proper businessman with a briefcase and everything.

Looking up he saw her strolling towards him wearing the same red coat that she had always had. However she looked different, still stunning but different. She had grown out her bangs which he didn't like because he had always loved her bangs and used to play with them all the time before. They added to her character and framed her face nevertheless her new hair cut still suited her. Everything else about her was the same though. She still had the same cherry red lips and hot figure and most importantly she still had those sparkling blue eyes.


When Jess saw Nick at a table for her, her heart actually did little flips in her chest and she could feel herself blushing as she walked towards him. She half thought that he might not turn up even though he was the one that got in touch with her. It'd been two years since she broke up with him yet she realised that was still in love him. It had always been him. She'd had a few relationships since Nick but they never lasted because she had always broken up with them before it got serious. Now she realised that it was because she wanted to be with Nick, she just wished she'd realised that sooner because for all she knew he could be in a relationship or worse engaged. He looked a lot trimmer than she remembered, his muscles bulged through his shirt and he was actually wearing a tie. As she arrived and he got up to greet her she also got a whiff of posh aftershave too. He really had changed but he was still her Nick and she hoped she was still his Jess.


2 years ago

It should have been a perfect night, he had the ring in his pocket and no doubt whatsoever in his head about asking her to marry him. In fact the only nerves he was feeling were nerves of excitement and as she walked in the room looking like the most beautiful girl in the world he couldn't wait to claim her as his. He still believed she was way out of his league but he wasn't about to question her why she was with him. He just didn't expect her to have done.

"Hello Jess," he greeted her getting up to kiss her on the lips. However when he kissed her he felt her stiffen even though she pretended to kiss him back. However he ignored it and helped her into her seat while gesturing for the waiter to bring a rosé over for her.


Looking back at it Nick realised that deep down as soon as she stiffened against his kiss he knew that she was going to break up with him. He just didn't want to face the truth that night. He still didn't know why she did it and practically everyday for the last two years he had been trying to figure out the reason. That's why he had changed so much, he thought of every reason why she may have want to have broken up with him even when he knew she still loved him and changed himself according to it. He was now reliable, had a good job, was responsible and more mature. He wondered if that was the reason she agreed to meet with him to explain to him why she broke his heart. However now he sensed that it wasn't the time to ask her.


"Ms Jessica Day, I know we've only been together for a year but already I know that you are the one that I want to be with for the rest of my life."

"Nick," she tried to interrupt him.

"No sorry Jess just let me finish," he apologised fumbling in his pocket for the small box. "You are the most beautiful, kind, sweet and funny girl in the world and I am the luckiest man in the world to be sitting here at this table with you."

"Nick, don't," she tried.

He ignored her though and got out of his chair and clumsily got down on one knee.

"Jessica Day, will you do me the honour of.." he gabbled, gripping his hands on the box, ready to open it.

"I'm breaking up with you," she blurted out quickly before he could say another word.

He felt the blood drain from his face and quickly got back up and awkwardly sat down, trying to digest what she just said.

"What do you mean your breaking up with me?" He asked.

"I'm sorry Nick," was all she could reply back, her eyes filling with tears.

"I just I just I just don't understand this, is there someone else?"

"She shook her head, too upset to say anything back.

For a while they both just sat there, Jess too upset and Nick too shocked to say anything.

Reality finally hit Nick and when he looked up at her, she saw the emptiness and pain his eyes that she had caused. That's when it was too much for her so she quickly cried out a last: sorry before running out of the restaurant with tears streaming down her face.


That was the stupidest thing I've ever done in my entire life, letting him go and cutting him out of my life, she thought. I know I had a reason, I broke up with him to stop him from getting hurt in the long run but I still wish I hadn't done it.

When Nick realised she had run out the restaurant he tried to follow her but he lost her and when he went to the loft she wasn't there. He tried everywhere he could think of that she could possibly be but she wasn't anywhere. Then the next morning when he woke up she had moved out all of her stuff. No note or anything. All that was left of her was a scarf that she had left in his room by accident and so anytime Nick felt lost without her which was everyday. He picked up the scarf and cuddled it like it was her, inhaling her sweet smell that she had left behind on it. After she broke up with him Nick stayed in his room all day, like he had given up on living if she wasn't in his life. He only came out to get more beer or the occasional bit of food. However after six months, Winston and Schmidt dragged him out and bluntly told him to get up and move on with this his life. So that's what he did, he got up and tried to move on his life without her, it was so hard but he managed to use the break up to turn his life around.
Then last week he ran into Cece at the mall and she told him that Jess was back in L.A. permanently and after much, much begging she agreed to give him Jess' new number. Within one minute of sending the text she had replied saying that she would love to meet up with him. At last Nick felt that it was all falling into place and as Jess sat down next to him in the cafe he felt such elation. All the work he had done for her was worth it. Finally they were gonna get back together.