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The sacrifices'

Chapter 1

Prologue of The First time they met

Normal POV

It was a Tuesday afternoon and the town board was in a meeting.


Than a young brunett haired girl who was the age of 3 had came into the room.

"Daddy what's with all the yelling?" She said and the group of men was staring in surprise at the little girl's actions to come in the middle of something.

"Mikan what are you doing out of bed?" Her father said.

"I felt something weird and wanted to check it out but I heard yelling and came to check it out." little Mikan said to him.

"Go back to bed Mikan it's nothing that you'll have to worry about." her father said.

Little Mikan had went back to her room and climbed beck in her bed. She couldn't sleep. She felt like someone, more like something, was watching her. She sat up and sighed and then went to the window and lifted it feeling the breeze. She spread her arms out wide and as the breeze was blowing she felt like she was flying. She then decided to leave the window opened for the intruder.

She heard a low growl coming from the very dark corners. She slowly turned around and walked really slowly to the sound. But the thing that makes the sound would growl every now and then when she moved forwards and when she went back to the spot that she was last in the growling would subside. When she finally reached the sound it was a black dragon.

Mikan had gasped. The dragon was injured. And badly. Mikan went to the bathroom and saw a baby dragon in there. She grabbed a towel and the baby dragon and carried it to the dragon. Mikan had put the baby dragon in front of the injured dragon and the baby dragon purred happily to the injured dragon.

Mikan was treating it's wounds. When She had finished she had put the bloody towel over the injured dragon and covered the dragon's injured arm. Mikan then heard a growling coming from the baby dragon. She stared at the baby dragon.

"I'll be right back stay here." She whispered to them.

The black dragon just stared at her and the baby dragon purred. Mikan then walked to the door and looked out to see if anybody was coming. She saw nobody and went to the kitchen. She gotten some milk for the baby dragon and some left over cooked meat. She warmed up both and went back to her room cautious of her surroundings.

When she finally had gotten back to her room she rushed to where the dragons were laying down. The black dragon noticed her first and also noticed the food in her arms. When she settled it down she fed both of them. They both looked grateful afterwards and Mikan then slid the plates under her bed and went to her window to check if the coast was clear. When she gave them a nod she backed away to let them leave. But the black dragon had came to her.

She thought that the dragon was going to eat her but what surprised her the most was the fact that the dragon had...

To be continued...

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