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Benny Southstreet nuzzled his face into the folds of Nicely's shirt, inhaling the nearly intoxicating scent. He had been sleeping with his roommate's shirt for almost a month now. He had started that habit when Nicely was out of town for a week. Southstreet had found it lying on the ground in Nicely's room. He had for some reason decided to take it into bed with him, snuggling with it as if it were his teddy bear. He had intended to stop after Nicely got back, but Benny found that even after Nicely's return, he couldn't sleep without the vague but extremely comforting scent of Johnson's cologne.

Benny often wondered about his attraction to his best friend. Countless times, he would stare intently at him when he thought no one was looking. Benny would take in every detail of his appearance, observing his actions, greedily absorbing any information he didn't already know about his best friend. And the longer he stared at that handsome, skinny gambler, the stronger the urge became to wrap his arms around Nicely and hold him close, to run his fingers through his light brown hair, to press soft kisses to his perfectly shaped jaw…

It was this kind of thing that made Benny think, "Isn't this the kind of thing a guy is supposed to feel for... a doll?" But then he would think that it couldn't be; Nicely was just a friend. And then he would realize that maybe Nicely was like a doll to him. Benny didn't really understand why or how, but he liked Nicely. A lot. He wished that being best friends meant that they could cuddle, just like in Benny's dreams. Dreams filled with Nicely's sweet scent, something that Benny would never get tired of smelling…

Benny sighed, clutching the shirt close to his face and inhaling deeply once again. He needed to steal a new one from Nicely, and fast. But for now, the fading smell would have to do.