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Nicely Southstreet ambled down the alley, enjoying the fabulous sunny day he was having so far. He and Benny had slept in until Nicely decided to take advantage of the wonderful weather by taking a stroll around by himself. He was just turning around to walk back home when he heard high-heeled footsteps near him.

Suddenly, the only person in the world that could possibly ruin his good mood appeared before him. It was Kyla. He felt his stomach drop; this had to be a nightmare.

"Why, if it isn't Alexander Southstreet," Kyla called to him, adding a quite noticeable amount of scorn to his last name.

"What do you want?" Nicely asked, feigning bravery.

"Well, it's not so much what I want, per se, it's more that you've wronged me, dear," Kyla explained.

"How? What have I done to you?"

"It's quite obvious what you've done to me, Nicely. You turned my Benvolio into a homosexual," Kyla answered.

Southstreet was incredulous. "I did what?"

"You heard me. No one chooses to be like that; it's not natural. And my Benny was normal, and he loved me… But you turned him gay."

Nicely found himself losing his temper. "Um, for one thing, Benny's not yours. For another thing, he broke it off with you before I met him. And lastly, I did not 'turn him gay'!"

"Yes you did. First you chose to be gay, which is bad enough, but then you somehow turned my Benny into a filthy queer as well!"

Southstreet was practically fuming at this point. "I didn't turn him gay!"

The woman approached him.

"And I didn't choose to be like this! I love Benny, just like another guy would love a doll!" Nicely insisted, retreating close to the wall.

"You don't love him! You can't! Men can't love each other like that."

"Yes they can! I love my husband, and he loves me too!"

Kyla stood mere inches from Nicely, seemingly towering over him. "He doesn't love you."

Nicely resisted the urge to attack her. "Please, leave me alone!"

"I will… If you promise to let my Benvolio go back to the way he was before and give him back to me."

"No! He's not yours!"

Kyla grabbed Nicely by the collar of his shirt, pushing him forcefully against the brick wall behind him. "I'll give you another chance, queer. Give him back to me or you'll never see Benny again… or anything, for that matter."

Southstreet remembered what Benny had said to him after their encounter with Kyla. That he was scared of her. That she was a monster. His husband had been right, Nicely realized, but he couldn't be scared. He had to be strong.

"No," Nicely insisted, "I love him more than anything, and you can't change that!"

Kyla released her grip on Nicely's shirt only to elbow the younger man hard in the stomach. "You stupid queer!" she yelled as he almost immediately crumpled to the ground.

Nicely groaned in agony as Kyla kicked him repeatedly, he wasn't sure where exactly, but the pain was horrible. He could barely keep his eyes open.

"I'll give you one more chance," the woman hissed, as she pulled something out of her coat. It was glinting in the sunlight. He slowly realized it was a knife; she was bringing it to his throat.

"Give me my Benny. If you say no, I'll kill you."

Nicely considered staying silent, blocking it all out… but he knew that he needed to stay strong. He needed to be Benny's knight in shining armour, even if it was the last time.

"No," he hissed, pain stinging his ribs.

"You'll regret this when you burn in –"

"Kyla? What are you doing here?"

Kyla spun around at the sound of the voice, hiding the knife behind her back.

"Oh my God, who is that? Did you do this, Kyla?"

"Oh, Addie, I'm so glad you're here… This man came up to me, he tried to touch me, so I –"

"OH MY GOD! It's Nicely!" Southstreet felt someone shaking him. "Nicely? Are you okay? Please say something!"

"You know this pervert?"

"Yes! And I know for sure that he'd never, ever try to touch a lady on the streets, so you stay BACK!"

Nicely felt a hand against his cheek. "Wake up!"

The young gambler slowly came to his senses, the bright light hurting his eyes. A woman stood over him. But it wasn't Kyla.

"Adelaide?" Nicely nearly whispered.

"Oh, thank God you're alive…"

"Am I? She told me she was going to kill me if I didn't give let her have Benny, and I said no…"

"KYLA!" Adelaide screamed, "You get out of here right now, or I'll call the police!"

"Adelaide?" Kyla yelled back, "You're going to trust this filth over me? He touched my –"

"LEAVE! I never want to see you ever again, you hear me? GO!"

Kyla scampered away in fear.

Adelaide turned back to the wounded man. "Nicely..."

"Thanks, Mrs. Detroit… you saved me…"

"Oh, Nicely… You're welcome… Are you alright? Can you sit?"

Nicely winced as he brought himself upright, but he managed it. He looked down at himself. He was bloody, but it didn't seem like something that would require medical attention. "I think I can stand, actually. I wanna get home."

"Oh, of course, Nicely. I'll walk you there," she said, gently helping Nicely to his feet.

"Adelaide, may I ask how you know Kyla?"

"Well," she cleared her throat, "We were friends in high school… And I may have been the one that introduced her to Benny…"


"Yeah… between that and the whole thing with you and Roxanne, I think I might not be the best at setting people up…"

"I'd have to agree."


A few minutes later, Adelaide got a beat up and still rather shaken Nicely Southstreet back to his apartment. She bid him farewell before Nicely opened the door.

"Nicely, what took you so long?" He suddenly noticed his husband's rather poor condition and panicked. "Nicely? Oh my God, are you okay?" he asked, rushing to him, "Come on, sit down…" He led the younger gambler to the couch. "What happened?"

"I might have gotten beat up in an alley…"

"Oh my God… Who did this to you?"


"Kyla?" Benny seemed furious. "How did she find you? Why would she…"

"She told me that I turned you gay, and she told me to give you back to her. And I didn't, of course, so she tried to kill me."

"She tried to do what?! Oh, Jesus, Nicely… I can't believe what that awful woman did to you!" Benny sat down and reached a gentle hand out to touch his husband, trying to judge his injuries. Nicely winced as Benny's fingers reached his ribs.

"That hurt?"


Benny took a deep breath, before gently feeling around Nicely's chest, all the while gauging his reaction. "I think you'll be fine… nothing seems to be broken."

"That's good to hear," Nicely replied.

"Seriously, though… I let you alone for an hour maybe, and my crazy ex-girlfriend tries to murder you? How did you even get out of it?"

"Mrs. Detroit happened to show up at the right time…"

"I see. Well, thank God for Adelaide then."


A somewhat solemn silence fell between the two men. Nicely found a way to lean his head on Benny's shoulder without causing himself pain.


"What is it, babe?"

"Even when Kyla threatened to kill me, I wasn't afraid of her. Even when she had that knife at my throat."

"You were brave for me? My knight in shining armour."

"Yeah. 'Cause she told me that I couldn't love you because we were both guys… and I knew that wasn't true 'cause I'd rather die than give you up. And if anything is a sign of true love, it's that."

Benny was speechless. He gingerly wrapped his arms around his husband's shoulders. Nicely lifted his head, slowly leaning in to meet Benny's lips. The older man let his tongue dart inside Nicely's waiting mouth, caressing Nicely's tongue with a perfect mix of passion and tenderness that never ceased to make Nicely practically melt into Benny's kiss. The older gambler eventually had to pull back.

"Nicely… I love you so much… So much more than I even understand sometimes..." Benny laughed.

Nicely smiled back. "Yeah, saying 'I love you' doesn't even begin to cover it…"

"It really doesn't."

"You know, Benny, between our epic romance, the gambling, the comedy of our trouble getting married, and me almost dying, our lives would make a terrific book."

"You think?"

"Yeah… I can see it now… 'The story of Benny and Nicely'."

Benny smirked. "I don't know… I think 'The history of Nicely and Benny' sounds better."

Nicely gasped. "Oh! I've got it!"


"The Benny and Nicely Chronicles!"