Hey there everypony! Magpiepony here with an epic tale of friendship that will take you on a hillarous journey of self-discovery and shocking secrets. I am writing Princess Trixie Sparkle as a mini-series musical with episodes released on YouTube! I don't know about you, but I love a visual/audio mini shows that follows a great story (so long as it doesn't deviate from the story of course!) The first episode is on Youtube! You can find it by looking up my account on Youtube (Also under the name Magpiepony) or by typing in the youtube address Followed by: /vcqnqEwU2ZM

If you want to be a part of the episode process as an artist I am always looking for more talent! Shoot me an email ;)

Now without further ado, Princess Trixie Sparkle!

"There. That's the last one." Twilight Sparkle said, putting a book back on its shelf and admiring the cleanliness of her library. It had been quite the week, preparing for her next royal duty in Canterlot. She'd poured over every book she could find in her library on Canterlot etiquette and tradition, not that she even needed it.

"What's next on the list, Spike?"

"Let's see…" the little dragon pulled out a scroll that toppled to the ground and extended half way across the room.

"Pack some scrolls and ink: check. Straighten up the library: check. Pack food and supplies for Owlicious: Check. Next we need to visit Sugarcube corner to pick up some cupcakes for Rarity's party tonight."

"Excellent! We're ahead of schedule, I think we should-"

Twilight was interrupted by a quick knock at the door.

"I've got it." Spike chimed, racing to open it. Spike stared in shock when he saw the blue unicorn standing so calmly on their doorstep.

"Who is it, Spike?" Twilight asked.


"May I come in?" Trixie asked

Twilight heard the familiar voice and walked cautiously to the door. "Trixie? What are you doing here?"

Trixie looked Twilight up and down, her mouth agape.

"It's true! You /are/ a princess!" she exclaimed both in shock and jealousy. "How could you do that? There's no magic spell to become a princess, if there were I would have been one long ago! My magic is certainly as powerful as yours, why is it you get all the glory, the friends, the attention…"

"Is there something you wanted, Trixie?" Twilight asked impatiently.

"As a matter of fact, there is. As much as I hate to say it, I need your help, Twilight."

Trixie invited herself in and began to look around. "I figure since you forgave me for my last little mistake you might be willing to help me out this once, you know because that's what friends do."

"Well, we're not exactly friends." Twilight said, closing the door behind Trixie.

Spike crossed his arms and grumbled, "More like frenemies."

"Spike why don't you go upstairs and keep packing, I'll be up shortly?" Twilight suggested. Spike didn't need to be told twice; he was eager to get away from Trixie.

Trixie walked around the library, snorting in disapproval.

"You're a princess and they make you stay in this old dump? I wouldn't stand for it if I were you."

"This isn't a dump, Trixie, it's my home." Twilight's patience was running thin, "Why exactly to you need my help?"

Trixie turned suddenly and threw herself at Twilight's feet with big watery eyes.

"Oh Twilight It's terrible, just terrible! I tried a spell that I found in an old book, something only a powerful unicorn such as myself could pull off. Only it backfired, and now I can't seem to undo the damage. I know there isn't another unicorn with my kind of talent, but I figured you might come pretty close. I need you to reverse the spell right away."

Twilight raised her eyebrow in confusion, "What's the spell?" she asked warily, certainly not amused.

"It's a love spell. You see, I live in Canterlot now and there's a certain pony there that has taken a fancy to me. He's just an earth pony, and certainly not my type, but he simply wouldn't leave me alone. I tried to cast this spell to make him keep his distance but something went wrong and now everypony avoids me, except him! It's rather tiresome dodging a love-sick fool. I need to make everypony love me again. I was quite the important pony before that spell, and I don't want to keep my new friends from my delightful company any longer."

"No, we wouldn't want that." Twilight said under her breath.

"Oh please, Twilight, can't you just look it up? Be a friend and find me a counter spell, I can't bear to live this way any longer."

Twilight sighed and turned to her books. "I might be able to find something." She pulled a few books from the shelf and set them on the ground. She began flipping through the pages.

"Oh thank you, Twilight! I can even pay you for your troubles." Trixie pulled a strange green and black gem from under her cloak.

"You know, Trixie, love spells are dangerous. No pony should be meddling in that kind of magic."

"You're right, Twilight, you're always right. I should learn to use my power responsibly before somepony gets hurt. Who knows what I'm capable of?"

Trixie approached Twilight with her payment.

"Here, take this, as a token of my gratitude and our friendship."

Twilight sighed and looked up at Trixie, but as she did she felt an incredible head rush and suddenly very ill. A soft wind whistled through the library and she had to blink a few times to compose herself.

After a few seconds, Trixie turned to a bookshelf and squealed delightedly "Oh my! I think I've found the exact book I need! This is sure to solve my problem, I guess I won't need anypony else's help after all. You don't mind me borrowing it, do you?"

"Huh?" Twilight said, still a little dazed.

"I didn't think so. Thank you, /princess/, you really are a good friend." Trixie said, taking the book and letting herself out.

After Trixie had gone, Twilight felt very confused. She became too dizzy to stand and had to lie on the floor next to her books.

"What just… happened?" she muttered to herself and before she knew it she was fast asleep on the floor.