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Mmmm… "FUS RO DAH!" Cannon


Sonic's quills jumped suddenly as the speakers in Tails' air conditioned lab boomed at 10:00am during a sunny day at Mystic Ruins. Sunshine and humidity combined for a bright and sticky day.

"What are you doing?" Sonic asked Tails with a mixture of enthusiasm and curiosity. The blue hedgehog was excited every time his young yellow fox friend i.e. his adopted brother made an invention or showed him something intriguing. Tails, the highly positively motivated dual-tailed fox had the mind of an inventor with great horizons. Tails had a lot of respect from Sonic and his mates as a top-notch inventor, engineer, mathematician and scientist.

"Watching this Youtube video named 'FUS RO DAH!'" Tails calmly replied as he stood on the flame proofed wooden floor of his lab. He continued, "It means force balance push in dragon language according to makers of the videogame The Elder Scrolls Skyrim. I've noticed in that Youtube video there are two scientists firing an air cannon firing foam projectiles at a human target. It can't be a sound wave being used."

Sonic peered over Tails' shoulder at his laptop that stood on Tails' adjustable desk. The video, although only 10 seconds long had over eight million views! In a nutshell it consisted of a person entering a lab at a university. But before he got into that lab, two other scientists fired a compressed air cannon that contained foam projectiles at its intended target. This resulted in the victim being dramatically boomed backwards against some lockers, falling forward and plastic beakers falling everywhere. Sonic and Tails rolled over the floor laughing at the sight for at least 15 minutes.

"I had an idea for an invention," Tails commented inspired by the video, "If I could make artillery cannon that uses a highly compressed air that fires any type of projectile there wouldn't be a need for explosive artillery shells or any nasty explosives. A good name for it would be CAPAC- in other words the Compressed Air Powered Artillery Cannon- you reckon? We could put anything in it depending on our purpose- cricket balls perhaps?"

The blue hedgehog lifted a light Earth History Book from Tails' tall oak bookshelf with one hand.

"The name's great! However, the cannon you want to build is a plausible idea. The Germans in World War II had a rumour about a similar weapon you're thinking except that it blasted nothing but air, blowing away people without damaging buildings. That rumour never became reality though," Sonic said as he pointed at the history book detailing the rumour and so-called plans that never went to fruition, "Tails, I guess we could call it the 'FUS RO DAH! Cannon.'"

Tails agreed and sprinted to his storeroom. This storeroom was the size of an enormous airfield. This storeroom was filled with all sorts of tools, items and completed inventions such as the trusty biplane named the Tornado. When Tails arrived outside his storeroom Tails had a huge assortment of items in his hands of all kinds. Pipes, two air canisters, wheels, projectiles of various shapes and sizes, pieces of waterproof and shock-resistant iron, a blueprint of Tails' to-be-built cannon… So many items filled his heavy yet very willing hands.

"Well, what are you waiting for Sonic? Lets get this cannon built!" Tails called excitedly.

Sonic, always eager to give a helping hand dropped the history book; spin dashed to Tails' storeroom and grabbed three toolboxes. These toolboxes had a huge array of tools such as screwdrivers, battery terminals, hammers and nails to name a few. Sonic put one tool box each in his hands and balanced one on his head and came to Tails. The pair, now ready with all the items needed to build the CAPAC (Compressed Air Powered Artillery Cannon) started to construct it

Five hours later that consisted of building, sorting out tools, aligning the pieces together, eating chilli dogs, wielding materials, drinking water, working, double-checking the overall artillery piece and having 10-minute breaks per hour… Sonic and Tails had finished building the CAPAC. The CAPAC had been spray painted with the colours of the Tornado-1 (also known to Tails and his mates as the Tornado 3)- dove white, crimson red and a hint of turmeric yellow. The CAPAC's carriage looked sturdy and simple with sturdy split pole trails and a simple flat shield. A muzzle brake on the CAPAC, which was Sonic's idea- made the CAPAC as light as possible and reduce firing stresses. Tails had foresight to keep it as easy as possible to build. The CAPAC's carriage had two tyres, one on each side for transportation. Two compressed air canisters one on each side Sonic and Tails had fitted to the CAPAC's back. A scale at the end of the CAPAC allowed the adjustment of the CAPAC's overall velocity.

The CAPAC's piece length was 3.246 metres (127.8 inches) long with a weight of 1120 kilograms (2470 pounds). The CAPAC's elevation varied from -5 degrees to a maximum of 75 degrees. CAPAC's traverse held at 54 degrees. If the CAPAC worked, the muzzle velocity would go up to 706 metres per second (2316 feet per second)- that's 2,541.6 kilometres per hour (1,579.277 feet per mile)! According to Tails' calculations, the CAPAC's maximum range would be 13850 metres (15.145 yards). That is if a standard artillery shell having a calibre of 76.2 millimetres (3 inches) and weight of 6.4 kilograms was used as the CAPAC's projectile.

"Wow- doesn't it look amazing! Thanks so much for helping me create the CAPAC- it looks awesome," Tails said happily as Tails embraced Sonic in a warm hug.

"Well only one way to find out if it works- test it," Sonic replied with his quills and hairs raised in anticipation, "Remember you said that cricket balls could a possible projectile?"

"Yes?" Tails answered curiously, his two blue eager eyes looking at Sonic.

"Well could we use it as a cricket ball machine, like the ones cricketers use when training?" Sonic questioned Tails.

"Hmmm… I know! How about we with Knuckles carry it to Green Hills and ask Shadow, Rouge and Omega to help us test it? Shadow could be our batter while Knuckles, you and I use the CAPAC. Team Sonic with the CAPAC could be the bowlers! I've seen Shadow playing cricket recently at Green Hills. What do you think of him being an Ultimate Test Subject?" Tails replied excitedly.

"Very well then" Sonic replied. With a grin he commented, "Allonsy!"

"What do you mean?" Tails replied, as he got ready to transport the CAPAC and got three full sacks of shiny new red cricket balls.

"That's French. It translates into English as 'let's go!'"

By 3:00pm Sonic, Knuckles and Tails- with CAPAC (Compressed Air Powered Artillery Cannon) and three full sacks of cricket balls as ammunition and a pencil case- arrived at Green Hills at an oval used by Mobians and their allies for sports such as cricket. A rectangular yellow and black digital score board stood at one end of the oval. Amy lied down in the lush green grassy slopes that served as the spectator stands, looking the clear blue skies above her. Blaze, Charmy, Cream, Cheese and Marine at one of the spectator stands watched the centre of the oval that had a dirt cricket pitch interested at the game of cricket taking place.

Shadow the Hedgehog in his red and black quills, black helmet, black shin pads and white gloves looked confident as he batted away red cricket ball after red cricket ball at one end of the cricket pitch. Rouge bowled red cricket balls with various combos of spin, speed and with the help of her violet wings- height. Omega fielded as valiantly as he could, the robot often becoming a blur of daffodil yellow, jet black, rose red and gunmetal grey catching ball after ball. Yet no matter how much Rouge bowled or even Omega fielding with an 80% accuracy rate, Shadow with pinpoint accuracy and massive power belted every if not most balls for boundaries- fours and sixes! None of the two wickets at either end of the dirt cricket pitch had been knocked over so far.

"G'day Team Dark!" greeted Tails, Knuckles and Sonic brightly.

"Greetings!" answered Rouge and Omega.

"So it is the inventor, fist-fighter and faker coming to play cricket with a cannon?" questioned Shadow cockily. He held his pine bat at a 45-degree angle on his left shoulder, with his right hand.

"Shadow…" Knuckles growled. He gritted his teeth and readied his fists ready for a fistfight.

"Actually Sonic and I made that cannon. We named it the CAPAC- the Compressed Air Powered Artillery Cannon. Knuckles came to help us," Tails replied excitedly. Knuckles let down his fists, relieved that his face hadn't turned the same colour as Knuckles' spikes- dark red.

"So I guess you want to test your CAPAC?" Omega questioned Sonic and Tails, his red eyes gleaming playfully.

"Sure do!" Tails, Knuckles and Sonic cheerily replied.

"Very well!" Shadow stated adventurously, "I'll be the Ultimate Test Subject!"

Knuckles took out from one of the sacks of cricket balls- under strict instructions from Tails- a notepad and a small pencil case. That pencil case contained a few black pens, whiteout, a 12-centimetre ruler, three 2B pencils, a pencil sharpener and a rubber. Tails, Knuckles and Sonic (aka Team Sonic) decided at 2:50pm (i.e. earlier that day) that the best way to test it was to do it methodically as much as possible. Knuckles stood on one side of the cricket pitch ready to record the result. Rouge maintained her position as a fielder. Amy decided to volunteer after being asked from Shadow, "Please be a wicketkeeper?" In truth however, Shadow just wanted Amy to adorn Shadow's awesomeness.

Omega decided to use his eyes to record the results. Yesterday he installed a speed radar gun, Hot-Spotter (this detects external impacts in the external environment via infrared vision) and Snikometre (this detects external impacts via monitoring soundwaves in the external environment) to his software. Omega eagerly waited to track each cricket ball's speed, path and overall results of the experiment. Omega as a recorder of the results and an umpire was an idea Tails agreed with two thumbs and two tails up. As Rouge explained to Tails before he approved this, " Omega is a backup in case pen and paper fails like rusty swords cutting wood."

Sonic, Knuckles and Tails got the CAPAC (Compressed Air Powered Artillery Cannon) ready at one end of the cricket pitch and set its muzzle velocity to 150 km/h - as fast as Australian Mitchell Johnson's maximum bowling speed during the 2013-2014 Ashes Series between Australia and England! Setting the CAPAC's angle at 45 degrees and CAPAC's muzzle velocity 150 km/h Team Sonic fired the first cricket ball. Shadow easily pounded it for a six. This only made Team Sonic more determined to get Shadow out. Team Sonic fired ball after ball. Yet Shadow still stood his ground after one sack of cricket balls had been emptied scoring a century- 100 runs!

"Shall we increase the CAPAC velocity and adjust the CAPAC's angle mate?" said Sonic in an Australian accent.

"Bring it on faker," growled Shadow feeling pumped due to adrenaline running through his veins.

Tails reduced the CAPAC's angle to 15 degrees and the muzzle velocity up to 200km/h- this is the speed of one of the aces served at the Australian Open 2014. Team Sonic fired more cricket balls. To make things more unpredictable Team Sonic randomly adjusted per shot the CAPAC's muzzle velocity and elevation. To spice the bowling up, Tails brought out a Spinner and fitted to the CAPAC at random times before firing the cannon in some cases.

The Spinner is a device that consisted of a tube (a silencer) and two medium sized disks that lay on either side powered by four AA lithium batteries. The point of this device is to introduce more speed and spin to the projectile fired by a cannon- in this case the CAPAC.

By 5:00pm Rouge was becoming very exhausted; Knuckles' notebook ran very close to running out of pages and Omega's database became almost completely crammed with data. Blaze, Charmy, Cream, Cheese and Marine watched in anticipation, waiting for the moment Shadow would go out via a cricket ball striking the wicket, being caught on the full or the ball striking one of Shadow's legs before wicket. Blaze's, Charmy's, Chesse's and Marine's excitement was on the edge as they waited for the moment.

Meanwhile Shadow had scored only more fifty more runs as the second sack of cricket balls became empty. He could barely hold his bat due to his sweat dripping onto his equipment. Several times up to 5:00pm Shadow had stated, "Chaos Control," attempting to bring more control to the game irritating Team Sonic. Shadow shook all over, his nerves- over the course of emptying a second sack of cricket balls- slowly gnawing away his confidence.

Little did Shadow know that Knuckles (determined to get a wicket), Tails (determined to show his cannon is an ultimate weapon) and Sonic (more determined to get payback for Shadow calling Sonic a 'faker') had slowly adjusted the muzzle velocity of the CAPAC (Compressed Air Powered Artillery Cannon) towards CAPAC's maximum muzzle velocity- 2,541.6 km/h! Team Sonic adjusted the CAPAC's elevation overtime to zero degrees. At this point Shadow didn't feel so confident being an Ultimate Test Subject and the Ultimate Life Form facing potentially superior firepower that pointed head on at him.

"My memory banks can only store so much data!" Omega announced desperately, "When are we ever going to see a wicket taken by Team Sonic?"

"Hopefully not today," Shadow muttered nervously. Shaken and stirred by the increasing speed of the cricket balls and elevation decreases of the CAPAC, he nonetheless stood his ground.

Tails removed the Spinner, as Team Sonic got ready to fire the first cricket ball of the third sack. Amy wanted a breakthrough from Team Sonic. For two hours overtime she had become weary of Shadow showing off his awesomeness. Her white gloves had a red tinge almost turning them pink.

"Chaos…" Shadow began anxiously.

"BLAM!" went the CAPAC.

"FUS RO DAH!" Omega exclaimed simultaneously with the blast, surprised as his speedometer maxed out.

The CAPAC blasted the cricket ball - a red unguided projectile- into Shadow's bat destroying it two. The projectile continued into Shadow's groin propelling him through the wickets behind him. Amy dodged in the nick of time away from the black, yellow, red, white and skin-coloured blur that blistered into those wickets, into the grassy stands and through the oval! Shadow's very painful and long journey ended at a very big fig tree that barely stopped him going any further, which was just outside the main city of Mobius. Shadow's back struck the tree hard as if thousands of mallets had pummelled him. Shadow fell forward into the ground headfirst, winded and passed out. To add more fruit to injury, figs of all kinds of sizes rained on Shadow's head!

"Howzat!" shouted Team Sonic, Amy, Omega and Rouge with a mixture of joy and relief. Omega raised one arm with his first finger raised high- indicating Shadow had been bowled out. Blaze laughed at the sight, her head over tail. Cream and Cheese clapped in sheer awe and amazement gaping at the sight. In contrast, Charmy felt distressed and concerned as he flew as fast as he could with his first-aid kit to Shadow, his transparent wings beating in haste.

"Shadow, are you O.K?" Charmy called as he arrived at the Ultimate Life Form's unconscious body. Charmy waited desperately to see if Shadow had been knocked out permanently. He hoped with all his might that Shadow was still alive. Charmy's black, yellow and orange helmet vibrated, clearly showing his increasing edginess. Charmy began to commence CPR…

"Ohhhhh…" Shadow groaned in absolute agony, breathing heavily. Charmy got Shadow to swallow Panadine- a strong painkiller- with a cupful of water Charmy had with him. Charmy started to call the ambulance on his iPhone 5.

"My golly," Knuckles said surprised at the unexpected result. Team Sonic, Amy, Rouge Blaze, Cheese, Cream and Omega dashed to Shadow.

"Tails, you reckon that cannon was Dragonborn?" Omega questioned.

"No- Team Sonic all helped out in its creation and transportation," Tails said, "Do you play The Elder Scrolls Skyrim?"

"Oh yes- very entertaining it is," Omega replied.

By the time Team Sonic, Amy, Rouge Blaze, Cheese, Cream and Omega arrived where Shadow lay in a bed of pain the ambulance had arrived.

"Hey Shadow! Male with three balls can't walk!" Sonic cheekily commented.

All the company roared with laughter- except for Shadow who barely grinned.

"Sonic, Knuckles! Do you think my CAPAC deserves a third name- Unrelenting Force?" Tails asked his two mates.

"Oh yes!" Sonic and Knuckles approved very happily.

Update (20/2/2014): By the way, the video Tails is watching in this story is real- currently on Youtube! I used this as a basis for my story! Feel free to check it out- search in Youtube FUS RO DAH, select "Sort By" and then click on Filter Count. Select the first video that turns up there0 that's where i got the inspiration from.

Last time I looked there it has over eight million views since its conception three years ago!

Update (26/1/2015): Made spelling and grammatical changes to it.

Update (18/3/2015): Moved this short story to the top of the publication.