Lost in Pronunciation

"Dear golly," Tails sighed.

As noon came over New York in a public library, Knuckles and Tails were engaged in a conversation on what they saw on their field trip in Central Park Zoo. Unfortunately it would become louder and louder. Tails, a genius at heart started to become completely aghast at Knuckles' lack of verbal literacy. It attracted much attention from Sonic and Amy who were just looking at the messy snowstorm from a window. This contrasted with tidy library, with almost everything in order – books, resources and all.

"What's going on?" Amy asked, her eyebrows fluttering in bewilderment.

As they came closer, Amy noticed people staring at the two conversing people. She sat down on a nearby pink beanbag.

"You better quieten down, more people are looking at you," Sonic warned the two. Amy noticed a small crowd gathering around Tails and Knuckles. She got the Piko Piko Hammer ready for a feud.

"It's not me whom you should be concerned about… it's Knuckles. He can't say one word correctly," Tails replied, struggling to contain his bewilderment.

He said to Knuckles calmly, "It's 'penguins.'"

"No it's penwings," Knuckles replied through gritted teeth.

"Penguins. Like, penguins," Tails corrected Knuckles.

"Penglings, penwings, pennuins, pangwangs, peenuins,…" Knuckles said through increasingly gritted teeth and growling voice. He was so angry and confused that steam started to come out his hair. Knuckles reddened.

Laughter rang from Tails, Sonic and Amy that spread contagiously throughout the crowd. Part disbelief and part wonder showed on their faces.

All thoughts of using the hammer were lost.

"Oh dear, you were so loud Knuckles, that every person in the library heard you!" Amy plainly spoke. Knuckles apologized straight away. Flustered with saying words, he collapsed onto his chair.

"Hey guys! Where do you find penglings in the USA?" Sticks asked as she bumped into the foursome. She was carrying a stack of souvenirs in her hands. She poked her head around the stack. Awkward silence fell around the room.

"I think you've got another student to teach," Sonic commented, resignedly.

Author's Note

Some time ago there was a Youtube video. This filmed from the Graham Norton Show of Benedict Cumberbatch unable to say a particular word... just search in the Youtube 'Benedict Cumberbach Can't Say'. That's where I was inspired for this short story.

Nevertheless, Benedict Cumberbach is one of the awesome cast who this year released the special TV episode 'Sherlock the Abominable Bride'. I've watched this and I can confidently say that that episode is one of the best detective TV episodes out there! I highly recommend it!