Paying Not Through the Nose

"And this is the noticeboard where we post the teams before each games," said an elderly walrus tour guide as Sonic and Tails were guided around an ice rink in freezing Holoska. The two friends were on holiday in their last leg of their winter trip in the north of Mobius. Though they had kept their holiday costs quite low, they felt fortunate they hasn't joined Holoska's national ice hockey team after discovering a notice right beneath the team list. This concerned subscriptions which said:

Players' subs are $40 (i.e. 40 Mobian dollars) per anum payable by November 1.

Tails took another look at the notice to check his eyes weren't playing tricks on him and then commented, "I've heard paying through the nose before, but that's ridiculous! Surely they wouldn't be that serious?"

Sonic added, "Perhaps Holoska took the concept of pay to play too far?"