This is merely a prologue, nothing more.

The brightness of reading the Elder Scroll faded as a young white-haired nord in Dragonplate armor looked off the summit of the Throat of the World, her eyes blurred because of the intensity of the light. However, before she could regain her senses, she heard an all too familiar voice over the sound of large leathery wings beating the air. She looked up and spotted the black scaly hide of the dragon known as Alduin the World Eater.

"Bahloki nahkip sillesejoor. My belly is full of the souls of your fellow mortals, Dovahkiin!" Came the bellowing, ancient roar of the legendary black dragon, his eyes narrowed venomously at the pitiful mortal before him whom had slain his own. "Die now and await your fate in Sovengarde!"

When the dragon of lore had finished his threat, the young, Nordic woman quickly reached for her scathe, where she pulled out her Skyforge steel sword, and quickly grabbed her steel shield from where it rested on her hip. And she flashed a deadly glare over at Alduin as he beat his wings one, trice, hovering there for a moment, before he beat his wings a third time and flew over their heads.

However, before Alduin could make his first attack against the white-haired woman, a voice echoed out. "Lost funt. You are too late, Alduin!" an old grey dragon growled. He then turned to the woman, his old eyes narrowed with the heat of an upcoming vicious battle. "Dovahkiin, use Dragonrend if you know it!"

"My pleasure, Paarthurnax." The woman growled, not turning her head or taking her eyes off of the Black Dragon Alduin. Wind snipped at her hair as she began to cautiously tread into the center of the snow-capped mountain, her head still tilted so that she could glare up at the dragon.

Both Alduin and Paarthurnax started circling the mountain top as the woman regained her senses, as she was still weak from reading the Elder Scroll. But she quickly regained her senses, as the cold weather of the mountain helped refresh it.

"Paarthurnax," Alduin growled, not taking his blood red eyes off of the older dragon before him. "Your strength has waned while mine has increased!"

The only reply that the old dragon known by the name of Paarthurnax growled in reply. His wing beats strong despite his look of age, and the vicious wind that tugged on his scales seemed not to bother him the least.

"Paarthurnax, join me or die with your mortal friends!" Came the vicious, threatening voice of Alduin once again. His scaly hide shimmering as the wind wiped him viciously, dotting him with small amounts of snow.

This seemed to catch the dragon's attention, for he raised his head slightly higher then he had before: A look of pure defiance. "Niid!" Paarthurnax growled, his chin facing Alduin as he directly defied him. "Never again!"

"Ruz hi fen dir ko naaf, shir zeymah!" Came Alduin's last retort, his head twisting backwards as he let out a fearsome roar, that seemed to shake the whole mountain. Suddenly, as Alduin roared and the skies began to turn gray and meteors began to fall from the sky, the woman shouted. "Joor… Zah… Frul!"

A blue light shot out from seemingly around the woman, heading in the direction of the dragon. It wasn't till it was too late that the dragon attempted to beat his wings so he could fly away. Instead, the shout hit the great dragon right in the chest. He roared and glided to a landing on the peak of the mountain, growling "Curse you, Dovahkiin! My teeth to your neck!"

When Paarthurnax noticed Alduin on the ground, he took this as a chance to roar over to the white-haired woman, his voice sounding of more strength then usual. "This is your chance, Dovahkiin! Strike with all your force!"

The woman did not need to be told twice as she ran up to the grounded dragon and raised her sword hand, lowering it upon the great dragon's head as she slashed his head with her blade with much force. To her surprise, his hide cracked where her blade hit him and left a nasty pink line over his blood-red eyes.

This only earned her a glare from Alduin, and he opened his maw to reveal a set of razor sharp, dagger sized fangs, before he let loose a turunt of vicious flames, which licked at the woman viciously as they sped past her. However, she did manage to escape with only some of her hair catching afire, nothing too serious.

"Dovahkiin you call yourself?" Alduin taunted. "Arrogant mortal."

Ingokn noticed the effects of Dragonrend wore off as the World-Eater took off and flew in the air.

"You may have picked up the weapons of my ancient foes, but you are not their equal." Alduin said.

Both Alduin and Paarthurnax roared at each other when suddenly, another dragon entered the battle and clawed at Alduin.

"Tahrodiis Mulahrkpahlokaal!" he growled at the Blood Dragon.

"Zu'u nid lingrahiik aam hi Aduin!" the blood dragon Mulahrkpahlokaal growled. Now with three dragons battling it out overhead, the woman used Alduin's moment of distraction to shout at him again, which brought him down.

The woman ran up to the ground Alduin and started hacking at his face and wings, wounding him as her Dragon ally and Paarthurnax breathed fire on his back as they flew overhead.

"Paarthurnax is weak, I am strong." Alduin growled before taking to the skies again. Mulahrkpahlokaal and Paarthurnax distracted Alduin as the woman got ready to shout again. Once she did, Alduin was forced to the ground for the third time. All three relentlessly attacked Alduin before he submitted and growled at the woman.

"Meyz mul, Dovahkiin. You have become strong. But I am Al-du-in, Firstborn of Akatosh! Mulaagi zok lot! I cannot be slain here, by you or anyone else."

Paarthurnax and Mulahrkpahlokaal landed on the peak of the mountain and stared at their defeated foe. The woman walked up to Alduin, close enough to smell the stench of death, fire and brimstone on his breath.

"You cannot prevail against me." Alduin growled at the woman. "I will outlast you… mortal!"

With those words, Alduin leapt into the air and flew off. He then turned to the east and disappeared.