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Chapter 1

(February 14, Valentine's day)

(Takashi's P.O.V.)

My name is Komuro Takashi. I'm a 16 year old, first year at Fujimi Academy. I have brown eyes and black, spikey hair. I stand at an average 5'7" for height and 155 lbs. I guess you can say I have a slim but muscular, athletic build for a body but no one would know since I don't wear tightly fitting clothes nor do people ever catch me without a shirt on. I also don't get into fights for "certain" reasons.

It was after school and I was currently making my way to my girlfriend's house. Miyamoto Rei, was her name. She has orange-brown hair with two antennae strands sticking out and reddish-brown eyes. She took after her family and became a member of the Soujutsu club and therefore is a skilled fighter when it comes to spears and the likes. When we were younger, we were playing at the neighborhood playground when we made a promise. She extended her hand to me and we ended up making a pinky promise to get married together when we were older. Ever since then I have had feelings for her. Even though she was a year older than me, I worked up the courage to ask her to be my girlfriend when I enter the academy at the beginning of the year. You can only imagine how ecstatic I felt when she said yes.

Things were good between us. We went out on many dates and spent a lot of time together. However, that all changed recently. Lately she doesn't like spending time together and she is always in a pissed off mood. Being the good boyfriend, I tried asking her what was wrong but she would always just shake her head and give me the usual "you wouldn't understand" spiel. Frankly I was getting really tired of her attitude. I'm her boyfriend, I'm supposed to be there for her and help her out in times of need. But I guess she didn't feel that way or she didn't want me to be the person to do it. Well that was going to change!

Today was a special day and by special, I mean its Valentine's Day today. Normally girls are supposed to give the guy they admire chocolate as a sign of affection. However I decided to mix it up. With me, I had sunflowers and a box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates. I was definitely going to cheer her up with these.

I knocked on her door and waited about a minute before she answered. "Hey you, happy Valentine's Day!" I give her the best smile I could. She smiled back but only slightly. Well it looks like whatever is bugging here is still putting her in a bad mood. "Can I come in?"

"Sure." I followed her in and we sat on the couch in the living room. Her parents weren't home so it was just the two of us. "I got you these," as I held up the flowers and chocolates. "I know guys normally get chocolate today but I thought I would mix it up and do something for you."

"Um thanks."

Well that was enthusiastic. I decided to get down to it. "Are you okay?"

She quickly glared at me. "I'm fine, why do you ask?"

"Well you just seem like you have something bothering you and I wanted to know if there was anything I could do to help you out."

"Don't worry about it, it's nothing," she quickly snapped back.

"Rei come on, I can't help you if you don't tell me what's wrong."

"Just drop it! You wouldn't understand anyways!"

This was starting to piss me off. I came here to make her feel better and she is still having an attitude. "Rei I won't be able to understand if you don't let me in!"

She was heated now. "No you wouldn't! You would never understand so just drop it! Why did you even come here to begin with?"

"Seriously? I came here to cheer you up since you've been in such a pissy mood lately. I even bought you flowers and chocolates!"

She looked at the flowers and then the chocolates. "I don't even like that brand!"

Seriously?! What the hell is wrong with her? I try to cheer her up and she bitches. Then she says she doesn't even like the chocolates I got her. They're Ferrero Rocher! What the hell?! I was getting angry now. "Do you know how much those cost? They're not cheap you know?"

She just crossed her arms under her chest and rolled her eyes. "Whatever it was your loss."

That was it! I couldn't take it anymore! "You know what, I'm leaving!"

"Good, you're obviously not wanted here right now."

With that last comment I grabbed the box of chocolates and made my way out of the door. I was pissed. I was beyond pissed. I could hit something right now. I saw a mailbox and swung at it, multiple times. By the time I was done punching the thing, it was dented badly and I was left with a bloody hand. It hurt but I didn't care. My anger was keeping me from concentrating on the pain. I was so caught up in my emotions that I didn't watch where I was going as I rounded the corner, right into someone.


It was a feminine voice. I quickly extended my arms to catch myself before I completely fell on top of the girl. The only problem was the extra pressure on my left hand made the wound I self-inflicted moments ago flame up in pain, causing me to wince a little. I looked up to the sight of a beautiful face. There below me, the girl I knocked over, stared right into my eyes. She had blue eyes and purple hair with bangs that framed her face by forming a sort of triangle. Her lips were pink and seemed to glow. I stopped my eyes from going and lower because I now know who it was I had knocked over. Busujima Saeko.

I don't think there was anyone attending our academy that didn't know who Busujima Saeko was. She was a second year and captain of the kendo team. Her looks alone got her the position of most beautiful and sexiest woman at Fujimi Academy, well at least according to my friend Morita and looking at her now, I agree with him. The big thing about her is the fact she is a national kendo champion. This was also a reason which contributed to her popularity at school.

Forgetting the situation we were in, I got up and extended a hand to her. She took it and I helped her up. I then bowed. "I am sorry for running into you. I was careless and wasn't watching where I was going. Please forgive me."

"It is quite alright. I am at fault as well for I should have been paying better attention to my surroundings. Please, lift your head." She said with a small smile. "You are Komuro Takashi, am I correct?"

I was shocked she knew who I was. "Yes, but how do you know who I am? I do not believe we have had the pleasure of talking before now Busujima-senpai."

"Well it seems you know who I am so there is no need to introduce myself. As for how I know who you are, I have seen you around school along with hearing people talk about you."

I smiled. "I guess our reasons for knowing each other are the same."

She gave a small smile. "It would seem so." She then bent over to pick up the box of chocolates I had dropped moments ago. "I believe you dropped these."

"Ah thank you." And without knowing it, I reached for the box with my injured and bloody left hand.

Her eyes quickly became wide. "Komuro-san, what happened to your hand?"

"Ah well Busujima-senpai, you see I ummm, I may have punched something," I paused. "Multiple…times," I quietly added.

"You punched something multiple times?" She looked from my face to my hand. "You need to get that treated before it gets infected."

"I'll be fine Busujima-senpai. Honestly, it doesn't even hurt." I smiled, trying to hide the pain I was now feeling due to my anger and adrenaline now fading away.

"I don't want to hear it. Come with me." She then made her way past me and started walking down the street.

I was confused on why I had to go with her. "Why do I have to go with you? And where are you even going?"

She turned and gave me a look that said there was no room for argument. "We are going to my house so we can tend to your wound. Now let's go." And with that, she continued walking.

I guess I have no choice. Wait, yes I do! But it is Busujima-senpai. Eh, why not? My Valentine's Day is ruined anyways so it's not like I have anything better to do. I made up my mind and ran off to catch up to her as we made our way towards her house.


I was currently sitting in the living room of a very extravagant house. It was large with a gate and wall surrounding the perimeter. The house had a very Japanese in style. There were the traditional sliding doors for some rooms as well as a garden with a koi pond in the backyard. The house belongs to the Busujima family and I was brought here by none other than Busujima-senpai. The beautiful kendo captain disappeared for a few minutes to retrieve a first aid kit for my injured hand. When she returned, she was also carrying a bowl of warm water.

"Okay Komuro-san, now let me see your hand."

"Well Senpai, it's not a big deal, really. My hand's fine. It's just a little scratch." I put on a fake smile because in reality, my hand hurt like a bitch.

"Listen here kohai," she said sternly. "We are already here at my house and I have the first aid kit as well. So show me your hand so we can take care of it." The look she gave made me give in. I don't know why I was being stubborn about it I mean after all, she brought me all the way to her house just so she can tend to my injury. I shouldn't be complaining, especially if it is someone like Busujima-senpai.

She held my hand and placed the bowl underneath. She then began to wash away the blood and apply alcohol and antiseptic which made me wince. Afterwards, she wrapped my whole hand in gauze. The way she wrapped it was like a boxer, through the fingers and not just around the hand and wrist.

"There that should do it. See, that was not so hard once you stopped being stubborn." She held a smirk on her lips.

"Okay, you're right. Thank you Busujima-senpai." I kind of rolled my eyes at that just to go along with her calling me stubborn. "As a thank you, would you care for some chocolate?" I then produced the box Ferrero Rocher."

"Isn't it custom for a girl to give a guy chocolate on this day, not the other way around," she said with a smile.

"Well I guess I'm not normal, and this is as a thank you for tending to my hand."

She then reached for the box to take a piece. "Is this Ferrero Rocher? I love these kinds of chocolate!"


"Yes, they are my favorite." Her hand took a piece and quickly devoured it. "I must say Komuro-san, if you get any more injuries then you should come and see me."

"Does that involve bringing you these kinds of chocolates as a thank you every time?" I asked with a grin.

"Precisely!" she held a smile on her face as she continued to eat the chocolates.

Well at least they didn't become a waste after Rei didn't want them. I continued to watch her eat the small treats. It was fascinating in a way. I don't know why I found it so, but I just did. This was the most popular girl in school and I was having the privilege of getting to watch her eat chocolate, today of all days. Then a thought hit me. It was Valentine's Day yet here she was at her house with me because she insisted on bringing me here so she could take care of my hand. "Busujima-senpai, I don't mean to be rude but am I holding you from anything?"

She paused eating and looked at me. "No Komuro-san, you are not. Why do you ask?"

"Well today being Valentine's Day and all I just figured you might have plans with someone."

"I do not, for I am not interested in anyone in that way at the moment. Today is just another day for me." She said with a small smile.

"That's an interesting way to look at it."

"Well that is the way a single person tends to look at it, or at least I do." She then got up. "Komuro-san I am afraid I have a class to teach in a little bit."

"Class? What kind of class?"

"Kendo. There is a dojo outside which my father and I use to train as well as teach classes to those interested in learning."

"Wow, so you even have kendo waiting for you at home. Would you mind if I watch?"

"Not at all, though I would have to ask you to behave yourself. I am going to be teaching a children's class."

"I don't think I will cause any problems for you." I returned with a smile.

She then led me outside to where the dojo was. It was really huge and just made me wonder how rich the Busujima family was to afford such a big, extravagant place to call home. Thinking about it, this place was kind of like a smaller version my friend Takagi's house, or mansion. My childhood friend Takagi Saya came from a rich family. Her mother and father were in politics and were very successful at it. Their house was an actual mansion. Although this place isn't as big, it still screamed money.

I sat down on the floor near a wall towards the back of the dojo, which would be facing the class. Busujima-senpai left to get changed and when she returned, she was in a hakama. In her hand she held the bamboo sword for kendo, a shinai. It wasn't long before kids around the age of 7 started filling the room. All carried shinai and a bag with gear inside of it as well as their own hakama. As soon as everyone got changed and filed in line, senpai began her class. She was strict and professional but also kind and encouraging. She pointed out mistakes and gave directions and tips on how to improve.

An hour went by and the class was over. She walked the kids out to make sure they got to their parents okay. I was then alone in the dojo. I got up and stretched after sitting still for an hour. I walked around a little to get the feeling back in my legs when I saw a few shinai leaning against a wall. I walked over and picked one up with my right hand. It was kind of light but still ideal for me. I did a few practice swings and combinations I saw from an anime I watched not too long ago about a guy who gets stuck in a virtual reality game. The setting was somewhat medieval because the characters were wearing armor and used swords, shields, lances, and other such weapons. Before I knew it, I was swinging left and right all around the dojo.

"Well well well, what do we have here?" I turned around to find an older man who looked to be in his late forties. He was wearing a hakama with a sort of coat like it was normal for him. He was tall and muscular, well defined. His hair was black and pulled back into a ponytail with blue eyes to match. In his hand he held a shinai of his own. "I assume you are one of my daughter's friends from school?"

I turned to him and bowed my head. "You must be Busujima-sama, it is a pleasure to meet you. I am Komuro Takashi. As for your daughter and I being friends, I cannot say for we have really only talked to each other today."

"Is that so? And she ended up bringing you home?"

"You see Busujima-sama, I injured my hand by doing something stupid and she insisted on bringing me here to tend to it." I lifted up my wrapped left hand to show him.

"Well I would be interested in how you injured yourself. I see you using a shinai, although with one hand. How about telling me how you injured yourself over a little spar?"

"I am afraid to inform you that I have never taken kendo lessons before, sir. This is actually the first time I have even held a shinai before."

"Come now young Komuro, I will go easy then."

"Hmm, very well, I think a spar would be fun." With that we walked to the center of the dojo and faced each other. He stood in the standard staring position for kendo. Both hands were on the shinai, feet shoulder width apart, and one foot was slightly in front of the other. As for me, my feet were shoulder width apart with my left foot slightly out in front. My legs were bent just a little bit so that my body was leaning forward. I held the shinai in my right hand at a downward angle.

"That is not a normal stance for kendo. It is, different."

"This actually feels comfortable for me."

"Very well then. Let's begin!" And with that he took a step and lunged at me.

He brought his shinai up above his head and then brought it straight down to make a vertical strike. I blocked his strike by bringing up my weapon right in front of me at a diagonal angle. I pushed off and swung diagonally from top right to left. He blocked it and we ended up in a sword lock. I jumped back to give some distance between us. He then switched to holding his shinai in his right hand so that we were the same. We met eyes and then we lunged. We both swung diagonally, him from top right to left while I swung from bottom left to right. Our shinai connected. From there I spun around and I could tell he did the same.

"How about we make this a little more interesting Komuro?"

"What did you have in mind sir?" He turned and walked towards the other shinai leaning against the wall where I got the one I am currently using. He then picked up one and threw it to me. I caught it with my left hand; I winced a little but it wasn't anything I couldn't handle.

"How about you use two instead of one?"

"You want me to dual wield?"

"Yes, you see, I normally use two because it is what I am comfortable with. Seeing as you have kept up with my strikes so far and how you initially took a one handed starting position, I figured you might be comfortable using two shinai as well."

I looked at the two shinai I held in my hands. I spun them both around my hands, ignoring the small pain I felt in my left. True enough, I did feel somewhat comfortable this way. I walked back to the center of the room and turned to face him. I stood the same way as when we started but this time I held the shinai in my left hand vertically in front of me on my left side. The shinai in my right hand was held horizontally out on my right side.

He smiled at my position. "Let us continue then!"

I charged at him and swung with my right diagonally downwards. I followed up by tracing the swing with my right and then swung with my left horizontally. He blocked all three strikes but this time he had to use two hands to stay focused. I took a step back to think of what to do.

"Are you sure you haven't had any training before? You move like you have," he asked

"I'm positive when I say I haven't had any training sir. In all honesty, I have no idea what I am doing. I'm really just copying something I saw out of an anime." In truth, I really was. I saw an anime about a kid who gets stuck in a virtual reality game where the environment is somewhat medieval since weapons consisted of swords, shields, axes, lances, and the sort. The main character dual wields two long swords in certain scenes and all I am really doing is just copying what I saw him do.

"I find that very interesting!" He jumped and swung down at me using all his strength.

I brought both shinai up and crossed them to block the strike. However, when our shinai made contact, I was forced to one knee due to his immense strength. We were locked like that. He was trying to push down while I was trying to push up.

"Father, what do you think you are doing?"

We both stopped struggling and turned our heads. There standing about twenty feet away from us was Busujima-senpai.

"Saeko! I was, uh, just testing young Komuro here out."

"Really? Why do I find that hard to believe?" I noticed he took a step back from her question. "And you! You have an injured hard that is now bleeding again because you were fooling around with my father." Sure enough, the bandage was stating to be dyed red. All the extra activity must have caused my hand to start bleeding again. "Get in the house so we can redress that wound of yours."

Busujima-sama then turned to me and whispered. "Better do what she says; she can be quite vicious if you get her mad."

"What was that father?"

"Nothing dear! Come Komuro, into the house!"

We all entered the house and about ten minutes later, my hand was cleaned and rewrapped. "Now then, no more strenuous activity for your hand," she looked me in the eye to make sure I understood.

"Yes Senpai! Sorry, this time I don't have any chocolates to thank you with."

"It's okay. You already gave me some earlier. And besides, this was my father's fault for making you spar with him." She turned and glared at him. "Father, do you have something to say?"

I saw his back stiffen after she said that. He bowed and then apologized. "I am sorry Komuro for pushing you to spar with me and in doing so, prevent your hand from healing."

"It's quite alright Busujima-sama, really. I was messing around before you even asked me to spar with you."

Senpai then turned to me. "Oh, is that so?" It was my turn to have my back stiffen. It was like I was a kid who got caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

Busujima- sama coughed to try and change the topic. "By the way Komuro you still didn't tell me how you injured your hand. I would also like to know just how you were able to spar with me without having any training prior to."

"Yes, I would also like to know why you injured yourself seeing as you never did tell me before." Even senpai wanted to know.

Well there was no reason to lie. "I injured myself from punching a mailbox, multiple times."

Busujima-sama looked at me, one eyebrow raised. "What would have possessed you to do something like that?"

"Well the truth is, I was angry with my girlfriend, Miyamoto Rei. You see, she has been in a very bad mood lately and every time I try and ask her about it, she blows me off by saying I wouldn't understand. I asked her how I would understand if she would never tell me, to which she would just repeat herself. So today I went over to her house to try and cheer her up with flowers and chocolate. We ended up getting in another argument because she was still in a bad mood to which I told her I was leaving and she was happy about it. She even complained about the chocolates I bought her. After I left, I was pissed off and well…there was a mailbox nearby so I kind of swung at it."

"Were those the same chocolates you gave me earlier Komuro-san?"

"Yes they were. She told me she doesn't like the brand. Can you believe her senpai?"

She smirked. "Miyamoto has bad taste in chocolate it seems."

I couldn't help but smile at her comment. "As for your second question Busujima-sama, I meant it when I told you I've never received training before. I honestly was just doing what I saw in an anime I watched. I guess I was just doing what I thought was natural."

They both looked at me with a shocked expression. "Komuro, that is quite something. To say you just followed what you watched and were able to do it is quite a talent. Have you ever thought about learning and training?"

"I've actually never really given it much thought before. Swords have always interested me and I've always liked watching kendo and I've always enjoyed watching Busujima-senpai during her matches." I then noticed senpai raise an eyebrow at my statement.

"How would you like to train here then?"

Senpai's eyes were filled with surprise. "I appreciate the offer Busujima-sama. However, I am sorry to say that I do not have the money to do so."

"I don't believe I asked you for money young Komuro. I specifically remember asking you whether you would like train here. We have plenty of equipment that you can use. So the question stands, would you like me to become your teacher and train you?"

I couldn't believe my ears. Here was a man I had just met and had a sparring match with and he was offering to train me for free. "I would be honored sir."

He then gave a smile. "Excellent! We shall start right away!"

"Father, his hand."

"Ah right, sorry Komuro, I guess I got a little too excited. How about tomorrow then? For now we should prepare dinner."

"Tomorrow sounds great sir. And if you both are going to start dinner then I should probably leave."

Before I could get up, senpai placed a hand on my shoulder. "How about staying and joining us for dinner Komuro-san?"

"Is that alright? I wouldn't want to be overstaying my welcome."

"Nonsense Komuro. While Saeko gets dinner ready, you and I can go train." Senpai then sent a glare at her father. "I mean watch the baseball game!"

I couldn't help but sweat drop looking at the situation. "Well, if you insist."

I ended up spending the evening with the two Busujimas. Senpai was an amazing cook. I didn't want to admit it but her cooking tasted better than what my own mother would make sometimes. The man who became my master and I spent the time while senpai was cooking getting to know each other a little better. I even learned a little about senpai herself. She had been training in kendo since she was at a young age. The reason why sensei would sometimes get scared was because despite the way she looked, senpai could be quite dangerous. It was almost comical to see how a father would be kind of intimidated by his daughter at times.

The evening turned out to be great for me. I had great food, a great workout, and I got offered to be trained for free. And the whole time, I never thought about Rei even once.

I didn't know it then, but running into Saeko that day changed my life. I didn't notice it at first because there was no need to. But soon, there came a day when this day made me realize how the littlest of choices can affect the future.

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