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Chapter 2

Anger. That is the one emotion I seem to always carry with me now. It's been about a month since Valentine's Day and it was not the end of the school year break. A lot has happened during the weeks that have passed. After spending time with the Busujima family and meeting Busujima-sensei, I started my training in kendo. Every day after school, I would go to Busujima-senpai's house to be taught by Sensei. He has taken quite a liking to me in the little time we have known each other, if insisting I stay over for dinner is anything to go by.

Each day we would work on different techniques and spar using them. He tells me I am a natural since I pick up what he teaches me easily. I got to learn something that I was interested in and had the privilege of seeing as well as getting to know Senpai more. Everything was good except for when I found out I got dumped. It happened about a week after Valentine's Day.


I was on my way to Rei's house to see if she was in a better mood and maybe so we could make up from the argument we had. As I turned the corner onto her street, I froze. I was met with a sight that ripped my heart out. There in front of the house I was heading to were Rei herself and a male with brown eyes and gray hair. This man was a black belt in karate so he had a good athletic build for a body. He also happened to be my best friend, Igou Hisashi. Rei, Hisashi, and I all grew up together; we have known each other since we were kids. Due to this, I didn't find it strange to see him with Rei in front of her house. The thing which tore my heart out was when Hisashi turned to say goodbye and Rei reached up and kissed him. What made it worse was when she pulled back, he grabbed her by the waist and went for a second kiss.

I quickly ducked behind a car so they wouldn't see me. The last thing I wanted was for them to know I was there. I wanted to be anywhere besides here, but I couldn't take not confronting Rei about it. I carefully looked out to see what they were doing. They stopped kissing and Hisashi was now making his was down the other end of the street. Rei had her back to me as she watched him leave. I then decided to quietly move behind her.

When Hisashi turned the corner, Rei turned around a jumped. "T-Takashi! You scared me! What are you doing here?"

I guess she got scared because she was afraid that I might have caught her. "Rei." My voice was shallow and almost like a whisper. "Why?"

I saw her eyes widen for a moment before she quickly put on a confused look. "Why what?"

That pissed me off. Was she seriously trying to play dumb now? "DON'T PLAY DUMB WITH ME," I shouted. She jumped back from the ferocity of my voice. "I saw you just now! So I want to know, why?!"

It was then she put on a serious face and glared at me. "What does it matter to you?"

"I'm your boyfriend! This obviously matters to me!"

"Yeah well, not anymore. I'm with Hisashi now. He's a real man who can actually understand me and be there for me, unlike you."

"Are you fucking kidding me?! You are dumping me for my best friend?! I can't even believe you right now! This is all kinds of fucked up!" I couldn't contain my anger.

"What would you care anyways? You think I don't notice you walking that Busujima bitch home lately?"

What the hell?! How did Senpai even get involved in this? "She has nothing to do with this! And why wouldn't I care?! These are my FEELINGS you're messing with! MY feelings for YOU!" My anger rolled off of me in waves.

"Ugh, I am sick and tired of all your crap Takashi!"

"What the hell are you talking about? MY crap?! YOU'RE the one with ALL the issues!

"Oh, so now I have issues? This is why you would never understand me! This is a perfect example of how and why Hisashi is a better man than you!"

I couldn't take it anymore. "You and I are done. Don't ever speak to me again." I turned to walk off but Rei just had to have the last say.

"Have fun with that kendo bitch! I bet she's already got you twisted around her fing-"

She stopped what she was saying because she was filled with shock. The reason: I punched a mailbox hard enough to leave a very noticeable dent. I looked her straight in the eyes. "Don't you EVER say something like that about her AGAIN!" And with that, I walked off. As soon as I turned the corner, I swung at the next mailbox I saw. I felt sorry for whoever's mailbox it was since after I was through punching it, it was accurate to say they would need a new one. I couldn't help it though. My anger was out of control and I needed to release it. The only problem for me was that it was my left hand which I swung with. The same one I injured on Valentine's Day about a week ago.

My hand hurt like a bitch and was bleeding from where I tore skin on my knuckles. "I should get this taken care of." Then a certain purple haired beauty came to my mind and I smiled. "Looks like I'm going to have to buy some chocolates first."





"Do you mind telling me just how you managed to mess up you hand, again?"

I was currently at Busujima-senpai's house, sitting in her living room like last time. And like last time, she was taking care of my injured hand…again. "Well, I uh, punched something…again…multiple times."

She sighed when she heard my answer. "And pray tell Komuro-san, just what the reason was for you to do this again?"

My face became a little dark and I looked down. "I…don't want to talk about that right now…please?"

She raised her eyebrow at my statement. "Very well then. If you do not wish to speak about it then I will not push the topic." She stood up and offered me her hand. "Come, there is nothing like a good workout to take your mind off of things."

I took her hand. "What did you have in mind?"

"Just follow me." And with that, she turned and headed out of the room. She walked outside and straight for the dojo. Once we were inside, she took two shinai and threw me one. "You have been learning from my father for about a week now. Show me what your training has taught you."

"You want me to spar with you? I can't do that! Besides, like you said, I've only been training for a week."

"Come now, I only want to see what you've learned. My father doesn't train people personally; it is very rare for him to do so. I want to see what he sees in you, to see what made him decide to take you under his wing."

When she finished speaking, she took her stance. She stood with her feet shoulder width apart. Her right foot was forward while the side of her body was facing me. She held her shinai up by her face at a downward angle. Her right hand was positioned at the guard while her left hand was open and placed near the end of the hilt. "And don't hold back."

I followed her lead and got into position. It was my same left foot forward, weapon in my right hand and held at a downward angle. "Okay then."

She smiled and rushed me. She swung downward form left to right. I brought my hand up and blocked her strike while my weapon was still facing down. I pushed off and went on the offensive. She was fast so I needed to be faster and not give her any openings to take advantage of. I swung vertically downward followed by upward diagonally to the right. She side stepped to the left to dodge the first strike and positioned her weapon under mine to parry the second strike overhead. She then slashed at me diagonally upward from right to left. I turned and spun over my right shoulder and jumped back to put some distance between us. Her reflexes are so quick; I could barely keep up with her.

There was only one way I could possibly win this little spar of ours. I brought my shinai up to hang over my right shoulder. I took a step forward and swung vertically downward. Like last time, she stepped to her left to dodge. I quickly turned and performed an overhead swing at her. She brought up her weapon to block, but half way through my swing I let go of my shinai and reached out to grab it with my left hand in reverse grip. From there, I quickly spun over my right shoulder, all the while parrying her block. Once I was fully turned, I swung my weapon diagonally upwards towards her head and stopped a few inches from her face.

I smirked. "Looks like I win, Senpai."

Then what confused me was that she smirked in return. "Oh, I wouldn't be so sure of that Komuro-san." She then looked downward and I followed her gaze. The sight I was met with was the tip of her shinai pointed right at my…..

"What?" I jumped back and ended up falling on my ass as well as dropping my weapon. "When did you even do that?"

Her smirk grew into a smile. "I will admit you are fast, but I am faster," she said as she offered me her hand.

I reached out and when I grabbed hold of her, I pulled her down. I quickly wrapped my free arm around her and turned her over. I ended up on top of her with her pinned beneath me. She was speechless and her face was filled with shock. "How's that?"

We then gazed into each other's eyes and soon enough, I was captivated. Her blue eyes seemed to draw me in. Before I did anything, I realized the kind of position we were in and quickly got off of her. "Sorry about that."

"It is alright. You just caught me off guard."

I then put on a small smile as she sat up. "Well, you were right. This did take my mind off of what was troubling me earlier."

"That is good to hear and it makes me happy I was able to be of some help."

I was then filled with sadness and hung my head low. "She dumped me, Rei did." Out of the corner of my eyes, I could see her eyes become soft. "Not only that, but she also left me for my best friend." Her eyes then filled with shock as I heard her gasp. "I was on my way to her house when I saw them out front and kissing each other."

(Saeko's POV)

I reached out and hesitantly placed my hand over his and squeezed. I couldn't believe what he told me. To be dumped for his best friend, it was just wrong on so many levels. The pain he must have felt when he saw them together, my heart just went out to him.

Admittedly, part of me was somewhat happy at the fact that he was now single. It was shameful to think that way but I couldn't help it. Part of me just felt that way.

I quickly shook those feelings and brought my other hand under his chin to direct him to look at me. "You deserve so much better than that. You are going to find someone who captivates you, understands you, and remains faithful to you. Never be afraid to tell me if something is bothering you. I will always be here for you." A smile was brought to my lips as I noticed his full attention was on my words and me. I didn't understand what was going on. I've never touched a man or even given my attention to one like how I am doing with him right now.


We both turned to the sound of someone clearing their throat. We were then met with the sight of my father standing in the doorway with an amused look on his face. How long had he been standing there?

"Father/Sensei," Komuro and I both exclaimed. It then dawned on us the position we were in and we quickly broke apart from each other.

My father smiled. "Saeko dear, would you mind starting on dinner? I am getting hungry."

"Right away, father." I stood and then made my way to the house.

(Takashi's POV)

I was left in the dojo with sensei looking at me, eying me. The situation he caught Senpai and me in probably wasn't very pleasing to him.

"So, single huh?"

My eyes shot open. How long was he standing there watching us? "Yes Sensei, as of today."

"My condolences, Komuro." He then closed his eyes and put on a big grin. "Never fear though. A good woman could be waiting right under your nose." He then turned and started to walk off. "Come now Komuro, Saeko is making dinner and I insist you stay for the evening."

I was left with a confused look on my face before I got up and enjoyed the rest of the night.

End Flashback

Nothing like that moment I had with Senpai happened again since then. I got over my moping depression quicker due to it. Not to mention my mind being occupied with my growing time I spent at the Busujima residence. I was currently in the Busujima dojo. It seems I spend most of my time here ever since I ran into Senpai that one day. Strangely enough, my parents don't question me about where I am most of the time.

Since the day I got dumped, Sensei has suggested I either take out my anger by practicing or sparring, or even meditating. That's actually what I was doing now. I was sitting down with my legs crossed. My weapon was lying next to me on my right. Every time I did this, I focused on clearing my mind and controlling my emotions.

"You know, the way you are now, your guard is down. Someone might sneak up on you, especially since your shinai is on you right. How would you be able to draw quickly enough?" A feminine voice reached my ears. I opened my eyes to see Saeko standing in front of me with a smirk on her face.

I looked at her and smirked in return. "Oh? Then that would imply that someone would have been able to slip past the great Busujima Saeko."

Her smirk grew as she stated her confidence and walked closer to me, our faces inches apart. "Not on your life. Care to try?"

"Against you? Wouldn't dream of it," I said as I rolled my eyes at her playful side.

"Oh? Not feeling up to it?"

"Come on Senpai, I know you well enough to know when you do something specifically to try and get a reaction out of me."

Her face then dropped her playful smirk and she frowned slightly. "Takashi-san?" I was taken aback by her actually calling me by my first name for once. "How long are you going to keep calling me that? It has been a month now at yet you still keep referring to me as Senpai? What is it going to take for you to start calling me by my given name? I have given you permission to before."

"Well, it is a sign of respect. And since you are my Senpai in more ways than one, it's only fitting I address you as such." It was true, she did ask me to start calling her by her first name not too long ago.

Her frown seemed to deepen as she stood up straight and turned. "Father wishes to speak with you. He is in the living room." She then walked back to the house.

I got up and followed after, not putting too much thought in the frown she seemed to hold in disappointment. When I entered the living room, Sensei sat sipping on a cup of tea. Senpai sat kneeling in her usual spot as I took to sitting in mine.

Sensei put his cup down on the table and looked at me. "How was your meditating young Takashi-kun?"

"It was relaxing Sensei"

"That is good to hear. The reason I had you interrupted was I needed to speak to you about something. I have been invited to travel abroad to attend self-defense conferences. I will actually be leaving two days from now."

I listened to what he was saying. One question did cross my mind but he spoke up before I could ask. "In case you are wondering, the answer is yes. You may still continue to come here during my absence to train if you so wish and Saeko has no qualms about it."

I turned to Senpai. "Well what do you say Senpai? Would you have any problem with me coming to continue my training while Sensei is away?"

I then noticed her frown again. "No Takashi-san, I would not. If you so wish to, you are always welcome here to train."

I then saw Sensei raise his eyebrow as he adopted a troubled expression. "Takashi-kun?"

"Yes Sensei?"

"Why is it that you still refer to Saeko as "Senpai" even after all this time you have gotten to know each other? I admit a month is not that long, however, with how much time you spend around here, around each other, and not to mention how many times you have sparred with each other, I would beg to differ."

From the corner of my eye I could see Senpai raise an eyebrow and put on an amused smirk "Well Sensei, I-"

"Oh! And let's not forget how just the other day you told me how much you enjoy her cooking and wished you could always eat meals prepared by her," Sensei said with a devious grin.

My eyes shot open and I looked over at Senpai. Her eyes were wide open too and she had a slight tint of pink on her cheeks. It's true I did tell Sensei that when she was busy making dinner. "Sensei I-"

Sensei then continued. "Oh, and the time when you wounded your hand again! You said how if it got you to spend a moment with her then you didn't mind injuring yourself."

This time Senpai looked over to me and gave me a questioning look while the slight pink tint to her cheeks shifter to a slightly darker color. I was already embarrassed so I just scratched my head and looked away. However, Sensei would have none of that. "And then there was the time when I asked you if you thought she was attractive." My face became pale as soon as I heard his words. I didn't need to look because I could already feel Senpai's gaze on me. "Let's see, what was it you said?" He paused and I swear his grin only grew bigger. He knew exactly what he was doing. "Oh yeah! You said she was the most-"

"SENSEI!" I couldn't take it anymore. "You've made your point VERY clear. So do not finish that sentence!"

If it were even possible, his grin grew even wider. I turned my head slightly to look at Sen-, Saeko. Her cheeks held a full blush but her eyes were looking at me like she was expecting something. "Well would you look at the time? Thank you for another day of training Sensei! I guess I'll see you later Saeko-san." I got up to turn and walk out.

"Where are you going young Takashi-kun? Saeko hasn't made dinner yet. And I'm sure you would love to stay to enjoy more of the cooking you so love." I stopped. I backed up a few steps, turned around, and sat back down while I just stared at the table like it was the most interesting thing in the world.

"Saeko, if you would," Sensei said with a grin on his face.

"Yes, father. I will start on dinner right away."

As soon as Saeko left the room, I looked up and glared daggers at Sensei. He couldn't contain himself and burst out laughing. "Come now, don't give me that look."

"Did you really have to say all that?" I sounded like a child pouting.

"Please, if I didn't, I would have never gotten my point across."

I continued to pout and now was acting like a child. I turned away and started mumbling things under my breath. Sensei just continued to laugh at my reaction. It wasn't the fact he implied I held some sort of feelings for Saeko. In all honesty, I did have a crush on her. She is beautiful, smart, funny in her own way, she's an amazing cook, I always have a good time whenever we spar, and most importantly her eyes are captivating. The problem I had was how Sensei pretty much blurted out these things, not all but still.

"Takashi, I have another piece of news for you." I looked up to look at Sensei directly. "I decided to have a custom bokken made for you."

"You want to make me a custom wooden sword? Why?"

He then went into Sensei mode before answering. "The way you move when you practice or spar is different from normal kendo. Kendo is dubbed the way of the sword; however, it mostly focuses on the katana or other such Japanese swords. You however are different in that regard. The way you take your starting position is completely different from normal. While usually the staring position requires you to have the shinai in front of you and held with both hands, you hold it with one hand and down by your side." I nodded listening to him. He was right after all. "This would suggest a different style or type of sword. The ones I believe would best suit you and your style would be European straight swords."

I looked at him in surprise. Those were really different, not at all Japanese related. "I will send in an order to a man who has made my own, Saeko's, as well as my former student's bokken. The reason I use this man is for the increase in durability as well as weight he adds to the weapon. The durability is so the wood does not easily split or break even under heavy force or pressure. The weight is so you can acquire the feel of what it would be like to hold and wield a real sword. Since yours will be based on a European longsword, it will be slightly heavier than mine or Saeko's since ours are based off of a katana which is light for speed. However, with your use of speed in which you constantly oppress your opponent by trying to stay on the offensive, I think you can overcome this with enough conditioning of your body until and once it comes in."

"How much would this cost Sensei? With it being custom made as well as having enhancements, it sounds like it could cost quite the yen."

"Just think of this as part of your training I am providing you with. You do not need to worry about the cost."

"But Sensei, you are already training me for free during your own time. This is just too much."

He looked at me and grinned and leaned in closer to me as well as lower his voice so only I could hear him. I didn't like when he did that because it meant her would either say or do something mischievous. "Well, you could always just think of it as a gift to," He paused. He looked around before saying, "my future son-in-law."

"WHAT?!" I looked at him wide eyed. Did I just hear him right? Did he really just say that? "SENSEI WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!" I couldn't help but shout. Not only was it embarrassing to me but also hearing him admit I have my blessing if I ever decided to pursue after Saeko.

"Takashi, why are you yelling?" Saeko asked as she peeked her head in from the kitchen.

I turned around while trying to fight the blush on my cheeks. "NOTHING! Er, I'm sorry, it's nothing. Really nothing to worry about. Nothing at all!"

At this point Sensei burst out laughing again. "Oh what a good reaction. Where is a camera when you need one? I am on a roll tonight."

However, his laughter seemed to cut after he heard Saeko. "Father, care to explain? You aren't misbehaving again are you?" The room seemed to drop about ten degrees.

"Well Saeko," I started. I turned back to see Sensei looking at me, face pale. My own grin was slowly making its way onto my face.

"You wouldn't!"

"Two can play at this game Sensei."

He opened his mouth to say something but no words came out. Instead, his mouth just hung open, eyes wide, and face pale. Saeko looked at us with one eyebrow raised with a waiting expression on her face.

"No teasing for a week. Anything and I tell Saeko-san."


I was about to celebrate when Saeko spoke up. "Takashi?"


"He is going to be gone in two days so you would be getting that "week" anyways."






End of the year break went by. Sensei left for his convention and Saeko was left alone with the house. Of course, I went by every day to train and keep her company. It became a routine for us. In the mornings I would go over and begin training by myself as well as meditating in the dojo. Saeko would then walk in and tell me to come and eat. Afterwards, we would spar together. When the evening came, I would help her prepare dinner. The times we needed to, we would end up going shopping together. All in all, we had a lot of together time.

School started back up. I found out I was in the same class as Rei and Hisashi, much to my displeasure. How she Rei got held back a year, I wouldn't know nor did I care to. I was currently out on the stairway between the third and fourth story. I liked to come here when I got bored of class or needed some fresh air.

"You're so pathetic, standing out here moping all morning." I turned to the voice I heard. It was a girl I was all too familiar with. She had pink hair set in twin tails and had fierce orange eyes. Her body was slender, although her assets are not. Her name is Takagi Saya, and we have known each other since we were kids. We shared a class together when we first started school and ever since then, and we have been in the same class every year after. She is extremely smart and considered a genius. However, she doesn't have many friends. The reason for this is her attitude. To anyone she doesn't know or isn't comfortable around, she puts up a cold demeanor. Despite that, I am still friends with her because I know what she really is like.

"Good morning to you too Takagi." She put on a scowl to my greeting. "And I am not moping. I just needed to clear my head and get some fresh air."

"That's what you say but come on bro, she's in the class with us this year. It's like a constant reminder or a slap to the face." Said a new voice. I looked at the door to see Morita leaning against it. Morita was my other best friend. He has light-green eyes and blonde hair which is spiked in the middle. Funny thing is the fact he asked out Takagi about three times yet she claims to not know him.

"Yeah and I could care less if she happens to share a class with us now. She can do whatever she wants. I just so happen to not want to be around when she does it."

"See you are moping! It's pathetic! You should just forget about her and move on." Takagi scoffed at my response to Morita.

"Please don't confuse me as moping and being depressed about it. It's not that, I'm more pissed off than anything, especially at myself." They both looked confused at what I just said. "Myself because no matter how bad she made me feel or hurt my feelings, if she is happy then that's okay with me since I don't think I could stay mad at either of them to the point of having a grudge or something." The both looked about ready to say something before I cut them off. "And you both might want to head back to class or risk missing anything important.

"What about you bro," Morita asked.

"I'll be fine."

"Yeah, whatever." Takagi turned around and left at that. Morita following behind her.

I continued to gaze out at the sky. It looked like a peaceful day with the cherry blossoms flowing in the wind. There were only a few clouds here and here but the sun was shining in all its glory.

"Hey you! What are you doing over there?"

I turned my head to the courtyard. I was met with the sight of three teachers, two male and one female, walking to approach and man at the front gate.

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