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This is a Rantaku fanfic, so yeah it's yaoi... I really don't like yaoi, but it's my friend's birthday and her biggest OTP is Rantaku, so I decidated this to her, if said person is reading this, you know I'm talking about you!

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Kirino's POV

I felt the gentle breeze tugging on my pigtails as I was walking towards the gate, practice had ended and I was the last one to leave the changing room after taking a shower. I intended to head home straight away, but the breeze felt so good that I wanted to enjoy it more. I knew just the place where the breeze of the wind would feel the best, the school roof.

So I headed towards the school roof, first walking through the halls and then onto the roof, as soon as I stepped onto the roof I felt the wind blowing against me and it felt very nice. I closed my eyes to enjoy the feeling of the wind.

It was when I opened my eyes that I noticed that I wasn't alone on the roof, there was someone else on the roof, leaning over the fence. The said person's ash-brown hair blew gently in the wind. It was Shindou who was standing there leaning over the fence. I had no idea whether or not he had heard or seen me.

But neither did I care, because as I saw him standing there, his hair blowing in the wind, I could no longer contain my desire for him, I had to touch him, tell him, hug him, kiss hem, anything would do, as long as it was with him.

So I decided to walk over to Shindou and fling my arms around him, when I did so, he didn't flinch or move, but all he said was: "You have no idea how long I have been waiting for you to do that."

My heart jumped at hearing this, or did I just imagine it, did Shindou just imply he loved me as well? I had never felt happier before in my life, but at the same time I also felt like all of this could be just a dream and it wasn't really true.

But then Shindou moved and I all could think was that I was right, it was too good to be true and that he would push me away. But he didn't, instead of pushing me away he turned around and he did the one thing that could confirm I wasn't dreaming. Shindou kissed me!

I kissed him back with all the passion I had in me, I was so happy this wasn't a dream.

Okay, so this was really hard for me and I think it definitely isn't my best story, but anyways I tried^^

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