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Dividing Line

Naruto Uzumaki was known as many things in his life, from when he was young, and people thought him nothing but a monster, the Kyuubi in human form and the one who killed a large portion of the village of Konoha in an attack on the night of October the tenth, to as he was known later in his life, a stupid knucklehead, a fool, and a loser. People never really expected the boy to succeed in anything, and though most would now deny it, many had hoped that he would die early on and rid them of the Kyuubi once and for all. Yet with all that the boy still grew up and did what most would consider possible of him, he not only succeeded in mission after mission that would have challenged a full team of jonin, but he also became a hero to many, starting with the people of Nami no Kuni, and then the other places he went, and everyone couldn't help but put their faith in the boy.

There was a problem with the boy though, while others might consider him a hero, and a success in every sense of the word, and he would even claim out loud that he was a success, after his best friend, Sasuke Uchiha, whom Naruto thought of as a brother, left the village, Naruto would always consider himself a failure for not stopping him and for not realizing how much his friend had been struggling with what Sasuke's brother had done to the rest of his family. He would later consider himself even more a failure for not being there to help his teacher Jiraiya when he had gone to find out about Akatsuki, a venture that led to his death at the hands of the leader of Akatsuki, Pein.

Though even if the boy considered himself a failure, he always tried his best to do what he felt he should, no matter if it hurt him. A great example of this was when he confronted the man Pein, who killed Jiraiya. He admitted to wanting to kill him, but he also remembered Jiraiya's words on how there was too much hate in the world, and how he wanted to change that, and instead let the man go. He made Pein realize what he was doing was wrong as well, and caused the man to sacrifice his life in order to try and put right what he had done wrong.

Now, staring down a revived Madara Uchiha, who was strong enough that he, while not at full power because he couldn't access all his techniques while revived as Edo Tensi, had been holding off the entire might of the Shinobi Alliance, and was now fully revived, Naruto was contemplating what would be the right thing to do now. There was only one way he could think to stop the man in front of him was to do something that would undoubtedly kill him.

Suddenly Madara's revived form burst into black flames hot enough to reduce the area around Madara to ash in minutes, and everyone on the battlefield turned to see Sasuke, flying high on an ink bird made by Sai, with his left eye in its Mangekyo Sharingan form streaming blood. "Don't get too cocky, relic of the past!" He shouted at Madara as he stared down at the man who caused all of the problems his family had experienced.

"Sasuke, it's pointless to just throw jutsu at him." Naruto Shouted up at him. Then turning to where Madara was he saw that the man hadn't moved. "Why did he close his eyes?" Naruto wondered out loud, but before he could figure it out Madara spoke up.

"I should say that." Madara said, as the flames around him started to fade as they were absorbed into his body without harming him. "You're just gravel to me." he just stood there now, as if there was nothing that could bother him.

At that moment, Naruto decided to go for his plan, thinking that this really was the only thing that could be done to stop Madara after all. As he prepared to give his life he spoke to Kurama, who had been listening and agreed to his plan. "I'm sorry I couldn't free you Kurama, but this will kill me , and with the seal..."

He didn't get to finish his sentence, as Kurama spoke up before he could, saying "It's alright kit, I've had a long life already." while thinking "and the more I look back on it, the more I regret not fully believing in father when he told the other bijuu and me that wee should always stick together and try to find true peace." Naruto, who had been unable to here Kurama's thoughts, smiled, and thanked the bijuu once more, before he charged at Madara, and unleashed one of the two things he had been keeping secret until now. Nine golden chains, like those his mother had been able to use, sprouted from his back, tearing through his shirt, to wrap around Madara before the man could react, or they were only able to wrap around Madara because he let them. Madara ignored the chains for only a moment though, as when they finally encircled him, the chains started to sap his chakra from him, though at a very slow rate, and he couldn't break or absorb them, nor could he use his own chakra to break them.

"What have you done?!" Madara shouted at Naruto as the boy finally reached him and started to slowly do a sequence of handsigns that no one but the four Edo Tensi Hokage recognized. Madara was struggling to move, to do something other than just sit there. The good thing in Madara's mind was though he could not move, nor could he use jutsu to escape, he could still use the Rinnegan to absorb any jutsu 'besides these damn chains' he thought, and heal any wound he got with the amazing healing skills he received from stealing Hashirama's cells.

Before Naruto could answer him both the Third and Fourth Hokage shouted at him. "Naruto stop!" "Don't do it!" The Fourth and Third yelled at him, but Naruto only sighed as he continued to slowly go through the handsigns for the Jutsu, not wanting to make a mistake with it, then spoke, saying "I can't hold him for more than five minutes with the Chakra Chains, I'm not that good with them yet, and he can still use the Rinnegan to absorb all other jutsu. This is the only way to stop him, and I'm the only who knows the jutsu and has the ability to cast it. It takes a living soul to use." At that the entire Shinobi Alliance was staring at him with shocked expressions, and all could see that though he was speaking calmly, Naruto was both sad, and at the same time, hopeful. "He has to be stopped and I can't let him kill anyone else, there have been way too many deaths as it is. Goodbye." and with those words he finished the last handsign and called out "Fūinjutsu: Shiki Fūjin!"

At that moment, a demonic looking being came into existence behind Naruto. It was faded, as if it wasn't really there, but even if faded it was visible enough to see what it was. Long white robes hung around the figure, a being with long spiky white hair. It's face was evil looking, a being with sharp teeth and purple skin, and in it's mouth it held a dagger. The being reached out a hand through Naruto and reached into Madara grabbing and yanking out his soul, then doing something shocking, reached its hand over to where Obito lay, and yanked the soul out of the Black Zetsu. Then pulling its hand back and through Naruto, who had an intricate seal appear on his stomach, over top of the Hakke no Fūin Shiki that was already there. Naruto's Chakra Chains faded and Madara fell to the ground, dead, as did the form of the Black Zetsu that now lay beside Obito. Naruto also fell over, though he was still breathing.

Many shinobi and kunoichi ran over to him, the first one there being The Fourth, whose form was crumbling. "Sorry." Naruto said. "Looks like the Shinigami is taking your soul back as well, dad." It was then that the gathered shinobi saw that Naruto was right, the four Hokage were starting to crumble away as if the Edo Tensi had been broken. Before anyone could say anything to either Naruto or the four Dead Hokage, Naruto spoke up, smiling that he had seen the entire shinobi alliance working together in the joint effort to stop Obito and Madara. "I'm happy to see that Ero-Sennin's dream has finally been achieved."

And with that, Naruto Uzumaki, the boy who had become a hope to the entire world, was no more.

Dividing Line

Naruto woke up to see a sea of nothing stretching as far as the eye could see. He couldn't see anything in the blackness, and he was alone. He didn't even sense either Kurama or Madara within him. He was alone...

Sighing Naruto sat down and then laid on his back. "So this is how I will spend the rest of eternity, huh... Man Kami must hate me, to leave me all alone in.. wherever this is."

"I don't hate you Naruto." A sudden voice startled Naruto into jumping up and spinning around. He stared at the figure before him. The figure was indistinct, as if he were looking at it through a very thick pane of frosted glass, he couldn't identify whether it was a man or a woman. As the figure spoke again, Naruto realized that the voice was odd as well, sounding as if it were a great many voices, both male and female, all talking at once, but without making it unintelligible. "You are my Child of Prophecy, the one I sent to make sure the world would finally know peace and to get rid of all the hate, and you did as well as anyone could hope to do. You are the first of many I have sent to try who has succeeded in finding a way to not only find peace for the world, but to male that peace last a long time, and the only one who freed the world of its hate, if only for a time."

Naruto stared hopefully at her. "I really did it, peace will really last?" he asked. When the figure nodded it's head, Naruto smiled, only to frown as another thought came to him. "What's happened to Obito?" He asked, thinking back to what had happened during the fight, and the fact that Obito had finally realized what he had done and had stopped.

"Obito sacrificed his own life to grant everyone who died all over the Elemental Nations in the past three days new life." The figure told him. "You and he are considered heroes throughout the entire world, and the villages have agreed to work together from now on to make the Elemental Nations a less hate filled place, and the Bijuu have agreed to help."

At that Naruto realized something, and so he asked. "What about Kurama and Madara, what happened to them, and what happened to the four Hokage?" He looked around, as if expecting to see them somewhere nearby.

The figure seemed to shake it's head, as far as Naruto could tell, and said "Kurama has been sent back to your world, both the part you contained, and the part your father contained, he has been given a chance to live with the other bijuu as Hagoromo had wanted them to live, though all of the bijuu will only live another 50 years. As for Madara, Hashirama, Tobirama, and Hiruzen; they have been given the chance to go to paradise."

Naruto was glad that the Hokage could finally know peace, he had not been happy when he thought they had been taken by the Shinigami, and he was also happy that Kurama would get the chance to be happy with his siblings for a time. He was even happy for Madara, even if the man had become disillusioned with the world after his younger brother died and he found out the truth about the Sage of Six Paths and of the Shinju. Then he caught something. "What about my dad?" He asked.

"That will be up to you." the figure stated, looking at Naruto, and he could hear the hint of a smile in the many voices. "You have a choice, as you weren't supposed to live as you did, nor were either you or your parents supposed to die so young. As you have succeeded in completing the prophecy, I will give you the choice of either moving on and going to paradise, or getting a chance at a new life in a new world, and I will also send your parents to that world."

Naruto was stunned, and couldn't help but wonder what could happen in this new world. "If I do accept," he started to ask "If I do, would my life be like, and would I remember any of my old life?"

"No, you wouldn't remember your previous life, at least not until a certain time, and then only a part of your past life." The figure said, the hint of a smile back in it's voice. "As to how your life will be, you will be happy, though that is not to say there will be strife. You will have a good, long life if all goes as planned, and even have a wife and children, but there is no way to tell how the future will go, not even for me, only how it is most likely to go."

At this Naruto looked up shocked. "How can you not tell how the future will go?" he asked, shocked, after all, this was Kami, the god of all, if Kami didn't know, how did the world ever survive?

"I have given humans and all other life free will, they can do as they choose, but it is hard to predict how humans will act, so even I can only guess" Kami said, not unkindly. Naruto accepted that, then sat there and thought on what his options were, but one thing kept popping into his mind; he would one day have a wife and children. Naruto was always afraid, after learning about Kurama, that no one would ever care for him enough to marry him, and when Hinata confessed to him during his battle with Nagato, he never got to tell her how he felt because of all that had happened since, and he ended up dying before he could even fully come to terms with her confession. With that thought in his mind he turned back to Kami and smiled.

"I want to have a new life."

Chapter End