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Dividing Line

Luna stared down at the boy, wondering where this odd person who had some spiritual power had come from. It was obvious that he was not one of the elements, as from what she was told by the one who had informed her of her powers in the first place, all of the Bearers of Harmony were female, and this boy was clearly a male. She also was curios about the boys odd spell, the spell that, even when unstable and at a much weaker power than it should, would have broken through her shield if she had allowed the boy to continue attacking.

Then there was what he had said, was he just a simple bystander who had seen what was happening and decided to interfere, and if so, could she somehow get him to work for her. After all, the figure who had told her of her past life had mentioned nothing but the fact that her sister had sent her to the moon with the power of the Elements of Harmony, and not that anyone else helped her, which meant, in her mind at least, that someone with powers could be useful to helping her take down the elements, even if by some miracle she failed to harvest their energy tonight. She would also admit to the fact that the bit of her mind that wasn't consumed by a burning need for vengeance for what was done to her in a past life still thought like a normal highschooler, and she thought that perhaps the boy was cute, if only the school uniform he wore was a little better to look at, then he may even look handsome. This part of her mind was silently praying that she would get the chance to learn a little more about the boy, as even if her mind had been consumed with the idea of revenge, a small part of her still believed what she was currently doing was wrong, and just wished that she could be a normal girl who wasn't the reincarnation of what was essentially a minor god.

She then let the thought go; looking back at the girl who was a Bearer of Harmony, she decided to taunt her to try to get a reaction out of her. "Foolish, that boy should have realized that it is worthless to challenge me." she stated, trying to get Twilight to react, as well as to get the small thoughts running through the back of her mind at bay, whether they were thoughts of how the boy had almost hurt her, or her thoughts on the boy personally. "Now, I shall take care of you and your friend."

Twilight had been shocked by the appearance of this person who she vaguely recognized from the past to days as the boy who had spent quite a bit of time with her new friend Pinkie, and wondered exactly who he was, and why he had been able to get here when Luna had said only those who had spiritual energy could even get close because of the spell that she had put up before bringing Twilight here. A sudden thought occurred to her, flitting through her mind for the briefest instant 'could he be a Bearer of Harmony as well?' before she dismissed the idea, as Celestia had said that the Bearers were all female.

Then she heard what Luna was saying about the boy, and started to worry. 'Is she really that powerful that she wasn't even worried that he might hurt her, and that guy actually knew some spells, if that doesn't hurt her, then how am I supposed to beat her?' she thought, starting to panic at the thought that she was way out of her league right now. Luna's next words then got through to her, and she closed her eyes and started to mutter to herself. "No... Pinkie is the only one who approached me, the only one who talked to me..."

Suddenly she realized that if she didn't do something, then she, Pinkie, and the boy would most likely be killed. If she ran, she may be able to escape, but that would mean leaving behind her friend Pinkie, and also the boy. They had both come to rescue her, even when it meant risking their lives and putting themselves in danger. She couldn't leave them alone to face this crazy Luna person on their own, so she made up her mind. "Pinkie is my friend! I won't let you hurt her!" she shouted out, in all honesty more worried about her new friend than the boy who she just met.

As she felt the feeling of determination to stop Luna from hurting her friend, Twilight started to glow. From her room in the nearby apartment her family lived in, a similar glow lit up from the star shaped gem in her bag, and it launched out of her room and, passing through the glass of an apartment window, flew at her. The Jewel of Magic landed on Twilight's forehead, and the glow seemed to intensify. A magic symbol appeared floating above each of her wrists, and wristbands, purple in color, seemed to form under the magic circles. Then a helmet or crown of sorts started to form as well. The object was an odd design, being just a larger version of the Jewel of harmony with a sort of headband with odd protrusions and a figure that seemed to be the head of some kind of creature that resembled a horse on the lower half of the jewel, and a horn like that of a unicorn poking out of the center of the gem. "What's happened to me?... My body feels strange." Twilight asked as the transformation finished. Looking down at herself, Twilight noticed that a tail of energy seemed to flow out from behind her, and that it resembled the color of her hair.

Luna seemed to be a bit shocked when Twilight first started to transform, and when she had finished, Luna had a look of intense interest on her face, wondering whether she would get a fight now before she drained the two girls of their energy, "Hmm..." she hummed to herself. "This is unexpected, yet interesting. Now... Face me girl!" She was actually looking excited at the prospect of a fight with Twilight.

Twilight just closed her eyes and raised a finger, saying "Fight you? Don't you see that fighting is never the solution..."

Before Twilight could say any more, she was interrupted by Luna. "That's something that only cowards would say, but if you don't want to begin, I will!" She threw her hands up and formed a sphere of magic, before calling out "Spectra Convicted!" Many flying, blue flaming skulls with glowing aqua colored eyes flew from the sphere of magic in her hands and straight at Twilight and Pinkie.

"No!" Twilight cried out. "What do I do now? If I escape Pinkie will receive all the damage." Panicking even more than she had been a minute ago, she threw her own hands in front of her. "I can't allow that!" she cried. As the spell hit, a giant barrier seal appeared in between the magic and Twilight, blocking the spell just like Luna had blocked that boy's earlier. 'What?' Twilight thought, thoroughly confused. 'I did that? Now I understand the significance of magic. Yesterday night, after Celeste talked to me over the computer, I read a bit of the book she sent to me, and one of the things I learned is that the Powers of Harmony are based on how connected I am with my emotions. This is the key to using my power.' She sighed in relief that she was able to survive and not have either her or Pinkie get hurt the blast.

Up in the sky, Luna seemed a little surprised that Twilight had managed to block the spell. "Hmm... It really is your first time." She then scoffed at her earlier thought that the girl might have been a challenge. "I don't like fighting you in your current state, so I will give you a chance. I will let you attack me and I won't move... In fact i won't do anything."

Twilight was shocked, and started to think quickly, but she also had to ask. "Seriously? You're pretty arrogant."

Luna just scoffed at the girl, thinking that there was no way that a beginner could possibly even come close to breaking her shield. "I will give you one minute to try something. If you don't try you already know what will happen to you and your friend,"

Twilight was still trying to figure out what she should do. 'I have only one chance, perhaps I should try the spell that I read at the end of the book. If it's as powerful as the manuscript says, not even Luna will be able to escape...' With that thought Twilight drew apon her magic, and her body started to glow with a light so bright that it was almost to painful to look at.

"Hmm..." Luna hummed to herself. "It seems she finally decided to attack." Calling out loud, Luna spoke to Twilight saying "Come on; show me what you got!"

Twilight ignored her, trying hard to concentrate on remembering the way to cast the spell. 'Please, Elements of Harmony, for the saftey of my friend, my family, and even my life, help me."

As Twilight started to cast the spell, a rainbow colored light flowed from the bag in her room to where she was in the park, and circled around her. "What?" Luna asked, confused and shocked that Twilight knew that spell. "What's happening..."

Her question was interrupted by Twilight, who called out loudly. "Thank you!" Her eyes started to glow and she was lifted off the ground. She focused all of her being on launching the spell at Luna, and she shouted out the spells name. "Friendship is Magic!" The multi-colored light launched from where Twilight was, and struck Luna and continued on to crash through the barrier that was the range of the spell cast by Luna...

Dividing Line

Naruto woke up with a start, and immediately tried to get up, only to collapse as his side felt as if it were on fire. He heard shouts, and looked up to see Twilight glowing with a rainbow colored light. She shouted something and the rainbow of light shot from her and smashed through the still flying Luna lady that had been attacking Twilight before he had been knocked unconcious by that blow. "What happened while I was out?' he wondered as the light dimmed, thinking that this was just crazy. He never expected that this would happen when he woke up and was now wondering what he wouldn't give to just ignore this and go home, but he couldn't just abandon his friend, plus he couldn't even really move right now, so he might be here for a while anyway.

He saw the light slowly fading, and then saw the mist that had been around since right before all of this started start to fade. Twilight collapsed onto her knees as the light finally faded, and he saw the odd helmet/crown thing that he just noticed was on her head faded as well. "I... I... did it." Twilight said, and she seemed as though she was going to pass out at any second.

"Child, what you just did was foolish." a voice said, and both Naruto and Twilight snapped their heads up to see that Luna still appeared fine, despite the beam that had struck her.

Twilight paled. "No... No it can't be, it was a direct hit..." she murmured, trying to figure out why her spell hadn't worked. Naruto was wondering what that light had been supposed to do, as it was obvious, from Twilight's reactions at least, that it hadn't done everything that had been expected.

Luna looked down at the girl and she seemed to be annoyed more than anything else, at least from what Naruto could see from her expression. "I have no idea how you learned that spell." she said, her voice back to the condescending tone she had using before Pinkie had interrupted them earlier. "But you need to study more. For it to work you need to reunite the five carriers of the other spirits, otherwise your attack will contain only your energy, and nothing else."

At this Twilight's tired tired and scared expression turned to one of tired confusion, and she said "But... I saw how the other energies came to me."

"Only so that you could perform that attack, but in order to obtain the necessary power you will need to have the others with you." she stated, and Naruto was wondering why exactly this lady was explaining all this to Twilight, after all, wasn't she trying to 'harvest their spiritual energy', whatever that meant.

"And... why... do I feel... so exhausted?" asked Twilight, so out of breath that she couldn't even string together a full sentence without gasping for breath.

"Because of the side effect," Luna said. "It took most of your power, also in your case, because you were the caster you also lost your transformation and now you are totally exposed to me." At this Naruto finally figured out why Luna was explaining all this to Twilight, she had Twilight completely in her power, and could finish this at any moment. "What's more, you should know that spell would not have killed me, only blocked my spiritual energy."

"I... already knew that." Twilight said. "It was never my intention to kill you." Naruto suddenly felt like he would love to get to know this girl who seemed to value life even in the face of danger. Sure, a part of him really didn't want to forgive others, but he could never really hold a grudge, even against the man who had killed his parents, and to meet someone else who felt the same way, well, he was looking forward to talking to her if they made it out of this situation alive. "I just want to know, why are you doing this to us?" When Twilight asked that, Naruto began to pay close attention, wanting to know why this lady was acting like this.

"Very well." said Luna. "I will tell you. It is because of Celestia." At this Naruto became even more confused, who was this Celestia person, and what did she have to do with Twilight or his friend Pinkie?

"Celestia?" Twilight asked, and from the tone of her voice, Naruto realized that she knew who Luna was talking about.

Luna nodded at the question in Twilight's voice, then spoke. "A person who knows about Equestria's kingdom, as she lived there, told me that in my past life as an Alicorn, Celestia locked me away in that world's moon." This confused Naruto even more; Equestria, Alicorn, Past life? What was Equestria? What was an Alicorn? Was he also a reincarnation as well, was that what the flashes of memory meant? How the heck could someone survive on the moon? His mind was working ata frantic pace and he was so lost in thought that he almost missed what Luna said next. "Can you understand it? She locked away her own sister!" she was shouting by the last part, and Naruto was suddenly a bit bad for Luna. He couldn't imagine betraying his family, and he wondered what could have happened that this Celestia person would even think of doing something like that? "And even before that, all the inhabitants rejected my past life because she brought on the night." Again Naruto couldn't help but feel sympathy for Luna, and for some reason, he suddenly felt a great pang of loneliness, as if he had never had anyone who cared for him, though he had quite a few people who took care of him throughout his life.

"Lies" Twilight shouted, and Naruto felt that she seemed greatly offended by what had been said. "Celestia would never do such a thing without a reason. And if what you said is true, that happened in another world, so why are you taking revenge on us?" Once again Naruto felt he wanted to know more about Twilight, because this girl seemed unaffected by what she saw about the world, with all the generally bad people in it, and Naruto was wondering just how someone could stay that pure in the face of all that happened with the world in this day and age.

"Because the person who told me all this also said that currently Equestria is in chaos because of a battle that happened there." Luna said, and Naruto became confused again, what did a battle in another land that her past life lived in do to cause her to try to attack Twilight? "This prompted Celestia to send over not just the Elements of Harmony, but also the souls of all the inhabitants of her kingdom, so that in the future Equestria could return to its former glory and all who lived there, if they wished, could return to their world." That caused Naruto to think really hard once more. Did this mean he was one of those who came from that land, and did he have power because of that?

As he was thinking this, he noticed a young woman who looked to be about 20 walk through the entrance to the park, and stop. She wore a simple white tee-shirt and khaki shorts, and in her hands she helm a tiara that had a white unicorn horn in the middle of it. She looked around and saw him looking at her, and shook her head, indicating that he shouldn't let the others realize she was here yet. He just looked back at Twilight and Luna to see what was going on. As he had been looking at the woman near the entrance to the park, Twilight had asked Luna "What are you trying to say? That there are people here who used to live in that place?"

"Exactly." Luna responded. "And do you know what's even more important? The majority of them live in this city without even knowing what they were in the past, and my goal is to seek revenge on them all. But before that, you and the other Elements of Harmony will feel my Wrath." As she was saying this, Naruto saw the woman by the park entrance take the Tiara and place it on her head, before mumbling something and glowing slightly.

As soon as Luna was finished talking, a figure that looked like a unicorn with wings appeared in between her and Twilight. Both the figure and the woman by the entrance of the park spoke at the same time, but Naruto only heard a voice from the unicorn with wings. "I will not allow it!" She shouted.

Twilight seemed shocked, and Shouted out. "Princess Celestia!"

"I'm sorry Twilight for arriving so late, but thank you for using your power, it destroyed the barrier that prevented me from sensing what was going on here." Again both the woman by the gate and the winged unicorn, 'I guess that's what they meant when they called themselves ponies.' Naruto thought, spoke, and again sound only came from the pony. The others still hadn't noticed the woman still standing near the entrance to the park.

"Celestia!" called out Luna, and there was a clear sense of anger in her voice. "Finally we meet! But why do you appear in your old form?"

"Because you say your problems with me come from before we came to this world; then let us face them as we were before." Celestia said, before the pony form charged and connected with Luna. As the pony form connected with Luna, her eyes became unfocused, as if she were unconscious, and then she glowed and vanished just like Twilight had appeared earlier. The woman then came over and helped Twilight stand.

"Celeste!" Twilight cried, and pulled her into a desperate hug, showing how scared she had been that she might possibly die. "What did you do?"

Before Twilight could ask anymore, the woman, Celeste, stopped her, and said "If you want to ask questions we should really get to somewhere less open." She then walked over to Naruto, who tried to get up but still couldn't stand on his own because of his side. "Can you stand on your own?" she asked him, seeing he was clutching his side.

"Not really." he said, holding his side again. "Could you help me up?"

She nodded and helped him stand, and he found he could walk without much trouble, but sitting down would likely mean he wouldn't be able to get up again without help, and then Celeste decided to speak. "I'm sure you have a lot of questions, but I can't really answer them in this park."

Dividing Line

After a small discussion, the group of three decided to get both Pinkie and Scootaloo, Pinkie still being knocked out and Scootaloo having fallen asleep as soon as the paralysis spell had been lifted, and took both of them back to where Twilight lived,once they got there Celeste used magic to make Pinkie, Scootaloo, and the boy who was Twilight's brother Spike to sleep, then Celeste tried to explain what was going on to Naruto, as well as finish her explanation to Twilight.

"So let me get this straight." Naruto said. "Most of this town is populated with people who are reincarnations of a group of sentient, sapient, intelligent horses, pegisai, and unicorns who all together call themselves ponies; who were sent here to save themselves from a mad, and extremely powerful, god. Twilight, Pinkie, and four others are the reincarnation of a group of ponies that wielded a power capable of stopping a god, and Twilight herself is the reincarnation of the student of a god. You and that Luna girl are both reincarnations of gods as well, but ones much weaker than the other god, and your past life was the teacher of Twilight's past life. You will now have to stay away so that Luna, who seems to currently be controlled by something, can't enter the city, which will give Twilight the chance to find the other four who wield elements. And finally, Twilight and the other five have to get ready to fight the mad god who practically destroyed the place that your past life ruled in five years time, but in the mean time they will have to fight monsters that are either given life by or controlled by the shards of crystals that used to be scales of the mad god. Oh, and neither of us have any idea why exactly I have spiritual powers either, but you want me to help. Did I get all of that right?" As Naruto spoke, his voice sounded just a little bit annoyed, and Twilight seemed worried that he would just brush off what was happening and leave, but Celeste saw a little bit of excitement as she nodded that he was correct, so wasn't all that surprised at what he said next. "Okay, I would have helped just to help Pinkie, but this also sounds fun!"

At that both Twilight and Celeste blinked, and Celeste laughed at what Naruto said. When Celeste had finished laughing, she smiled and said "It's best that I go, remember that I have to stay far away from this city so that the spell will continue to work on Luna... take care of Spike, I left him sleeping so that he wouldn't see that I was here, Farewell Twilight, Naruto." She then glowed briefly before vanishing.

Naruto then spoke to Twilight. "I won't be able to get back to where Scootaloo and I live with this injury tonight, would you mind if I stay here for the night?" Naruto felt guilty, but there was no way he could walk all the was back to the orphanage while carrying Scootaloo, who he knew from experience would not wake up until late in the morning no matter what time she went to sleep, so he was stuck here.

"I guess you could." Twilight said, blushing slightly at the though of a boy staying over at her house. "But we need to find an excuse to tell my parents." she said.

"How about we tell them that you saw me get hit by a car and saw my little sister pass out, but that the driver had hit and run, so you helped me here, and offered to let me stay until your parents got home and could help." Naruto asked.

"I guess that could work." Twilight said

"Well, could you help me up since it wouldn't look very good if I were in your bedroom?" he asked, and Twilight blushed, but helped him up. "Thanks, I'll sit on the couch I saw in the other room until your parents get back. Though I think I might pass out before then." he said, and she helped him to the couch. Naruto had one last thought before he finally passed out. What was he going to tell the orphanage head in the morning?

Chapter End

And there is Chapter 3. I hope you all enjoyed it, and I also have one question, should I have it that Naruto and his family were sent to Equestria first, or that they were in the human world since they were reborn?