Prologue - A new lease on life

It has been ten years since Phoebe had married Cole and had been renounced as Queen of the Underworld. She had given up on loving Cole after many times he's lied to her, especially since his bigest lie to her was that he had been possessed by the Source of all Evil, which whom the Charmed Ones had vanquished numerous times before.

Shortly after Phoebe discovered she was pregnant, she joined Cole as his Queen of the Underworld. During this time, the Seer fed her tonics that were supposed to be good for the child, though in reality were designed to destroy its soul.

When Phoebe discovered the tonics were poisonous, she stopped drinking them. She later rejoined her sisters and vanquished Cole as she realized she could not be evil and remain at his side. After Cole had been vanquished, the unborn child became increasingly violent and hateful.

He was then stolen from Phoebe's womb by the Seer, who proclaimed the child had always been hers because she planned his conception. However, upon becoming the new Source, the Seer was overwhelmed by the power of the child and was vanquished as a result.

It was long believed that the child had died as well, though he was actually transferred into the womb of another witch named Patience Russell (A witch that Prue's soul had taken over) and gave birth to the child that she eventually named Warren on Febuary 2nd 2003 (the same day as Wyatt was born) on the day of his birth, Patience discovered that unlike his cousin Wyatt, who was the prophesied Twice-Blessed Child, making him the most powerful force of good ever, There was another prophecy foretelling of another child to be born on the same day, prophesied as the Twice-Cursed Child, making Warren the most powerful force of evil ever.

Over time Warren grew up believing that Patience was his true mother, and was completly unawhere of his true biological nature, until the very night he began to discover his powers...

Authors Note: I realise this is a short chapter, but i promise it will get better as the story progresses.