Author's Note: This story involves an Oc Character that I created named Warren, who Phoebe will soon discover is the long lost child that she had with Cole who was thought to have been destroyed nearly eleven years before. How will Phoebe react to this, and how will the Charmed Ones react to this new threat of power that could pose as a potential danger not just to Wyatt but the the entire Halliwell family line?

Prevously on Charmed - "The Elders are right." Wyatt sobbed. "I should've never been born." "Don't say that son." Leo said soothingly. Nothing is going to happen to you or any of us. I'm going to make sure of it. I'm going to do what ever it takes to makes sure Gideon dosn't come anywhere near you. I promise." Wyatt gasped as he then rembered his mother's final words to him from the nightmare. "I-I'm s-sorry I-I f-failed y-you a-as y-your m-mother." "I have to stop this from happening." He muttered to himself. "I have to protect my family. No matter what the cost. I won't be the one responsible for their deaths. Not now not ever."

Chapter 3 - The Loss of Innocence

"Warren? sweetie, are you alright honey?" Patience asked as she knocked on the door of her son's room. She opened the door slightly and poked her head gently into the doorway to find Warren laying on his bed with a book in his lap. "Honey? are you okay?" She asked gently as she opened the door fully and walked into the room. "What were you and your friend talking about?" he asked curiously. "Nothing sweetheart." Patience said lightly as she sat down on the edge of the bed. "I heard some things about something called the Source, and me being a key to it's power." Patience froze in silent horror. Warren overheard us? She thought. Damn it Cole!

"Mom, what exactly is going on?" Warren asked as his green eyes shone with suspsicion. "Nothing sweetheart." Patience said as she ran a hand through his brown hair. "Don't worry about it." Warren glared at his mom as she wrapped him into a warm embracing hug, but it didn't stop his mind from reeling. Something was deffinatly bothering him. It was a nagging feeling that he couldn't shake. Suddenly without warning, he felt a surge of heat flowing through him. It was painful, and he had to bit down hard on his lip to keep himself from crying out. "Warren, honey are you okay?" Patience asked as she pulled away from her son, and lifted his chin with her finger to look into his eyes. "Warren?" She suddenly let out a sharp gasp of fright as she watched her son's eyes slowly change from a dark shade of emerald green to a pitch black. Pitch black, the sign of a demon. No! Patience thought horrified. Not now! His powers can't be activating now! It's too soon!

Before Patience had time to react or do anything, she let out another gasp of fear as she watched her ten-year-old son, vanish in a fiery aray of red and orange flames. "Shit!" Patience muttered. "What the hell am I going to do now?"


"Hey! give it back Wy!" Nine-year-old Chris yelled chasing his older brother. "No way!" Wyatt, who was ten called back. "It's mine!" "But I had it first!" Chris yelled back. He tackled his brother to the ground of the stairs and the boys tumbled down with hard thuds. "Boys! enough of this!" Piper cried out not meaning to raise her voice. "You just woke up your sister." Piper let out a sigh, and turned and flicked her hand, which caused the food she was making on the stove to freeze. "Leo!" She called. "Oh man." Chris murmured to himself. "Not dad. Now I'm going to be the one in trouble." "LEO!" Piper called then letting out a deep sigh. She hated it when Leo made her wait like this. A moment later, a swirl of blue and white lights appeared as Leo orbed into the room. "Piper, what's wrong?" He asked urgently. "Is there a demon attacking?" Piper sighed angrily. "No Leo, there's not a demon." "Then why did you call me?" He asked. "I was right in the middle of an important meeting with the other Elders. "Oh, like the lives of your own family dosen't matter to come first then?!" Wyatt looked at his brother, who nodded in response. There mom goes again flying off the handle at dad again.

Without their parents looking, both Wyatt and Chris slowly made their way up the stairs toward their little sister's room. Melinda was cowering on the floor beside her bed, with her disney princess blanket drapped over her body. "Hey Meli, you okay?" Chris asked calmly as he sat down on the floor beside her.

"Why are mommy and daddy fighting again?" Melinda asked with tears glistning in her big brown eyes. "Is it because of us?" Chris didn't answer. He drew his knees up to his chest and rested his head on them as tears glistened in his green eyes. He knew this was his fault. All of it was. It was his fault dad left to become an Elder, his fault that his parent's fought. It was all because of him. Sometimes he wished he was never born into his family, that way there would be less tension.

Being attacked by demons was something he and his sister were always afraid of, but being afraid of his own parents, was something that he knew he couldn't handle. "Chris? are you okay?" Melinda asked as she snuggled up next to her big brother. "Yeah, I'm okay Mel." He said soflty just as Wyatt joined his younger brother and sister. Sitting down on the floor on the other side of Melinda, the three Halliwell children curled up against one another, and before any of them knew it, they were fast asleep. Leaving the angry escalading shouts of their parents behind.


When Chris opened up his sleepy eyes, at the sound of his mother' calm voice again, he found that just like with Wyatt and Melinda that he had fallen asleep. "time for dinner kids." Piper said calmly. "How long were we out for?" Chris asked, turning to Wyatt as he rubbed his sleepy blue eyes. "Beats me, but I'm starving." "Me too." Melinda replied. Chris followed behind his brother and sister, with a horrible feeling in the pit of his stomach. He hated whenever he got these bad feelings. Everytime he got one, he always knew that something bad was about to happen. His aunt Phoebe once told him, that he was beginning to show some signs of having some kind of emapthic abilities. Great my powers are growing. Chris thought. Just not the way I was hoping they would.

When dinner was over, Chris slipped out of his seat and went to the kitchen to wash the dishes. He could hear his brother and sister fighting over the television remote in the living room, and his dad patiently telling them not to fight and argue.

"Chris, Honey…you didn't have to do this," Piper said, coming into the kitchen. Chris shrugged his shoulders and finished drying the last dish, but didn't respond. He still had the bad feeling nagging at him. "Why don't you go watch TV with the others? I can finish up in here, Peanut" Piper said. Chris made a face at the use of her nickname for him. "Mom, why do you and dad fight so much?" he asked suddenly without even thinking. "Do you guys argue because of us or me?"

A look of shock filled Piper's eyes for a second before turning to a look of deep concern as tears filled up in her brown eyes. "No honey, of course not." She said lovingly as she wrapped her arms around her youngest son. "Why would you ever think something like that?" Chris shrugged his shoulders and went quiet again. "No reason." He murmured, as he left the kitchen, and instead of hearing his footsteps going into the living room with Wyatt and Melinda, she heard him head up the stairs toward his room.

"Hey, big sis." Piper turned her head to see her sisters as they came into the kitchen and they all gave eachother each a warm loving sisterly hug. "It feels like forever since we've seen eachother." Phoebe said brushing a strand of dark hair from her face. "I know, tell me about it." Piper said softly. "How have you been?" Phoebe and Paige looked at each other. They could tell that something wasn't right. They knew Piper all to well to know when something was wrong. "Honey, what's wrong?"

Piper shook her head. "Nothing….everything." She buried her face in her hands. She could feel Phoebe rubbing her back in small circles. "I'm worried about Chris," Piper admitted. "He's so quiet and withdrawn. I can't figure out why."

"What do you mean?" Paige asked. "Are you and Leo getting along okay?" Piper looked up at her sisters, and an angry look shone in her eyes momentarily. "Leo and I are great." She said with a hint of sarcasm. "When we're not arguing and at each other's throats that is." "Maybe that's it honey," Phoebe said calmly. "Maybe all your yelling and arguing is what's making Chris so upset. You know how sensitive he can be escpecially now that he's showing signs of having empathic powers."

"Great…so what your saying is that my baby has father issues," Piper said. Sarcasm dripped off her tongue. "I feel so much better now that I know what's wrong." "Talk to Leo. Suggest that he spend time with Chris," Paige said as she hugged Piper. "Chris will be fine. Trust me."


Later that night, Chris woke up to the sound of his parents' attempts at keeping their voices down. He climbed out of bed and walked down the hall to his parent's room. Their door was partially open so he pressed his body against the wall and peeked around the corner listening intently.

"You should really spend time with Chris, Leo. He's your son, too," Piper said, trying to control her anger. " I know who Chris is," Leo said, exasperated.

"Well then maybe you should start acting like it." Piper retaliated, her voice souding bitter and angry. Chris silently cheered his mother on. If he was lucky, maybe his mother would get angry enough and blow his father up.

"I can't help that, I have to help train Wyatt," Leo said defensevly."Well, why don't you ever bring Chris with you?" Piper asked. "He could benefit a lot from the…"

"Piper, he's too young…" "He's nine years old Leo!" Piper cried out. "For crying out loud, you had Wyatt training Up There with you and the Elders when he was a year younger then Melinda, so don't even try that excuse,"

Leo sighed. "He's not as strong—as powerful as Wyatt or Melinda, or his cousins for that matter. He can orb and sense, but his only witch power is telekinesis. That is no where near as much power as Wyatt, Melinda or Phoebe and Paige's kids have."

Chris's green eyes filled with tears. So that's what his dad really thinks. He thought sadly I'm not good enough. I'm not a good enough witch or whitelighter, so therefore I'm not a good enough son. Maybe it would be better if I just left.

"He's still your child no matter what his powers are," Piper said, angrily. How could Leo be so dense? "Powers aren't everything. Chris is smart, he's getting really good with his spell casting, so his orbing could use a little working on, but still, and he's even showing signs of having empathic abilities. He's a great witch and whitelighter."

"I love him, Piper. Don't doubt that. It's just vital that I spend more time with Wyatt. He's the twice blessed child, and therefore the target of every evil that exists. I refuse to let anything bad happen to my son if I can prevent it." Piper groaned in irritation and threw her hands up angrily, smashing a nearby window which exploded with such force that she had to wince in embarresment for waking up the kids.

"Piper calm down." Leo said softly. "Calm down." She said soflty still angry. "You want me to CALM DOWN!" She suddenly exploded with such fury that she began to blast everything in the bedroom apart, casuing Leo to gasp in fright, that his wife was about to blow that manor completly apart. "Piper! take it easy!" He cried trying to calm his wife. "Think about the kids!"


Meanwhile, Chris had manged to orb himself up to the attic, and made his way to where he knew his mother and aunts kept the infamous Book of Shadows. Carefully and with all the strength he could muster, he took the book from the the pedistal, and heaved the heavy book onto a nearby couch and began to thumb through it. There's gotta be something in here I can use. He thought wearily. His body was exausted as was his mind, but he couldn't get his father's words out of his head. Nor could he ignore the hurt that he felt in his heart. Dad played favorites with Wyatt. Just like always. Wyatt comes first because he was born first. He was the first born child. The Twice-Blessed Child.

The one wanted by every demon in the Underworld. Normally the fact of his brother being the twice blessed child wouldn't have bothered him so much, but hearing his father's voice about how he truley felt about him, Chris shook the thought from his mind as he finally settled on the right spell he was looking for. The Spell to erase a memory. "Maybe If I do this, mom and dad will finally stop fighting over me, and dad won't ever have to worry about playing favorites between me and Wyatt again." He found himself muttering.

He took a piece of paper and a pen and wrote his name on the paper, then saw a nearby white candle on a nearby table, along with a long lighter. He took the lighter and flicked it then used it to light the candle.

Immediatly the once dimly dark attic, become engulfed by the light of the tiny flame, causing shadows to dance on the walls. I hope this works. Chris thought with a slight yawn. He drew in a deep breath and with shaky hands held the piece of paper next to the candle as he began to chant:

"Thoughts of mind travel away

From the one you let stay,

Hide from them and don't be seen,

Let their minds be left most clean,

For what's written on this paper,

They will not remember."

A glowing ray of white light surrounded ad engulfed the entire house for a split second, as Chris shielded himself from the intensity. When the light faded, he carefully walked to the door, and quietly opened the attic door, listening for any sign of his parent's arguing, but he couldn't hear anything. In fact, the only other thing he could hear was the sound of his parents comforting Melinda, who was crying from a horrible nightmare he guessed. "I saw him mommy!" She sobbed. "Aunty Phoebe was right, the Woogyman is real, and he was coming to get me!"

"Good, they don't remember me." Chris muttered to himself. "Now to find a new home to go to." And with that, he orbed out of the manor, letting his blue and white orbs fill up the night sky like tiny starlights.

Too be continued...Chapter 4 coming soon...Will Piper and Leo discover what Chris has done? Will his family find him in time before the demons of the underworld do? and what about Warren? Will the demons find him? all will be revealed soon. Please commet and please review. Top of Form 2