-Hey everyone! So this fanfic is a Percy Jackson and Lord of the Rings crossover. I haven't read the LoTR books so I'm basing this off of the movies and internet. I have read the PJTO series so I have a good handle on that one. If anyone wants to suggest ideas please PM me. Also this story takes place right after the ring was destroyed and before Percy was to be kidnapped by Hera in The Lost Hero.

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Chapter 1 - I find the king of rocks -

Percy's P.O.V - First Person

I always enjoyed playing capture the flag in camp. Especially when I'm on my girlfriends team and we're near the river. But playing with the huntresses sucks. When you're not dodging arrows and avoiding traps you're trying to not get zapped by Thalia's lightning. Well I'm the unfortunate one who just so happened to get zapped into the river. While the river part is not so bad my clothes are completely singed.

"Better luck next time kelp head." I glanced up at Thalia as she ran past me with our flag. This was the 57th victory in a row for them. I saw some of the other campers hang their head in defeat while others (*cough* Ares' cabin *cough*) just looked angry. I frowned; I was going to get an ear full for the rest of the day and possibly week. I could toughen through it though, besides; Annabeth wouldn't blame me for the loss. Speaking of Annabeth I really wanted to go see my girlfriend. She was probably already forming new plans to win the next game we'll play with the huntresses.

As I was getting out of the river something caught my eye. It was a smooth black rock that was partially buried under the sand at the bottom of the river. Normally I would have ignored it but this rock looked like it had some sort of fancy writing on it and it was shaped like a coquina shell. I reached down and pulled it out of the water and looked at it as I turned it in my hands. The writing wasn't Greek and certainly not any form of English so I didn't know what it said. Maybe Annabeth or Chiron will know.

The rock didn't feel normal. There was an odd pull to it but I couldn't explain what it was. Thinking of what language it was made my head hurt; reading was difficult enough already without adding this. The pull was only making it worse for me. I started to mess with it slightly against the warning in my head to leave it be. I put the strange rock in my pocket next to riptide for save keeping then walked out of the river and out of the woods to find Annabeth; hopefully she could make sense of this.

Finding Annabeth was not too difficult because she was sitting at her table looking at some architecture books. The books were written in Greek for her and despite losing capture the flag she didn't look too annoyed. I walked over to her and took the seat next to her. Normally I wouldn't sit at Athena's table but I only wanted to show her the stone. Annabeth turned and smiled at me.

"Hey seaweed brain. I see you were Thalia's target." There was clear amusement in my appearance and by the look in her eyes I almost think that she planned for me to be Thalia's target. It wouldn't be the first time that she made me the main target but I chose not to question her on it. Honestly I wasn't sure that I even wanted to know how that played into her latest strategy.

"Yea. I was blown into the river. It wasn't all bad though; I found something in the river. It's a rock with writing on it. Only it's not English or Greek. I thought that maybe you would have a guess to what it is." I knew I caught Annabeth's attention with the mysterious rock and so I pulled it out and gave it to her to examine.

Annabeth stared at the rock for what felt like a very long time. She turned in her hands and stared at the writing. Her eyebrows knitted together and it was obvious that she was becoming slightly annoyed that she could not figure out what the shiny black rock said. But I already knew that she was determined to find out; it was something that came with being the daughter of Athena. She was a know it all and loved to learn knew things.

"It looks somewhat familiar. But I don't know where to place it. It's not Greek, Italian, Latin, or really any other language I can think of. But... I know I've seen it before. Ανάψει, νομίζω! Αυτό το γνωρίζετε (1)..." Annabeth muttered the last part to herself in Greek. She looked up at me as her siblings began to come to the table.

"Do you mind if I hold onto this tonight? Maybe I can find something in Daedalus' laptop."

"Sure. You'll have better luck with it than I will." I got up from the table just in time to see the Huntresses arrive at their own table. They looked smug and were chatting amongst themselves about their 57th victory. Near their table I saw Travis and Connor acting a little suspicious. I had a gut feeling that tonight was going to be a long night.

Then as if to confirm my suspicions food was thrown from one table to the next; effectively splattering on one of the huntresses' face. Connor and Travis were laughing from their seat only to get a face full of pie. From that point on the game was on and we were in an all out food war.

-Meanwhile in Middle Earth-

Lord Elrond's P.O.V - Third Person

Elrond walked in the halls of his kingdom in Rivendell; he had a vision the night before when he first returned home from Gondor where his daughter married. The vision was troubling indeed. There was a pit and from it fire erupted in random locations. A figure surrounded in black watched as creatures began to craw out; all differing in appearances as scales grew around them.

Then the scene changed; there were seven children walking among the river bank in search of something. At first he assumed they were all human children until one's legs shed away and hooves replaced what once was feet. Another had a silver glow to her. Shadows danced around one boy while river came to life with the another boy. That scene too faded to nothingness and fire engulfed the lands. In the fire and ash a light began to shine through. That was where the vision ended and new ones began.

Each vision had different outcomes. Some where the dark figure ruled over the lands and many lives were lost; including those of his daughter and son-in-law. Others were better and brighter futures. The visions all had a few things in common: the creatures rising from the pit, the seven children who seemed to be anything but human, and the dark figure.


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1. "Come on, think! You know this..." - Ανάψει, νομίζω! Αυτό το γνωρίζετε...