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Kuroko and Kagami on the way home from Maji Burger. During the journey back home they saw someone was playing alone in basketball at the court that Kagami and Kuroko always practicing in secret for strengthening their technique.

That person wearing a hood covering it face and they can see a long blue sky shawl just like Kuroko hair color from that person hood. Kuroko and Kagami surprised when looking at that person game play was so amazing. The person dribbling the ball to the left and to the right, jump and maneuver in the air before dunking the ball in the net.

"Gosh, you quite good ... Your game style is like Aomine-kun and Kagami-kun ", Kuroko say his opinion.

That person was shocked because Kuroko suddenly are on his side. He can't feel Kuroko was there. He moved to a few steps backwards while the blue sky shawl move along with night breeze.

Then, he saw a man who had high red colored blackish hair , "Don't do that to others. You always can make people die before it's time! ".

Kuroko looked back to that person. "Forgive me, I don't mean like to make you surprised. And I don't want you to die quickly because you quite interesting. It a waste for a such talented player like you and after you already made kagami lock his eyes to you after seeing your skill , it's really hard to see you die".

The person looks Kuroko and Kagami carefully not saying anything at all.

"H..Hey! I don't do that! You really don't shame to say such an embarrassing things!.", Kagami scolding Kuroko while squeezing theorem on Kuroko small head with his big hand.

"By the way, my name is Kuroko Tetsuya, and this is my friend Kagami Taiga. We play basketball too. Your skill is really something. It just like you are one of the Kiseki no Sedai member. What's your name?",Kuroko asked while

"Ukihiku Anna", she said with a soft. She slowly opened her hood to reveal her face.

The long scarf blue sky on the circumference of her head up, not showing her hair. Her eyes were red and her face does not show emotion.

Almost same as Kuroko but Kagami can sense her heart full of painful and lonely feeling maybe because his wild instinct. Then, he thinking of something.

"Wa…wait! You are a girl?!", Kagami shock.

With no expression she said, " I'm a girl, still new here. I come from Malaysia but this is my real hometown. I going to Seirin High school tomorrow and started my life here".

Kagami can't say anything after hearing the statement. He and Kuroko silence for a moment when Anna walking towards her ball.

Anna then took his ball and keep moving feet go from Kagami and Kuroko leaving the basketball court. While leaving she wearing her hood back and leaving her long shawl out from her hood flying with the breeze. Her shawl looks like a wings and her face look beautiful reflected under the moonlight. Her red sorrow eyes darker than before. It's looks like she is an angel and a devil in the same time.

"She raised my anger a little there", said Kagami with vein pop on his head after he realise what have happen.

"It's okay. We going to see her tomorrow. Maybe she will be in the same club as us Kagami-kun", said Kuroko.

Kagami nod agree with Kuroko words. He also wanted to get to know the girl named Anna even more closer after receiving a strange feeling from her.

Then they both walked out from the basketball court and head to their homes because of late night. Moreover, they have a fatal training provided by their coach, Riko. They do not like to have be killed in training tomorrow.





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