Laila eyes full of tears widen looking at familiar transparent figure smile warmly towards Laila and Ichia/Alif. Laila fall on her knee Alif froze. They can't believe what they see. The boy land gracefully on the floor, not making any sound when he landed. He smile playfully and walk towards them. He hold both of Laila and Alif hand and kiss it. His gesture made them flinch but finally relaxes a few second later. Both Laila and Alif show the boy a painful yet happiness smile on their face. The boy carelessly Laila face and making the older woman snuggle on the boy transparent palm.

"I miss you~~", Laila sob under the transparent hand. The boy look at Alif, the older man nod to him and smile. The boy smile back and hug the woman trying to comfort the person who he cherish in his life, the person who the one born him. The boy only regret he don't have his body. Just floating around with nobody can see him. But just this time, he use his power so his gesture will be solid. At least to his parents.

He look at her and smile softly "I miss you too …" he look at the older man ".. I miss youu too~~"

"Why? You… You already gone… How…?", Laila look at him with red puffy eyes. The boy chuckle wondering maybe from her he and Anna get their cuteness from. "You owe us some explanation young man..", Alif said to him playfully. The bot scratch his cheek don't know how to explain. He wonder himself. "Maybe because I have something to do. And that thing have to do with Anna", he also confused but he just need the older woman and the older man do something for him.

"…... I need help…", his face serious when talking to them.

Laila wipe her tears away "W.. What is it?". Alif look at him "..We will help if we can"

The boy point to the door which already being abandon for years. Alif open the door. The room still neat and tidy even though the couple remember the last time they leave the room it a huge mess. They chuckle bitterly remembering that memory. He face back to Laila and Alif/Ichia gesturing on box on the study desk. He smile "Give it to her~~ Promise me~~". Laila and Alif nod to him. The boy turned around to leave but somehow his heart really heavy, he know them making an awful face that make him cannot leave for a mean time.

"Thank you for taking care of me this whole time. I really hope I can be like before.. Please….Take care of her when my business is already finish… She is my other half after all..

Laila and Ichia/Alif look at each other before look back at the boy with a soft smile.

"Of course we will~~ Who do you think we are.. I'm not that weak~~", Laila grin widely ignoring her dry tears.

"Hahaha~~ I don't even know how I fall in love with her when she this brutal~~", Laila punch his husband head for this remark.

They laugh together for the last time and bid farewell to each other before the boy vanish from their sight. The couple smile to each other remarking how the boy never change from their last accouter.





"Are you okay my beloved?", Arif tilt his head to side looking at the sweating girl. He can't see her eyes and she look 'anxious'? It already an hour they and they still wondering around. Around her friend she looks like a brave one… But she easy lost her way.

"A….Arif", Anna start panicking inside. She still don't know the way around here. The reason she get to her apartment because her parents the one who take her there. She only know the way around her house and to school. She definitely don't know the way where the Winter Cup being held. "I'm lost…."

"Hmnnnn….", Arif look around and spot a boy with chestnut colored hair, while the lower darker brown. He has brown colored eyes. Arif take over Anna body even when she protest. He walk to the boy.

"Ano….. Can I ask something?", the taller boy look at Arif and wondering what business he have with him.

The taller boy smile sweetly to Arif and replay "Sure…. I'll help if I can..", Anna almost froze looking at the stranger smile which she describe as amazing and bright as sunshine. Arif scoffed and claim that she watch too many anime. "My name Ogiwara Shigehiro~~ I'm waiting my friend here", he extended his hand towards his Arif. He take Ogiwara's hand.

"My name is Ukihiku Arif…. Please call me Arif… I want to ask if you know the way to Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium?... I…..", before he finish Ogiwara shriek, eyes widen. Arif and Anna cover their ears with their palm, saving their eardrums from explode from the high pitch of the taller boy voice.

"… Whaa…! Y.. You mean Winter Cup?! Are you serious?! Basketball?", Arif nod to confirm him. He saw Ogiwara face excited before his face pale. It make him wonder.. Why the brunette making that kind of sad face. He want to know. Ogiwara eyed his watch and gasp. "… Then you must hurry! The ceremonial event will start …. Any moment from now..."

"You sure know…", Arif interrupt him.


"…Basketball time event… And I never told you why I want to go there", Ogiwara sweat, his body stiff. He laugh nervously "Welll~~~~ You can say I once play Basketball and I knew about it", Arif only nod to the boy.

"Then … Can you tell me how to get there? Since you were waiting for your friend.. I can't possibly drag you with me, right?". Ogiwara just smile and shook his head. "I can manage that…. I just message him to not wait for me. We will seeing each other after I send you there…. And..", he eyed Arif bag. "You look like you need a hand with those bags. It looks heavy..", he offered. Arif eyed his bag and look back at the taller boy. "…"

Ogiwara feel uncomfortable with the shorter boy gaze and blink when he gave one of his bag to him to hold. "Well.. You did say I need hand with this thing", he point to his bag. Ogiwara smile still he scent a weird scent coming from one of the bag Arif hold. "What is that smell?", he ask curiously. It kind off between comfortable and uncomfortable scent.

Arif blink and quickly stuff something in Ogiwara open mouth. "Urkk! Whaf s thiff?!", he muffled and swallow it. Arif grin. "Durian"


"Yup, You better brush your mouth after this… This fruit scent is pretty strong and horrible for some people"

"But it taste…. Good?"

"Yup… But never eat it too much.. You will feel hot.. and I never knew why~~"


"I give one to you if you want.. I already pack it .."


"It at least I can do after you help me", they both grin to each other. They both talk to each other and even exchange number to keep in contact. They kinda have chemistry with each other especially with Durian. But they need to endure people distance themselves from them because of that Durian scent.

When they arrive at the entrance of the stadium they bid each other goodbye. Ogiwara telling to him to be careful with the Miracle's which he/Anna already been aware of it. Seeing Ogiwara back retreated till it vanish within the crowds, he walking aimlessly until he heard Anna voice. "Arif… That's Kuroko.. And Furihata too.."

"Hmnnn… I wonder where they going", Arif smirk widely while Anna deadpan already know they going to follow the Phantom to unknown destination.

"Child", Anna mocked. "What? I know you eager want to know too right?", Anna blush and mutter some word quietly.




In the Stadium few minutes earlier

"Damn it! What is that idiot Kagami doing?!", Riko blazing with her rage while the others have the thought "What about Anna/Arif?"

"The opening ceremony's already over!"

"Apparently he forgot about the time difference. He'll be here soon.", Kawahara say to their senpai. "Unbelievable", Huuga sigh.

While the other first year awe at the huge Stadium. "This is amazing… The Inter-High courts were amazing, but this is even bigger". After that Huuga tried to keep his calm and give some courage advice to the first years. The only person who notice the captain is also scared is Izuki.

Kuroko checked his phone and widen his eyes. He tell Riko that he been summon , seeing the irritated couch with her fan made Kuroko jolted and explain he been summon by the captain of Generation of Miracles. Riko process what Kuroko said in his head and she agreed but she send Furihata to follow the Phantom.





"Sorry to keep you waiting…", Kuroko said with plain tone while Furihata already pale. While Anna and Arif look from the far.. Well not that too far, just the blind spot of those rainbow.

"Ahhh….. Furihata will cry if he continue at there any longer", Anna can only nod at Arif statement. And actually groan when Kise made a joke about a text from fangirl and Arif almost burst out laugh when he said with that serious face. Not long after they practically barking not loudly at each other the red haired captain finally on the scene.

"I apologize that I've kept you waiting", a new voice sound.

"Akashi-kun", Kuroko stated.

"Daiki, Ryota, Shintaro, Atsushi and Tetsuya. I'm glad to see you again. I'm deeply moved we were all able to meet like this.", This continue on till the Akashi telling Furihata to leave but he can't since he froze at his place. Kuroko eyed him worried. And then Kagami there.. "… Talk about good timing…", Anna say deadpan "Yeah..", Arif nod.

After awhile Akashi borrow Midorima scissor and claim he want to trim his hair and he really cut it right there in front of them. Arif have a bad feeling about this as well as Anna when the red head captain walk toward Kagami with scissor in his hand.

"First…. You're Kagami-kun, aren't you?", Akashi smile sent chill toward Kagami spine. By the time the scissor almost scratch Kagami cheek, a blur figure past them and they stunned to see a blue sky cloth warped around Akashi right hand and practically above his head now with the scissor.

"I know you some awesome Generation of Miracle monster captain. But you don't have any authority to hurt our player aren't you Akashi?", the dwi-cold voice made the other shiver but it gain Akashi interest. He look behind him to see who the person who dare to bind his hand from meeting his target using some kind of long cloth only to meet heterochromatic of red and blue but for a second he saw it turn to purple and change back to blue skied color. "The same as me but not quite"

The others shock but relived when Arif stop him. But now they won't know what will happen to the Raven haired boy for opposing the Emperor.

"Heeehh~~ I'm surprised you be able to leap behind me before 'this' reach Kagami face", Arif stare at him silently with eyes full of anger and sympathy. Akashi confused why he gave him such pitiful glare. "In light of that display of grace, I'll forgive you this time… I haven't got your name… By your uniform looks like you in the same team as Seirin"

"Ukihiku Arif", Arif slowly let the bind of Akashi hand and warped the shawl around his neck. "However.. there will be no second chance. When I told you to leave, leave. In this world, winning is everything. Winners are affirmed completely, and losers are denied completely. I never lost at anything before and never will"

["…I know this boy…."]

"Because I always win, and I am always right. I show no mercy to those who oppose me. Not even my own parents"

"Heehhh… I thought I'm going to meet some interesting people…", all their gave fall on Arif… Arif eyes darken with dark aura "… But instead … I meet the weakest you Akashi". Akashi heterochromatic eyes widen but only Arif and Anna notice.

"Well.. I'm leaving. I just want to say hello to everyone today and meet such interesting person", he turn and give back Midorima scissors. Daiki complain because is he summon them just to say hello?

"No..", He look back with those crazy eyes "I actually wanted to confirm something, but after seeing your faces.. I realized there was no need…No one has forgotten our promise. Everything is fine then.. The next time we meet will be on the court.", he walk past Arif. Their eyes meet each other stating 'We were the same but we weren't at the same time'

When Akashi already gone from their sight. They all sigh in relieved except for the purple haired giant. Kuroko , Kagami and Furihata look at Arif and admiring him for what he did to save Kagami from those dangerous attack.

"You really awesome! What your name again? Arif-chi right?!", Arif rise his eyebrow looking at the blond.

"Since when I have 'chi' in my name?… Just Arif", but Kise keep calling him 'chi' at the end of his name and it keep getting annoying.

"Ahh.. Sup, Ganguro…", Arif greet him with deadpan expression. "Oii! Who you called ganguro ,huh?!". Arif look around him. Seeing nobody around him that dark like Aomine he point his finger at Aomine. "Ughhh! This bratt!"

"Hi, broccoli", Anna can see a painful arrow stab Midorima heart. All deadpan look at him. "What? He's practically green", by that statement Midorima soul already leave his body. (1)"Ahh… Makhluk hijau nie dah mati…"

"Don't tease him too much Arif..", Anna sigh while Arif pout.

He slowly walk towards the tallest guy there who keep eating his snack. The tall guy blink at him and he blink at the tall guy. He run to get his bag that he throw away for sake to save Kagami face from scratch attack from the demon Emperor. He take out a weird fruit with a very sharp thorn and present it toward the tall guy. Only Kagami, Aomine and the tall guy claim that the scent is good while the other say it smell bad. The tall guy bend towards him and ask.

"What is this?"

"This is Durian…. I get it from my parents… Really hard to take it here you know"

"Can I have a taste….?", he ask.. Arif nod. He take a slice and put it in his mouth and chew it. His eyes sparkling like a kid getting a gift.

"This is delicious! What your name? I'm Murasakibara Atsushi~~", he say between his exciting and lazy.

"Ukihiku Arif.. Call me Arif.."

The others sweatdrop seeing both of them who exactly going to be opponent eating like a best friend.




Seirin High Locker Room

"I don't get it.. How do he even get to be close to that Murasakibara", Kagami groan to Anna.

"How should I know? You can just say he is special.. Because of him I get friend like you guys", Anna smile faintly.

Kuroko and Kagami smile together. Anna bright red eyes widen excitedly "It's time… Kagami, Kuroko… About Akashi.. Don't worry too much.. I guess he kind off had you lost but that's all, Kagami", her eyes change to blue skied eyes "There's no point thinking about a guy we're not facing yet~~~", Arif smile cheekily.

"I don't think we will need to worry about that", Kuroko smile eyed Kagami.

"Aaaah… Besides.. my head's full of thought of him right now", Kagami face went to serious mode. Arif pumped his fist to the air "Yeahh! Let show that stupid Ganguro who still not realize I'm in the body of a girl a lesson". Kagami laugh while Kuroko sweatdrop. "I don't think that even the reason we gonna face them", Kuroko say.

"Well.. It lighting the mood isn't it? Soo~~ It's okay.. Oh.. about the gender part.. That Anna revenge…", Kagami and Kuroko creep away from Arif when a massive aura shot out of him and his eyes change to darkest red of annoying. "I'm gonna teach him a really.. really good lesson", Anna say with really low voice and creepy grin.

They can only pray for Aomine getting away without being killed.




It been awhile since My last update… Urrr. Already more half of the year of something.. Hehe.. Gomen.. I kinda lose my motivate to write the story… Almost all of my story.. Well… No one really comment on it.. and I guess My story really that bad.. I guess…

Translation :

(1) Ahh… Makhluk hijau nie dah mati… : Ahh… This green creature is dead..