Emma was in her apartment, making breakfast. Her stereo was playing music in the background and she was humming quietly along with it. As she finished setting the table, she heard a knock at the door. She turned to the clock to check the time- it was almost a quarter past eight. The person at the door knocked again, more insistently.

"You better not be selling anything," she muttered under her breath and walked hurriedly the door. She turned the knob and gasped in shock when she saw the man standing in front of her.

"Swan," he breathed and a smile lit like fire across his face. Her eyes widen and she just stood and stared at him. After a moment she said, "You're not selling anything, are you?," trying to make her tone light.

He looked confused at first, then a look of self-doubt shot across his face. "Um, no. I was just- you know what, this was a dumb idea. I'll just go." He turned to leave and Emma's hand grabbed his wrist. 'No, I will not let this man who traveled across an ocean to come see me leave,' she thought to herself.

"Wait, Killian," she heard herself say and he slowly turned back around to face her. He somehow managed to look both hopeless and hopeful at the same time and Emma slid her hand down from his wrist to his hand and threaded her fingers through his. "I made breakfast. There's probably enough for two," she said softly. He suddenly only looked hopeful and he stepped closer to her.

"Are you sure your cooking's safe to eat?" he asked, raising his eyebrows questioningly.

"No one's died yet," she said, laughing and pulling him into her apartment and into a kiss.

The end of my first fic! I know, I know, it's short, but it really felt right.

I'm really grateful to all my readers and reviewers, thanks a ton guys!

If anyone's interested, I'm also working on Supernatural/Once crossover! It'll be very Demma (Dean x Emma) and I'm so excited, but it might be a while until the first post.

~Love, Liv